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Project: Turbo Play


220German Matias Lucero1709391581
02/03/2024 14:59
BugAudio drawing "Raw file"

When I convert audio to raw audio there is a small movement to the left of the audio drawing.

196German Matias Lucero1709391738
02/03/2024 15:02
Feature"Sends" button on Group Tracks.

It would be useful to display the "Sends" button in the Group Tracks.

222German Matias Lucero1708637092
22/02/2024 21:24
BugInput settings on group tracks.

Input settings on group tracks. I don't think it's working when linking the output of a vsti placed on another track and the input of a group track. I'm not sure lol

221German Matias Lucero1708636841
22/02/2024 21:20
FeatureMIDI Note

When I'm on the piano roll and double-click to insert a MIDI note or use the "I" function, the note is created with the maximum velocity value. I think it would be helpful to default to this lower value. It is more comfortable to avoid very loud sounds.

219German Matias Lucero1706525103
29/01/2024 10:45
FeatureMultitrack export

It would be useful to be able to choose between different sample rates (44.1/48) and bit (16...) when exporting multitracks.

Concrete example: There are projects where I receive voices from different singers or musicians. And on several occasions they send them in different file formats. And each one sends 15 or 20 files.

218German Matias Lucero1706445559
28/01/2024 12:39
BugSmall artifacts while the project is playing.

I am attaching a short video so that you can hear it.

217German Matias Lucero1706231204
26/01/2024 01:06
BugVSTi Stop

When I have a Vsti on a track. And this track is not connected to an output, when I press Stop, the remnant of sound is heard.

197German Matias Lucero1704624676
07/01/2024 10:51
BugPitch bend automation

The "Add Pitch Bend Automation" function is working with Vst 2 only. With Vst 3 it doesn't work.

With Vst2 it works properly. But the following happens: 1) When I enter the Pianoroll it stops working. 2) When I copy and paste a part "Add pitch bend automation" it also stops working.

209German Matias Lucero1703327004
23/12/2023 10:23
FeatureZoom in/out - Pianoroll

When I zoom in/out with the shortcut keys or their dedicated buttons in Tracks View, the playback line is in the center. It would be useful if the same thing happened in Pianoroll.

206German Matias Lucero1702298564
11/12/2023 12:42
BugZoom In - Full Screen Curve Edit

When I zoom in, the grid appears to move and doesn't match the original location of the automation points.

205German Matias Lucero1702158967
09/12/2023 21:56
BugShipping - Pre Fader

I don't think the Pre Fader send is working. When I lower the volume of the sounding track, the volume of the send is also lowered.

202German Matias Lucero1701804559
05/12/2023 19:29
FeaturePianoroll in line

It would be useful if the Pianoroll in line modifies the height zoom just like the tracks.

200German Matias Lucero1699786988
12/11/2023 11:03
FeatureMIDI - Velocity multiple notes.

A tool similar to "Velociti multiplier" would be useful. But it performs the following function: For example: I have two MIDI notes. 2) Both to a Velocity of 120.- 3) With the new feature, after selecting them, you could make them vary their speed by certain percentages. I don't know how to explain it well here hehe. I'll attach a short video.

199German Matias Lucero1699569238
09/11/2023 22:33

It would be interesting if the meters were displayed in stereo.

198German Matias Lucero1699265022
06/11/2023 10:03

Here I attach a Package. The project has 2 scenes.

In scene 1 there is a track with a send (reverb - auxiliary track).

In scene 2 there are two tracks to a group. And the signal from this group is sent to an auxiliary track with reverb.

In scene 1, the "S" and "M" buttons on the aux track work correctly. In scene 2, the "S" and "M" buttons on the auxiliary track do not work properly. It would be useful in these cases to use the "M" key to mute the auxiliary if necessary.

139German Matias Lucero1698699618
30/10/2023 21:00
BugCrispytuner (by Brainworx)

There is a tuning plugin called Crispytner. I've tested it on Turbo Play. When I make tuning adjustments and press Play I can hear the corrections made. But when I export the audio those corrections are not recorded in the exported file. When I export the audio in real time, the corrections are recorded correctly.

124German Matias Lucero1679953240
27/03/2023 21:40
FeatureAmple Guitar M II Lite (free)

The Ample Guitar M II Lite plugin is widely used. It may be useful to review how it works in Turbo Play. Maybe it has a function that is being linked.

I attach a couple of videos that will help explain the function I mean.

122German Matias Lucero1679708025
25/03/2023 01:33
FeatureVsti vumeter

For example: 1) I place a Vsti on Track 1 2) I try to play a musical arrangement with the MIDI keyboard. In these cases only the Maestro vumeter moves. It would be useful to move the one corresponding to Track 1 (in this example).

04/11/2022 04:23
FeatureFar Future Features

Byz Render Scaling
 Perhaps not saving linking to XML for autolinked tracks?
 PR AbsF to AbsF2 ?
 External ink correct positioning
 Plugin System
 Remove Apr . Show in favor of ListView?
 Complex Color Automation
 Drums and Styles to PR f
 After Effects: Implement all
 Midi Output doesn't play when timer mode is advanced
 Buffering in channel in
  Link all channels correctly
  In combine edit guido, play with correct VSTs
  python = {
numpy svgwrite matplotlib scipy pandas sklearn
pip install dask --upgrade

04/11/2022 04:23
FeatureASIO 64 bit

  AsioLoop3 Time stretch, Reading Midi/Audio,
  Right click audio part stuff
  My VST sf
  to all asio inputs or outputs, not only the type 18
  VST -> AUX
  TR K -> ASIO PlayingModifer, Autogain
  AUX::Mix, Process
  Metronome mix
  TP Sharing
  ReadMidi, PrereadMidi
04/11/2022 04:22
Feature8K Issues

8K bugs: bulge, MultiKey effects (multi2.cpp), Mirror, stuff in multi.cpp

8K no need: simple trs, blend

75German Matias Lucero1666881549
27/10/2022 14:39
FeatureEnlarge or shrink several parts at the same time from the beginning

It would be useful to enlarge or shrink several parts at the same time by selecting them from the beginning while holding down the left mouse click.

60Douglas Kehlhem1664137248
25/09/2022 20:20
FeatureSafe Margins

You could also create a safe margins button in which two margins would pop up on the video playback screen showing you where your titles and video action will be safe from being cutoff. Ex: if the video is being played on a different shaped TV. The action safe rectangle should be 10% smaller than the full frame, and the title safe rectangle should be 20% smaller than the full frame. 

41Douglas Kehlhem1662320057
04/09/2022 19:34
FeaturePanel Dragging

I know that you already my have resizing for the panels, but you should consider having a feature where you can drag the panels as well. That way the client can setup their application how they want it.

04/09/2022 20:37 Administrator

It will take some time. At the moment, the preview window can be sent top,right,left and external.

40German Matias Lucero1662253225
04/09/2022 01:00
FeatureLook ahead ducking

It would be useful if "Look ahead ducking" could be applied on Group and Auxiliary tracks.

37Douglas Kehlhem1662066649
01/09/2022 21:10
FeatureExport screen or dark/light mode

Make the export screen dark gray instead of white, or make a dark and light mode feature for the application. As of now the main part of the application is gray, then when you click on some dropdowns such as "rename project" or "export", the popup is white. I feel it would look cleaner if they popped up in dark gray or something of that nature. You could then make a dark mode and a light mode, with the dark mode being the gray you have right now, including making the popups gray. Then light mode could be white. Alternatively, if you like what you have now with a gray application and white popups, you could make that the default mode, and then make two other modes, light and dark. But the dark in this case would be a black application, and the light would be white.

05/08/2022 08:51
FeatureQuantization Suggestion


After having selected "Alt+Q", Threshold", "Quantization Grid" and "Place and Stretch" it would be useful for "Alt+Q" to make a cut in each mini marker and move them towards the nearest vertical line (red dotted line).

It would be useful for the resulting parts to save information in order to lengthen or shorten the beginning or end of each.

In this way after having pressed "Alt + Q" you can shorten or lengthen the parts and place the Crossfader.

Then it would be necessary to study the best way to join the resulting parts.

Perhaps one option would be this: 

1) I have two resulting audio parts (Part A and Part B). 

2) Detect empty spaces in the track. 

3) Lengthen the end of Part A to the beginning of Part B 

4) Lengthen the beginning of Part B to the end of Part A. 

In this way there are overlaps to which a Crossfader can then be placed.

I don't know if this is possible. I'm also not sure of the outcome. It's just an idea. hehe

05/08/2022 04:05
FeatureShould DirectMonitoring mix

AsioLoop3 uses mf.Put which mixes.

21/07/2022 11:15
FeatureMore HDR Features
  • D3D load
  • Change 32bpp bitmaps into 64/128
  • Scaler to high quality to preserve mode
  • BackBuffer format in d3d.cpp check
  • BitmapMask in ae-ser and bitmap masks
  • aeh
  • all calls to CreateD2X()
  • PartsEmptyEnd HDR
  • check RequireWicF()
  • H265/VP90 tests
  • Check 10-bit videos with HDR
  • Check ffmpeg writing of HDR video VP90

17/07/2022 04:41
FeatureIn 8K resolution, create a combiner effect
  • The combiner effect works under 8K - fix Direct2D bug.
  • Check color automation in combiner.
17/07/2022 04:41
FeatureScore Editor Chords

Score editor ties in chords

16Michael Chourdakis1657964874
16/07/2022 09:47
FeatureEnable VRLT

Enable VRLT

16/07/2022 07:46

Enhance MusicXML  compatibility


15/07/2022 21:38
FeatureProject Password Protection

Protect XML with AES.

15/07/2022 21:36
FeatureByzantine Editor Bugs
  • Export to PR
  • base change
  • combine edit
  • split export lyrics
  • auto lyrics
  • Tetragorgo
15/07/2022 21:34
FeatureNetwork MIDI

Network MIDI support (TCP/UDP)

15/07/2022 21:34
FeatureNew FFMpeg audio filters

Consider:  bm3d, bwdif, cas, deband, deblock, dedot, dejudder, delogo, despill, detelecine, fade,inst hqdn3d, inflate, deflate, mcdeint, nlmeans, nnedi, noise, photosensitivity, removegrain, removelogo , sab, smartblur, 

Example syntax: ffmpeg64.exe -i i1.jpg -y -vf "gblur=sigma=10:steps=1" i2.jpg

15/07/2022 21:26
FeatureTempo track in audio workspace

Ability to have a tempo track in audio workspace.

15/07/2022 15:04
FeatureTimeshift in Groups/Aux

It would be useful to have the option "Time shift - Automatic based on VSTs (normal)" on Group and Auxiliary tracks.


16/07/2022 11:10
FeatureMIDI Visualization Use this tool for Pianoroll Visualization.

12In review

Michael Chourdakis
63German Matias Lucero1686134918
07/06/2023 10:48
BugMovement of Tracks from Mixer view.

When I try to move the tracks from the Mixer View there are occasions where it is difficult. It's not something that always happens. I can't pinpoint the exact reason.

07/06/2023 10:52 German Matias Lucero

For example: Try moving the "Bata Bus" to the right of "09 Room". Or "22 GTR Melo" to the right of "16 Coro 2". These are some examples. 

09/10/2022 06:39 Administrator

Send me a project with many tracks and tell me what to move.

21In review

Michael Chourdakis
30/11/2022 09:19
CrashCrash at combiner colors

Crash when adding color matching tool.

21In review

Michael Chourdakis
16/07/2022 11:11
BugStretch audio drawing

When stretching is applied, audio drawing isn't consistent.


In review

Michael Chourdakis
193German Matias Lucero1692038812
14/08/2023 18:46
BugCtrl Z (undo)

When I try to move a part and I go with the mouse very up unintentionally then the ctrl+z function does not work correctly.

14/08/2023 18:46 Administrator

It's a design flaw, will take a look.

11In review

Michael Chourdakis
189Walt Johnson1690887013
01/08/2023 10:50
FeatureSplit at Cursor (Precise) and Split at Cursor (Keyframe) on main menu Differ from the Audio and Video Menu

There are 3 pairs of menu items:

Split at Cursor (Keyframe) and Split at Cursor (Precise) on main context menu

Split at Cursor (Precise) and Split at Cursor (Keyframe) on video functions menu

Split at Cursor (Precise) and Split at Cursor (Keyframe) on audio functions menu

#1 On the Main Context Menu, they are in reverse order, which always makes me hesitate.

#2 On the Main Context Menu, only the Split at Cursor (Keyframe) works on Video and Audio.  Precise does not.

#3 Maybe not even have the duplicates on the Main Context menu, and depend on the Video and Audio Function menus?

01/08/2023 08:52 Administrator

I reversed the order. Generally, only the precise split is normally used. The keyframe split is only needed if for some reason the file reading is very slow.

11In review

Michael Chourdakis
26German Matias Lucero1690280344
25/07/2023 10:19
Feature"Time shift - Automatic based on VSTs (normal)" on Group and Auxiliary tracks.

It would be useful to have the option "Time shift - Automatic based on VSTs (normal)" on Group and Auxiliary tracks.

11In review

Michael Chourdakis
19German Matias Lucero1690280321
25/07/2023 10:18
Feature"External plugin" in the Group, Auxiliary and Master Bus

It would be useful to be able to place "External Plug in" (analog equipment) on the Group, Auxiliary and Master Bus tracks. It would also be useful on the Master Bus 

11In review

Michael Chourdakis
174German Matias Lucero1689595254
17/07/2023 12:00
BugTurbo Play native effects parameter movement

There are occasions where the parameters are blocked. I cannot say why. But when I press the left mouse click on the parameters they do not move.

11In review

Michael Chourdakis
130German Matias Lucero1684852967
23/05/2023 14:42
BugAudio drawing when using the "Stretch" tool

When I apply "Stretch" to an audio part the drawing is not consistent when I zoom in and the drawing algorithm changes.

It would be useful if using "Stretch" the drawing maintains the color assigned to the track and the zoom size assigned to the audio wave (Ctrl+Alt+mouse wheel).

11In review

Michael Chourdakis
123German Matias Lucero1679731936
25/03/2023 08:12
BugVolumen Audio Part

When I modify the volume of a "Part" (not the track) between 0dB and 6dB and then close the project when I reopen it, the volume assigned to the "Party" is not saved.

25/03/2023 10:48 German Matias Lucero

Yes, I save before closing the project. But when I reopen it, this change is not saved.


Why it doesn't ask you to save?

Try saving first and tell me.

In review

Michael Chourdakis
16/07/2022 07:48
Bug8K Rendering

8K Rendering Direct2D bug

21/07/2022 15:36
BugMagic Wand Tool

Magic wand tool doesn't work

207Willem Hartman1703265821
22/12/2023 17:23
StuckCOM port external gps as main location for browser.


I want my location of my external gps (com port) to be my main location so my browser will use the location of the external gps for that. I hope anyone can tell me how to do this and if this is possible with gpsdirect.

I'd like to hear from any of u.

22/12/2023 17:23 Administrator

This is the bug tracker for Turbo Play

Please contact the author directly at

195German Matias Lucero1699035791
03/11/2023 18:23
BugMultitrack export - Auxiliary Track

When I want to export an Auxiliary Track (in multitrack export) Turbo Play crashes.

02/11/2023 14:20 Administrator

Add a project to test


Go to "Multitrack export". When you're there, select the audio track and the auxiliary track (reverb for this example)

59Douglas Kehlhem1687645828
24/06/2023 22:30
FeatureColor Correction Tool

Create an auto color correct tool for people who aren't great with color correction or are new to the software. You can use this tool as a base point for color correction and grading.

38Douglas Kehlhem1681107174
10/04/2023 06:12
FeatureStart Up Screen

On the Start up/home screen where you see the effects you can click through, you should make it so it automatically flips through the effects when you start up the app. As of right now, you have to click on the big logo for it to start flipping through effects. I didn't even know that was a feature until I accidentally clicked on it.

02/09/2022 05:37 Administrator

I didn't want to do this by default because it may slow down PCs with lower end graphic cards. The original intention is to have it as an accidental easter egg.

10/03/2023 11:27
BugAmek Eq 200 plugin from Plugin Alliance.

Parameter presets are not displayed. Solving this particular problem may work for other similar situations.

48Douglas Kehlhem1676912201
20/02/2023 16:56
FeatureMarker Look

Have the maker line that, as of now, goes behind the video, go in front of the video so you can see where exactly in the video you're dragging it. Also, the marker doesn't need to say "marker" or "2 Marker" on it, instead, it could just be plain. If you do make the marker like that, make it the same shape as the main playhead, it will make everything look more professional.

12/09/2022 17:25 Administrator

I made it showning in front of the parts. Why not a name? Perhaps a default without a name.

11/01/2023 21:20
BugCheck Raw Sample Reader 1 to 2 CH

Bug when only CH are different.

102German Matias Lucero1671442723
19/12/2022 09:38

For example: I have three parts of audio. When I click on the part in the middle and create a crossfader it would be useful to create it on both sides.

21/12/2022 17:27 German Matias Lucero

I think it still doesn't work.

19/12/2022 09:39 Administrator

I added Ctrl+Alt+B to put the CF to both left/right sides

61Douglas Kehlhem1664853767
04/10/2022 03:22
FeatureFace Mask

Make a face mask tool for the graphics section in which when you import a background photo behind text, you can click this button to have the background turn into the color of the text and the background disappears. Make it so this is possible with a video clip as the background as well. 

62Douglas Kehlhem1664525977
30/09/2022 08:19
FeatureSave Preset

There should be a way to save the presets for your color correction settings or graphical settings or workspace settings in general so when you go into a new project you don't have to set everything up again.

30/09/2022 08:19 Administrator

Newer build remembers sizes. 

24/09/2022 11:35
BugPianoroll C1 C2 C3

Should be C0 C1 C2

49Douglas Kehlhem1663073735
13/09/2022 12:55
FeatureComparison view

Make a comparison view button where when you click it, the video player splits into two video players. This way you can compare your original footage to your edited footage. This button would probably go next to the "Capture frame" button.

13/09/2022 12:55 Administrator


12/09/2022 17:15 Administrator

"Edited" means with the effects?

46Douglas Kehlhem1663004123
12/09/2022 17:35

When dragging a video clip over another video clip in the timeline, you should be able to delete the part of the video that you dragged the other video clip over.

12/09/2022 17:35 Administrator

Added with drag + control.

47Douglas Kehlhem1663001192
12/09/2022 16:46
FeatureLock Marker

When you add a marker, make it so you can't drag it, Or make a "lock marker" feature to lock the marker in place.

50Douglas Kehlhem1662997161
12/09/2022 15:39
FeatureHome Button

Make sure to add a home button on the audio project editor in the file dropdown as you did with the video project editor.

45Douglas Kehlhem1662956923
12/09/2022 04:28
FeatureRestart Video

After the playhead stops at the end of a video, make it so when you press the play button again it restarts from the beginning of the video.

44Douglas Kehlhem1662956709
12/09/2022 04:25
BugPlayhead Drift

When the playhead reaches the end of a video clip it keeps playing for another 1.7 seconds. You should make it so it stops exactly at the end of the video. It's a small but important fix.


42Douglas Kehlhem1662323810
04/09/2022 20:36
FeatureHome Button

I haven’t been able to find a home button to get back to the Home Screen inside the editor. I feel you should add one next to the “file” dropdown, or put a back arrow (<) in that area. This way the client can start a new audio or video project much quicker.

43Douglas Kehlhem1662323414
04/09/2022 20:30
FeatureColor Changing

Right now the play button turns green when you click it. I feel that it would feel cleaner if you had it turn light gray like the stop button does. On the other hand you could make the stop button turn red when you click it, that would make the play button turning green look a little bit more normal.

34Douglas Kehlhem1661435600
25/08/2022 13:53
FeatureAdd an “edit” drop-down

You should add a dropdown labeled “edit”, to the right of the file dropdown. This way, you can remove the quick access toolbar, and move those undo and redo functions into the new “edit” drop-down. You can also add a copy, paste, cut, and delete function to the dropdown; you can add other relevant functions as well. This would make the application look much cleaner than it is now. You could even move the word “turboplay” and its logo, from the very top of the application down to the left of the “file” dropdown, getting rid of that whole blue top bar as a whole.

33Douglas Kehlhem1661435585
25/08/2022 13:53
FeatureTop Bar/Ribbon drop-downs

I’m n the top bar/ribbon of the application, you should make the different categories into drop-downs, instead of how it just shows up across the top of the whole screen when you click on one. That way the application will feel a lot more professional.

35Douglas Kehlhem1661404219
25/08/2022 05:10
FeatureDetach Audio feature

In the “video functions” dropdown where it says “Extract original audio to new part” you should have the audio detach from the video clip, and be automatically moved to a new layer. Instead of how right now it moves the detached audio clip to the media bay. You should keep that feature, but just implement the first feature I recommended. It would make the process a little bit swifter.

32Douglas Kehlhem1661404208
25/08/2022 05:10
FeatureImporting Into Media BayWhen you import a video or photo into the Media Bay, the file is stretched horizontally. It’s a very small thing, but it would make the application look better.
25/08/2022 04:25 Administrator


17/07/2022 04:43
FeaturePianoroll Split

It would be useful for "Pianoroll function - Split at measure" to work on several selected MIDI Parts.
For example:
1) I have two Tracks A and B.
2) On Track A I have a MIDI Part that goes from musical compas 1 to 5. On Track B I have a MIDI Part that goes from musical compas 2 to 5.
3) I select both MIDI parts to make a cut in the musical compas 4.

07/08/2022 12:26 German Matias Lucero