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748D Knau1718459929
15/06/2024 13:58
Buggps direct driver install fail

gps direct want install the driver.  gps direct software starts not responding and then the install fails


just try and install and it fail everytime

30/05/2024 03:03
FeatureNew Site for GPSComplete

This is the new BugTracker which migrated from the GPSComplete Forum.

Post Bugs/Requests here.

742Unknown User1714929202
05/05/2024 17:13
BugFeature request for NMEA sentence HDT


Thank you for the great work of GPS-complete.

For my navigation program, I have to use the true heading. Since my Panasonic toughbook has an inbuilt magnetic sensor, which can be selected by your program, but there is no nmea string to read out to use the compass.

May I kindly ask to add a checkbox for the following:

HDT - Heading - True

        1   2 3
        |   | |

 Field Number:
  1) Heading Degrees, true
  2) T = True
  3) Checksum

Looking forward in your great GPS-Complete.

Thank you very much and kind greetings


741Sanchez Sanchez1714064461
25/04/2024 17:01
BugIs there a way to use corrections?

I am looking to integrate corrections from Ntrip casters or MQTT messages. Is there a way to accomplish this?


740Sidhu Sidhu1704581760
06/01/2024 22:56
BugHow to Install GPS Reverse in Client ModeI can't find any instructions anywhere.11Idle
739Hartman Hartman1703236587
22/12/2023 09:16
BugHow to use


I want my location of my external gps (com port) to be my main location so my browser will use the location of the external gps for that. I hope anyone can tell me how to do this and if this is possible with gpsdirect.

I'd like to hear from any of u.

728Anabac Anabac1677603116
28/02/2023 16:51
BugTrouble with Panasonic CF D1
Good morning, I am working with a Panasonic Toughbook CF D1, which has internal GPS. I have installed GPS Direct, following the indications of COM 3 and 4800 Baud.

Still, when doing the test, I only get columns of zeros. 

I would like to know if it happens to anyone else, if the error is in the IRQ choice, or I have to change some option.

In the BIOS I have the GPS option selected as "enabled".

Thank you very much.
721L L1652527544
14/05/2022 11:25
BugBatch command/switch to install/delete driver with given configuration on demand


Right now I have a Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 Mk8 with GPS and an active WWAN module. It seems that the WWAN locator is reasonably accurate and works 100% of the time in the city whereas the GPS is more accurate when it does get a fix if the weather isn't too bad.

Short version, I load the GPS on COM 3 at BAUD rate 4800, and that's all what I use GPS Direct for (I do have a license). However this overrides location given by the WWAN locator sensor even when there is no GPS fix. In short, in order to have WWAN locator to work the driver has to be uninstalled and vise versa.

I just don't find it convenient for me to open and close GPSDirect everytime I want to switch locator method and I want to write a short batch script to install/uninstall the GPS driver on demand.

I couldn't find information on this anywhere and I even wrote an e-mail to the developer Today but I don't know how quickly he'll get back to me. Any suggestions in the mean time?

714Martinez Martinez1638214150
29/11/2021 19:29
BugPanasonic CF-33 and GPS complete

Hello support;

I need help for some reason i cang get the map to display turn by turn directions

i am getting a beginning point and an Ending point all i get is NO GPS Data

NMEA source is set to INJECTION




GPSDirect UMDF 2.x

RMC and GGA are selected 

Install V.2 Driver is selected

when i am on the unit connected to the network my turn by turn directions are not there

any help will be appreciated

if i can get a call at 972-721-2737 in Texas U.S. it will be ideal.

Thanks in advance.

706Ning Ning1623770207
15/06/2021 15:16
BugThe GPSDirect driver cannot be installed


I launched the GPSComplete on Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB which has built-in GPS (Panasonic Toughbook CF33). I clicked "install driver" on GPSDirect. It returned quickly saying the "Installation successful. You may try the sensor explorer to test the sensor". However, the GPSDirect still shows NOT installed. On the Sensor Explorer, I don't see GPSDirect.

Could you please help?

Thanks and regards


703Kivela Kivela1620052225
03/05/2021 14:30
BugCOM port test shows no GPS dataI bought a used DT Research 591 tablet with an internal Tremble antenna. The operating system was wiped. I had Windows 10 installed. I have no GPS. In troubleshooting I tested the COM port for GPS data and have a blank screen. What COM port settings should I try? Should I get a virtual serial port driver? I may have a bad antenna. This is all new to me. Thanks for any ideas. Gary11Idle
696Unknown User1602437256
11/10/2020 17:27


I made a paypal payment on the 8th and have not received a license email or anything in junk, please send, payment from marcushops

695Unknown User1602437093
11/10/2020 17:24
BuglicenseHi I made a paypal payment on the 8th and have not received a license email or junk email, payment from marcushops please resend11Idle
694Unknown User1602436882
11/10/2020 17:21

Hi I made a paypal payment on the 8th of Oct but did not receive an activation email, not in junk yet Sender marcushops  please send/resend

691Rainnie Rainnie1599233894
04/09/2020 15:38
BugNo location Coordinates in Sensor Explorer in Windows 10


I work for Nova Scotia Power where we have bought 50 licenses for the the GPS complete software to allow reading of location information from a GPS device.

We have had a few incidents where incorrect or no location information is being read from the blue tooth connected and paired Bad elf GPS. The Windows Sensor reports the gps status in a state of 2 and the ilocation tool reports incorrect latitude and longitude and sometimes followed with no coordinates at all. This is even after clearing out Windows location history. We use Windows 10 on gtech rugged laptops. 

The gps itself shows many connects and disconnects of the device for about 15 seconds even though the device is successfully paired. Either repairing the BlueTooth connection or removing the driver and BlueTooth pair works around the issue.

This has occurred when the GPS is either powered off and on or turned back on after it has run out of charge.

We are using a connect rate of automatic with 9600 baud. We aren't installing the com driver and are using the default installation settings. 

We're trying to make the connection more stable as this user has had 3 problems this week. Please let us know what we can do to make the connection more stable.

Mike Rainnie

NS Power 

686Young Young1594408010
10/07/2020 19:06
BugNMEA Location not updating while driving


I hope all is well ...

The NMEA location sent to the com port is not updating as we move. The software was installed on a surface pro with LTE. Location privacy is on and the ms maps app shows an accurate location. Our application can successfully read from the com port and interpret the NMEA strings. however the NMEA Location from the comport does not seem to update as we drive.

Thanks !!


The following is from the iLocation and Com Port Tool 

Starting point (my house)
ILocation Report
X = -73.969020
Y = 40.920959
Z = 24.80
ILocation Report
X = -73.969020
Y = 40.920959
Z = 24.80


At Location (Benjamin Brothers)
ILocation Report
X = -73.961391
Y = 40.936341
Z = 20.63
ILocation Report
X = -73.961391
Y = 40.936341
Z = 20.66
ILocation Report
X = -73.961391
Y = 40.936341
Z = 20.70
ILocation Report
X = -73.961391
Y = 40.936341
Z = 20.75

Transfer Tool Log
XYZ: [-73.961383,40.936333,0.000000] PVH: [0.000,0.000,1.000] SBFF: [0.000,0.000,1,1] T: 132388745577860000

682Bothur Bothur1588360061
01/05/2020 19:07
BugNo GPS Data in Sensor TestI have a Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 mk4.  I installed GPS direct, installed the driver, used com3 and 4800 baud, but I get no connection to GPS on the sensor test.  I am not sure where to go from here to make this work.11Idle
676Heath Heath1580495835
31/01/2020 18:37
BugMicrosoft Surface GoHas anyone confirmed that this works with a Microsoft Surface Go with an iPhone acting as the GPS source.11Idle
670eagerbrook eagerbrook1577062784
23/12/2019 00:59
BugCar pc crashed no more

Many apologies for the panic!

Didn't see ''remove driver''tab 

Have a lovely christmas


667W W1572401531
30/10/2019 02:12
BugSierra Wireless Modem - UDP PortI have a sierra wireless modem that is transmitting TAIP data to a UDP port. Is this capable of being used with GPSDirect? If so, how?
15/06/2019 14:51
BugTransfer Tool enhancements

We are happy to announce Transfer Tool enhancements:

  • TT now cooperates fully with UMDF 2.x drivers
  • TT can now read data from a TCP or UDP server (incoming connection)

15/06/2019 14:50
BugGPSDirect UMDF 2.x Windows 10 Driver

We 're happy to announce the UMDF 2.x driver, Windows 10 compatible, for GPSDirect.

When you are asked to install GPSDirect, the UMDF 2.x is now the default option.

The new driver is way more stable and hardware-compatible with Windows 10.

Best Regards,

09/09/2018 20:50
615Cook Cook1512353840
04/12/2017 02:17
BugUnable to get to


I'm unable to get to the website, not sure if that's planned maintenance, an outage....or other. Please advise, i'm looking for download the latest GPSDirect driver version


602Fiaccadori Fiaccadori1508105400
15/10/2017 22:10
BugGPS Reverse - Problems configuring transfer tools

Good day all, I just restored my Lenovo yoga book and tried to reinstall gps reverse. installed com port (3) ok, but when configuring transfer tool, I select the correct sensor - Broadcomm GNSS, and then com port drive. Then click ok and it should be configured. Instead if I open again the configure windows it went back to a blank state.

Any suggestion?

Thanks Piero

18/06/2017 01:50
BugNeed to launch TransferTool upon reboot every time

Check the TT command line ref at -> transfer tool.

And if it does not work I will take a look when I return to office tomorrow.

12/10/2016 14:55
BugWelcome to GPSComplete


Use this forum for bugs, feature requests and suggestions about GPSDirect, GPSReverse and LocationFixer.
Don't forget to include your hardware specifications.

Before asking, please check the Troubleshooting link in the main GPSComplete page.

549gogglespisano gogglespisano1472570756
30/08/2016 15:25
BugBT Direct SPP listing logic backwardsI can't find a version number, but I downloaded it 2 days ago.

When using the Sensor Driver, and selecting BT direct connection for the port, the BT devices listed do not support SPP and the BT devices which do support SPP are not listed.

It seems the logic to filter the list to SPP BT devices is backwards.
540Ambious Ambious1459703534
03/04/2016 17:12
BugLocationFixer keeps installing the wrong coordinates (Windows 10)I've tried using both the standalone LocationFixer program and the GPSComplete package, and both have this problem:
I input very specific coordinates (32.765522, 34.988785, 0.0 - it's my house, come visit) and the coordinates the driver installs instead are 34.766700, 32.066700 (just off the shores of Cyprus I believe).
Strangely though, in the Sensor Explorer, it shows the coordinates I entered - but every other application is reporting Cyprus.
Worse yet - the sensor seems to be working intermediately: it keeps jumping back and forth from Cyprus to my IP reported location (which is also far off, but in another direction).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks :-)
537AveryAndrews AveryAndrews1457659439
11/03/2016 01:23
BugNewbie observations on Surface 3/W10 with Android GPS devicesSince the Surface 3 is a popular device, but people are often disappointed when they find that the non-phone version lacks GPS, I thought it might be useful to put up my newbie observations on getting GPSComplete to work for getting GPS info from an android device, so that Here Maps etc. can be used on the bigger Surface screen.  Hopefully this will contribute to making the process easier.  The major issue seems to be getting the SPP slave COM port assigned, which I suspect is a Surface/W10 issue.

1) on the Android, I've been using Bluetooth GPS Output (can't find Michael's app on the Play Store; there are also some others that do roughly the same thing)
2) after pairing the Android and the Surface, you need to get an SPP slave COM port assigned on the Surface to the Android.  Bluetooth more settings is basically the place to do it, but there are problems.  Sometimes one just appears in the COM tab by magic after pairing.  Sometimes it can be gotten by the Add function.  Sometimes it doesn't work until it does.
3) more seriously, sometimes random other devices get assigned COM numbers, and the one you want to use gets a number >10, which GPSComplete doesn't seem configured to accept.  The cure seems to wipe all of the COM assignments by clearing a registry key, and start again (surely there is a better way to do this??)
4) GPSComplete can then be run to install the sensor driver selecting the COM number attained in 2-3.  If you install another device, you can switch between them by uninstalling/installing the drivers with the appropriate port number.  Selecting the device name doesn't seem to work.  You have to remember what device got what COM number (they appear in device manager, but without info as to what device they got associated with).
5) GPSDirect seems to usually crash on the Surface, after installing or uninstalling the driver.  Since the bluetooth settings tab also seems to crash a lot, this is surely MS' fault.

6) Jaurocha's problem of hopping between location via bt/GPSComplete and wifi doesn't seem to occur with S3/W10; location switches to bt/GPS when the latter data is available.  So far it's passing its field tests, seems like it will work well on the road in faraway places.
509tundrwd tundrwd1431441124
12/05/2015 14:32
BugHaving problems getting GPS7S32 configured on Winbook TW802Michael,

Have a Bluetooth GPS - a Holux M1000 (an older model running MTK chipset).  Had issues with this originally on an HP Stream7, but persistence paid off.  It's working on my Stream7 as COM3/38400.  I configured a BT keyboard and mouse first - then the Holux.

Got a bit newer tablet - and a bit bigger - and I'm having problems getting gps7s32.exe installed/configured, with another Holux M1000 I have (same model, etc.).  I DO have the Microsoft store app "Maps Pro" running on my tablet - and it will connect to the Holux M1000 just fine via Bluetooth (it has an option to either use the "internal" GPS - or use an external GPS - I use the external option for the M1000).

Anyway, I've tried every option I can think of, even looking at COM ports that exist (I have COM3/COM4 showing up as Bluetooth COM ports).  I have tried all COM ports, with all baud rates, hit install, and never get any data streaming back in gps7s32.exe.  Do you have any hints or tips on best way to determine WHICH COM port it's actually on?  Or how to get it configured so I can use "normal" Win 8.1 software needing a GPS?

499Azo Azo1397030834
09/04/2014 08:07
BugGPSDirect on Windows 8.1 update 1 stopped workingThe GPS sensor was working fine with my Samsung ativ tablet until I updated it to [b]"Windows 8.1 update 1[/b]" and it stopped functioning. The program starts but it doesn't detect  any GPS satellites.

Is there a way to fix this?

492Raine Raine1378798168
10/09/2013 07:29
Buggps sensor 7 on windows 8 ???Have a serious problem connecting my external gps on windows 8. I´ve downloaded the file (gps7s64) & read the instruktions. But the computer do not find the gps. I´ve tested the gps on Another computer with windows 7, it worked just fine.

please, need help :-)

489ctm ctm1372786360
02/07/2013 17:32
BugGPS-Direct : start-up command for GPShi Michael
your tool works fine up to now,..
so, I have a feature request, which would make it even better ;-)

I have to start the gps polling with an AT-command on a defined COM-port, in my case : AT_OGPS=2

And I have to reenter this command after any stand-by....

It would be much better, if your tool would issue this command automatically, as soon as any app accesses the gps sensor. This would have the positive side effect that gps would only run if needed (requested by an app).

My request : user can specify com-port and command(s) to be sent to the gps hardware

487VegasGuy VegasGuy1369846747
29/05/2013 16:59
BugUse desktop navigation with Windows 7/8 tabletsFor those that want to run desktop navigation programs, please checkout Centrafuse Localizer (Google search). It connects directly to the onboard GPS/GNSS chip (bypasses the location platform) and provides a virtual comport for your navigation app to connect to. Tested with Streets and Trips, CoPilot, PC Navigator and many more. 100% standard NMEA 0183 output.

I wrote it because I wanted to use Sygic Fleet on my Asus Vivotab and couldn't.  if it's something you're interested in, have a look.

486zlev zlev1365078891
04/04/2013 12:34
BugProbably memory leak in Gps Direct driver(gps7s64.exe)Hi,
I'm using the following configuration:
com0com 0-modem virtual device; ( between COM6 and COM7 )
small application writing data( hand-made GPS LOG, probably have illegal lines) to COM7 ,lines  looks like following:
gps7s64 reading from COM6.
I see a very large memory leaking, about 1GB in a 2 minute.
No memory leak, when working in simulation mode.

Windows 7, x64.

482aderlopas aderlopas1359277571
27/01/2013 09:06
BugGPS 7 Sensor API on Windows 8Tried out the GPS Sensor API 7 on Windows 8 PRO 32bit together with Turbo GPS and on my Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 4.1.2 and application:Bluetooth GPS with native NMEA output selected.
1. Make Discoverable
2. Pair with PC (Creates two ports: COM3 inbound, COM4 outbound)
3. Install GPS Sensor 7 Driver on COM3, baud rate 9600.
Result: Works, Bluetooth GPS reports PC Connected
4. Open Turbo GPS
5. Settings->Use Sensor API
6. Select API (GPS Sensor 7)
8. Connect
Result: Works
9. Open gMAP application
10. Click on My Location
Result: Finds the location
1. After some time automatically disconnects from phone although everything works in the background on both PC and smartphone
2. Once disconnected, even if I try to again connect to the GPS from Turbo GPS no response
3. Once disconnected, even if I uninstall the driver and install it again, it won't connect to the smartphone.
4. I have to de-pair the device and start all over again to make this work.
5. At the time of these issues, I get 50% CPU usage from driver foundation process. Once I uninstall the sensor driver that goes away and CPU usage returns back to normal.

Any ideas?

476kworam kworam1343241186
25/07/2012 18:33
Bug[BC] Use GPSDirect NMEA Sensor Driver for Windows 7 in our productI am interested in using GPSDirect NMEA Sensor Driver for Windows 7 in our product.  What is the price for a commercial license?11Idle
471allhotelmap allhotelmap1335216505
23/04/2012 21:28

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ÎSε εκÏιμηϒη,
Îγγελικη ÎSηÏϒοϬοÏ&λοÏ&
467miranda.branco miranda.branco1328821104
09/02/2012 20:58
BugTrying to install on windows mobile 2003 - help neededdownloaded the .exe file, ran it... installed on my laptop and I had no option to install on my Dell Axim X50v (my palmtop), how can I install on a palmtop running windows mobile 2003, can anyone help?

463ajl236 ajl2361315816717
12/09/2011 08:38
BugGPS Direct and HTML5Hi, thanks for GPS Direct it is very smart.
Has anyone got their external GPS data via GPSDirect to a HTML5 Browser?
The HTML5 geo location API is good on iOS and Android but I want to do this on a Windows 7 laptop and I think GPS Direct is an important part of the answer.
Anyone acheived this please ?
458Detox Detox1307625753
09/06/2011 13:22
BugBowtrol Cleanse Everyone is  aware of the fact that healthy diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle. But the question comes up as to whether we take appropriate steps in executing this fact or not. Well, most do not. Our everyday work loads and frantic agendas would make us navigate away from this path. Hence, we have to face the complications that develop from bad eating habits. But don't worry. This trouble does not prevail without a solution. Getting a bowtrol cleanse is known to alleviate your health problems and assist create a good living. You can notice variety of colon cleanse merchandises today. But bowtrol colon cleanser is found to be the best amongst all because it does not result in any side effects unlike its other competitions.

457simpsonj simpsonj1307411238
07/06/2011 01:47
BugInstalling on Windows CE DeviceHow do I install Turbo GPS on my windows CE device using the CAB File?

Never mind reloaded the OS and works fine.

456alexandro alexandro1304863346
08/05/2011 14:02
Bug[BC] [VRC] Academic VersionI'm a student of the University Federal de Pernambuco and I booted my Masters where I want to develop and implement a Riboon Word for the teacher to develop educational materials from pre-defined patterns.

I would use this tool in my studies ...

446pikcior pikcior1278074868
02/07/2010 12:47
Bugnewbe questionHi
I'm newbe in GPS topic at all. I find about turbo GPS on
I'm learning two weeks about maps but all informations i find are uselees to me becouse they are incomplet.
What I want?
I'm looking for some good howto. I have  t-gps and osm map (file poland.osm.bz2 from and i would like to know how to combine them. T-gps navigate function are wery flexible an i clearly see idea how it should work but i'm unable to load map into aplication.

thx for all serious responses
441maykop maykop1273577752
11/05/2010 11:35
Bughow to install TGPS on WIN CE me.....11Idle
438NorbertS6 NorbertS61270487628
05/04/2010 17:13
BugCase of kilo and hour symbolThe symbol for kilo is a small 'k' and the symbol for hour is a small 'h'. Could you please correct this in TurboIRC. It looks very strange to me with the big letters.  ;-)11Idle
428a_sagitarrian a_sagitarrian1262648741
04/01/2010 23:45
BugTGPS and Austrian Map or Vector or Rasterkartenhello, today i found your tgps in the looks very nice an interesting.

in germany and austria many people work with the digital maps from the goverment "vermessungsämter" maps they are topograph maps, vector and rasterkarten.
[b]my question is if in future those types of maps are also supported with tgps[/b], because there exist only one software i know (geogrid pda viewer) who works without calibration with this maps, but it do not work with my htc touch hd. they are very useful because i have the whole map from whole austria on my sdcard and i have everywhere very easy the map for hiking or other things with me...and without calibration, you can make overlays, waypoints, tracks,...

here are the links from the map from austria for info:,1572546&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

here are the links from the map from germany for info:

here the link for the geogrid pda viewer for info:

please post me an info if that is possible in future
24/12/2009 09:50
BugTurbo GPS and WM 6.5 IssuesIssues that might occur in WM 6.5 (Especially cooked roms):[list]
[li]TGPS might fail to automatically update itself on a new version under WM 6.5. This might happend because the update mechanism changed.
If this happens , download [url=][/url] and replace the old one manually. Versions 7.0.3 and later's autoupdating will work with WM 6.5.[/li]
[li]Screen might blink after TGPS shutdown.
If this happens, go Tools->Options->TGPS Options and uncheck the "Keep backlight on".[/li]
[/list]Best Regards.
12/12/2009 19:17
BugStoring your tracks to directories as filesLots of tracks can make TGPS slow when using a single XML file. Version 2.7 allows you to store tracks as files in directories.

* If you have existing tracks, you can export them to a directory as files. To do that, select View->Tracks, then Track->Import/Export->Export All Tracks to directory. Select a directory and Turbo GPS will export all your tracks to a directory "TGPS Tracks" under this.

* Use Tools->Options->Track Storage->Directory to select the directory (TGPS Tracks).

Now each track load/save/manipulation will occur to actual files.

To restore the default behaviour (i.e. save tracks to TGPSTRK.XML) you can do Tools->Options->Track Storage->Default.
423gpsraja gpsraja1260508343
11/12/2009 05:12
BugIssues with ASUS P527Sir,
I'm trying to use T-GPS Ver 2.622 with my WM 6.1 ASUS P527 with internal GPS. About 3-5 seconds after the GPS signal is received, the display freezes and comes live after an interval, only to freeze again in seconds. Other GPS programs like GPSED & TRAVELOG work quite smoothly.
Using the camera to take pics with co-ords also at times freezes the whole phone and needs a reset.

Any solutions ???

Raja, INDIA.
16/10/2009 18:55
Bug3D Mouse and Turbo GPS 2.62+Turbo GPS 2.62 can work with 3DConnexion's 3D Mouse devices to rotate maps and the compass.[br]
See [url=][/url] for details on these nice 3D devices.[br][br]
Best Regards.
409ernieboy ernieboy1254414199
01/10/2009 16:23
Bugmap nomenclatureI have successfully loaded a openstreemap image in to map.  I used the file nomenclature
upper-x_upper-y_lower-x_lower-y_width_height.jpg.  I live in the western hemisphere and this nomenclature works
only when upper-x  is preceded by a hyphen (-) and lower x is preceded by a hyphen (-).  Windows accepts a leading hyphen
in all of its command line commands.  Linux and Mac OS do not.  I'm trying to build a set of tiles for numberous metro areas in the
US.  I'm using a linux box or a mac box to do this. In some cases there will be a hundred or so files.  It would be convenient to
zip the files into an archive and then unzip them on a phone or hand held running windows.  However, the nomenclature itself
does not permit this.  Wouldn't it be easier to precede the upper-x and lower-x with a W or E depending on the sign of the longitude?  Similarly wouldn't it be easier to precede the upper-y and lower-y with a N or S depending on the sign of the lattiude?
This way all operating systems would find the nomenclature compatiblle.
407soki soki1252492975
09/09/2009 10:42
Bugquestion about sports functionsHi ,

did anyone noticed if Calories ( Views> Others >Sport )  works in 2.06 version ? maybe I'm doing something wrong...but after running couple of km I've noticed Calories were still 0. Recorded distance and everything else, in Sport mode I mean,  were  accurate recorded. Is there something to do/set in order to trigger calories function?

Also from Sport View, if you go to Run > Setup >Speed Limit then will show the Waypoints form(with all already recorded waypoints ). Pressing Back from here will show a blank form , also named Wavepoints...but blank. Is it a bug or I don 't use it properly?
404soki soki1251020523
23/08/2009 09:42
Bugon field map calibrationHello Michael.

all work smooth with 2.6 version. great . are two ideas you  maybe find interesting for one of the future versions:
1. On field calibration. Something like small corrections to the offline loaded map. Let's say an user is in a certain position and the appropriate offline map is automatically loaded. If user knows his physical position ( near a certain building for example ) and his position shown on the loaded map is different...then pointing the real position ( pressing the stylus ) on the map and acknowledging that that one is the real position on the map, may be used to offset the map coordinates and change the image file name accordingly.
I use Map Grabber to grab numerous Google maps ...then I built a small application which takes the coordinates from the .gmi files and rename the appropriate jpg according to TurboGPS map name convention. That works fine but looks like small corrections on field are sometimes necessary.

The second one is related to Power Saving. I had some problems recording tracks . Something went wrong. The tracks were broken, long straight lines were drawn instead of an continuous curved track. Connect/Disconnect sound from time to time. After a while I realized that the device is turning off because Power Saving mode. Simple. Anyway, maybe preventing the device to turn off while is recording, in the same way as the application keeps the backlight on despite the device backlight settings , could help.

403globalkat globalkat1249966456
11/08/2009 04:54
BugTGPS behaves strangely on my HTC Touch ProHi there
I'm new to this software and am not sure how to describe the behavior on my HTC Touch Pro running 6.1 PPC. I'm using version 2.5a.
I entered a waypoint in front of my house using another GPS device. Then I put the waypoint in TGPS...turned on the GPS...then selected the waypoint and clicked "Go". The screen showed a green grid against black background. A small dot appeared near the middle of the grid with a line that was almost as wide as the grid.
As I walked toward the waypoint the line and point moved around the screen rather erratically. When I stopped they continued to move.
I did my best to get a handle on the cause/effect of my moving around. I suspected the point was my waypoint...but it could have been my position. I think the line may have been a point that was displayed incorrectly.
I get the feeling from reading forum posts this software is fairly intuitive and I may have a device that doesn't run it correctly.
Thanks for any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong...or something I can try to test the compatibility of the device.
402j0nr j0nr1249898171
10/08/2009 09:56
BugMaps and DocumentationHi there,

Great looking app, something I would really like to use. But I am getting a little lost with all the options.

In particular I am interested in getting 'stored maps' working with OpenStreetMap maps.

The ocap app seems to be a windows app, I am running linux so I don't think I can use that.

I have had some success grabbing tiles using but I am unsure what to do with what it creates... I get a 'map' directory and a 'tah' directory. Do I put both of these in a 'folder' on my device and point the stored map option to that 'folder'? Then just enable stored maps and disable dynamic maps?

Also the dynamic maps don't seem to display correctly when the track is overlaying it. The current track being drawn does not line up with the map.

Another idea, the latest OSMTracker comes with a TileManager, which looks like it basically downloads tile for you to use offline. Can these tiles be used in TGPS?

So any guides, tutorials, help would be greatly appreciated as I would love to get using this.

Thanks in advance

400coco coco1248985223
30/07/2009 20:20
BugBackup Tracks instead of RoutesHello,

on my phone (HTC Touch Pro 2) TGPS tracks fine, but always crashes on "End Recording".

I tried to restore my tracks from the backup file "tgpsbackup.gpx", but there's only a route in the file. Not a single track. Is there a way to change the backup format from route to track, to make TGPS backup the actual tracks while recording? That would be a fine workaround for the crash-on-save bug.

26/07/2009 13:59
BugTurbo GPS Documentation[font=verdana, sans-serif]Available at this sub forum:[/font][font=verdana, sans-serif][/font]11Idle
384bozoo bozoo1242316461
14/05/2009 15:54
Bugimport waypoints from loc hangsMichael,

It usually works fine, but this time failed. Checked on both, PPC and XP. I'm attaching my LOC file for easier reproduction.

Also - have you been thinking about providing some programmers' API, so that some people might write their own plugins without bothering you about new features?

And feature request in the end:
- when looking at waypoints in a map, click on the waypoint and choose 'edit' from context menu - to edit the waypoint;
- on a waypoint list - "select all" button, for mor convenient deletion of sll of them. The same in import window, when asks which wayponts to import - it would be nice to tell with just one click "all of them";
- on a waypoint list - a long text field "comment". Or even better - all the fields that appear in file we import from;
- on a list and a map - display/hide from a map. Or at least choose color.

Thanks for this nice tool,
378Web Surf Web Surf1239957282
17/04/2009 08:34
BugTGPS on HTC Touch HDBasically the S/W works. The HD's big screen and high resolution make TGPS look good.

Some minor hiccups :

many of the icons are too small ( +, -, left righ arrows etc) making them hard to press properly

The coordinate readings on the top get cut and I can see only the top half of the characters

In speedometer and GPS view, I cannot fully read the nearest waypoint info as it is chopped and I can see only the top 20% of the characters. The compass and nearest waypoint should be riased higher so that there is place at the bottom.

In some compass drawings, I cannot see the "W" and "E" properly, only the top 20% of the characters.

In tracks view, suppose there is part of the track where the starting way point is not displayed on the current screen, the S/W does not show me that whole leg at all !!!. I think that its easy and necessary to show leg of track even if one of the end points is not on the current screen.

375felstermueller felstermueller1238677972
02/04/2009 13:12
BugTGPS on Samsung SGH-i780 WM6.0Hi, i have problems with tgps on my wm-phone. It starts, connects to the gps but always shows the position 0,0 (lat/lon). I can't get any debugging information or log data either. No satellites come up in View, no error messages appear. I think, i tried all the gps-connection modes and also observed that tgps does not connect to the internal gps, if i use the GPS Api inside tgps and tell my wm not to offer it. What can i do? Is there a possibility to verify the gps conection? thanx11Idle
374shk1000 shk10001238584460
01/04/2009 11:14
BugExisting Maps for GermanyHello there,

are there any allready existing Maps for Germany I can use with TurboGPS? Maybe GoogleMaps or OSM, or something else...
Many Thanks!!!
373Yusuf Yusuf1238496822
31/03/2009 10:53
Bug(Install Issues edit:Admin)How do I install Turbo GPS on my pocket PC with the files provided in the package, XML. Theres no setup recognized by my active sync.11Idle
366dennis48187 dennis481871236656979
10/03/2009 03:49
Bugsetup of turbo gps on inciteI am still green setting up nprograms on the incite
Is there already a post for this request
355gold0347 gold03471235178887
21/02/2009 01:14
BugProblem getting TGPS to run on WindowsCE 6.0Hi,
I have an ALDI Tevion navigator model PWM-3501 which runs  WindowsCE 6.0.1937 on an ARM922T processor with 55M RAM, 855M internal flash ROM + SD cards up to 2G.
I would love to be able to run TGPS on my navigator but, so far, everything has failed. I have managed to get NoniGPSPlot to run on my navigator so I would have thought TGPS should also run ââ¬â¬S but nothing I have tried works.
When I install TGPS via my desktop and Microsoft ActiveSync it installs a directory (TGPS) under /Program Files and also a shortcut in my WinCE Explorer window. When I double tap the latter ââ¬â¬S nothing happens. When I use explorer to navigate to the TPGS directory and double tap it to open it ââ¬â¬S everything freezes, and I have to reset the navigator (switching the power off/on does not work; the screen remains frozen).
When I install TGPS via the .cab files a window opens on my navigator asking me to confirm placing the program in /program files. When I click OK ââ¬â¬S everything freezes, and I have to reset the navigator (switching the power off/on does not work; the screen remains frozen).
When I install tgpswm.exe or tgpswm2003.exe directly into the / program files directory or onto the SD Card and try and start the programs from there ââ¬â¬S nothing happens.
I assume (I am a novice with WinCE) that the reason TGPS either will not start or freezes is due to some missing software in my version of WinCE 6.0 or some of the present software has been specifically modified for the navigator and when called up by TGPS causes the freeze.
I had to add an AYGSHELL.dll file to the NoniGPSPlot software in order to get it to run on my navigator but the addition of this makes no difference to TGPS ââ¬â¬S It will not start.
Does anyone else have a similar problem (or has solved it)
332rpalandri rpalandri1229434365
16/12/2008 13:32
BugTroubles in using DELL Axim X5 with a BC-307 ReceiverHi !

I have installed Turbo-GPS 2.0 RC5 on my DELL Axim X5 (Pocket PC 2003). I have a Compact Flash GPS Receiver, a BC-307, it should be NMEA-0183 and SiRF star II/LP compatible.

I'm unable to get even Raw data. It connects to COM 5, 4800 baud and makes the beep connection sound, but nothing more happens. I use that COM port and that baud speed with any other GPS software and it works. I tried all you wrote in a post to troubleshoot the application, but nothing.

Can you help me ??

Thanks, Ralph
07/06/2008 11:08
BugCan t find TGPSWM (Or one of its components)Do you get this message ? Try my TGPSCHKWM5.EXE tool which will say some messages you must forward me!

Run this tool to your mobile phone!

Make sure you send me all diagnostic messages you get from this tool - so I can perhaps make TGPS run at your phone!

PPC 2003 version coming soon.
03/06/2008 15:21
BugThe author is online - Talk with me![b]I 've created a new script which allows you to chat with me when I am online![/b]

[b][color=blue]To chat with me if I am online[/color]: [/b][b] [/b]
02/04/2008 12:34
BugGoogle Maps & CalibrationHi there.

In general, you can use some free 3rd - party tools to capture maps:[list]
[li][url=][/url] [/li]
[li] [url=][/url] [/li]
[li] Map calibrator (gpstuner) [url=][/url] [/li]
[/list]You can also use OCAP ([url=http://index.php?topic=302.0][/url]) to capture maps from [url=][/url] .

As you have seen, I have removed any explicit reference/image to Google maps from this forum. The reason is not that Google asked me to do so, but instead [b]I asked Google for permission in order to use their maps officially in Turbo GPS [/b].

Google kindly responded very fast. They said that they wouldn't have problem to allow me to use them officially, but unfortunately they do not own the copyright of their maps, as they are just partners to 3rd party associations that have actually created the maps, and they have permission to display them using google maps.

Until I contact these companies, I 've created an [b] Unofficial [/b] map grabber which I might share with you if the following conditions are met:[list]
[li] The entire activity will be logged by IP and ISP . Should any of the terms of usage be violated, you will banned instantly from access of the map grabber tool. [/li]
[li] You will use the grabbed maps only for personal use [/li]
[li] You agree with Google's Terms of Service [/li]
[li] You will remain a member of this forum [/li]
[li]You understand that the priviledge is [b]temporary; [/b]I [u]will[/u] be removing members from time to time to get space for new members.
[li] You understand that is my right to terminate the service for any reason or for no reason at all at any time with or without warning [/li]
[/list]As you understand, I can't release such an application to the public. Therefore, I 've decided to give that tool only on request and only to people that will read this forum (and not the huge amount of TGPS downloaders) and this tool will be available [b]for a limited amount of time[/b]. If and only if you believe that you meet the above requirements, please [b]request a membership for the map group[/b] ([url=;sa=groupMembership;request=12];area=groupmembership;request=12[/url], if this link doesn't work, go to Profile-> Group Membership-> Map Member -> Request Membership) , confirm that you agree with my terms and you will get access to the tool.

24/03/2008 12:54
BugTGPS 2.0 Feature Pool (10/05 Update)Hello there.
TGPS is prepared for version 2, feature requests keep coming, either from all TurboIRC.COM forum members or from my brain ;)

But, in order not to release updates day by day, I 've decided to collect features here in this topic, and release newer versions after a few (?) days.

There will be always a beta version at

This file is tgpswm-beta.exe. If you update it, it will update to a newer beta version (if it exists). If you rename it to tgpswm.exe and update it, it will update to the latest released version.

This topic is for requests for newer versions.

[/b][b]Features planned for 2.0 and newer versions
[li]Declination calculator[/li]
[li]Restore Smartphone issues

[b]Feel free to request more![/b]
20/03/2008 22:31
BugTurbo GPS TranslationHi there.

TGPS can now be translated to other languages!
See !

If you can translate it to a new language, I would be very happy!

285ldeffenb ldeffenb1205351934
12/03/2008 19:58
BugMap Scale vs Target DistanceAnother new one.  Running with Grid maps, I'm assuming the++ and <- -> are the scale distances of a grid mark, or is it of the whole screen grid?  Anyway, my current coordinates were 80 39' 32.574"W and 27 59' 48.305"N with Target 2 at -80.5590,27.8960.  The distance on the GPS screen and the map popup was shown as 9.26 (miles).  However, the scale on the map (see attached .GIF screen cap) doesn't make sense for that distance.

Am I reading something wrong or IS something worng?

Lynn (D) - Enjoying playing with this program!

[attachment deleted by admin]
15/02/2008 21:25
BugTurbo GPS and GeocachingI am thinking of making a virtual Geocaching game for TGPS - but I need your ideas.
I 'd be glad to accept suggestions on how it should be made.

Best Regards.

25/12/2007 16:04
BugPut your Maps to TGPS IV[color=red]=Warning=[/color]

[color=red]This topic assumes that you will use maps that you have created yourself, or you have collected them from a source (site/library) with legal permission. If you do not have the legal rights to use your maps, please don't read the following - or you will be violating TGPS License Agreement. [b]If I detect improper map discussion and / or usability, you will be banned.[/b]


[li]Use T-GPS Final - 1 or later[/li]
[li]Create a directory for maps and store the full path in Map Options -> Maps Dir.[/li]

[b]METHOD 1: You know your map's TOP LEFT and BOTTOM RIGHT coordinates.[/b]

Then it is very simple, just name your map with the format x1_y1_x2_y2_width_height.png (x1,y1, left top corner, x2,y2, right bottom corner).

For example, 24.324_37.3242_24.552_37.142_800_600.png.
TGPS will automatically use your map.

[b]METHOD 2: You know your map's CENTER and zoom level (in miles).[/b]

For example, in google maps, you can create a map, then "link to that page" will give you the center (in ll= param, first is Y then is X), and the zoom (in Z= param).

[li]Use menu tools->map->Calibrator. For better results, use the PC version to do that, not the PPC version.[/li]
[li]Put X and Y of the center of the map, and the zoom level (0 to 25), which represents the distance from the center to the map corners.
[li]Select the png/jpg you have saved[/li]
[li]Press OK - TGPS asks you if it is ok to put the map in the maps directory.[/li]
[li]Do this for all maps, then restart TGPS[/li]

[b]AFTER calibration[/b]

[li]View->Custom maps, and you can see your maps.
[/li][li]Make sure that Options->Map Options->Fix Map Zoom is enabled. This will make sure your maps are not stretched (but you won't be able to zoom manually unless you have maps at different zoom levels) [/li]
[li]Make sure that "load offline maps" is enabled and "use dynamic maps" is disabled in Map options[/li]
[li]Turbo GPS will load the best available map while you are travelling[center][/center][/li]


You are ready to use your maps!


04/12/2007 14:42
BugRemote DebuggingHi there.

Turbo GPS has been developed into a very popular program, but minor bugs keep getting in and out. In case you have a problem and I am not able to fix it directly, I might be able to do remote debugging of TGPS on YOUR phone and find the problem.

[b]So this thread is for people that have a problem and it is not yet solved, are willing to help me with remote debugging.
[color=red]If you do not have any TGPS troubles and/or this forum has solved your problems and/or you do now know what debugging is or any of the following, then this is NOT for you.[/color][/b]

What should you be able to do?
[li]You must connect the phone to WIFI or ActiveSync.[/li]
[li]You must be available sometime between 17:00-22:00 (GMT)[/li]
[li]You must be online (say, Msn Messenger or TurboIRC.COM chat so we communicate)[/li]
[li]You must know how to open an incoming port in your firewall because I am going to connect to your PC. You will need to forward port 5655 TCP to your phone's LAN IP.[/li]
[li] You must put my Remote Debugger ( ) to your phone as long as we are debugging.
[/li][li] Depending on your router skills and my programming skills and the nature of the bug, debugging can take from 5 minutes to 2 hours.
[/li][li] You must trust me :) [/li]

SETUP #1 : You have the ability to connect your device to WIFI

[li] Connect the phone to WIFI, note the IP address that it has. [/li]
[li] Run my Remote Debugger to your device [/li]
[li] Forward port TCP 5655 from your router to your phone (NAT or Application sharing) [/li]
[li] I am now able to connect to your phone [/li]

SETUP #2 : You have the ability to connect your device to ActiveSync

[li] Disconnect your device from ActiveSync [/li]
[li] Create a key under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services with the name "ProxyPorts" (without the quotes) [/li]
[li] Create a DWORD value inside that key with name "RemoteDebugger" and assign the value 5655 (decimal) to it [/li]
[li] Connect your device to ActiveSync [/li]
[li] Run my debugger to your device [/li]
[li] Forward port TCP 5655 from your router to your PC (NAT or Application sharing) [/li]
[li] I am now able to connect to your phone [/li]


28/11/2007 19:19
BugTyTN II Issue solvedThanks to (now honored member) louiscar and his valuable help, the connection issue with TyTN II is fixed in 0.9838.

Thumbs up!

16/10/2007 08:31
BugCan t connect? Disconnects ? Freezes ? Check this troubleshooting list![b]Are you unable to connect TGPS to your GPS? Follow these recommendations:[/b][list]
[li] [color=purple]Search the forum[/color] to see if another one has the same problem. [/li]
[li] Double check if the COM port and BAUD speed are valid.
[color=red]Note: an incorrect baud speed is the most usual mistake that does not permit TGPS to connect. It might need to be [u]different[/u] than other applications baud speed.[/color]
[li] Remove GPS Sharing from WM6 if enabled and connect to the direct port[/li]
[li] Enable GPS Sharing from WM6 if disabled and connect to the alternative port[/li]
[li] If TGPS makes the connecting sound but no GPS data is displayed, check Views->Raw Log for data.[/li]
[li]Getting the "[b]Can't find TGPSWM or one of its components[/b]" ? Try [url=][/url] !
[li] Enable the usage of GPSApi described in [url=][/url][/li]
[li] Is your GPS NMEA or SIRF III compatible?[/li]
[li] Any other application uses the port? Remember, X by default doesn't close, it just minimizes the application! [/li]
[li] Try installing TGPS to internal memory and not on the SD card - some devices do not like their GPS to be accessible from the SD.[/li]
[li] Try accessing your GPS from your PC using the PC-based TGPS (tgpsx86.exe or tgpsx64.exe) to ensure that there are not Windows CE problems.[/li]
[li] Try a Port Splitter application. Freewares are at [url=][/url] , [url=][/url]. Non-free also working is [url=][/url]

If you are able to connect but TGPS has problems, then do this:[list]
[li]Notify me of the messages in the RAW LOG screen
[li] Use Debug log (Menu views->Debug-> Log On)[/li]
[li] Connect and work as usual until the crash or malfunction[/li]
[li] Send me the gps.log file (found in your root , gps.log) [/li]
[/list][b]Good luck,[/b]
13/10/2007 08:29
BugTGPSX64 build Now installer also contains a version for x64 Windows.
Have fun.
07/10/2007 10:33
BugLive RSS Feeds for T-GPS Forum

Live RSS feeds for T-GPS!
06/10/2007 22:34
BugT-GPS and navigation in spaceWell, I know I am greedy. But I wonder if a GPS system exists in the space, and if there is, If i should be able to manipulate space waypoints :)

Your opinion plz :)

Find more at
01/10/2007 06:43
BugHow to fix shutdown issue with TyTN II[b]T-GPS is compatible with Ty TN II. [/b]

[li]Go to GPS Setup (Tools->GPS),[/li]
[li]Enable the usage of 'GPS API (WM5+)' [/li]
[li]Restart T-GPS and reconnect[/li]

Now TGPS will be able to work correctly.

26/09/2007 19:14
BugImportant update: Fix of NMEA sentencesHi to all.
This is to inform you that a serious bug in TGPS has been fixed, which now improves accuracy of your points.

However, now some points/tracks might seem to you inaccurate. I suggest that you re-record your tracks.

If this is a lot of work for you, mail me and I can create a conversion function for your old tracks.
22/09/2007 08:49
BugImportant update: Usage of GPSApi in WM5 capabilityThis is an automatic announcement to all TurboIRC.COM forum members about Turbo GPS.

Because for one or other reason, some pocket pcs would not like direct COM access from Turbo GPS, I 've added the capability to use WM5+ GPS API in order to access the GPS. This option also allows the GPS to be shared.

So, now your GPS must work no matter what :)

738Shomo Shomo1700987752
26/11/2023 08:35
BugHow to set baud rate for transfer tool? (I need 115200 not 9600 on com port listen.)

So, I have a nmea device that is not the only thing that will ever be on that serial port.

To avoid having to uninstall and reinstall the gpsdirect driver, I set the driver to use injection mode from the transfer tool, and the transfer tool to move data from COM4 to the driver.

The driver on its own works.

The transfer tool does not.

When I use the gpsdirect driver, set to COM4 at 115200 baud, the gpsreverse com port has valid data on it at 9600 baud.

When I use the transfer tool, it does not.

This proves the issue is not with my GPS device, or even gpsdirect, which also works, but with the transfer tool.

I was able to determine the transfer tool is opening COM4 at 9600 baud, not 115200 baud.

How do I tell the transfer tool what baud rate to use?

Where is the transfer tool config stored?


26/11/2023 15:43 Shomo Shomo


I have it working.


26/11/2023 12:07 Administrator HKLM/Software/GPSSensor7 -> DWORD "ttport".
737Deitemeyer Deitemeyer1700067790
15/11/2023 17:03
BugGPSDirect Eval Download

I need to evaluate your product to get an USB GPS location into Chrome on a laptop. I have 10 field users who will need this product. The eval download link is a dead end right now. Could I please get an eval version of GPSDirect?

15/11/2023 17:36 Administrator

This is the link

736hennessy hennessy1699873181
13/11/2023 10:59
BugGPSDirect maximum serial data rate

Is it possible to get the maximum serial rate of the driver increased from 38400  to 57600?

I have a Columbus P7-pro.

It is a USB serial connection  so the GPSdirect drivers are the solution to me to get a windows location service working with this device.  It defaults to a 57600 baud connection and apparently this is needed to ensure that the bluetooth functionality works.  The GPSdirect is only compatible upto 38400 baud.  You can change the P7-pro to 38400 baud which is what I have done but it would be nice to  be able to use both the bluetooth and serial connection to GPSdirect simultaneously.

(I didn't do my research properly and I should have bought the more expensive P9 as it natively works with the windows location service, but columbus aren't exactly clear in their product descriptions, but to be fair they don't explicitly claim that the the p7-pro is windows location service compatible, just windows compatible but the also don't say that it isn't


26/11/2023 08:41 Shomo Shomo

While the dialog box only has up to 38400 listed, I have been successful with a 115200 baud device, by just hand entering the baud rate when setting up the gpsdirect service.

I haven't figured out how to set the baud rate for the transfer service, yet, but for the gpsdirect service, 57600 should work if you just hand type it in instead of pick an option from the dropdown.

735Grove Grove1698172787
24/10/2023 18:39
BugOnly first NMEA message being processed

Currently evaluating your software for a 80+ vehicle fleet and am having an issue when using the following configuration:

Transfer tool listening on TCP port 10110, injecting into a GPSDirect driver, and a Sierra modem sending NMEA messages (GGA, RMC, VTG) every 10 seconds.

In Sensor Explorer, the NMEA messages are stacking up, as if only one of the three messages is being processed per set of messages sent every 10 seconds. I can tell this because the UTC of the NMEA sentence in line 20 only increments after every 30 seconds. The location is being updated, but at the rate of 1/3 of the time interval - in this case, every 30 seconds. It's being "updated" every 10 seconds, but with old data for the next 2 intervals. If I were sending 5 messages every 10 seconds, the location would be updated every 50 seconds. See table below for example...

Time Stamp (line 2)NMEA (line 20) UTC

03/11/2023 21:06 Administrator

Sorry that took me so long, was busy with stuff. I'd want to see that live, can we get connected in some facebook/skype?

734Unknown User1697985045
22/10/2023 14:30
BugSet fixed GPS location.

I cannot find any information on this other than reference to a "Simulation" source during installation. But no information other than that.

Is there an explaination for how to do this. I'd love to buy a license if I can find info for how to use the program for what I need. Thank you.

02/12/2023 16:15 Administrator

There's a way to set a fixed XYZ, it's in the "Installation options" for the GPSDirect in GPSComplete.    

733Unknown User1697984934
22/10/2023 14:28
Bug Use android device as GPS source.

I cannot find any information on this other than a button within the application. But that button just sends me to the homepage (

Is there an explaination for how to do this. I'd love to buy a lisence if I can find info for how to use the program for what I need. Thank you.

02/12/2023 16:14 Administrator

There's an old app I 'd created to do that, I 've to dig it someway. Perhaps you can find some "GPS IP Sharing" app in the android store meanwhile?    

732Pugh Pugh1695459666
23/09/2023 09:01
Bugeed help with converting ilocation to a com port

Have a lenovo x13 2-in-1 with a fibocom gps sensor running windows 11 64 pro 

I'm trying to run Memory Map (fully licensed etc). 

Memory map needs an open com port receiving NMEA 

I've tried multiple settings on gps complete but memory map constantly reports that it can't open the com port 

GPS complete is running in admin mode, i've setup transfer to transfer ilocation to the COM port drive, to COM8, and then setup GPS reverse using ilocation to COM8. i've checked the parity is correct. 

using constant location gps tool, gpscomplete can see a location from ilocation, so it seems to be in the com port. 

I've restarted the PC and installed/uninstalled the drivers multiple times

I feel like I'm missing something obvious.....

please help as I really need the laptop setup for navigation

29/09/2023 02:43 Administrator

I guess you have used GPSReverse to create a port. Try opening it with PuTTy.

731Unknown User1691526551
08/08/2023 20:29
BugNecessarity to un- and reinstall GPSDirect after every shutdown?

Hello all,

I am currently trying to use a Garmin Glo2 as a GPS sensor via Bluetooth on a Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1 running Windows 11. Out of the box, it is not possible to connect the GPS sensor to the Tough-Pad (pairing is possible), while after installing the GPS-Direct driver it works fine. However, after standby or shutdown of the GPS or the Tough-Pad, I have to uninstall and reinstall GPS-Direct to be able to connect the GPS-Sensor to the Tough-Pad via Bluetooth again. Is it possible to find a permanent solution to this problem, or may it be feasible to use a batch file to uninstall and reinstall the driver?

At the moment I’ve been using the evaluation license.

Many thanks for any help!

10/08/2023 03:31 Administrator

Try the transfer tool (GPSDirect as 'Inject'. then the Transfer tool FROM the bluetooth com port TO the driver).

730Schöberl Schöberl1681831242
18/04/2023 15:20
BugStuck between Sensor API and Location API

tldr; GPS data is read, but not forwarded to the browser

I'm trying to use GPSdirect with an Applanix GPS receiver in a local network.
The receiver gives me NMEA data over TCP/IP,  1 message/sec, historic example:


for testing, I'm serving historic NMEA data via   cat file.nmea | pv -L 600 | nc -l -p 5017

GPSdirect is able to connect to this machine and data appears in the Sensor API as expected.
GPSdirect is my only sensor right now

However, this position is not visible in the location API.
The u-center does not show a location API location at all,
with the "location API tool" from I get my current position (not the one I'm sending)

When opening a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge), I also get my current location, not the one I'm sending

I'm on Windows 10. I used the u-center tool to view sensors and location API seperately. The u-blox module is disabled for now.

any advice is appreciated

19/04/2023 10:51 Administrator

Enable the 'tell windows I always have data' option in installing GPSDirect.    

729Veldkamp Veldkamp1679042423
17/03/2023 08:40
BugLimit simulator to specific area


I am using the simulator to test our own software. The simulator driver works fine, but it would be nice to be able to restrict it to my own country, so that we have a more realistic test scenario. Currently, the simulator seems to fly over the middle east exclusively.

Is this possible?

23/03/2023 16:31 Administrator

Not with the simulator (which picks random XY on first call) but you can use some Android server which posts XY NMEA to GPSComplete.

727Ishima Ishima1676349627
14/02/2023 04:40
BugUnable to obtain altitude (Z)


I am using GPSDirect on a trial basis.
In the menu Sensor Explorer, the height value Z is shown, but in Continuous Location, the Z value is 0.
This may be the reason why the height of the application that obtains location information from GPSDirect is also displayed as 0.
How can I get the same value that is displayed in the Sensor Explorer?


14/02/2023 09:37 Ishima Ishima


Thank you for your prompt response.
I see that it does not return about the altitude. Understood.


14/02/2023 06:24 Administrator

As I see from the docs ( it only returns lon and lat. I will take another look.    

726Bray Bray1671634988
21/12/2022 15:03
BugSierra Wireless MP70

I am trying to evaluate the GPSDirect to allow us to get the Location GPS from our Sierra Wireless MP70 to a Windows 10 sensor to be able to utilize Windows Maps.

The MP70 ( will broadcast the configured NMEA sentences over UDP port 17335 to the defined client ( with destination port starting at 22335.  I am able to see the NMEA GPS stream broadcast from the MP70 in Wire Shark and intermittently in your UDP Accept Telnet tool.  I have not been able to get the NMEA stream to the sensor.

I am able to install the GPSDirect drive and see it in the Sensor Explorer.  I have been trying different configurations of the GPSDirect driver and the Transfer Service without much luck. 

From other messages in this forum I believe I should be configuring the GPSDirect drive as Injection, do I need to include a Port and if so what Port are you expecting?

The Transfer service I am configuring the Source as COM Port Driver or IP:Port (TCP Client) with and Destination Inject.  Do I need to include a destination port or IP?



20/04/2023 05:23 Administrator Its done but im waiting for my digital certificate to be renewed in order to update the driver. 
20/04/2023 01:39 Grove Grove Any idea when UDP ingest will be finished? I have about 200 Sierra Wireless modems that I need to push location data to Windows and would love to buy some licenses...
02/01/2023 23:08 Administrator

Yes, I'm currently working on it.    

27/12/2022 14:25 Bray Bray

Thanks for the reply.  I thought that I had read where you had already added UDP as an option.  I have checked and the Sierra Wireless MP70 will only send the NMEA reports over UDP.

Do you expect to have the UDP option in the near future?



25/12/2022 00:43 Administrator

If your data is UDP then I'm currently working on the Transfer Tool to work with UDP servers (currently only TCP).    

21/12/2022 18:00 Bray Bray

I can not seem to upload the screen shots.  The site disconnects.

For the Sensor Driver Installation I have NMEA Source as Injection, everything else is default.

For the Transfer Tool I have Source as IP:Port (TCP Client) and  Destination is Inject with nothing else.

When I look at the Sensor Explorer I can see the GPSDirect Sensor but there is no data except the Time stamp.

If I try the Telnet Tool, UDP Accept - Port 17335 I do not get anything.  When I try the UDP Accept - Port 22335 I do not get anything.

When I run Wire Shark I am able to see captures with Source: Destination: Protocol UDP Info: 17335 -> 22335 Len=238.  These show the NMEA strings in the payload.



21/12/2022 17:02 Bray Bray

When I can get the Port scan to show anything it does send the NMEA sentences.

I will give it another try to see if I can grab some screen shots of what I am seeing.

Is there any User Guide available?



21/12/2022 15:19 Administrator

No, the destination is the injection to the driver. Does the manual port scanning of (use the testing TCP out tool) return NMEA strings?

725C C1669852659
30/11/2022 23:57
BugSensor Manager can't be created

Hi, We have downloaded GPSComplete64.exe and run the exe file on windows 10 enterpise PC. We received error message "Sensor Manager cannot be created". The OS of this PC has just been rebuilt, all the old staff has been cleared. How to fix this error?



01/12/2022 03:17 Administrator

Probably some corrupt Windows installation.

Does bing maps work?

724van Barneveld van Barneveld1666464736
22/10/2022 18:52
BugHow to Configure for UDP

How do I configure GPSDirect for UDP ?

What do I enter as "NMEA Source"?

I can see a NMEA data stream under "Telnet Tools" + UDP Accept. 

29/01/2023 15:17 Unknown User

Can you please explain how to use the UDP injection feature?  I have my modem reporting the NMEA data to UDP 22339.  It is reporting it to the IP address that the computer takes on when it connects. 

In GPSComplete (Transfer Tool) I have the following:
Source - TCP/UDP Server

Is this all I have to do and it should work?  Or do I need to make some alterations to the GPSDirect portion?  

24/10/2022 08:56 Administrator The easier way is to config the driver in 'injection' mode and install the Transfer Tool from the UDP source to injection.
723Ingram Ingram1661179124
22/08/2022 14:38
BugGPS Sensor Indentification


I'm trying to correctly identify my GPS sensor (Surface Go3 - Windows 10) so that i can use GPSreverse to produce NMEA strings to a com port.

Unfortunately none of the 22 sensors listed, clearly identify as a "GPS sensor" - do you have any suggestions as to the most obvious candidates.

I tried to upload a photo but the page crashes each time i try - this is my 3rd attempt at writing this :(

25/08/2022 08:13 Ingram Ingram


I have somehow managed to resolve this - i had to remove and reinstall the TT service. 

I initially was concerned that this would have to be done on ever power up, but so far so good this has remained ok (for example when booted this morning the service was working ok and producing nmea strings with my location on the com port).

However on think this has become an issue for my ongoing use of this is that the $GPGGA NMEA string being produced shows the number of satellites as 0 (even though it is correctly returning a location).  This is causing me an issue as the software im trying to use this NMEA string will ignore any strings with 0 satellites as they could be erroneous.  Does the TT set this to 0 as default, and is there anyway to change this 0?

25/08/2022 04:20 Administrator I will take a look.
24/08/2022 10:02 Ingram Ingram

I have just realised that while there is a NMEA string being produced to my COM port the ILocation data isn't being set across

The the NMEA $GPRMC string is zeros with no location details - although when I use the "ILocation Query" in GPS Complete accurate XYZ are being found.



Any ideas on how to resolve?

23/08/2022 14:58 Ingram Ingram

Thanks for responding,

I tried all of them an none showed a XYZ. 

I have subsequently used the Transfer Tool and GPS reverse in Client mode to spit out the NMEA from ILocation.

22/08/2022 14:57 Administrator

Open the Sensor Explorer and try them one by one to see which returns a XYZ.

722Wildsmith Wildsmith1659690233
05/08/2022 09:03
BugNo GPS sensor

Installed on a 10" MS surface go 2(?) with mobile chipset and active sim, running windows 11. GPS Location works in e.g. google maps and Andriod apps, and 'GPS Satellite'. GPSComplete sensor explorer shows 7 sensors, but not a GPS sensor. Any ideas please? Need reverse, for legacy app that needs NMEA on a COM port.


05/08/2022 15:31 Wildsmith Wildsmith ok, thanks. Definitely not one of the sensors in sensor explorer, so it must be one of those devices that is only available through ILocation. Have updated the legacy app to support ILocation. Wasn't as complicated as I thought it would be.
05/08/2022 09:07 Administrator

Not all hardware exposes a Sensor (instead, their services are available only through "ILocation" which is practically all what a maps-like app needs).

That said, are you sure that none of these 7 sensors is the appropriate sensor? Sometimes their names are misleading.

720COM COM1650272422
18/04/2022 09:00
Bugredirect iLocation GPS data to COM-port does not work

hi guys,

i've a new Microsoft Surface Go3-LTE with internal GPS.

also have older software which only accept GPS from COM Ports

so, i use your APP (also paid for) to redirect internal iLocation-data to a COM port.

PROBLEM:  no data is send to COM-port !!!!

when i simulate GPS data via GPS-direct, then i can see a data stream when i readout via the integrated com-port tool.

i think that the redirection of the iLocation sensor data to the COM portdoes not work properly (no access ????)

no issue to read iLocation data via "continous location read" or "iLocation query" read.

any idea ?????????????


27/04/2022 17:41 Administrator

What sort of crash?

It terminates itself? It gets stuck?

20/04/2022 08:25 COM COM


so with putty  gps-complete dump some lines,after few lines GPS-complete crash, i have to restart my computer (MS surface Go3, Win11)

any idea ?

19/04/2022 15:36 Administrator

Does PuttY work with the COM port?

check the correct BAUD speed.

Btw contact to request your key (it's usually sent immediately but some times it goes to spam or our servers are busy).


19/04/2022 15:34 COM COM

hi Team,

thats works so far , BUT i cennot get out any data from the virtual COM port. tried with a terminal program linked to the port.

the GPS-Complete COM-port tool shows the correct data stream.

any help ?

btw: i paid for the license, but i did NOT get any reply with key or registration data :-(



19/04/2022 12:46 Administrator

I 'd say to try the transfer tool approach.

Setup the GPSreverse as "client", then the Transfer Tool from the ILocation to the GPSReverse.


719Lohiser Lohiser1649685685
11/04/2022 14:01
BugNo download

On Friday I purchased the GPSDirect and GPSReverse bundle.  I received the software key but never received the driver files. Please help.

Thank you,

Brad Lohiser

11/04/2022 14:02 Administrator -> download

718Stanbury Stanbury1649229859
06/04/2022 07:24
BugUpdate Check not working?I choose File + Update Check but nothing gets reported back.  Should it tell me if the program is on the latest version?
08/04/2022 09:31 Stanbury Stanbury OK, thanks
06/04/2022 15:04 Administrator

Hello, I ' ll remove that on next updates. GPSComplete always updates on start and it always remains in the latest version.


717Thomas Thomas1648185700
25/03/2022 05:21
BugNMEA string support for GNSS receivers sending out GLONASS sentences


Are you planning to add support for GLONASS NMEA strings from a GNSS receiver?

Thanks in advance


27/04/2022 17:47 Administrator

I just tested these and the driver works, are you sure it's due to the strings?

perhaps a baud problem?

27/03/2022 21:11 Thomas Thomas


These are the strings I am getting from the GNSS receiver.  The driver is not resolving the location data from it.

21:04:34  $GNRMC,210434.00,A,3757.17195,S,14510.93076,E,0.947,,270322,11.83,E,A*18
21:04:34  $GNVTG,,T,,M,0.947,N,1.753,K,A*37
21:04:34  $GNGGA,210434.00,3757.17195,S,14510.93076,E,1,07,1.94,36.9,M,-1.9,M,,*7A
21:04:34  $GNGSA,A,3,05,18,29,26,,,,,,,,,2.95,1.94,2.23*1E
21:04:34  $GNGSA,A,3,74,83,68,,,,,,,,,,2.95,1.94,2.23*1B
21:04:34  $GPGSV,3,1,12,05,37,132,25,10,07,328,,13,17,093,,15,28,060,*77
21:04:34  $GPGSV,3,2,12,16,13,219,19,18,62,235,27,20,10,135,18,23,39,334,*72
21:04:34  $GPGSV,3,3,12,25,25,353,,26,34,246,25,29,69,089,23,41,13,288,*7A
21:04:34  $GLGSV,3,1,10,67,04,159,25,68,41,123,30,69,45,046,,70,03,358,*67
21:04:34  $GLGSV,3,2,10,73,09,329,,74,28,285,18,75,21,226,,83,30,109,28*62
21:04:34  $GLGSV,3,3,10,84,52,193,,85,10,246,20*6A
21:04:34  $GNGLL,3757.17195,S,14510.93076,E,210434.00,A,A*6D

I have found that sometimes it will recognise the strings and work, but if I remove and re-install the driver it will not until the pc is restarted.



26/03/2022 07:58 Administrator

Some $GN* messages are already recognized by the driver (GGA and RMC).

716Stanbury Stanbury1646326069
03/03/2022 16:47
BugTeltonika RUTX12 setup

I'm trying to get the GPS info from a Teltonika RUTX12 router with GPS aerial onto my PC.

I want to achieve two things.

1). I want Memory Map to know my position - Memory Map uses Ordnance Survey Maps to allow route planning.  It has the ability to read from an NMEA device on a com port.

2). I want a Web browser (Opera in my case) to know my location.  Presumably this just means that "Windows" needs to know it.

I have taken the following steps...

On the Teltonika menu system - in GPS + General - Enable GPS

On the Teltonika menu system - in GPS + NMEA - Enable NMEA forwarding to the IP address of the PC using TCP on Port 8500

Enable forwarding for the required names - GPGGA and GPRMC seem to work but I tried them all.

Create a new inbound firewall rule for Port 8500

Install the device driver to receive the info from the router using a CMD line (in administrator mode) gpscomplete64.exe /d gpsdirect2 /c install /s 192.168.x.xx (my PC IP address here) /b 8500 

Install the device driver to pass the info to a Com port using a CMD line (in administrator mode) gpscomplete64.exe /d transfertool /c install /s "0,COM4,0,0,0" 

Install the Com port driver from the menu in gpscomplete64.exe

When I use Telnet Tools + TCP accept to check the data I can see what appears to be valid data coming in - I have checked that the router sees my location and the Lat/Long is correct in the data being passed to the port.

If I use Sensor Explorer it lists the "state" as Init (no fix yet)

If I use the "Com Port" tool it shows a stream of data but the Lat/Long is just zeroes, despite being OK on the router and port 8500

Where can I go from here?

17/04/2023 15:14 Rugen Rugen


i also try to get the positionen Information of a Teltonika RUT 955 to a Windows PC.

Is there any new information how to get it done?

13/01/2023 08:23 Unknown User

Hi Chris,

have you somehow managed to get your Teltonika GPS location into Windows?
I own a RUT 955 would like to achieve the same thing (note to the admins: That was the ONLY REASON I purchased GPS Complete!).

Any help or idea would be appreciated :)


19/04/2022 13:04 Administrator Not soon (we are working on the sequencer at the moment) but next time I will pick GPSComplete I will consider it.
06/04/2022 07:21 Stanbury Stanbury Do you know when the next update is due?
20/03/2022 18:32 Administrator

I will take a look at the next update, thanks.    

14/03/2022 10:59 Stanbury Stanbury

The data I get from the router into the UDP accept tool is:










However, when monitoring COM4 the data is incorrect and does not contain any lat/long coordinates:













It seems that the transfer tool is not dealing with the data correctly.

If we paste the good data into port 8500 using Putty, the location on the PC is shown correctly

12/03/2022 10:09 Sidford Sidford

I have twice tried to add a comment on this and both times it has failed.

the Teltonika RUTX12 router can only send data to an IP and Port. We have configured it to send to his PC IP and port 8500

We used the Accept tool provided by GPS Complete to listen to port 8500 on his PC and we could see GPS data arriving, we copied it to a file.

The setup the Transfer tool to accept on 8500 and inject to the GPS Direct driver

We setup GPS Direct in injection mode

This did not see to work as the position never updated.

We then used putty to connect to port 8500 on his PC and pasted the data we captured with the listen tool. The position immediately updated based on that data.

We further tested this by using a website to generate fake GPS data and pated it into putty. Doing this updated the position each time ad we did a virtual tour of Berlin.

So it seems that the transfer tool is not accepting data externally but the accept tool does (note we did not have both running at the same time) 

04/03/2022 10:40 Administrator

I' d try the transfer tool.

Install the GPS Driver as 'injection' and the Transfer tool FROM the IP:Port TO the GPS Driver.

715tribe tribe1641670515
08/01/2022 19:35
BugNot summing heights in NMEA input?


I am connecting a Emlid Reach RS2 that outputs nmea, but when ingesting the nmea string, the driver does not SUM the two heights in the nmea string to set ellipsoid height?

It only picks up the first height, being the orthometric without adding the separation value?

Tried direct connection via Bluetooth, then via a virtual serial port, but still the same height issue.

Is there a work around for this?

Thank you.


08/01/2022 19:38 Administrator I will take a look, thanks for the notification.
713Leonhart Leonhart1635295541
27/10/2021 00:45
BugTCP data using W10 GPSDircect stops reporting after suspend

W10 laptop pulling data from a Peplink Max Transit mobile router with GPS reciever.  If I set it up using the proper IP address and port for the device, it comes in and reports the location amazingly!  But, after the laptop is not used for some time and goes to sleep, it will change location dramatically.  It seems the connection is lost, but re-installing or disabling then enabling the driver seems to bring it back.

Is there a setting I need to change or whatnot?  I'd rather not have a manual intervention required every time I wake the PC.

29/10/2021 00:53 Leonhart Leonhart Excellent!  Worked like a charm!

28/10/2021 13:23 Administrator

Instead of a direct driver connection, try the Transfer Tool based (install driver in injection mode, then TT from IP to driver).

712Baquero Agüero Baquero Agüero1634676526
19/10/2021 20:48
BugAny Plan for Windows 10 ARM64

I'm interested in your software but it doesn't work on windows 10 ARM64 because drivers must be compiled for this version.

any plan to go ahead with such version?

because I really wonder to use the GNSS of the Surface Pro X, that now it's only a service and could not find any way of using it in legacy software and also unable to set-up any virtual COM port.

All the best.

19/10/2021 21:46 Baquero Agüero Baquero Agüero

Hi Support Team,

I've been working with it on software "i-boating" but nothing else.

in the system is declared as a device named "Qualcomm (R) Location"

with and .inf file but I'm not able to work with another program because there is no COM port to communicate with the positioning:

19/10/2021 20:59 Administrator

Hello. The driver would be useless in arm since no sensor API is exposed there (as far as we know).


711P P1634060171
12/10/2021 17:36
BugMikrotik LTE with GPS Board

Hi there,

I have a Mikrotik LTE board with GPS Built in. I am trying to send the gps coordinates to the gpsdirect tool. I'm really confused and can't find any documentation anywhere for the product. What format does the transfer tool want if I use the UDP/TCP server? How to I interface with the tool with a C# program? Can I have a link to some documentation?


12/10/2021 17:39 Administrator

Hello. The transfer tool expects NMEA format.

As for the C# program, what exactly do you want? The easier way is the command line API. ( -> Manual and API -> Command Line).

710Unknown User1632457560
24/09/2021 04:26
BugUnable to registerI've received the license key, but no matter what I do it still says Evaluation Copy in the program window.  I've entered the key, but after clicking OK the window just closes, no message.  I tried uninstalling the driver, re-installing, entering the key before installation, and entering the key without the dashes, all the same.  Program does seem to work, but still it displays Evaluation, which probably means at some point it will stop working.  What am I missing?

27/09/2021 15:16 Administrator

Please contact the author through to ensure that your license key is correctly generated.


27/09/2021 15:08 Unknown User The only file in the directory is the gpscomplete64 executable, there are no other files and I don't have a license.txt anywhere else on the system

25/09/2021 18:53 Administrator

Is there a license.txt file inside this directory?

24/09/2021 15:59 Unknown User It's in it's own directory folder on the desktop, GPSDirect.  Windows 7 machine,

24/09/2021 13:32 Administrator


Please tell me the directory in which you have gpscomplete64.exe.

709Weiß Weiß1626683327
19/07/2021 08:28
BugTCP - How-to


I have a GPS receiver that feeds the data to a custom software (written by myself in Visual Basic 2019).
Now I would like to use the received location data (received as NMEA) as position data for Windows.

This is where I found your tool and want to use it to get the NMEA data via TCP/IP that I generate.

In my VB software I implemented the TCP/IP handling, I can also see that my NMEA data stream when I use the "Telnet - TCP Connect" feature, but your TCP/IP connection seems not to start "automatically", and also the Windows Map applcation does not update the current position.

Best regards


28/07/2021 06:56 Administrator Does your implementation connect to somewhere to send the text, or does it wait for a connection? 
21/07/2021 13:37 Weiß Weiß

So I have to install the GPSDirect driver with configuration "Inject".
After that I Install the Transfer Tool with this configuration:
Source -> TCP/UDP Server, localhost:61821
Destination -> Inject.

If done, the sensor explorer should show the correct GPS coordinates for the selected source right?

I did it this way but missed some step I think ...

When I do the TPC Connect test, I could see the NMEA messages, but without that my software just waits and seems not to be connected via the transfer tool

Any advice? UDP or TCP / who should be Client and who should be Server?

20/07/2021 23:25 Administrator

This TCP/Connect is a testing tool. You must setup the Transfer Tool to read the data from your server and inject it into the GPS Direct (Install GPSDirect into injection mode and Transfer Tool).

708Welch Welch1624246720
21/06/2021 03:38
BugIssues downloading the iOS App

I've tried downloading the iOS app but get the error "The Item you have requested is not available in the New Zealand store"

Is there any way for you to make this available to New Zealand users?

Cheers, Tim

14/07/2021 07:54 Administrator

I will take a look, perhaps it was due to latest tax changes.    

707kiyosey kiyosey1624189970
20/06/2021 11:52
BugGPSdirect lacks Sensoer's output.Hello.
I am able to use Sensor with GPSdirect.
I can see latitude and longitude, but I cannot get altitude, heading and speed.
I can see them in Tests -> Sensor Explorer.
If you are not using v.2driver, altitude will be reflected.
x64 evaluation, windows 10 64bit

How can I reflect this in Windows Sensor?
20/07/2021 23:24 Administrator

Perhaps we can setup a remote debugging session so I can see it.     

01/07/2021 14:27 kiyosey kiyosey
It took me a while to reply because I did some research.

I tested for any changes in the values of each part of the body while moving around, but the results were the same.
(While using Geolocation.watchPosition() to take continuous information)
I will write down what I found out in my own way.
Environment is Windows10 x64 21H1 + USB to UART bridge (virtual port)

(1) COM port output from GPS module
NMEA was outputted normally, and Accuracy, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Heading, Speed, etc. were confirmed.

(2) Output of GPSDirect v2
I checked the output of Continuous Location and SensorExplorer in tools.

(3) Output of sensor driver
I checked the output of the sensor driver without relying on the Geolocation API.
I checked Accuracy, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Heading, Speed, etc. in the 'sensors' APP in Microsoft Store.

These revealed that (1) and (2) are different, and GPSDirect gave the results a) and b).
a) Accuracy is always '1'.
b) Altitude is always '0'.

The Altitude in b) is shown in the 'Z' of (2) SensorExplorer, but the 'Z' of Continuous Location is set to '0', and the result appears as Altitude '0'.
The result will look like Altitude '0'.

I tried disabling GPSDirect and using another sensor device driver, and the Accuracy and Altitude values were correct.

As a result, I understood that the GPSDirect output does not reflect the GPS values for Accuracy and Altitude.

What I'm about to write has nothing to do with GPSDirect, but is something I've misunderstood since I first asked the question.
The first question I asked was that Altitude, Heading, and Speed were incorrect (Altitude did have an effect).
It turns out that the behavior of Geolocation.watchPosition() in javascript is different depending on the browser, and the output is not correct.
If you have any information about this, please let me know.


*browser is the latest one (a) Chrom (b) Edge (c) FireFox (d) ie 
*'o' reflects the GPS output, 'x' is not the correct output
*Latitude and Longitude in Chrom(a) are the output obtained from WiFi and other sources when stopped, and GPS output when moving.
*(c)FireFox souce switches from GPS to WiFi about once every 10 seconds
*What I'm looking for is the behavior of (d)ie.

Thank you.

24/06/2021 16:13 Administrator

Does the "Continuous Location"  testing show the alt?

Generally, there are two methods to implement location grabbing and that's ILocation and Continuous Location, try both and tell me the results.

21/06/2021 21:28 kiyosey kiyosey
The sensor is visible in Sensor Explorer, but the output from the Web Geolocation API only shows longitude and latitude.
I tried a simple code using Geolocation.watchPosition(), but both heading and speed were null, and altitude was 0.
Of course, I set enableHighAccuracy to true in the option of watchPosition().
Are these (heading, speed, altitude) not implemented in GPSDirect?

Unable to paste images.
Add the Images link url :

20/06/2021 12:24 Administrator

You said that the Sensor Explorer does show alt and heading, so where's the issue?    

705M M1623201225
09/06/2021 01:13
BugI can't get this to work at all.

I will start by saying I am not a "computer guy" at all.  I can follow basic instructions as long as they are in plain, ordinary English.

I have a CF19 mk3, running windows 10 x64.

I purchased, and installed an OEM toughbook GPS kit, which included the board, wires, antenna, and screws. I followed [to the letter] the instructions on how to install it, outlined in a youtube video from Bob Johnson.

For the next part, I found their tutorial on how to use GPS on a toughbook:

Again, I followed their instructions to the letter.

Once your software was installed, I found it fluctuated between 0, 8, and 12 satellites (even inside my house). My location however was all zeros.  Occasionally, the location query will show my actual coordinates, but most times its just zeros.

Last night, I downloaded windows offline maps, and took the computer out to the car.  I programmed in a short trip with lots of turns to test out the software. Everything was showing my location.   As soon as I pulled out of my driveway, everything dropped. Maps said "no gps signal", and it was showing my location as being off the west coast of Africa.  

I played around with all of the setings. Restarted the computer. Uninstalled, and reinstalled the software. Nothing worked. I tried it with the wifi on and of, data on and off, bluetooth on and off. Everything I could think of. Zero satellites.

Right now in the sensor explorer it shows:

State: Init (no fix yet)
Auto Location: NO  
Fix quality: 0
Fix type: 0
GPS status: 2
GPS operation: 1
GPS selction: 0
Satellites in view: 12 (I am inside a house)
Satellites used: 0

ILocation Report:
X = 0.000000
Y = 0.000000
Z = 0.00
ILocation Report
X = -78.903382
Y = 43.885418
Z = 0.00
ILocation Report
X = 0.000000
Y = 0.000000
Z = 0.00
ILocation Report
X = 0.000000
Y = 0.000000
Z = 0.00

I am stumped. There are no instructions or other tutorials that I can find, so I am sking or help.  Can anyone give me a "How to set this up for dummies" crash course on how to get this working, please?

20/07/2021 23:23 Administrator


The driver does not function with any sort of hardware - what we can do is to setup a remote debugging session so we can test it on your own machine to verify it.


17/07/2021 16:31 M M






25/06/2021 05:13 M M

Thank you for your response. I followed your instructions, and its still not working.

I followed these instructions to the letter on an almost identical machine, and it didn't work.  What is wrong with these steps?  Why won't this work?

I followed your instructions, and got even less of a result.

These are the steps I am following, if I am reading your instructions correctly:

1) GPS direct driver ---> Install driver ---> Injection ---> 4800 ---> OK

2) Transfer tool: SOURCE ---> (COM port or IP port (TCP client)" ---> COM3 ---> DESTINATION ---> Inject.  The Fourth drop down menu is blank.  

Sensor explorer says 0000000000.  NMEA is $GPRMC,050151,V0000.000.N0000.000E00000.....  with zero satellites.

I went to the "smart devices" tab, and tried to add my android phone.  That takes me to a link for a "GPS sharing for windows sensor" - THAT LINK IS DEAD.

I am at a total loss here.  I have tried this every which way, and no matter what I do, it simply refuses to work. I went out and bought the damned antenna and installed it, and it seems like I should have just gone to bestbuy and bought a GPS to stick on my dashboard, and and myself weeks of frustration. I don't understand why this is so difficult.

24/06/2021 16:16 Administrator


The init message means that the GPS device has not a lock. 

Try a transfer tool based aproach:

  • Install GPSDirect in Injection mode
  • Install Transfer Tool FROM the COM port (and set the com port) TO the Injection

Tell me if this time the sensor explorer works.    

704Renecker Renecker1622872307
05/06/2021 05:51
BugSoftware will not install .I get a message that says "Sensor Manger cannot be created" Please help

05/06/2021 05:53 Administrator You have a restricted Windows version that does not support sensors.
702Lenz Lenz1619898770
01/05/2021 19:52
Bug GPS Sharing for Windows Sensor

In evaluation I try to run GPS-Direct with a Android-Mobile.

Currently it is running using Bluetooth.

I would like to use GPS Sharing for Windows Sensor, but I cannot find it in Google-Store.

Can you give me some hint?



02/05/2021 13:44 Administrator This app is no longer mantained, but you can look for apps like GPS "TCP sharing" . GPSComplete can read NMEA data from such an IP source.
29/03/2021 18:48
BugGPS Driver Installation

I just received the Download Key Code by email that I bought for the evaluation program I previously Downloaded, Extracted, and Installed. However, I can not get back to the screen in the PL2303 Windows Driver Manual to input the Key.

I am using a MS Windows Surface Pro 7 Tablet with a 64-bit Windows OS. I have GPS Gate software on the single USB port on the tablet that I use to split the GPS5 Receiver's NEMA signal to Virtual Com Port 2 for my APRSIS32 (Amateur Radio Automatic Position Reporting) mapping display, and want to assign Virtual Com Port 4 to Bluestacks  to get GPS information to the Waze for Win 10 Program for it to find itself through Windows Location.

Can anyone help with the Download Key Entry?

29/03/2021 20:53 Administrator The key is installed in the executable, gpscomplete64.exe.
700Kelly Kelly1615930976
16/03/2021 21:42
BugEnhancement Request: Increase GPSDirect supported port speeds

Please add some additional serial speed options to GPSDirect.  Currently the maximum speed is only 38,400. Unfortunately modern GPS receivers like Quectel LC79D(a) using Broadcom has a minimum speed of 115,200 (maximum of 921,600).  Seems like it would be trivial to add additional rates to the dropdown or perhaps let the user manually type in a port speed.

30/03/2021 07:05 Administrator

You can type the port speed manually.

699Jacobsen Jacobsen1614443345
27/02/2021 16:29
BugSwitch to NMEA protocol automatically ?


I have a TomTom Wireless GPS MkII, a bluetooth GPS

I had to connect it to my Linux system to reconfigure it to use NMEA (from SIRF binary protocol)

Now, that's just silly.

Could you update your driver to switch from SIRF binary to NMEA automatically, if NMEA messages aren't detected ?

Please ?

Best regards

Erling Jacobsen

PS. Yes, I bought a license

27/02/2021 21:44 Administrator

We are not willing to modify the driver to do that, but perhaps I can make the executable open the com port and switch the device in a future version.

Sirf is rarely used though.

27/02/2021 21:43 Administrator

We are not willing to modify the driver to do that, but perhaps I can make the executable open the com port and switch the device in a future version.

Sirf is rarely used though.

27/02/2021 20:38 Jacobsen Jacobsen

There is a command in SiRF that allows a SiRF interface to switch back to NMEA, did you try that?    

My point is, that the driver should do that automatically. Obviously.

Support Team

27/02/2021 20:26 Administrator

There is a command in SiRF that allows a SiRF interface to switch back to NMEA, did you try that?    

698Note Note1611862879
28/01/2021 19:41
BugOpen CPN, XPS160 and windows 10

Struggling to get open cpn to work on windows 10 with blue tooth xps160 gps unit

driver for gps direct installs and is visible in device manager and sensor explorer is reading location.

still cannot get open cpn to see the location data  


01/02/2021 08:08 Administrator

Try injection installation and transfer tool    

697Oudhof Oudhof1607881069
13/12/2020 17:37
Bugsensor explorer does't find anything

Hi, just installed GPS Complete om my Panasonic CF-30 and followed the steps.

I tested the COM port for actual GPS Data (COM3, 4800) and saw  NMEA messages that started with $GPGGA, $GPRMC, $GPGSV etc.

The driver installation was succesfull.

The following step: Sensor Explorer however was unsuccesfull. I see nothing. no entrie what so ever. No Disabled, no Initializing, no nothing.

Any suggestions?


The Netherlands.

13/12/2020 19:47 Administrator If this is Windows 7 you must enable the sensor through Control Panel.
693Unknown User1602249000
09/10/2020 13:10
BugTrimble ublox $GN Messages

Hello I have Windows 10 Trimble device, it sends NMEA Sequences over COM3. First thing was that I have to write \\.\COM3 into the GPSDirect Driver installation port combobox, than the driver recognized it (saw in tne driver log). I also wrote a simple C++ programm that also can open COM3 if i use ::CreateFile("\\\\.\\COM3",...

Now my C Programm receives NMEA Sequences with positions in it. Your Driver also sends satellite based positions as sensor positions but the coordinates are always 0.0 .

I guess the problem is that the u-blox receiver in the trimble send $GNRMC instead of $GPRMC, I can configure a lot but not that with uCenter Software of uBlox.

Do you have any idea to solve it?

27/10/2020 16:23 Unknown User And the current downloadfile is based on the code that you just look at ? Btw. I didn't see any version code if i click "About". Where can I find it ?

27/10/2020 15:11 Administrator

Just took a look at the code, I already have wildcard for $GNGGA, $GNRMC, $GNGSA, $GNGSV, (Driver UMDF 2.x).

27/10/2020 09:16 Unknown User

I got the current API header file, but whats about ignoring the second char in the NMEA sequence ? Any progress ?

Thanks for your help.

14/10/2020 15:43 Administrator

We have updated the plugin API structure, contact the author through business-contact in the site to request a C header.

14/10/2020 15:36 Unknown User

This would be nice, meanwhile I struggeling with your plugin-api, I successfull created and load a plugin DLL which  set s x,y,z correctly ( from a thread that reads it from the serial interface) but all the other values that I set, like satcount,heading, speed, fixquality appearing in tottally different field they should  in your Test-Sensor-Explorer.

13/10/2020 17:57 Administrator

I will take a look, the standard is GP but perhaps I can make it ignore the second character.


692Serra Serra1601098418
26/09/2020 05:33
BugPanasonic Toughbook CF-31W GPS not picking up


So my computer already has the Sierra MC7355 that is supposed to be both 4G LTE + GPS (which is free access to satellites without paid service) however I don’t see that connecting to GPS.

I went ahead and installed the Integrated GPS from another toughbook I had and  went to the Microsoft maps and it’s telling me NO GPS SIGNAL after when I installed GPS Direct it seems like it's

glitching when attempting to find my location.  I’m still not able to get a connection.

I have the offline maps installed and I was using COM 3 /4800. 

I also checked my connections and everything is good. I’m just not sure what’s going on. 

Note: when my GPSdirect is uninstalled the maps will load and just said NO GPS SIGNAL, when the driver is installed it’s flickering on and off from a blue screen and the road i am on.

26/09/2020 16:04 Administrator

First, check if there's actually a connection to the com port. Connect with the testing tools to the COM port and check if there's valid NMEA strings there.

690Della Valle Della Valle1598082346
22/08/2020 07:45
BugDriver do not work after hybernation

I've done many test and I can say that when win 10 restart after a suspension the driver do not work. To solve the problem i need to remove and install the driver again.

Thanks for support

Please note: issue happens after suspension. I've not tested the hybernation. 

14/10/2020 12:56 Administrator The transfer tool is part of GPSComplete, it's not related to the obsolete turbo transfer tool.
14/10/2020 07:49 Della Valle Della Valle

Turbo transfer web page is broken. No way to access the download page.

13/10/2020 17:57 Administrator

Im working at it, did you try it over the Transfer Tool?    

21/09/2020 21:01 Young Young

Hi the same thing happens with my set up. I would like to purchase as it works great right after installation but the second it hybernates or I restart it needs to removed and re installed. I’m running Windows 10 on a tough book cf30. 

Hopefully there’s a solution.

thank you! 


22/08/2020 11:46 Administrator

I will take a look


(Check the Transfer tool meanwhile).

689Wingrove Wingrove1597677827
17/08/2020 15:23
Bug$GPOPENINGAfter I have installed the GPSensor Driver, I go to the Sensor Explorer and see this message on GPSDirect Sensor. I do not have a GPS Signal. 
19/08/2020 08:15 Administrator

Means that the port lags. Is the port configuration correct? Baud speed? 

Also try a transfer tool installation (install driver in injection mode). 

688Berz Berz1596070084
30/07/2020 00:48
BugDrivers for multiple GPS units

Hi, I just successfully installed your software in conjunction with a DUAL Bluetooth GPS sensor. But I have various other sensors too, in particular wired USB sensors. I notice in the GPSComplete dashboard that the GPSDirect driver that is installed has the name of that DUAL GPS system attached; does that mean it would only recognize that one? Can I attach another GPS unit and then install a second copy for that unit, or how does it work to have support for several GPS units at the same time?

Thanks for the help, Martin

31/07/2020 15:21 Berz Berz Thanks for the information, this makes sense. However, I am looking forward to the modification you are mentioning so that one can monitor different com ports as needed, and appreciate being notified about this. Thanks!

30/07/2020 15:32 Administrator

Instead of installing at a bluetooth device from the installation options, install to a COM port. Sometimes Windows assigns the same COM ports to the same-class bluetooth devices.

However, there is a chance that you get a new port, in which you must uninstall + reinstall the driver. However this shouldn't be a hassle from GPSComplete, no reboot needed. Just one uninstall and one install click.

30/07/2020 15:13 Berz Berz

Thanks for the quick reply, but perhaps I wasn't quite clear what I wanted to do. I want to have a separate GPS unit in each of my cars so that I don't have to move the GPS units each time I switch cars. However, at any given time, only one GPS would be active. 

Looking at the install with GPSComplete, it tells me that a drivers is installed, and it lists my GPS unit (which is connected via Bluetooth), but also the GPS unit's unique serial number attached to it. Specifically, it says:

Installed (XGPS150-4C08889[BT[107395942585 UMDF 2.x ... ...

Here XGPS150 is the model name, and the next six characters are the serial number. This seems to indicate that somehow your driver is tied not only to my model of BT GPS, but also to the specific one I happen to have.

So the question is what would happen if I now try to use either a totally different GPS unit when I am in a different car, where the second one is say connected by USB, or even a different copy of my original Bluetooth GPS? Would either of these scenarios work?



30/07/2020 10:35 Administrator

GPSDirect can connect to one COM port only.  There is a pending modification to allow it to connect to different COM ports via the TransferTool, I will notify you when it's ready.

687Martin Martin1594935018
16/07/2020 21:30
BugiOS App Not Working Properly


I just installed the iOS app and it's not working properly.  The latitude and longitude values are swapped in the Windows sensor, so it's showing my location in Antarctica.  They show correctly in the app.  Also, the altitude is showing correctly in the app, but the Windows sensor altitude reads zero.

Also, when the iPhone goes to sleep, the app stops transmitting to the Windows sensor and will not restart until I delete the driver and reinstall it.  This makes the app almost useless.  Is there any workaround to this?


Tim Martin

13/10/2020 14:44 Martin Martin

Any update?


Tim Martin

17/08/2020 22:05 Martin Martin

If you think you can look at it relatively soon, no need to refund.  Enjoy your vacation!


Tim Martin

11/08/2020 08:56 Administrator

Not yet, we are in vacation, if you 'd like I would refund you.


10/08/2020 17:26 Martin Martin

Hi, any progress on the iOS tool?

 - Tim Martin

17/07/2020 13:50 Administrator

I will take a look, thanks for noticing, it's been a while since we updated the iOS tool.    

685Morley Morley1593973461
05/07/2020 18:24
BugCOM Port not shared

I have a Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 with a Sierra Wireless GPS sensor in it on COM3 Windows 10 Pro. I can successfully open my com port with a GPS viewer and see data. When I install GPS Direct, Windows Location knows where I am and Maps navigation works great. However, while GPS Direct is installed, COM3 cannot be opened by other applications that I want to use GPS data through NMEA. When I install the GPSDirect drivers, I did check to open port in shared mode, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

How can I get a COM port available for NMEA applications and still use Windows Location services at the same time?

05/07/2020 18:42 Administrator

The problem with the shared mode is that all applications that open it must specify it. So even if GPSComplete opens the port in shared mode, other applications will fail to open it unless they also specify that mode. 

Try to configure appropriately the application that wants the access to the com port. 

684USA USA1591215166
03/06/2020 20:12
BugThe given port name does not start with COM/com or does not resolve to a valid serial port.

I am using the following code in an attempt to talk with this GPS reverse driver COM Port:

            _mySerialPort = new SerialPort


                BaudRate = 4800,

                Parity = Parity.None,

                StopBits = StopBits.One,

                DataBits = 8,

                Handshake = Handshake.None,

                RtsEnable = true,

                Encoding = Encoding.GetEncoding(28591),

                PortName = "COM6"



However when I try to open I get a:

The given port name does not start with COM/com or does not resolve to a valid serial port.

error. So how do you read the GPS Reverse serial port with C#?

04/06/2020 06:46 Administrator Try StackOverflow to ask how to read a COM port with C#. We are not into C#, yet. 
04/06/2020 06:46 Administrator Try StackOverflow to ask how to read a COM port with C#. We are not into C#, yet. 
683USA USA1591213760
03/06/2020 19:49
BugHow do I use this with C# and .Net 4.0?Never worked with C++, so the examples are confusing to say the least. This is the first time I'm ever using your GPS software, so I really need a basic tutorial to get started. Please, if you have such a thing, where can I get a copy?
04/06/2020 06:48 Administrator

If you want professional programming assistance, please use the "Business Contact" link on the GPSComplete download site. Generally, you don't need developer's experience to use GPSComplete.    

681Arribart Arribart1587397831
20/04/2020 15:50
BugGpsdirect sensor driver fails to start (error 10) - Wndows 8.1


I am currently testing gpsdirect on an old Samsung Q1 computer running Windows 8.1 (Pro 32 bits, fresh installation), with Globalsat GPS.

Com port tool can read gps data from the gps on the appropriate com port (com3 or 4, 4800 bauds), as well as the globalsat gps test application.

However, everytime I install the sensor driver (using explicit com port number and correct speed), it seems to install properly, but actually fails to start

I tried using injection mode and the transfer tool, but the gpsdirect driver failed to start with injection mode too (transfer tool services installed correctly, but was useless…)

I tried using the com port sharing mode as well, without any luck.

I tried an older version of the driver, problem is exactly the same.

I tried to reinstall it, disable and reenable it many times, it always fails to start.

Not much can be seen in the Windows\inf log besides it fails to startup.

Any clue ?

24/04/2020 16:32 Arribart Arribart

I have to test it on Windows 8, which is a bit difficult at this time, but I will try.

Does it work in simulation mode?        

Support Team

I tested simulation and fixed mode. Same result. Driver cannot start. 
Checked or unchecked some of the options, with the same one and only result. Driver fails to start. 

22/04/2020 16:06 Arribart Arribart

I have to test it on Windows 8, which is a bit difficult at this time, but I will try.

Does it work in simulation mode?        

Support Team

I will check and let you know

22/04/2020 13:41 Administrator

I have to test it on Windows 8, which is a bit difficult at this time, but I will try.

Does it work in simulation mode?        

680Collins Collins1583782182
09/03/2020 19:29
BugDell Rugged 5404 SIRFstar GPS


I picked up a Dell Rugged 5404 with the SIRFStar GPS module installed on COM4. Trying to figure out how to configure it. I'm getting all zero's within the sensor test. So in this case, it sees the modem, but even outside it cannot get a lock. Any ideas?



09/03/2020 19:37 Administrator

Do you have a utility with your GPS that can test the accuracy and the lock?

679Radko Radko1583437112
05/03/2020 19:38
BugGPSDirect driver inconsistent
My modem is on TCP 6257.  In the past, I've successfully installed GPSDirect v2 driver with these parameters and have used both Sensor Explorer and Sensor Diagnostic Tool and seen coordinates come though.

Lately I've noticed that the coordinates have stopped coming thru the driver.  My gps has not changed and if I go into the modem I can see that it is actively tracking satellites and reporting the coordinates.  At the same time, both Sensor Explorer and Sensor Diagnostic Tool report that state is Initializing and does not work.

I've disabled/enabled the sensor driver.  I have tried a TransferTool installation as well and get the same result.  I've tried not using the v2 driver, and still same result.  I've rebooted laptop, still won't work.

Is there anything left I can do to get this working properly again?

20/03/2020 21:12 Radko Radko Will do.
08/03/2020 09:32 Administrator

Check if the connection problem persists.    

06/03/2020 14:59 Radko Radko







05/03/2020 21:09 Administrator

Then there is a problem with the connection.

05/03/2020 21:04 Radko Radko

It returned ->

"Maximum connections reached - refused" and "Connection to host lost"

05/03/2020 20:49 Administrator

Yes, telnet to that IP and port. Check the messages, especially the the RMC and the GGA.

See for example a valid RMC message:


05/03/2020 20:47 Radko Radko I don't know.  Is there a way I could capture that traffic?
05/03/2020 20:32 Administrator

Are the NMEA sentences sent to the driver valid?

678Heath Heath1582545124
24/02/2020 11:52
BugBLE SupportIn relation to GPSDirect and Bluetooth does it support BLE.
28/02/2020 14:36 Administrator What is BLE?
677Radko Radko1581546209
12/02/2020 22:23
BugGPSDirect and location service

I have a CalAmp Fusion LTE modem with an NMEA stream being pushed out TCP on IP  Of late it seems the location is either inaccurate, sometimes work, or nothing comes thru at all.  What steps can I take to debug and resolve the inconsistent behavior?  Using a Dell Windows 10 ruggedized laptop.



12/02/2020 22:29 Mething Mething What application are you using with the GPS data?  ie if its google maps it seems from previous comments it doesnt read GPS data.  Certainly I cant get it to work for 6+ months on windows10, android9 no issues.
675Heath Heath1580495770
31/01/2020 18:36
BugUpdate to iPhone applicationAre there any plans to update the iOS application, it seems that it hasn't been updated for some considerable time.  Also is there any way to get a demo to see if it works.
24/02/2020 11:41 Heath Heath

GPSDirect can work with any application that shares NMEA data over TCP.
Support Team

Anyone got this working with the GPS2IP iOS application ( over Bluetooth?

31/01/2020 21:21 Administrator GPSDirect can work with any application that shares NMEA data over TCP.
31/01/2020 21:19 Heath Heath Thanks but I don’t think that application has a Windows companion application?  I want this to simulate a hardware GPS in a PC.
31/01/2020 18:38 Administrator Not nearly, but you can try other apps, like "NMEA gps" server I found by searching the AppStore.
674Lien Lien1580400456
30/01/2020 16:07
BugGPSReerse Win10 from Ilocation to qirx.exe


I have a problem with my GPSReverse intended to deliver locationdata to a DAB-software for DVB-USBstick RTL called QIRX to be found on

GPSReverse is decoded by i.e. GoogleEarth and the aussie OziExplorer using COM4, but not QIRX. I am sure that no other SW is using COM4, but the the virtual port or Location data is not found by QIRX.

QIRX normally scans all COM-ports, used to find locationdata automatically on Win7.

I cannot understand the reason, or how to fix it.


01/02/2020 18:06 Lien Lien

Hi again,

IThe port-settings are right.

Qirx checks all possible COM-ports and detects port speed and settigns, if the configured port/speed-settings are active with GNSS-data, it obviously (from logfile) stops scanning for other active COM-ports.

I have tried using a Garmin GPS60CSx in NMEA 4800 via a Pl-2302 serial - USB virtual COM cable, and the QIRX detects it and uses it.

It seems to be some difference between the COM-port made by Pl2302 and GPSReverse?


31/01/2020 15:08 Administrator

Does the GPSComplete port testing tool find the COM4 port and does it get data? Usually, it's a matter of setting a correct baud rate and other port settings (default 9600).

673Johnson Johnson1579510359
20/01/2020 08:52
BugGoogle Maps and GPSDirect

Why does GPSDirect not work with Google Maps? I can get it to work with Microsoft Maps, Google Earth Pro and Maps Pro on my Surface Go but not with Google Maps! Am I missing something? Thanks.

20/01/2020 15:50 Administrator

Most probably because google maps only uses IP (it wouldn't have access to a sensor).

672Ko Ko1577814296
31/12/2019 17:44
BugNo data getting throughI have been using this with a tom-tom Bluetooth antennae for some time , but now I am trying to use my android phone for the antennae.  The app on my phone has all the gps data on it.  The computer (chuwi hi 10 with windows 10 home)loads the driver, recognizes the phone in sensor explorer but only says init or ready in state column but NO in auto loca.. column. Values on right side are 0 . I have also tried this on asus  computer with same results. any suggestions please?
31/01/2020 21:10 Ko Ko Windows 7 gps
31/01/2020 15:56 Administrator

I mean to get the data from your phone to the driver.

31/01/2020 15:51 Ko Ko Microsoft maps
31/01/2020 15:09 Administrator

Which app do you use for the connection to the driver?

03/01/2020 19:54 Ko Ko Yes, the coordinates on the phone app change smoothly as I walk around.
03/01/2020 11:25 Administrator

Does your phone actually have a gps lock? try it outdoors.

671LEE LEE1577237710
25/12/2019 01:35
BugDelay in GPS reading - windows 10 & MS Streets & Trips 2013

Downloaded and installed the evaluation license for purchase.   All is working, but there is a delay (10 seconds) in MS TRIPS getting the GPS readings from the GPS antenna while driving, and the GPS coordinates often get stuck.

Is the issue due to that the license is an evaluation version?  I will proceed to purchase the license if this the purchased  license resolves the issue.

26/12/2019 14:43 Administrator

Here are the command line arguments:

/j is not in the list because it's a hidden one, I only reveal it to users that are asking for it.

So to install gpsdirect, gpscomplete64 /c install /d gpsdirect2 /s COM4 /b 9600 /j 1

26/12/2019 05:18 LEE LEE

Thank you for the prompt response.

Can you please explain what you mean by "Install with the command line parameter /j 0."  I apologize in advance if this is an obvious instruction.

25/12/2019 05:13 Administrator

This delay is set on purpose to cope with some devices that need some seconds to initialize.

Install with the command line parameter /j 0.

669eagerbrook eagerbrook1577061827
23/12/2019 00:43
BugHELP PLEASE! - my car pc now crashes after installing GPS direct- I cannot uninstall?


new to these forums.

I am in a bit of a panic :-(

I have spent a while creating a car pc using my lenovo thinkpad  10 tablet.

I have got it to the point where it is working well.

I have installed sygic naigation and wondered if I could use the internal broadcomm gps sensor.

I downloaded gps complete to see if it could read the sensor and provide a com port to communicate with the sygic app.

It hasn't worked, and worse than that , the entire car pc is not responding anymore.

No problem - I shall just uninstall any drivers and either try again or buy a usb receiver.

I cannot find any uninstall instructions??

Can you please help? as I am now stuck

many THanks


23/12/2019 00:53 Administrator

Start -> run -> devmgmt.msc -> Sensors -> delete GPSDirect.

668Malicoat Malicoat1573237444
08/11/2019 18:24
BugGPSDirect driver seems to stop sending data to Maps app Win 10

I have a setup that currently utilizes the latest Windows 10 driver for GPS Direct to pass location information to the Maps app in Windows 10 to use the Turn by Turn feature. What seems to happen, on occasion is that after a couple successful attempts, the information doesn't seem to be passed to the Maps app. If I uninstall the driver and set back up everything seems to be passed correctly and then eventually will stop again. I was just wondering if you have seen this scenario happen before and if there is anything I might be able to do to correct it?

Computer Setup:

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 connected to Havis Vehicle Docking station

External GPS connected to USB port of docking station

GPS Gate software splitting the signal from the external GPS between my application and the GPS Direct sensor driver

Transfer Tool setup in Injection Mode and GPS Direct driver setup with Injection as well, Baud 4800

I have un-checked the option to keep the driver alive as the tablet may not continually be in the docking station

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have.

31/01/2020 15:35 Administrator

This is interesting. 

Can you check if the "Continuous Location" GPSComplete test has the same issue? Does it hang after a while?

28/01/2020 21:12 Malicoat Malicoat

So I just wanted to give an update on this as I have went through some more testing.

I have tried 3 different sensor drivers on my tablet and all three seem to be running into the same issue. Everything will work just fine for a while and then all the sudden the Maps app will just loose the location and either not start the turn by turn, or in a couple cases it lost it during a re-route and just hung on the screen showing re-routing.

I ran this with the GPS Complete sensor driver, a sensor driver created by Panasonic for their Toughpads, and an external GPS puck that had the U-Blox sensor driver built into it. I also tested on a Dell tablet that had a built in sensor (not a virtual one linked up to an external GPS device). I am starting to think that rather than it being an issue with the sensor driver that it might be something with the Maps app itself. I was able to check the Event Viewer on my tablet after one of the instances and it was listing an App Hang on Maps.exe.

I am still researching when I have time but I wanted to at least pass this along that I am having the same problems when running other sensor drivers as well. Not sure if you have seen or heard of this from anyone else or have an inside knowledge of if it might be a bug in Maps.exe?

22/12/2019 00:07 Administrator Working on it.
13/12/2019 13:51 Malicoat Malicoat I just wanted to check in to see if there has been anything additional done with the buffering to try to resolve this?
29/11/2019 21:35 Mething Mething I see no change, it initially got into google maps OK showing my location within 10m.  I then went for a walk and the GPSdirect driver showed my location changing every 1 or 2 seconds as I walked along, however googlemaps did not update. 
22/11/2019 19:09 Malicoat Malicoat So went out this afternoon and with the experimental buffering the maps app was regularly re-calculating the route, even when I was following the path that was being listed. I did also get to one point were the maps app stopped seeing the location again and after a restart, it started seeing it again.
22/11/2019 16:35 Malicoat Malicoat I will get this updated driver in place and report back with the results. Thank You.
21/11/2019 22:27 Administrator I updated a new driver with a different buffering scheme which might solve this; try it and "Use experimental buffering" in the installation.
21/11/2019 21:24 Mething Mething I have done something very similar a few weeks ago with my Surface Pro3 and my actions,  the results and conclusion matches yours.    The GPS driver simply isnt working properly.   When I get time I am going to try a dual boot with Ubuntu and see how that goes.   
21/11/2019 19:08 Malicoat Malicoat

Ok, so I was finally able to get out and do a little testing. I was able to successfully navigate to about 3 different locations and then all of the sudden the maps app was no longer seeing my position or was able to process the turn by turn.

During the time when the maps app was not receiving my location, I went into the DriverLog and I could see where locations where being seen and scrolling through. I tried restarting the computer but was still not being seen by the maps app. I also tried restarting the transfer tool service but this still did not get a location in map. Finally I went to Device Manager and disabled the GPSDirect v2 driver, left it disabled for a minute and then re-enabled it. Once it was re-enabled the maps app was again seeing my location and I could navigate properly. 

Initial testing seems like something is getting hung up in the sensor driver and disabling and re-enabling it is freeing it up to allow the maps app to receive information from it again.

11/11/2019 20:56 Mething Mething I have a MS surface pro3 doing a very similar thing and reported this some months back.  The GPS unit can connect into the USB3 port directly, an expansion port or its docking station, no difference.   Using the USB GPS's driver software I get a continuously updated lat and Long location. Using the GPS direct's software I see that same data in it.   Google maps and gmaps pro8 update once or twice and then no longer update but the drivers show location updates.
11/11/2019 20:52 Mething Mething 3rd attempt to post, I have the same issue
11/11/2019 19:59 Administrator

Does the driver log  show that there is actually data to be passed?

666Daniel Daniel1570014583
02/10/2019 11:09
BugNo Data


I have installed GPSDirect on my tablet PANASONIC FZ-G1 TOUGHPAD/Windows 7 Pro SP#1 as workaround in order to get my Bluetooth GPS works on it.

However in my setup, it looks that the acquisition of the NMEA data from the GPS is intermittent (I get the message NO DATA with associated string $GPFAILBREAK) despite that fact that the GPS in sending all the information as expected (I checked in parallel with VisualGPSView after splitting the port).

It tried to lower the transition speed (up to 4800) but did not help.

Thank in advance for your assistance.

03/10/2019 20:28 Administrator

Try setting up the transfer tool instead of a direct connection.

665Walker Walker1568477756
14/09/2019 16:15
BugV2 driver fails to install on windows 10 enterprise with device manager error 31

Good Day,

I tried to post a screen shot regarding the failure of the install driver process to this new forum without success. If someone from the company could provide an alternate email for me to send the screenshot to, I'd be happy to send along. Sorry I don't have much more information regarding the failure other than to say that after clicking on install driver, it takes about want about 40 seconds, and an install failed dialog box is displayed. Going to Windows device manager shows the GPS Direct location sensor driver disable, and looking at the properties indicates the following message:

GPS Direct Driver v 2

This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device (Code 31)

(Operation Failed)

The requested operation was unsuccessful.

21/09/2019 07:36 Administrator

Normally Win 10 supports UMDF 2 drivers but this might be a somewhat limited edition.

20/09/2019 19:38 Walker Walker Sorry about incorrect information. It seems after a reboot, I was able to install the v1 driver. I wonder if this has anything to do with the version of windows 10. This version is pretty old on this tablet - 2015LTSB. 
17/09/2019 17:41 Administrator

Even simulation fails?

15/09/2019 23:14 Walker Walker


v1 drive also does not install

14/09/2019 23:46 Administrator

x64 or x86? The v1 driver installs?

664-Machines -Machines1568220594
11/09/2019 16:49
BugGPS from Modem UDP

Running an LTE modem connected to Windows 10 1903 Toughbook’s and am trying to capture the NMEA stream on UDP port. and send it to the windows location services. Unfortunately I'm not able to get the GPS Complete app to even see the UDP NMEA stream. What setting should I be using? A screenshot or something would be great. I have over 300 trucks that need I need to get this fixed on.

14/09/2019 23:47 Administrator

GPSDirect can only connect to TCP at this moment, can you use TCP?

663Mething Mething1566204304
19/08/2019 08:45
BugHow do I get windows10 to use the GPS usb module as a location device?

I have the USB sensor installed  (topgnss receiver ) on my surface pro 3. I have got its driver installed I think and thus its test software sees satelites and location and the gpsdirect software shows my latitude and longitude in NZ correctly but how do I get windows 10 to use the gps device and hence the map software like gmaps 8 pro or google maps?  to pick the gps up?

I have googled and cant find how to config this last stage.  I assumed that under location service gps would become an option.


10/10/2019 20:28 Mething Mething

The GPSDirect installation dialog has a precision setting option.

Support Team

Is there a screenshot of what its meant to look like?  as I will have to go back and redo it I suppose.

Mething Steven

Re-installed the driver, there is a tick box which is ticked by default for increasing precision to allow for jumps.   Monitoring the output continuously  using the gpsdirect tool I can see it being updated every few seconds, what isnt happening is this data doesnt appear to be used in Location as googlemaps  does not work.

08/10/2019 18:56 Mething Mething

The GPSDirect installation dialog has a precision setting option.

Support Team

Is there a screenshot of what its meant to look like?  as I will have to go back and redo it I suppose.

08/10/2019 06:22 Administrator

The GPSDirect installation dialog has a precision setting option.

07/10/2019 20:25 Mething Mething

What is the precision mode set in the GPSDirect installation?
Support Team

I have no idea, where do I look?  is there a user manual? googling I cant find one.

**edit** I downloaded your latest driver and un-installed the old and re-installed the new. I am getting gpsdata location data fine inside of your wee app and during the install its set to continuous however if anything the accuracy is how 3~4km out and does not update inside of googlemaps at all so if anything its worse with this update.

06/10/2019 18:38 Administrator What is the precision mode set in the GPSDirect installation?
04/10/2019 22:52 Mething Mething

I got my cig lighter socket adapter for my surface pro3 today so I have tried to get locations and while on the move, it simply fails to see my location and as I drive about no updates to location occurs.  However when I open the gpsdirect driver and drive along, in continious mode I see the location is changing but google maps etc do not see any changes.

08/09/2019 23:39 Mething Mething

Ok, well if its "weird" then in that case I think I'll try varying the hardware. So I will re-try on my Dell M4800 laptop to make sure its not the surface pro3 with windows 10 and I think I read I can use my Android phone's GPS, it maybe simply that this GPS hardware or software has an issue.

Of course it could just be me, a re-try or 2 might make that obvious also.

07/09/2019 10:08 Administrator

I will take a look, seems weird.

04/09/2019 21:54 Mething Mething

They are both identical.   Last night the location was really accurate within 3m, this morning I moved 7km and it still showed me at the old location in googlemaps.   I opened the gpsdirect software and this showed my new location but googlemaps showed me in the middle of the harbour again.  This suggests that the location isnt being updated?  The software that comes with the GPS is working fine, it gives me the right location (as far as I can tell) .  Am I missing something like I need to set something up so windows10's location gets updated continiously?  something needs to be running on startup?

01/09/2019 10:02 Administrator The location information. ILocation (deprecated) might give different results than the continuous location (Windows 10+).
30/08/2019 10:27 Mething Mething
What do you mean by different?

29/08/2019 22:08 Administrator Check both the "continuous location" info and the 'ILocation" info, are they different?
29/08/2019 22:05 Mething Mething

My earlier posts dont seem to have appeared here.   So to repeat, I get a location from the GPS from the GPS software.  "the continuous location testing op option in GPSComplete"  not sure what this is, my best guess looking in your software is its seeing the Lat and Long OK.   However googlemaps has a 5~7km error showing me the middle of the harbour so I'd guess its not getting to the "location" services. 

20/08/2019 23:03 Mething Mething

Will have to check when I get home but google maps is showing me swimming in the middle of the harbour so something is not working OK.

--edit-- timestamp is incrimenting.

20/08/2019 07:12 Administrator It should pick it automatically, there is no option to choose it. What does the continuous location testing op option in GPSComplete say about the usage?
662Krippner Krippner1563866116
23/07/2019 07:15
BugNo Data/Fix while using NMEA TCP Stream


I have a problem with the GPSdirect Driver.

I have a device sending NMEA sentences via TCP. I can see them coming in using the Telnet tools. Everything looks fine, the sentences looking good to me but the Sensor does not get a fix. I can see the device itself has a fix and provides location data. There is just the time coming in correctly.

Am I doing something wrong? How can I check the sentences are correct?

Thanks in advance.

23/07/2019 10:11 Krippner Krippner Just a short pleasure. Not working after reboot. Same as before.
23/07/2019 08:35 Krippner Krippner

I was sure that I already tried it this way. But now it works!

GREAT! Nice Tool. Thank you so very much!!

Btw. Have a look at the Teltonika Router. It is a very nice device with lots of features. (No Ad!)

23/07/2019 08:20 Administrator

I 'd say you try a TransferTool based installation.

  • Install the sensor driver in Injection mode
  • Install the Transfer Tool with source: COM Port driver or IP Port, enter below, destination  Inject 

23/07/2019 08:10 Krippner Krippner

I checked the output using GPSRedirect to COM3. I used VisualGPS and can see the incoming data with no positions in.

I also checked your diagnostic tool. State is still initializing. I made a screenshot, but cannot upload in here.

My sending GPS device is on TCP 8500. Theese are the values I enter when installing the driver. Is this correct? Do I have to make some other settings?

23/07/2019 07:44 Administrator

When I injected these two RMC/GGA sentences to the driver I did get a ready status. 

How do you know there is no fix? Can you use the Sensor Diagnostic Tool? (

23/07/2019 07:39 Krippner Krippner

Thank you for your very quick response.

The device is an LTE/WLAN router with integrated GPS (Teltonika RUT955). There I can see position data and the fix. 

The received sentences look like this in the telnet tool (positon data edited):




23/07/2019 07:16 Administrator

How do you see that the device itself has a fix?

Paste some example sentences you have received.

661Nowell Nowell1563405846
17/07/2019 23:24
BugWindows 10 Pro, Holux GPS BT unit. Not seeing anything that I can use.


  1. I connected the GPS to the laptop with normal "add a Bluetooth device" dialog, worked ok.
  2. I can see it in Device Manager.
  3. GPS Complete driver sees it and installs OK.
  4. If using GPSReverse, it doesn't see it.
  5. If using Transfer tool, it doesn't see it.
  6. Continuous Location doesn't see it, still using Wifi.

What next?



18/07/2019 14:34 Administrator

I suggest you try to connect to the bluetooth device via it's COM port setting, not directly.

18/07/2019 14:14 Nowell Nowell

Added photo #7 to the link in the first message.

The sensor shows up at #36 as GPSDirect UMDF 2.x, but the values are all zero except for Time Stamp, which appears to be correct.

Thank you for support!

18/07/2019 05:36 Administrator


What does the sensor explorer shows when the driver is installed?

660Unknown User1561740564
28/06/2019 16:49
BugStuck in Simulation?

Things were working, but I was experimenting. I tried a plugin, but it didn't seem to work and now I am stuck with lat/lng/alt that just keep increasing a little bit every second or so. I've tried removing the product, deleting the registry keys, rebooting and starting over. I've tried going back to my real GPS or going back to Fixed Mode, both of which worked previously, but I still just get lines 3, 4 and 5 in Sensor Explorer increasing slowly.

Is there something else I can clear out?


11/07/2019 02:12 Administrator

Pass X,Y,Z in the baud/port field, e.g. 24.2,37.6,122.5

10/07/2019 12:52 Bai Bai Great! Now in the Fixed Mode, there is no data shown for Microsoft Visual Studio Location Simulator Sensor under Sensor Explorer. Could you please tell me how to set a fixed address? Thanks!
10/07/2019 06:56 Administrator

Delete the sensor driver along with "Delete the driver software for this device" , then clear HKLM\Software\GPSSensor7 key

09/07/2019 17:34 Bai Bai

I have the same issue, but don't know which part should be removed from devmgmt.msc. The devmgmt.msc files under c:\windows\system32 and c:\windows\sysWOW64 are not modified this year though I installed GPSDirect this week. Could you please give me some detains? Thanks!

28/06/2019 16:51 Administrator

Remove it from devmgmt.msc and try again.

659Wellman Wellman1561479671
25/06/2019 16:21
BugNo Altitude with GPSDirect but device is sending it.

Try #3 to post this (without images now). 

I'm using a Dual XGPS160 which is receiving location just fine but is reporting 0 for altitude.  Sensor Explorer sees the altitude coming through but the Location Report (as well as other windows devices) see the altitude as 0m: 

05   |   {055C74D8-CA6F-47D6-95C6-1ED3637A0FF4}/4   |   151.6

Thank you,


09/12/2021 22:03 Kamath Kamath

Still seeing same problem.

See screenshot at:

22/08/2020 11:47 Administrator

For the precision, GPSDirect ignores it when the setting is 'use maximum precision' in installation dialog. Remove that.

22/08/2020 07:37 Della Valle Della Valle

I've the same issue here. I've just downloaded and installed the driver.

Sensor explorer report 560 mt for Z but the win 10 gnss service provide 0.

The precision is not correct too: gnss shows always 1 but the USB gps says 2 or more. 

Thanks for support. 

25/06/2019 17:27 Wellman Wellman Driver was still installed.  Working perfectly.  Thanks again!  Wonderful support!


25/06/2019 17:22 Administrator

Make sure you have removed the driver (try from devmgmt.msc to remove it to be sure).

25/06/2019 17:21 Wellman Wellman

Continuous Location (WIndows 10) is still showing `z:0` 

I updated, removed driver, added driver.  Should I have done something differently? 

Thanks for the quick turn around!

25/06/2019 17:15 Administrator

I 've made changes to the driver, take a look.

25/06/2019 16:28 Wellman Wellman

> So the sensor explorer reports it but not the location?

Yes, that's correct. 

Thank you!  Awesome piece of software!


25/06/2019 16:27 Wellman Wellman

Images can be found here:

25/06/2019 16:25 Administrator

So the sensor explorer reports it but not the location? I 'll take a look.

25/06/2019 16:24 Wellman Wellman

Yes, same result.  

z: 0 

25/06/2019 16:22 Administrator

There are some issues with image pasting. Thanks for the notification.

The LocationReport generally is an old API that doesn't report altitude. Did you try to use the Windows 10 Continuous Location?

656Wilson Wilson1559314400
31/05/2019 14:53
BugGPS Direct Update Modes

Can you explain in more detail what exactly each update mode means/does?


31/05/2019 14:56 Administrator

When the mode has "Update data", the data is updated from the GPS even if the data is null/invalid. 

When the mode has "Report to Windows", then the data (kept from a valid state or updated to the latest depending on the update mode before) is sent to the sensor.

"Don't update data" does nothing.

"Always tell Windows I have data" means that Windows thinks the data is always valid, it's always resent constantly even if no actual data is there.

655Zuranski Zuranski1559244777
30/05/2019 19:32
BugWindows disables gpsdirect device with Code 43

My setup is a Surface Pro 3 (Windows 10 version 1803) with a Dual XGPS15A Bluetooth receiver.  I have GPSGate installed splitting that signal into several COM ports.  One of those virtual COM ports I am using with GPS Direct to supply location service with GPS data.  I run a couple pieces of software that get GPS data through COM ports so I need GPSGate.  I'm also using Microsoft Maps so I'd like to get it to use GPS as well.

Initially everything works just fine, maps gets my location with GPS and another piece of software (Map Factor) reports that satellite data is being used.  But inevitably after some amount of time (it varies but around 10-20 minutes) I stop getting GPS data in location service.  Map Factor will now report that it's getting location data from wifi as well.  In device manager, the status of the gpsdirect device is "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"  I can disable/re-enable the device or reboot the computer to get it working again, but it will be stopped in another 10-20 minutes.

I saw there were several options about reporting when installing the GPS Direct device for "on lost signal," but I've tried each of those options and nothing seems to help.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

15/06/2019 14:52 Administrator Try the new driver as well.
10/06/2019 19:42 Zuranski Zuranski Update:  Looks like that fixed it for good.  Was using it all last week and it didn't appear to fail since using the Transfer Tool.  Thanks!
30/05/2019 23:41 Zuranski Zuranski

I tried using the Transfer Tool method and so far it's looking like it's working, Windows hasn't stopped the device yet.  It's been about 30-45 minutes so I'm hopeful, I can update later once I know more for sure.

As a side note, and for future internet travelers:  I had a small curve ball setting up the Transfer Tool from GPS Complete.  Source was a COM port so I selected that, but nothing populated in the second drop down afterwards.  I knew the port number I wanted (port 9) so I typed "9" into that box, but that didn't work.  I tried typing "COM9" on a whim and that did work.  I'm not sure if that drop down was supposed to populate or not, but it would have been nice to know that's the syntax the Transfer Tool was looking for.  No matter though, as long as it keeps working I'm happy.

30/05/2019 21:03 Administrator

Try a Transfer Tool based approach first and tell us if it worked. -> Manual and API -> Transfer Tool examples.

654Tallichet Tallichet1558595566
23/05/2019 07:12
BugGPS Reverse and Surface GOI have configured GPS Reverse + Transfer tool to be able to get NMEA frames from ILocation (I don't see the GPS sensor on the Surface Go). The only frames I receive are the RMC ($GPRMC,[...]). Why I did not get the others frames type?
25/05/2019 15:10 Administrator ILocation cannot retrieve all NMEA sentences, only XYZ in a RMC form are returned.
653Rothenbush Rothenbush1557530150
10/05/2019 23:15
BugHC-05 problem

I have a little sailboat with a pretty nice GPS unit. 

I would like to use that GPS to send location info to my no-GPS Windows 10 tablet (for use with a navigation program).

To make the connection between the GPS and the tablet, I have an HC-05 bluetooth module (with serial to Bluetooth firmware installed).

For testing, the HC-05 is connected to a handheld GPS (with serial output).  I can confirm that this works by using PuTTY to watch the NMEA data coming in.

Sadly, GPSComplete doesn't seem to do anything, either with the GPSDirect driver listening to a COM port or directly to the Bluetooth device.

The driver install appears to install; I get the success message.

And the Sensor Explorer shows a GPSDirect sensor in the list, with one of the GUIDs showing $GPSOPENING. 

But that's as far as it gets.

Am I doing something wrong or should I give up on this device and try to find some other Bluetooth-> serial device?

Any thoughts appreciated.


P.S.  The online documentation does not really match the downloaded product ...

11/05/2019 14:26 Rothenbush Rothenbush Yes, Windows shows a pair of ports.  One is described as an "SPP" port, one as an "Incoming" port.
11/05/2019 06:54 Administrator Does the bluettoth device expose an outgoing COM port?
11/05/2019 00:18 Rothenbush Rothenbush
I followed the documentation on the website, quoted below.

  • To use a COM port, enter it (e.g. COM3), then the baud speed. If the driver does not work with the baud speed you select, lower the speed.
  • To use a bluetooth device directly (if your bluetooth GPS does not have a COM port or if the COM setting does not work) then select a bluetooth device from the list (The Bluetooth device must be recognized and paired with your system). The baud speed is ignored.

10/05/2019 23:35 Administrator

What does this one mean?

"Either with the GPSDirect driver listening to a COM port or directly to the Bluetooth device."

10/05/2019 23:33 Rothenbush Rothenbush

I'm sorry, I don't understand.  From the GPSCOMPLETE web page, I see ..

   GPSDirect is a user-level driver (UMDF) that can read a COM port, a Bluetooth device or a TCP/IP Source that contains GPS NMEA data and map it to a Windows GPS Sensor for your Windows applications to be GPS sensor-aware.

That is exactly what I am trying to do, have a Bluetooth device transmitting NMEA data appear as a "local" Windows GPS sensor.

Your web page says "it can read a COM port", your reply says "It does not listen to a COM port".  This makes no sense to me ...

10/05/2019 23:17 Administrator

The connections GPSDirect makes are outgoing. It does not listen to a COM port, it has to use an outgoing COM port which the bluetooth device is listening itself.

652Maskew Maskew1556268814
26/04/2019 08:53
BugGPS Direct Out of Memory Error

I have been using GPS Direct on a windows 10 pc, I am using Access to log the route I travel.  I use the Windows

Dim objLatLongFactory As Object

and get the position using 

            gbldblLatitude = objLatLongFactory.LatLongReport.Latitude
            gbldblLongitude = objLatLongFactory.LatLongReport.Longitude
            gblstrDateTime = Nz(objLatLongFactory.LatLongReport.Timestamp, "")
            gbldblElevation = Nz(objLatLongFactory.LatLongReport.Altitude, 0)
            dblSpeed = Nz(objLatLongFactory.LatLongReport.Speed, 0)
            dblBearing = Nz(objLatLongFactory.LatLongReport.Heading, 0)
            intStatus = objLatLongFactory.Status

if I request the position very often then after about an hour I get an out of memory error.  To stop this I have to put a pause in the loop that reads the position of about 2 seconds, then I can run it all day without getting the out of error message.

After a bit of investigation I found that a "Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework Host Process" that seems to be active when the procedure is running gradually uses more and more memory until the process crashes.

I have tried running Microsoft Maps to see if it is a problem, but it does not seems to be a problem.

Can anyone help me?


26/04/2019 09:02 Administrator When Maps runs and not your software, does WUDF host use excessive memory?
651Cat Cat1556264039
26/04/2019 07:33
BugHP lt4132 GPS Stopped Working for No ReasonI'm using VisualGPSView to track GPS satellites, but somehow nothing works anymore. The only NMEA data the program gets is $GPNULL,0,0*00, and I have no idea what that means. In the sensor test, it says "Init (No Fix Yet)," but even if I wait for a long time, it doesn't change (again, it was obtaining a fix perfectly fine before). I've tried reinstalling the GPSReverse driver numerous times, as well as many other things, to try to fix the problem. I don't even know whether it's the GPS sensor in the WWAN card or the GPSReverse driver, but I don't understand how it can just break like that.

28/04/2019 00:44 Cat Cat Not to put too fine a point on it, but I think it would've made a lot more sense to just have a popup message informing the user that their free license has expired, and have them purchase it to continue using it, rather than corrupting the operation of the program in some random way at some random time. I can't get a free license, since I don't own a blog or website, but is there any other way I can be of assistance to you so that I may earn one? I don't have many skills to offer, but I can write or edit something for you if you require it.

27/04/2019 22:56 Administrator

We never disclose software protection mechanisms to the public.

The idea is, of course, not to compel an individual user to pay $15, but to make sure our large customers get the best of our support.

27/04/2019 22:47 Cat Cat Can you be more specific? At what time and in what way does it malfunction?

27/04/2019 13:03 Administrator

Glad you figured it out.

It starts malfunctioning in various ways.

27/04/2019 12:18 Cat Cat Ah, I figured out what the problem was. It turned out that, not only was the AUX/GPS WWAN cable loose, but the cables were swapped, so it had nothing to do with the software after all. The GPS appears to work fine for me now plugged the cables in correctly. By the way, if I don't purchase a license, does the software expire?

26/04/2019 09:18 Cat Cat Yeah, I think it's just not going to happen for me ever again. Even though it worked for a while, my GPS system is permanently obliterated now. Oh well.

26/04/2019 09:08 Cat Cat I've reinstalled the port driver dozens of times, no errors are shown in Device Manager, and I don't know how to use PuTTY.

26/04/2019 09:00 Administrator

Uninstall/reinstall the port driver?

Try an external tool (PuTTY) to verify the error?

Check devmgmt.msc for errors?

26/04/2019 08:58 Cat Cat Okay... So is there something I can do to find out why?

26/04/2019 08:47 Administrator Then the COM port failed for a reason.
26/04/2019 08:46 Cat Cat If you are referring to the "Any COM Port On" option, I tried that, and it doesn't show anything.

26/04/2019 08:05 Administrator

$GPNULL means that there is a connection failure. Did you try reading the COM port with the port testing tools?    

650King King1555515091
17/04/2019 15:31
BugPanasonic Toughbook CF-54 7455 Modem

I have an issue that I am trying to work through with the evaluation license. When I install the GPS Reverse I am able to see GPS data on the COM port. My issue is that my application which pulls that data by specifying a COM port in an INI file will stop seeing that info if put to sleep. The only way to renew the connection is to reboot. I am running Windows 10 1607(LTSC) with a Sierra 7455 modem. 

Thank You

23/04/2019 12:01 Walker Walker I am facing the same problem with a Panasonic ToughBook FZ-M1 running windows 7. From the debugging I have done, it seems that the GPSDirect Driver is totally unloaded after a suspend/resume cycle on these devices. Even the GPSComplete Sensor Explorer no longer lists the GPSDirect Sensor in its list of available sensors. If one navigates to the Windows Device manager, the GPSDirect device is listed as present, operational, and enabled. The only way I have been able to recover from this situation without a reboot, is to uninstall the GPSDirect device from the Windows Device Manager, and then reinstall it via the GPSComplete Application. Once this happens, GeoCoordinate events are received again.
18/04/2019 06:30 Administrator Does the internal com port tester still see the input after sleep?
649Dick Dick1553808774
28/03/2019 21:32
BugBU-353 and OpenCPN

I've now spent a few hours going in circles without any success, trying to get my BU-353 on a USB port working with OpenCPN, a marine charting program on Windows 1809, so am hoping that someone knows the answer. 

I think I should have installed the GSPDirect driver, but every attempt has resulted in "Installation failed" and no reason. 

I installed the COM Port driver and Transfer Tool without issue several times and several ways.  Sometimes I see a data stream that includes the actual location and sometimes not. 

The OpenCPN NMEA debug window shows data sometimes, too, but never moves the location pointer in the program.  It is always at zero lat and zero long.

This is like trying to pick a combination lock.  Can anyone assist?

31/03/2019 16:44 Dick Dick

Thanks.  I guess the problem is that I do not know what is meant here by port and sensor.

I thought I did, but apparently not. Is that explained clearly somewhere?

I used to be able to just plug in the BU-353 (not S4) and it worked, but Windows now has changed. 

I also have radio programming cables that used to work and I'm guessing that now on Windows 10, they won't?

31/03/2019 16:35 Administrator

There is a quick manual in -> Manual and API -> Transfer Tool examples.

31/03/2019 16:27 Dick Dick

> Try, instead using the driver directly with the sensor, to use Transfer Tool.

> Install GPSReverse in Client mode, then the TT from the Sensor to the GPSReverse.

Thanks. I'm afraid, though ,that I have no clue what " TT from the Sensor to the GPSReverse" means.

I've tried various combinations.  Is there documentation somewhere?

31/03/2019 05:39 Administrator

Try, instead using the driver directly with the sensor, to use Transfer Tool.

Install GPSReverse in Client mode, then the TT from the Sensor to the GPSReverse.


28/03/2019 23:03 Dick Dick I tried to post screenshots earlier, but the website refused.
28/03/2019 23:02 Dick Dick

But I don't see location data in the streams I get with virtual port on or in OpenCPN




28/03/2019 22:03 Dick Dick I get a location report that looks right from the location report under sensor explorer.
28/03/2019 21:58 Administrator

GPSDirect is for COM port -> Sensor.

GPSReverse is for Sensor -> Com port, so I guess you need this one.

What's the sensor values using the sensor testing tool? Does it show longitutde/latitude there?


648Loveall Loveall1553435025
24/03/2019 13:43
BugGPSReverse & WSL

I have GPSReverse working on Windows 10, 1809.  putty to COM8 works great.  Run putty under WLinux (Debian distro written for WSL) to /dev/ttyS8 and no data.  Possible issue with virtual com port and WSL?

I have created GPSReverse with both 1 & 2 (both worked) and with MTH enabled/disabled (both worked) so all 4 combos worked in Windows but not when attaching within the Linux running under WSL.  Microsoft has supported com ports in WSL since 1709.

Thanks!  I am ready upgrade from evaluation if we can get this to work!


Note: One difference between real port and the virtual port that I see in the Device Manager is the Port Settings tab is missing from the virtual port properties.  I don't know if this would affect it.

27/03/2019 12:06 Loveall Loveall

We 'll take a look, but I doubt that anything can be done at the moment apart from waiting to see if there is some new driver API that would allow the driver to be visible to WSL.

Support Team

Thanks.  Some more research:

According to the following code should work in Powershell but, as you can see, the port is not being detected as a serial port.  This would explain why it is not being properly mapped to WSL.  I believe if this can be resolved, we probably will see work with WSL.  I was using the v2 driver for this test.

PS H:\> $port= new-Object System.IO.Ports.SerialPort COM8,9600,None,8,one
PS H:\> $port.Open()
Exception calling "Open" with "0" argument(s): "The given port name is invalid.  It may be a valid port, but not a
serial port.

25/03/2019 19:22 Administrator

We 'll take a look, but I doubt that anything can be done at the moment apart from waiting to see if there is some new driver API that would allow the driver to be visible to WSL.

25/03/2019 19:20 Loveall Loveall

I have GPSReverse working on Windows 10, 1809.  putty to COM8 works great.  Run putty under WLinux (Debian distro written for WSL) to /dev/ttyS8 and no data.  Possible issue with virtual com port and WSL?

I have created GPSReverse with both 1 & 2 (both worked) and with MTH enabled/disabled (both worked) so all 4 combos worked in Windows but not when attaching within the Linux running under WSL.  Microsoft has supported com ports in WSL since 1709.

Thanks!  I am ready upgrade from evaluation if we can get this to work!


Note: One difference between real port and the virtual port that I see in the Device Manager is the Port Settings tab is missing from the virtual port properties.  I don't know if this would affect it.

Loveall Peter

Please note that I tried both v1 and v2, both with and without MTH.

25/03/2019 19:18 Administrator

I see. I'm not sure if anything fixable is missing at the moment, did you try  installing the V2 driver ? There is an option in GPSReverse to install the experimental UMDF 2.x driver which might work better.

25/03/2019 19:14 Loveall Loveall

No, you are not understanding.  The port works correctly with Windows programs running natively in Windows, including putty.

Microsoft introduced something called Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in Windows 10 which allows Linux applications to run under a Linux distro without knowledge of Windows.  In Windows 10 1709, Microsoft added serial port support where /dev/ttySn map directly to COMn ports in the Windows OS.  What I am saying in this thread is that functionality does work for physical serial ports and for -some- virtual serial ports but not yours.  The question is "What is missing in your driver that Microsoft is looking for to successfully map your COMn driver to /dev/ttySn?"

The Linux putty and the Windows putty are working perfectly.  putty is a simple terminal tester when connected to a serial port and works basically the same in Windows and in Linux making it an excellent test tool for your adapter.

Have you looked at the WSL serial port support implemented by Microsoft and verified that your drivers will be properly mapped?

25/03/2019 19:03 Administrator

Then a PuTTy issue, try opening the port as long port (if COM8, open it as \\.\COM8).

25/03/2019 19:01 Loveall Loveall Yes.  Plus Windows putty (in Windows) sees NMEA on COM8 but Linux putty (in WSL Linux) does not see NMEA on /dev/ttyS8.
25/03/2019 18:41 Administrator

Is the testing tool that come with GPSComplete (Any COM Port Open) able to open the port?

647Luna de Toledo Luna de Toledo1551272563
27/02/2019 13:02
BugNo connect with .NET (Reverse driver)

I have a .net  (c#)program and  always says: "The given port name does not start with COM/com or does not resolve to a valid serial port". I can see the COM4 by secure CRT program and  I  see the nmea  tracks. I have done a bad purchase.  

Windows 10 64 enterprise

28/02/2019 14:35 Administrator

We do not assist in programming questions here; Please feel free to contact us via the Business Contact ( for expert advice on your issue.


28/02/2019 10:34 Luna de Toledo Luna de Toledo


I'm Sorry, It's not truth. A C++ ( ) doesn't work.


28/02/2019 09:04 Administrator

I have no knowledge of .NET, I suggest you try stackoverflow to check what could be wrong.

In C++ it works fine.

27/02/2019 18:34 Luna de Toledo Luna de Toledo

I don`t understand , my  simple c# program (error: he given port name does not start with COM/com or does not resolve to a valid serial port ):

            // Create a new SerialPort object with default settings.

            _serialPort = new SerialPort();

            // Allow the user to set the appropriate properties.

            _serialPort.PortName = "COM4";

            _serialPort.BaudRate = 38400;

            _serialPort.Parity = Parity.None;

            _serialPort.DataBits = 8;

            _serialPort.StopBits = StopBits.One;

            _serialPort.Handshake = Handshake.RequestToSend;

            // Set the read/write timeouts

            _serialPort.ReadTimeout = 500;

            _serialPort.WriteTimeout = 500;


27/02/2019 18:26 Administrator

Yes it works, you need a program that is able to open the port. Try \\.\COM4 as well. 

27/02/2019 18:22 Luna de Toledo Luna de Toledo Does it work on windows 10 64 bits? I can see that the definition of COM port is diferent to others ports. Only old programs can connect to virtual COM  like Securecrt 3.4 2003. I have make a sort c# (VS 2013) source   I have used  diferents programs like Enumser.exe  or SerialPortListener.exe downloaded from CodePrject  and KO too.  
27/02/2019 17:58 Administrator

How can I help?

646DeMartini DeMartini1548465740
26/01/2019 01:22
BugGPSComplete quarantined by Avast Antivirus free

Friends, just fired up GPSComplete on my Win 10 tablet prior to running OpenCPN, I was just going to check to see if a new GPS puck deflected the compass on my boat when to my surprise Avast antivirus blocked and quarantined GPSComplete.  It claimed that the file had a Win32:malware-gen infection. Not only that, although Avast said it had moved the file to the Virus Chest where quarantined files are supposed to go, it was not there. I will bring it up with Avast but I was wondering if anyone else has run into this?

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Thanks, Marc 

26/01/2019 05:54 Administrator

Something is wrong with your system.

645Hastie Hastie1548086646
21/01/2019 16:04
BugWindows 10 Location Data I am a complete newby to the geolocation world.  I need help connecting my Android phone's GPS data to my Windows 10 tablet for a tracking application.  This will be a commercial product.  I have my phone and tablet connected via BT but am unable to get my tablet to use the GPS signal from the phone instead of the default Windows (wifi) location data.  When I turn off the Wifi, no tracking.  I am unable to figure this out with the tools provided.  I just need a little nudge in the right direction.
21/01/2019 16:41 Administrator

You need GPSDirect. Did you install and test it via the sensor explorer?

Install it to the com port provided by the BT.

644Thompson Thompson1547156538
10/01/2019 21:42
BugUsing GPSDirect with TCP

I am having a hard time getting GPS direct to work using TCP. It looks like GPS Direct act as the TCP Client. I have created a simulator that listens on the TCP Port I specified in the GPS Direct Driver and (according to Windows netstat command), the connection gets established from the GPSDirect sensor. But, Sensor Explorer always shows a status of $GPOPENING and no NMEA commands that I send through the simulator will update the information in Sensor Explorer. First, is my understanding of the interface correct and; second, what can I do to further troubleshoot?



10/01/2019 22:13 Administrator

The best debugging option is to download and test. If gpsdirect can connect to this, then you have a problem with your nmea server.

643Radko Radko1547136098
10/01/2019 16:01
BugGPSDirect driver cannot restart after a rebootI can install GPSDirect and everything works as expected.  However, if the laptop is shut down or rebooted when it comes back up the GPSDirect sensor driver reports "device cannot start (Code 10)" and the only way to get it working again is to uninstall and reinstall the software.  My test Windows 10 laptop is at version 1607 and does not have this issue.  My production Windows 10 laptop is at version 1709 and this device has the driver shutdown after a reboot.  The Windows OS version seems to be the only difference between my two environments.  Could this be the culprit, or is there something else that could cause the Code 10?
05/02/2019 21:28 Administrator

All versions have UMDF support, current 1809 works fine.

05/02/2019 20:32 Radko Radko
I’m not sure that the issue is with functionality of the driver itself more-so an issue with the driver loading after a reboot. If the device is disabled/enabled after a reboot it appears to work as intended, however, if a reboot occurs at any point in time device manager then shows the device could not start.

Researching the issue, I’ve noticed there is no Windows User-Mode Driver Framework Service present in Windows 10 build 1709, however it is present in 1607 where things work fine. Is that a problem as it relates to the gpsdirect driver? If not, can anyone confirm that gpsdirect is functioning on any of the later Windows 10 builds?

29/01/2019 21:36 Administrator

The proper test for the driver is a) to use sensor explorer to test for the signal flow and b) to use ms maps to check if it gets a location. The ILocation is deprecated and it is not going to work reliably.

29/01/2019 21:24 Radko Radko

I'm not having any luck with the inject method.  When I do iLocationQuery it comes back with nothing.

My previous version of GPSDirect used sensor driver version (7/16/2018).  This new driver version is (1/16/2019) and will not work properly with our Windows build.  Is there a way to roll back the driver version to see if it will work with our new Windows build?

29/01/2019 19:20 Administrator

Since you installed GPSComplete in inject mode, "Inject" is the target you must use in TT. 

The TT Source must be the IP/Port of the network source.

29/01/2019 19:08 Radko Radko I don't get that option in the Destination drop-down.  Only choices are COM Port Driver, Set Default Location, and Inject.
29/01/2019 17:00 Administrator

The destination should be the sensor driver, not the default location (which is an obsolete API).

29/01/2019 16:50 Radko Radko

I install the GPSDirect driver in Injection mode.

I install Transfer Tool with Source=COM Port , put in port 6257, and then Destination = Set Default Location.

When I do an ILocationQuery it will work a couple times, but then the location coordinates go away and I can't it to work again.

We did fine on testing the previous build of GPSComplete but this latest update doesn't seem compatible with the drivers on our latest build of Windows 10.  What build versions  are GPSComplete fully compatible with?

29/01/2019 16:06 Administrator

You have to use this port number in Transfer Tool configuration. Port number set in injection mode in GPSDirect is ignored.

29/01/2019 16:04 Radko Radko I am using an IP address with port 6257 when is set up GPSDirect driver.  If I use Injection for the NMEA source, do I still use port 6257 in the Baud/Port setting?  When I setup the Transfer Tool I'm assuming I use COM port for source, put in 6257 for the port number and then choose Set Default Location for the destination?
10/01/2019 16:11 Administrator

There might be an incompatibility. Install the driver in injection mode and install the Transfer Tool to get data from the COM port and to inject it to the driver.

642Organ Organ1547124210
10/01/2019 12:43
BugOn line payment


When using Mastercard to make payment, using a business card, where do i put the company card details as the online form asks for First and Last names?? 

10/01/2019 13:39 Administrator What for is the payment?
641Winthorst Winthorst1544651129
12/12/2018 21:45
BugGPSdirect stops frequently.

I'm using the following setup. Laptop with Windows 10 x64, qstarz 818XT GPS connected via USB cable.

Using the gpscomplete64.exe as driver. Most recent version. Starting from the command prompt with following settings.

gpscomplete64.exe /d gpsdirect /c install /s COM6 /b 115200

After 5 min the GPS driver stops and in the windows device manager the driver shows an error 43. The driver also disappears from the configuration screen. Any idea what can cause this?

13/12/2018 20:06 Administrator

But do use the testing tool that comes with GPSComplete, because the same tool is used by the driver to read the com port.

13/12/2018 19:51 Winthorst Winthorst

I'm using the program supplied by the manufacture. This shows an constant data steam from the GPS coming into the computer. No delays or stops in the stream of data.

Here is an link to the program:

13/12/2018 18:52 Administrator When you test the com port manually with the port testing tools, is there valid data?
13/12/2018 18:24 Winthorst Winthorst

Thanks for the quick feedback.

I have tested today, GPS direct in Inject mode. The transfer tool setup to read from COM6 and in inject mode. 

I get one time the data when I open the sensor explorer. The data looks to be valid but the time stamp is not updating. When I close sensor explorer and open again the time stamp stays the same when I first open it.

When using the GPSdirect as I mention in my first post directly reading from com6 the data was updating for 5 to 10 min and then stopped as the driver stopped with an error 43. Any more suggestions are welcome.

12/12/2018 22:05 Administrator

The driver is not always fully compatible with the hardware. That's why we have created the transfer tool, so try that. Install the driver in injection mode, then the transfer tool from the com Port to the driver.


640Gordon Gordon1544070704
06/12/2018 04:31
BugGPS Direct driver fails on load

I am running windows 10 home on a surface go

when i try to load GPS Direct driver a window comes up with message that says driver failed.

the other driver for com port loads ok.

how do i load GPS direct driver --- i did load as admin.


26/12/2018 23:21 Gordon Gordon

Load com port driver Test -- and got good data --- try normal and injection with no data being transfer to computer

26/12/2018 22:33 Gordon Gordon

also I just received an update on 12/23/2018 -- just wondering

26/12/2018 22:26 Gordon Gordon

I check baud rates and are the same at 9600 -- also for some background i program computes for 32 years a retired for 19 years

i have setup the RS232 port for printers and other devices I am not new to the old serial ports.  I just donot understand what is going on.

more background i have a surface go running windows 10 home -- I also have a surface pro running windows 10 pro and have same problem on both systems.

26/12/2018 21:49 Administrator

In that case you usually need to change the baud rate.

Note that unless the COM port tool reads the data correctly, the other tools won't work since they share the same code.

26/12/2018 21:47 Gordon Gordon

Using the com tool -- all i get on the port is garbage -- i do have a program that reads that port just fine.


06/12/2018 21:47 Gordon Gordon

the manual selection of com ports load fine -- need to test --- try Maps and does not seem to work need more testinging

do i need to load the reverse drivers with same port?

also there is another com driver that gets load when i put in the GPS receiver in ubs port

will that cause problems

where do i get the testing software you gave name for

I found test software -- under tools

I turn on port and get info.  --- I get location and loc info is not where i am looks like it is not reading GPS -- I use google earth to get my location and it dose not match the location from sensor.

So how do i get the sensor to talk to the GPS receiver ?

06/12/2018 21:21 Administrator

Are you sure it correctly detects the COM port?

Try a manual selection.

Use the testing com port tools to verify that the port actually works.

06/12/2018 16:22 Gordon Gordon

Driver loads in Simulation mode.

Driver only fails in Auto

06/12/2018 08:01 Administrator

Does it also fail to load in simulation mode?

639Arroyo Arroyo1541808512
10/11/2018 00:08

Is there a free version of GPSDirect driver?  I tried the evaluation version on Windows 10 and the Maps app but it would not keep updating my position unless I pressed the circle icon on the app.  Is this normal on this app?


11/11/2018 10:13 Administrator

Check if you actually have a signal in Sensor Explorer tests.

638Boesen Boesen1540090304
21/10/2018 02:51
BugCreated COM port in Device Manager is different from COM port that worksHi, I installed GPS Reverse which created a port visible in Device Manager (COM 3). But when using a tool to access it, I can access it on a different port (COM 5). How is that possible? .s
21/10/2018 08:25 Administrator In the actual COM3, is it accessible?
636Schoensleben Schoensleben1533623079
07/08/2018 06:24
BugGPSDirect looses connection to GPSGate (COM-Port driver) 5 - 10 seconds after starting.

Garmin GPS (Garmin Spanner Protocol) connected to Franson GPSGate 2.6.  (Output: Virtual COM2 NMEA Filter). Two different Map-Applications (Quo Vadis 7 and Memory Map 6) run fine with this Virtuel COM-Driver. Then stopping both Map-Applications, restarting Franson GPSGate and connecting GPSComplete (actual version) to GPS Gate instead of the Map Applications. GPS-Gate shows "1 client connected" for 5 - 10 seconds and then the connection between the 2 applications stops.

Status in Sensor Explorer is either "init (no fix yet)" or "Ready". Data is delivered to the Sensor explorer during this time, then stops. Auto Location "NO" or "YES" has no effect.

After starting the Windows Maps  application GPSGate reports again "client connected" for 5 - 10 seconds before loosing the connection again. During the active period the position is correctly updated in the Maps application

Using the simulator in GPSComplete delivers constant GPS-Date to the Maps Application (somewhere in Ghana). So the problem must be between GPS-Gate and GPSComplte.

NMEA Protocol problem?

Kind regards


08/08/2018 06:39 Administrator

The any com port is just a testing feature to check if there is data in the port.

It seems that there are incompatibilities  between driver and port, you should try the transfer tool mode.

Install the driver in injection mode, then configure the TT.

08/08/2018 01:10 Schoensleben Schoensleben

The issue seems to be completely different than I thought.

As long as in the "Any COM Port on" mode, the client stays connected to GPSGate and it seems the data is routed through to the application (not guaranteed as I didn't drive so far).

As soon as in "COM Port off" mode the connection to GPS gate is lost within about 10 seconds (some sort of a timeout). This behaviour is also true while driving in which case no data is passed to the application.

In "Sensor Explorer on" mode (that's what I used so far while testing) the connection is also lost.

Is it because in the "Any COM Port On" mode GPSDirect is constantly requesting new data? Could be that it is actually a problem of the Maps-Application who should request data, but Microsoft doesn't want the application to be used for on-road navigation.

Kind rergards


07/08/2018 08:47 Schoensleben Schoensleben

I'm in Central Australia on very, very poor internet. So I prepared the whole post before having internet.

Being in Coober Pedy I installed the latest Windows 10 updates and at the same time noticed that you sent an automatic update.

Reading your answer I prepared the reply and noticed that the application now works up to 10 minutes before freezing. After restarting the Maps application the whole thing worked again for some minutes. Something must have changed. Huge improvement. I will continue testing tomorrow and give you a result (hopefully).

By the way: All tests have been done while stationary i.e. not driving. Vibration should not be an issue.

Cheers and thanks for the fast reply.


07/08/2018 07:00 Administrator

Would you paste me the nmea strings returned from gps gate?

Take them using the com port tests in GPSComplete.

635Fiaccadori Fiaccadori1531983912
19/07/2018 07:05
BugGPS Reverse only zeroes on output to com port

Good morning,

my computer had an accident and died. I have now a new one - same manufacturer and model, exactly the same.

The situation is as follows:

- GPS complete program last version 64 bit

- Before installing I checked if GPS data were available - they were

- Installed GPS reverse in client mode

- Configured transfer tool from GPS sensor to com port

The problem is that output to port is all zeroes. I repeated procedures several times, checked with com port and an external program, but I had the same result

Any Idea how to fix it?

Best regards and thanks Piero Fiaccadori (registered user)

25/07/2018 17:09 Fiaccadori Fiaccadori

Ciao Michael, any news?

ciao Piero

19/07/2018 09:25 Administrator

Find me on skype (windowsnt_997) to try a remote debugging session.

19/07/2018 09:23 Fiaccadori Fiaccadori

The helper is working, but the output of transfer tool is still all zeroes

To clarify for you, I get nmea sentences not GPNULL, but the values are zeroes

ciao Piero

19/07/2018 09:10 Administrator

You are correct, i fixed it with a helper, try the update in a few minutes.

19/07/2018 09:02 Fiaccadori Fiaccadori

Yes that's correct, thats the correct values. The TT configuration has changed.

Support Team

If that's the correct values how can I identify the GNSS entry?

ciao Piero

19/07/2018 08:57 Administrator

Yes that's correct, thats the correct values. The TT configuration has changed.

19/07/2018 08:55 Fiaccadori Fiaccadori

Good day again, installed the update but:

- in "configure transfer tool", in the dropbox where I should see the names of sensor driver I see a list of exadecimal values instead

- I uninstalled and reinstalled driver, but still exadecimal values

thanks and best regards Piero

19/07/2018 07:35 Administrator

I found the bug and I'm fixing it, expect an update later.

19/07/2018 07:16 Administrator You are getting nulls or GPNULL?
634Aggarwal Aggarwal1530010423
26/06/2018 10:53
BugUnable to set Location as 0,0

Hi Team,

I am using the tool for testing my (non-commercial application, for self learning).

I have a Nmea application publishing geocoordinates to GpsDriver via virtual com ports .

The problem is I cannot set the location Lat = 0.00000 and Long = 0.0000 if I am using GpsDriverTools.

The Gps driver tool keeps on sending the last known Non zero Location.

Use case :

1) set the location Lat = 2.0 , Longitde = 2.0 in your Nmea source  , the GPS driver publish correct information

2) Now set  Lat = 0.00000 and Long = 0.0000 in your Nmea source, the GPS driver still publish Lat = 2.0 , Longitde = 2.0 

I tried with different combination of values provided by Gps driver:

Dont update data ,

Update data , dont report to windows 

Update data and report to windows 


But nothing helped.

Kindly let me know , if this is a known issue and when Can I expect the fix for this problem.

Thanks in advance.



27/06/2018 07:33 Aggarwal Aggarwal

Hi Team ,

Thanks for the clarification .

Looking forward for future Update releases.



26/06/2018 14:33 Administrator

0,0 is treated by windows internally as a "no-position" (because it's unlikely you are actually in the Guinea gulf center).

Therefore, zero in lat/long is not treated as a real value, but as a testing one. However I will see if there is an option to override this.

633Rogers Rogers1529011663
14/06/2018 21:27
BugFailure installing GPS Complete on a Panasonic Toughpad - Sensor Manager cannot be created


I'm trying to install GPS Complete on a Windows 10 Toughpad but am running into the Sensor Manager cannot be created error message.  We've successfully installed GPS Complete on other Toughpads but can't for whatever reason install it on this one.

Can someone advise why the installer would be failing?


16/06/2018 07:38 Administrator

Geolocation service.

Other than that, there might be a custom control panel service for the particular tablet that switches the sensor on/off.

15/06/2018 19:39 Rogers Rogers

Thanks for the reply!

Upgrade from a Win 7 Home version?
Fresh install of Windows 10 Enterprise Edition

Some service disabled? (check services.msc)
Which services in particular are you interested in?

Some group policy applied?
Yes but we have other Toughpads with the same group policy that had successful installs.

15/06/2018 11:45 Administrator

Upgrade from a Win 7 Home version?

Some service disabled? (check services.msc)

Some group policy applied?

632Calvert Calvert1528789334
12/06/2018 07:42
Buggpscomplete64 install fails with "Sensor Manager cannot be created"I'd really like to try this product, any help would be appreciated
12/06/2018 17:08 Administrator

I guess that the previous Windows version was a version without the sensor interface then.

12/06/2018 15:51 Calvert Calvert

Sorry, I should have specified : Windows 10, but an upgraded-from-Windows-7.

On a true Windows 10 it works fine.

Thanks for the prompt response!

12/06/2018 14:21 Administrator

Not all Windows versions support GPSComplete, are you running some "reduced" or home version?

631Prybell Prybell1527861086
01/06/2018 13:51
BugGPS Reverse Windows 10 COM Port Issue


I have a Windows 10, Latitude 5414 semi rugged, that runs Motorola mapping software that needs to see the GPS data coming from COM5 at 4800 baud. I have tried assigning COM5  with the COM Port Driver but I see no place to change the baud. When the driver is installed it shows "UMDF 1.x Installed (COM3 COM5)"  on the GPSComplete Status.  There are 2 physical COM Ports and they are assigned 1,2 so I understand why 3 would be next assigned.  When I run the Any COM Port test and choose COM5 I do see data. The problem is in Device manager it shows as COM3 and I think this is whats ,messing up the Motorola software. Is there anyway to assign the Virtual COM port to COM5 only (so it shows in Device Manager as COM5) and to have the baud rate at 4800?


01/06/2018 19:14 Prybell Prybell

Thank you!

01/06/2018 14:27 Administrator

The  baud rate has only a meaning for physical COM ports. There is no meaning in setting it in a virtual port, so you can use 4800 in your app.

That said, I will take a look to check if there is a way to force a virtual number.

630Benz Benz1527202753
24/05/2018 22:59
BugGPS Direct on Surface Pro 2017

This software was listed as the solution for bringing in external USB GPS to MapFactor.

I have installed the GlobalSat USB driver and when I run GPSInfo it shows multiple satellite connections on COM3, Google Maps is able to see it, however no other map program can find it.

When I installed GPSDirect  sensor driver to COM3 it was successful, but GPSInfo now gives a COM port error and the GPSDirect Location tester is unable to find a location.

Please advise.

25/05/2018 12:36 Administrator

The com port is permanently opened by GPSDirect, however a soon to be released update will enable opening the com port in shared mode.

The location finder depends also on other factors. Your first testing step should be the sensor explorer to check if the data flow is correct.

629Sullivan Sullivan1525501598
05/05/2018 06:26
BugSurface Pro 2017 LTE - No sensor reported

looks like no sensor is being detected with Surface Pro 2017 LTE

Under test -> ilocation query, reports correct GPS coordinates, and the GPS works fine in all other ilocation aware apps.

Under com port -> install, it shows no sensors

Under sensor explorer it shows 8 devices but known that appear to be the GPS

The only one that could be it is listed as  "Simple device orientation sensor (Microsoft)" but no values are shown when selected like the others, Just a weird refresh of name and value column headers.

05/05/2018 08:53 Administrator

I see, in that case GPSReverse is of no use to you (it does not work with every hardware, that is why we provide an evaluation).

Refund initiated.

05/05/2018 08:52 Sullivan Sullivan Sorry looks like  I used any com port tester and selected com 3 and it failed but selecting virtual com port tester I get a single gps read out.

05/05/2018 08:44 Administrator Does the com port tester in tests menu work with the port you created?
05/05/2018 08:41 Sullivan Sullivan OK I got it to transfer tool to map to sensor protocol and shows live data now, but trying to make this transfer to com port for 3rd party application to work via serial, but get access denied when testing com3.

05/05/2018 08:17 Administrator

Some devices are intended to return location information (that is why maps work) using the location API, but they are not using the common sensor protocol.

In such cases you cannot use GPSReverse to directly create a com port.

What you can do is:

  • Install GPSReverse in client mode (there is such an option in the installation dialog)
  • Configure the transfer tool to transfer data from ILocation to the COM port driver.
  • Start the transfer tool

05/05/2018 08:11 Sullivan Sullivan

I am using the built in GPRS / 4G LTE module internal to the Surface Pro 2017 LTE.

How can I test if its compatible? its a Microsoft Product and operating system.

It works fine with internal Maps application etc

05/05/2018 08:09 Administrator

Do you actually have a sensor compatible with the Windows Sensor Mechanism?

628Hodgson Hodgson1524645080
25/04/2018 08:31
BugSupport for multiple COM Ports


We have a specific requirement to support multiple COM ports and to switch seamlessly between them.  This is our scenario, I would be grateful if you could let me know if GPS Complete would be able to cope with this:

We have a customer that has a docking station inside a vehicle, the docking station is connected to an external GPS aerial on the roof of the vehicle.  This is the preferred GPS source.  However the laptop has its own GPS source and when undocked we need to switch to the laptops GPS source for when the user is mobile away from the vehicle.  Then when they return to the vehicle and re-dock the PC we need to switch back to the GPS source attached to the docking station.

This all has to be done seamlessly as the application that is used on the laptop is full screen and prevents the user from interacting with Windows.

25/04/2018 10:53 Administrator

At this moment GPSComplete does not support multiple connections, but we may add it in the future.

627Skinaglow60 Skinaglow601524617994
25/04/2018 00:59
BugGPSDirect Sensor shows only Init (No Fix Yet) and program Freezes.

Installed Windows GPS Sharing App on Android Samsung Smartphone.
Installed GPSComplete on Windows 10 PC and paired (Bluetooth) Android with PC, GPSComplete recognized Samsung BT
Entered Phones BT code into GPSC in Sensor Driver but when search Explorer resulted in GPSDirect Sensor (No Fix Yet) Error
Tried using COM3 (Samsung COM Port was 3) and Baud Speed 9600 entry but resulted in Error: COM Port Opening Failed
Nothing is working....

25/04/2018 05:00 Skinaglow60 Skinaglow60 I wanted to get a bluetooth GPS anyways so will keep the sensor driver for when I get one.  Thanks for the help. 
25/04/2018 04:50 Administrator

GPSDirect works with a local bluetooth GPS device, that is, a bluetooth attached to the computer.  To connect an android phone, the connection works over TCP.

The sensor driver menu has an uninstall function.

25/04/2018 04:48 Skinaglow60 Skinaglow60

I did a lot of googling and from what everyone was saying, GPSDirect could be used to add external GPS capability to my Windows 10 PC and then I would be able to access and use offline navigation maps etc. 

So GPSDirect only works with internet connection?

If that is true I don't think this will work for me. How do uninstall the GPSComplete Drivers. There is no uninstall. 

25/04/2018 04:03 Administrator

The sharing works over TCP, not over COM port.

626Ash Ash1523872178
16/04/2018 09:49
BugInstallation Failed

I am trying to install the sensor driver from GPSComplete and I receive an Installation Failed message.  I have turned off the firewall but it didn't help.  Any ideas?

Windows 10 btw...

16/04/2018 14:57 Ash Ash Ok I have it working now.  Although the app says "lost fix", the tester is should coordinates on that port
16/04/2018 10:58 Ash Ash It does
16/04/2018 10:54 Administrator Probably yes, does the location query in tests menu work?
16/04/2018 10:32 Ash Ash Windows 10 Home.  Is that a problem? 
16/04/2018 10:19 Administrator Which Windows 10 version? Somehow truncated features?
625Clark Clark1523442019
11/04/2018 10:20
BugLocation not recorded

I have no sensor and am attempting to input a fixed value. When I use LocationFixer as Administrator

Location Query lists no values. I Have tried GPS Direct Fixed with the same result. Status explorer

reports Disabled and no values. Machine is ASUS laptop Window 10 Home 10.0.16299.

11/04/2018 21:55 Administrator

You have to enable the sensor somehow, most probably via a sensor item in control panel.

624Stefarov Stefarov1522973640
06/04/2018 00:14
BugData reported by GPSDirect is missing Speed and Course?

Hello! I'm trying to use GPSDirect to consume NMEA data via Win32 Location API. I'm doing this from a desktop application under Windows 10 x64.

Although my data includes GPRMC messages with course and speed information, the ILocationReports that I'm getting do not include this information. More specifically, reported SENSOR_DATA_TYPE_SPEED_KNOTS and SENSOR_DATA_TYPE_TRUE_HEADING_DEGREES values are blank. Is this a known limitation, a bug, or am I perhaps doing something wrong? Here is an example data point:


I expected the API to report speed of 55.6 and heading of 124.6, but they both remain blank. Other fields (lat/lon/altitude) do get reported correctly.

10/04/2018 00:23 Stefarov Stefarov Switching to the Sensor API worked, thanks. It is unfortunate that Location API omits these two values. It would've been perfect for my needs otherwise.
06/04/2018 21:27 Administrator

There is the location API and there is the sensor API. The latter one works with any kind of sensor (not just location) and returns the full set of information that a sensor can provide.

By contrast, the location API is based on Windows estimation of the location; this may come from the sensor, may come from the WiFi, may come from anything Windows seems appropriate.

06/04/2018 20:44 Stefarov Stefarov

I do see values for speed and heading in the Sensor Explorer:

#12 {055C74D8-CA6F-47D6-95C6-1ED3637A0FF4}/6   55.600000
#13 {055C74D8-CA6F-47D6-95C6-1ED3637A0FF4}/7  124.600000

Does the Sensor Explorer use something internal, or is the same COM Location API that I'm using? I'm starting to wonder if there's some configuration / permission / conversion detail that I'm missing...

06/04/2018 19:14 Administrator I do not recall the location API having course information. Can you see the values you are feeding in the sensor explorer test?
06/04/2018 19:08 Stefarov Stefarov

This PC is not physically moving, but I'm feeding it NMEA data that was recording while moving — for testing/dev purposes.

I just tried reading the same data via the newer Windows.Devices.Geolocation APIs, and I do get good speed/heading data. So the problem seems limited to the old Win32 Location API.

06/04/2018 06:29 Administrator Are you actually moving?
623Keuling Keuling1521545790
20/03/2018 11:36
BugGPS Complete with Holux GPSGR-213I did set up my new HP ProBook 470GS with Win 10 Pro. I have been using the Holux GR-213 with my old notebook without problems after switching from Win 7 Pro to Win 10 Pro. Now, with my new notebook I have tried about all settings and sugestions with GPS Complete but I cannot get it to work. The GPS Hardware is working correctly.

22/03/2018 11:22 Administrator

The fact that it shows zeroes means that you don't have (yet) a GPS Fix.

Can you try it outdoors?

Also, the fact that ILocation works means that it gets data from your WiFi, not GPS.

21/03/2018 12:42 Keuling Keuling

Sorry, I tried to attach screenshots. This did not work.

The GPS Port Testing shows zeros N and Zeros E

The ILocastion is shown correctly

21/03/2018 09:39 Keuling Keuling How do I attach screen shots. Entering them with above picture entry does not work

21/03/2018 09:37 Keuling Keuling Yes, I did

20/03/2018 12:10 Administrator Did you test the com port with gpscomplete port testing?
622Fewtrell Fewtrell1521002588
14/03/2018 04:43
BugConnecting to multiple apps on Windows 10

I have successfully been using my Bluetooth GPS with OziExplorer mapping software. Now I have started using WikiCamps and Google Maps for navigation as well as OziExplorer. I have downloaded and installed GPS Complete evaluation software. I would like to be able to see my location on all these apps at the same time but find that just using my Bluetooth GPS I can either see my location in  OziExplorer or WikiCamps (and sometimes Google Maps) but not both together and cannot choose which one is accessing the COM port when GPS Complete is running. I'm guessing that only one app can access the Bluetooth device at a time.

Now I have downloaded the Windows 7 GPS Sharing app on my new Android phone. I have uninstalled the COM port information, it now says GPS Reverse is not installed. I have also installed the IP address and port provided on the Android app, the IP info is listed in the GPS Direct details. WikiCamps was still not picking up my location. 

I'd appreciate your advice, I've installed and uninstalled repeatedly with no success. Once I had a GSP Sensor fix in Test mode but other times not. Is it possible to have all these apps running at once with either one GPS device or GPS and phone? If so, how?

16/03/2018 15:34 Administrator

Yes, install GPSDirect on the COM port of the bluetooth directly with the "maximum precision" option enabled.

After that however, you won't be able to see the COM port from apps that need the COM port.

16/03/2018 02:29 Fewtrell Fewtrell

Thank you for your reply. GPS direct sensor drive was recommended in this WikiCamps forum to obtain a GPS fix . What I want to do is see my location in WikiCamps as we travel. I have Windows 10 tablet/laptop and my location does not update or display accurately. Can your software help with this?

14/03/2018 10:33 Administrator

Hello there.

It's possible that your software wants to access the COM port directly. If it can, why you would need to use GPSDirect anyway?

621Cooper Cooper1518938661
18/02/2018 07:24
Buggpsreverse not getting gps direct info

New to these Forum thingos but here goes:

I have gpscomplete installed on a Fujitsu Q704 tablet running Win 10used for marine navigation whilst ocean racing.

As I will be doing a long ocean race to Noumea soon on a different boat, I'm setting up some new gps inputs,  Using a Garmin Glo which is not supported in Win 10, gpsdirect recognises it and I can get a location using iLocation and it also seems to send a position to Expedition, my navigation app.  However, if I try to use gpsreverse to get serial port output, I never get any position info.  I've tried the direct to a COM port driver and also the client/ transfer approach to no avail. 

Any ideas,


19/02/2018 19:44 Administrator

Does the Sensor Explorer in Tests menu show the GPSDirect data?

620Nolte Nolte1518387076
11/02/2018 22:11
BugEnable loggingThere's an option when you install the GPSDirect driver to enable logging, what does this do and where are the logs stored? Thanks.
19/02/2018 19:27 Administrator

That option is there to force data when there is no data. You can use the "Always tell Windows there is data" to force the Location API to see that there is data (it keeps the previous valid value).

In theory of course, in practice we don't know where exactly the Location API gets the data from.

17/02/2018 23:02 Nolte Nolte

I went out today to test and didn't see any of those jumps, so I'm not sure what the deal was last weekend.

Is there documentation somewhere or can you give a better description of what the different options under "On lost signal" do, and how it affects the location in the Windows Location API?

14/02/2018 20:35 Administrator

Various Windows builds seems to do different things, and we cannot force them to use the sensor unless WiFi is off.

However I am looking for some new sensor properties that may prevail to Maps.

12/02/2018 05:47 Nolte Nolte

Yeah, I check everything except the shared COM mode.

I just noticed while driving today in an area with a lot of commercial buildings (stores like Menards, Walmart, etc.) the gps location was bouncing around as if windows location services was falling back to wifi/access points for location. It wasn't attenuation from the buildings, it was just random jumps for one update where it looked like it was snapping to an access point. When I was away from the stores, even in dense residential areas it was fine without any random jumps.

I've been testing different setups because I have a mix of apps that use Windows Location API then some legacy software that requires COM. Then I have the requirement for NMEA logging as well as transmitting to a web server, so I use GPSGate for that. So today I was testing GPSDirect as the software that reads the bluetooth GPS. I had a couple dropouts in the Windows Maps and Maps Pro apps, plus the random spiking I described earlier. I was also running GPSGate reading the Windows Location API for its input and logging the NMEA stream to a file which also has the spikes.

12/02/2018 05:00 Administrator

Use the maximum precision option when installing the driver.

11/02/2018 23:01 Nolte Nolte

Mostly just curious what kind of info is in there, but also to see if there could be clues as to why I would get random signal jumps or dropped signals when the GPS device was still reporting good reception

11/02/2018 22:34 Administrator Its mainly for detecting bugs, what do you need it for?
619Nolte Nolte1518249625
10/02/2018 08:00
BugLicense Key Retrieval


I purchased GPSComplete last April and I restored one of my PCs. When I go to Download License it asks for the license key, I assume this was in an email after purchase. I no longer have this, but still have the paypal receipt. What do I need to do to retrieve my license?


10/02/2018 09:19 Nolte Nolte Got it, it worked, thanks!
10/02/2018 08:30 Administrator

I found it, April 9, I will send you an e-mail asap.

10/02/2018 08:28 Administrator

I don't see a record, do you remind me the purchase date so I check it through PayPal?

10/02/2018 08:26 Nolte Nolte
10/02/2018 08:01 Administrator

What is the e-mail used to purchase?

618Randall Randall1518034841
07/02/2018 20:20
BugDownload Problem


Iam unable to download CompleteGPS even with my McAfee LiveSafe firewall off. I still get a security warning saying that there is a virus and wont download can you help.


Bill Randall 

07/02/2018 22:06 Administrator Disable antivirus before downloading.
617Dwight Dwight1517021305
27/01/2018 02:48
BugDid not receive licence key when purchased onlineI purchased the GPSdirect driver online but have not received an email with the licence key yet. Email;

Please get back to me about this matter asap. Also send the email to if that is possible (as my co-worker is on break).

Kind regards,
27/01/2018 06:18 Administrator Done
27/01/2018 06:17 Dwight Dwight Could you please send it to
27/01/2018 06:12 Administrator Key sent.
616Martin Martin1516016050
15/01/2018 11:34
BugGetac F110 - no gps-position


i am using a getac f110 with windows 10 and have the following problem:

the getac has a internal gps device. it works fine if i start the getac-software for gps-location and the software qv7 (quovadis) can also access the gps automatically.

BUT, if i am using maps in the browser (maps google, etc.) or the windows map-app, or the software "mapfactor" it is not possible to get the location, even if the settings for gps-accessibility are correct!!! 

maybe your "software" is what i need!? but i am not sure! but it sounds somehow logical to me. qv7 directly accesses the COM-port! windows software just looks at the "windows location finder"!?

thx for helping, martin

16/01/2018 21:32 Administrator Use the shared COM port option.
15/01/2018 19:47 Martin Martin

I downloaded the gpscomplete file and installed the sensor driver! Installation was successfull but during sensor sensor testing the software got stuck. But obviously the AIP was working as i could localize my position in the windows map apps! BUT with qv7 i can no longer use the internal gps (can not find gps-device on com-port)!

Had to uninstall the sensor driver to get it working again, but with no more position for win-apps! :-(( what can i do to have positioning for both  systems? Qv7 can use com/nmea/sensors, etc but does not work with the sensor driver!! :-((


15/01/2018 14:44 Administrator Yes, with maximum precision option.
15/01/2018 14:30 Martin Martin

okay, thx!

so i just need "gpsdirect"?

15/01/2018 14:10 Administrator

Try it; evaluation is available.

614Miller Miller1510323719
10/11/2017 14:21
BugWindows 10 Maps still unaware of locationI have installed the drivers and ran the com port tester to verify that the data is being received. Windows 10 maps is still unable to find location. Location settings are enabled on machine and there are no restrictions on machine. What does the transfer tool do exactly? Is it necessary for maps to know the location? 
11/11/2017 15:59 Administrator

The TT helps when the data is not there in COM port testing (In GPSReverse only).

I guess you have installed GPSDirect. Did you specify maximum precision option?

613freedman freedman1510266208
09/11/2017 22:23
Bugrun gpscomplete at startupI have gpscomplete64  setup and working in gpsreverse mode.   My problem is how to run gpscomplete64 when win 10 starts up.  Would prefer not having to click on or enter any keystrokes.  Thanks for any help  ---- I'm a linux person and have little experience with  win windows.

09/11/2017 22:26 Administrator Once installed, the driver is already running. You don't need to run the executable again except for testing or uninstall.
612Miller Miller1510236106
09/11/2017 14:01
BugWindows 10 version 1709 "Installation Failed. 3758096967"I am looking for insight into what this error code means. I receive this code when trying to install any of the of the sensor drivers.
11/11/2017 16:00 Administrator

Usually there is a Control Panel entry to start the sensors, or you can start them on reboot if disabled.

09/11/2017 16:11 Miller Miller

Sorry. To clarify I am able to install the drivers without receiving an error message

09/11/2017 16:10 Miller Miller I added the guid from the logs to my companies list of accepted guid's. Now when I use the sensor tester it shows that the state of all my sensors are disabled. When I check device manager its says theyre enabled. Any ideas why their states are disabled? 
09/11/2017 15:24 Miller Miller Message Sent
09/11/2017 15:03 Administrator Message windowssnt at
09/11/2017 15:02 Miller Miller

Sigh your web site stuff the contents of my message into the url and when I try to send portion of log file my network blocks the url. How can I send this as attach .txt file? I tried to message you directly but got same result.

09/11/2017 14:48 Miller Miller Network is blocking traffic this is a test.
09/11/2017 14:37 Administrator

I see, I guess that something blocks the installation of the driver.

Can you take a look at setup log?


09/11/2017 14:30 Miller Miller

What do you mean by first? Here's my step by step. 
1. Launch GPSComplete

2. Click Sensor Driver in upper left

3. Select Install

4. Select NMEA Source(Have tried all options here and all fail)

5. Receive Prompt "Installation Failed. 3758096967"

09/11/2017 14:04 Administrator I will take a look, do you get the driver warning message first?
611Petrouchka Petrouchka1509905228
05/11/2017 18:07
BugGPSReverse, Transfer Tool, MNEA, openCPN


I am not too savvy with computers and have a hell of a time configuring my GPS.

I have a Windows 10 tablet with a Broadcom GNSS 47531 sensor on Location 22.  I need to feed NMEA data to a navigation program called openCPN, which I think wants the data on COM1 at 4800 Bauds.

I bought a licence for GPSReverse but cannot make it work.  I also have the Transfer Tool installed.

When going to "Test, Any COM Tester On", I always get "COM Port opening failed".

When going to "Test, Virtual COM Port Tester On", I see 3 $GPGGA, $GPRMC, and $GPGSA lines.  Some data on these lines are changing every second, but they mostly are populated with strings of 0 (zeros).

What I am doing wrong?

Can someone help me configure these tools so the GPS data from the GNSS sensor can feed NMEA strings to the openCPN application?

Thanks for your time and help.


22/11/2017 17:39 Administrator

The next step is to verify outside GPSReverse (i.e. the Sensor Tester) whether the actual XYZ values are consistent.

12/11/2017 20:59 Petrouchka Petrouchka

Hooray!!!  It seems to be working now.  But it stop after a moment, even outdoors.  I am taking this to the boat to see if it works in a wide open area.

Actually it keeps loosing the position after 10 seconds up to one minute.  It can stay without position for 1/2 hour and then gives the position again for a little while before loosing it again.  So it gives the position on and off, mostly off. 

I checked the output of the sensor with Sensor Explorer when the position is given or not and the sensor data seems frozen in both situations.  Nothing changes not even the Time Stamp even when the location is updating on the openCPN application.

As for COM6 when the position is shown or not I see groups of 5 lines updating every second.

Another thing I noticed is the position updates are very responsive at times but at others they are sluggish.

OpenCPN shows a line in front of the actual position.  This line length is a function of the speed.  Sometimes the line length makes sense but at time the line is showing even when I am not moving.

Could there be an issue with openCPN acting up on the received data from GPSReverse?

Thanks for your help.

12/11/2017 20:25 Administrator

Ok from the beginning.

Install GPS reverse through the com port driver menu. In the dialog select the client mode, leave the others default.

In the transfer tool menu, select configure. As the source, select the sensor to use (make sure that the tool can see the sensor changing by testing the sensor from the tests menu). As the destination target, select the com port driver and below, the com port used by GPS reverse.

Then, start the transfer tool from the same menu.

Then, test the com port from the any port com tester from the tests menu.


12/11/2017 15:08 Petrouchka Petrouchka

Man, this is like playing Dungeons and Dragons!

How do I install GPSReverse in client mode? There is no installation I can do for GPSReverse, it gets installed with gpscomplete64.exe.  Correct?

TT is in-between the sensor and GPSReverse, correct?  What would the destination COM port for TT be, the final application (openCPN) COM port?

Can you clearly explain what to do or is it too much to ask?


12/11/2017 09:53 Administrator

Install the gps reverse in client mode, then TT to the destination com port, then start TT and test again.


11/11/2017 17:48 Petrouchka Petrouchka

Device manager shows that GPS Reverse is on COM6 and the device is working properly, and GNSS 47531 is also working properly

I think the COM Port test was failing because I was only writing 6 in the box instead of COM6.  Now for COM6 my screen is filling with lines of data updating about every second.  These lines all start with $GP and seem that they carry Longitude and Latitude values, they are for example:

$GPGGA, 171341,0000.000,N,00000.000,E,1,0,0.0,0.0,M,,4B

When testing the Virtual COM Port it shows only 3 lines with one of them having the same type of data as shown above.

When opening Sensor Explorer, and looking at Broadcom GNSS 47531, several columns show information.  In the Value column the first number is a Time Stamp, the second shows a latitude number consistent with my location, and the third a longitude also consistent with my location.  Then there are many more values below these first three.

When testing ILocation the report gives X=35.717609, Y=33.580235, Z=88.29.  I have no clue what these numbers are.

I have tried to install and start the Transfer Tool and setting the Source to Sensor driver and choosing Broadcom GNSS 4731, but for the Destination I don't know what to choose, COM Port or Set Default Location, and what the values would be.

Still no data is going to openCPN when setup to receive data from COM6 at 9600 baud.

11/11/2017 16:00 Administrator

Are you sure it's the correct COM port number?

What does devmgmt.msc say about the port?

09/11/2017 19:26 Petrouchka Petrouchka

When testing a COM Port I always get a failed message.

I am not sure how to set the Source and Destination on the Transfer Tool.

I guess the source is the Broadcom 47531 with a location 22 as shown on Device manager.  As for the Destination I have no clue what is need to be to connect to GPSReverse.

09/11/2017 14:39 Administrator

The first thing to do is, after installation of GPS reverse, to check if there is data from it using the menu tests, any com port tester.

Do you get anything there?

07/11/2017 16:08 Petrouchka Petrouchka Yes, I have tried but since I don't know exactly where and how to do this I may be messing things up.  Is there a How-to for Dummies available for people like me?  I have tried all kind of things but can't make it talk to openCPN.

06/11/2017 16:18 Administrator

The newest GPSReverse allows you to setup a fixed COM port in order to get the desired COM1 name.

Did you try that?

610Goslin Goslin1509547641
01/11/2017 14:47
BugWindows falls back to IP address resolution even when using "always tell Windows I have data"

We are using Windows 10 devices to capture GPS coordinates once every minute but we're seeing an issue where Windows Location Services is taking over and using the coordinates of where the IP address was registered.  I'm installing GPSComplete via command line with gpscomplete64 /d gpsdirect /c install /s /b 4008 /f /k /u 4.  This issue causes our GPS coordinates to jump back and forth.  

Shouldn't using UpdateMode 4 prevent this?  Is there another option we should use?  What we'd really like is for no coordinates to be reported unless they come from the GPS receiver.

02/11/2017 18:26 Goslin Goslin We don't use LocationFixer.
02/11/2017 17:55 Administrator

I will take a look.

Does the same thing happen with LocationFixer ?

02/11/2017 17:25 Goslin Goslin I tried installing with just /f and also with just /u 4 but both resulted in the same position jump issue.
01/11/2017 14:54 Administrator

Some devices only need /f, not /u 4.

I 'll take a look to check if any other options are available for getting rid of the IP location.

01/11/2017 14:52 Goslin Goslin

Just to verify, does the same error exist if you install GPSDirect from the GUI?

Support Team

I haven't tested that specifically, but the registry values are the same both ways.

01/11/2017 14:51 Goslin Goslin

Here's what it looks like in our mapping software:

Zoomed in you can see it jumping back and forth:

01/11/2017 14:48 Administrator

Just to verify, does the same error exist if you install GPSDirect from the GUI?

609Gruber Gruber1509473865
31/10/2017 18:17
BugTCP/IP Keepalive/Disconnects

When using the GPSDirect driver in TCP/IP mode, it seems that if it doesn't get valid data, or data with a fix, it will eventually disconnect, and won't reconnect to the server.  Is this normal behavior, and is there any way to prevent this from happening?

Thank you!

01/11/2017 13:36 Administrator What type of tcp server it is?
608Schoensleben Schoensleben1509361766
30/10/2017 11:09
BugGPS-Direct is not connecting to Garmin GPS on USB in Windows 10 Pro / 1709In the actual version of W10 there are no more COM-Ports visible/assigned in Device Manager. Garmin GPS is only visible as "Garmin USB GPS". GPS-Direct requires a COM-Port number to connect to the USB connected GPS. GPS-Direct in Simulation Mode works fine. How to connect the GPS as Location Sensor?
30/10/2017 11:12 Administrator

If your GPS already exposes a sensor interface then GPSComplete is not needed.

If not, then usually with some configuration mechanism, a USB device can emulate a serial port.

If your hardware cannot expose a com port, then it cannot be used with GPSComplete.

607Hoenig Hoenig1509272476
29/10/2017 10:21
BugWindows 10 pro v 1703

I've tried to use your drivers on Windows 10 Pro v 1703.

Immediately on launch of gpscomplete64, gives me the "Sensor Manager cannot be created" message.

This happens when launching via command line or gui.

This happens when launching as administrator or user.

 .\gpscomplete64.exe /d gpsdirect /c install /s com9 /b 4800
 .\gpscomplete64.exe /dgpsdirect /cinstall /scom9 /b4800
 .\gpscomplete64.exe /d gpsdirect /c install /s com9 /b 4800 /v
 .\gpscomplete64.exe /d gpsreverse /c install /s {4d36e978-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
 .\gpscomplete64.exe /d com /c register
 .\gpscomplete64.exe /d gpsdirect /c install /s com9 /b 4800 /v

I know that this is the correct baud and port, have check it using putty and the manufacturers viewer program.

29/10/2017 11:36 Hoenig Hoenig

I was able to get a sensor driver loaded by using GPSDirect that I got from Google.

Was able to fix my privacy settings which then allowed me to use a usb gps device.

Thanks for your help.

29/10/2017 10:41 Administrator

The existence of a GPS device does not necessarily mean that it be possible to map it as a sensor.

The error you are seeing means that the required libraries are missing from Windows. For example, all server versions do not have the sensor interface.

For client versions, check any possible option in control panel to enable the sensor interfaces, or perhaps a hardware button.


606Tyrlich Tyrlich1508682690
22/10/2017 14:31
BugGPSReverse with GoogleEarth

Haveing troubles to get something postet here. Thus I try it via a pdf:

22/10/2017 15:28 Administrator

Hello there. The driver outputs both \r\n. 

You can test the sentences in


605Fiaccadori Fiaccadori1508414160
19/10/2017 11:56
BugProblems with transfer tool and nmea sentences to virtual com

Thanks to help from assistance team I was able to install, configure and run transfer tool.

Com tester gave unfortunarely gave mixed results: a lot of lines full of zeroes mixed with correct ones.

Following a short record of sentences as received by Virtual GPS:



































Obviously somenthing is not working well

Could you help me?

Thanks and ciao Piero

20/10/2017 15:51 Administrator

Are you sure that the original gps data is consistent? That is, your device does not lose the signal?

604Palmer Palmer1508346842
18/10/2017 17:14
BugWindows 10, Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013, and GPSReverse; GPS errorNMEA 2.0 compatibility

I am getting an error message from MS Street & Trips on NMEA compatibility. Here is what is says:

The GPS reciever is sending messages, but they are not being recognized as NMEA 2.0 compatible.  Make sure the GPS reciever input/output format is set to deliver NMEA 2.0 compatible messages at the correct baud (4800 bps).

How do I do this?

BTW, the GPS does show up in the Device Manager page on the correct Port.


20/10/2017 15:49 Administrator

NMEA 2.0? Take a look to check if nmea 0183 can be set.

603Fiaccadori Fiaccadori1508228752
17/10/2017 08:25
BugInstalling GPS Reverse in "client mode"

Good day, following my previous post it seems that GPS Reverse should be installed in "client mode" before using transfer tool.

I checked the manuals but found no reference. 

Anyone can help and explain me the procedure?

Thanks Piero

06/01/2024 22:58 Sidhu Sidhu

did you ever figure out how to install it in client mode?

19/10/2017 06:23 Fiaccadori Fiaccadori

Thanks for the instructions. Unfortunatley, it seems that now the GPS sentences sent to the virtual port, are incomplete or broken.

I will try to fix it and, eventually, come back in the forum

ciao and thanks Piero

18/10/2017 11:48 Administrator

The client mode is available in GPSReverse installation (menu COM Port Driver -> Install).

17/10/2017 15:00 Fiaccadori Fiaccadori

Ciao support team, the problem is exactly how to install GPS reverse in client mode:

- I have downloaded the last version at 64 bit from your site (I am a licensed user). It is one executable "GPSComplete64"

- There is no installation procedure. When I launch it I see the window of the program, but there are no options for "client mode" anywere.

- I tried the procedure several times but no success in configuring and running the transfer tool.

What am I doing wrong?

ciao and thanks Piero

17/10/2017 14:22 Administrator

Hello there.

1. Install GPSReverse in Client mode

2. Install TT to forward sensor to GPSReverse

3. You are ready to use GPSReverse.


601Life Life1507569205
09/10/2017 17:13
BugTCP-IP Connection Example

My requirement is to get GPS data from a modem wirelessly. So far I have set up a listening server and set the modem to broadcast the NMEA string via UDP. I am receiving the data and my next step is to override the location sensor on a surface pro.

So my question is, when I set up the software to use a TCP-IP connection, do I just pass the the data I am receiving with a TCP-IP client and set the sensor to local host + the port number (ie : 22330)?

I just set up an echo server and I am not getting a hit with the GPS sensor software. Can someone give me an example on how to do this?


09/11/2017 17:12 Life Life

Got it to work, what an amazing product. 

FYI, I am using a Sierra Wireless Airlink GSX450   for a GPS device with a static IP that is connected to a computer with a USB cable to push data to my navigation applications. Often the USB would come loose and the application would  fail. The proposed solution was to try and get the GPS UDP packets from the GPS device over the ethernet or wirelessly (for portability in our machine's cab). We set up the device to broadcast the packets and created a listening server to capture each of the packets and then send them back out using TCP protocol and override the location sensor on our Surface Pros with your program.

Your program bridged the location services gap and saved me hundreds of lines of code that would have been required to override the coordinates in each application. What is even better,  some of my out of the box applications can run in tandem with my custom ones because of our static IP requirement for enterprise purposes.

Thank you.


22/10/2017 15:46 Administrator

The nmea is valid (

Did you also enable high precision in the driver setup?

10/10/2017 16:30 Life Life

Thanks for such a quick response.

I typically don't program with sockets but I set up a python TCP server and client and was able to pass my NMEA string to the client. However, I am not able to override the sensor on the device or get a good coordinate test. On a good note, when I installed the sensor driver my server did recognize the connection. I think I am getting close but must be missing something small.

- for a test I did set up an HTTP server to feed the strings as raw text but no luck :)

The tcp data is in two formats, neither of which created a location. Simulation and fixed modes worked perfectly on my surface pro, which was awesome.


  • As message parts with new line characters at the end of each line


  • As a single message




10/10/2017 13:38 Administrator The driver can use TCP only, are you sure your server is broadcasting the data correctly?
600Reynolds Reynolds1507133991
04/10/2017 16:19
BugProblems with navigation in Win10v1703
Two Winbook tablets running Win 10 on the same chipsets. The 8" has Win v1703 while the 7" has Win v1607.
The GPS is a DUAL XGPS150-40CC088 and I'm running the most recent version of GPSDirect.

Under Win1607:
After successful driver installation, GPSDirect works the first time with data updating in Sensor Explorer
Voice navigation in Win Maps starts as expected
Sensor Explorer/GPSDirect Sensor reports data updating during navigation

Under Win1703:
After turning on GPScomplete and installing driver, GPSDirect Sensor reports: Init(No FIX yet)
Turn off GPScomplete and turning it on again, GPSdirect Sensor now reads out position data
Turn on Win Maps, GPS successfully tracks your real time position
Ask Win Maps for directions to a location and hit GO.
Unlike v1607 you get a WIN message "Better voice navigation is available" with a choice between going to Speech settings and OK; hit OK
Sometimes you get one correct voice navigation direction followed by a "No GPS signal" message and navigation freezes, most of the time you only get No GPS signal and no navigation
Either way, GPS Direct Sensor data is no longer updating although its state is still "Ready"
Uninstalling the driver does not break the Bluetooth connection to the GPS; need to turn the GPS or tablet off

18/10/2017 11:56 Administrator

Try with 16299.

14/10/2017 01:29 Reynolds Reynolds Got the latest build of Win10 (15063.6 74) and latest version of GPSDIrect. Tried more than once with Share mode; with the similarly undependable results. Set up Win Maps and GPSDirect Sensor Reports in side by side windows. Approx. 1 out of 10 tries, position data updates regularly right up the moment you hit the Go button to start voice navigation at which time it almost immediately freezes. Still can't pin down the conditions that make it occasionally work. For what it's worth, I think whatever flag causes that "Better voice navigation is available" message is the culprit. Last June I was successfully getting voice navigation up until a new build started posting that same message which totally "killed" the voice assistant. A subsequent build no longer had that message and voice navigation returned.
10/10/2017 13:40 Administrator

I will take a look, did you try using the share mode? Some drivers require that.


599Goldstraw Goldstraw1505989232
21/09/2017 10:20
BugCANT Seem connect IPhone GPS to Windows 10

I have purchased and installed iOS GPS to windows sensor on an IPhone.

I have installed GPSComplete Evaluation version on Windows 10 x64.  This works ok in simulation mode and the Coordinates update and can be read by the apps looking for location services.

When i try to connect the IPhone to GPSComplete i can't seem to get any connection.  I have paired the devices using bluetooth, tried the bluetooth address, also tried IP address and port number as specified in iOS GPS to windows.

I seem to be missing something in the installation?  As per the website, i haven't purchased a standard license for GPS Direct as i haven't got the evaluation version going yet.

The only things showing up under tests - sensor explorer are in Time Stamp and in 06 $GPOPENING, but nothing happens.

Any help would be great.

21/09/2017 10:21 Administrator

Are the two devices in the same network?

It works over IP, not over bluetooth.

598Meseguer González Meseguer González1504636556
05/09/2017 18:35
BugFrom emulator with android, programs do not detect the internal GPS of windows 10
I have installed GPS COMPLETE 64 and it allows me from windows 10 to use the GPS navigators that use get GPS position through the GPS sensor. I have used COM 2 and 9600.

However, from an emulator that runs android, you can not use gps programs. In a word, no satellite is located and I understand that it is because no Transfer Tool is used.

Can you tell me how this tool works to be able to use the internal GPS of windows with android?

In a word, can GPSDirect the internal GPS of Windows 10 when used from a program that runs inside an emulator with android?

Thank you.

I have a GETAC TABLET T-800G2

05/09/2017 19:09 Meseguer González Meseguer González
I use GPS apps on my phone with android and no problems. But I want to use my tablet that uses windows 10 and with an internal GPS with the same applications gps. As these applications do not work on windows that is why I should use an emulator with android to install those applications and try to look for the sensor of the internal GPS of windows, but for some reason those applications do not give gps position when I put the option use only the internal GPS.Your program works for me when I use windows 10, but as I say, with android via emulator, it's like I do not communicate and I've downloaded all kinds of applications, such as Gps test, Gps status, etc., that allow you to reset the GPS , but without success. How to communicate the emulator with the internal GPS through GPS direct?

A greeting.

05/09/2017 18:52 Administrator

The Transfer Tool is useful when the reverse driver cannot access an existing sensor because the sensor is only visible to non-drivers. That is where it is used, no where else.

Why you connect to the emulator android and not to a real-life android device?

Also, in the android emulator you can use GPS apps.

597Jenkins Jenkins1503759156
26/08/2017 14:52
BugSuccess - eventually!!


I have a Windows 10 tablet which I want to use as a navigation device but has no GPS. I have an old Android phone that has GPS so I decided I would use the Android GPS, connect to my tablet via Bluetooth and use a navigation application on the tablet (currently using Maps).

After a day of trial and error I eventually got the elements to work so thought I would put some thoughts together that may help others (obviously the COM ports are specific to my setup).

One of the first challenges I had was pairing the tablet and Android devices, the Bluetooth pairing on tablet should create in incoming (COM7) and outgoing port (COM6). 

On my Android device I installed a GPS sharing app called (spookily enough) Share GPS. I then installed an app on the tablet called Bluetooth Serial Terminal where I could see GPS data on COM6 

Using the GPSComplete app I was also able to see GPS data on COM6 on the tablet using the 'Any COM Port Tester On' option in the Test tab set to COM6, 9600.

I then spent a considerable amount of doing the wrong things (the help could be more helpful!)

It dawned on me that the Sensor Driver should be assigned COM6 (i.e. where the GPS data was being received), folk may think this obvious but when you have the option of using the Bluetooth in the SensorDriver config I found it a little confusing. Anyway, once the correct input was used the Maps app suddenly lit up with GPS info.

I learned a whole lot about 'location' functionality in Windows 10 and how GPSComplete 'abstracts' the Windows sensor functionality to provide the required GPS data.

All in all a great little app though I do have two questions - How can I pay if I do not have a Paypal account, I know someone that does, would that be acceptable? Will the evaluation version expire?



26/08/2017 16:32 Administrator

Generally, the driver works with most hardware immediately, but some setups require a bit of research.

I am glad you made it. You can use your friend's paypal to get a license.


596Westergren Westergren1503697916
25/08/2017 21:51
BugConnecting GPS Complete to esri Collector for Arcgis

I get everything working in GPS Complete. But cannot map  it into Collector for arcgis. They removed the opportunity to specify Com ports at some point. Any ideas?

26/08/2017 06:03 Administrator So how that app is supposed to see the gps?
595Murray Murray1503020893
18/08/2017 01:48
BugWIFI problems after installing GPS directI recently installed GPS Direct on a Windows 10 computer. Ever since, my wifi disconnects every time the computer goes to sleep. An option comes up to manually reconnect but does not work. The computer also loses GPS connectivity and stays in the initializing state. Restarting fixes the problem but is not ideal. Anyone else having this problem?

21/08/2017 04:18 Murray Murray Thanks for the response. I'm running a Panasonic Toughbook CF-31. I'm not sure of the specs on the GPS. Is that info in the device manager or elsewhere? Nothing is jumping out at me when I look through the COM3 info.

20/08/2017 13:54 Administrator

I'm not aware of this problem, what GPS chipset is your hardware?


594Lotty van Os Lotty van Os1502977820
17/08/2017 13:50
BugGNS 2000 location in the Atlantic Ocean

I have a GNS 2000 GPS paired via Bluetooth on a Surface Pro 4. GPSComplete sees the GPS (I believe), as the Virtual Comport Tester shows me the two lines with GPGGA and GPRMC data.

Now I started Sygic, which before I used the GPS used my location (from wifi) and showed me the correct location.

However with the GPS now connected via GPSComplete, I am apparently living somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean west of Africa.

ILLocation Query shows me some coordinates and if I check them in Google maps they are correct.

In device manager I set the COM3 and COM4 Standard serial over Bluetooth ports to a baudrate of 57600.

What could be the problem?



17/08/2017 14:15 Administrator


1.Do the gps lines (gga,rmc) in anyport tester show correct location?

2.Does the sensor explorer show correct location when GPSDirect is selected?

593Berger Berger1502645073
13/08/2017 17:24
BugSensor driver fine for targeted apps but source COM port with the USB GPS doesn't work anymore ???

hello, I need help/explanations to better understand what I am doing.

 I installed the sensor driver on a PC / WIN10 to communicate with an USB GPS (GlobalSat BU-353S4)

It works fine for Maps applications such as MAPFactor, Carte+ and Carte PRO

The only problem/question is that previous application such as GPSInfo (provided with the USB GPS) doesnt connect anymore if I connect it directly to the USB Port (only choice) and it is the same with Carte PRO application which provides eather an acces to a GPSdirect or to the USB GPS port. So this application works alternatively on the GPSdirect or on the USB port whether the Sensor driver is installed or not.

Maybe it's normal ? please just let me know why an application cannot connect directly to the source GPS port while the sensor driver is installed for other applications ?

Many Thanks


by the way, as I am using the driver for my personnal use, may I keep using the evaluation licence or will I have to buy the standard licence ?

26/08/2017 06:04 Administrator How could you run it without admin? GPSComplete cannot be run without admin privileges.
25/08/2017 21:47 Berger Berger

Play with the shared option to open t the com port.

Support Team

I finally made it work !

first i forgot to run GPScomplet in admin mode, it probably explains that the process was not fully done

it is not fully clean, when i install the sensor driver, GPSinfo app still doesn't work, but reinstalling the original driver fix it and the sensor driver remains installed, so all my apps can work together: either GPSinfo, MapFactor or GPS map+

for me it is ok, many thanks for this update


25/08/2017 20:38 Berger Berger

Play with the shared option to open t the com port.

don't know what you mean ? i tried both using the shared option and without checking it, it makes no difference 

just forgot a point, when I INSTALL the sensor driver, it nevers ends correctly with a message saying "installed" the application stays locked "not responding" and   I must force it to stop and then I reopen to verify that the sensor has been installed.

Maybee the process is not fully done ?

Support Team

25/08/2017 20:32 Berger Berger

I have updated the driver, take a look.
Support Team

here are links to my USB GPS

25/08/2017 20:30 Administrator

Play with the shared option to open t the com port.

25/08/2017 20:21 Berger Berger

I have updated the driver, take a look.
Support Team

i installed the updated application, here are my comments:

- in all cases, previous version or new one (with or w/o checking the com shared option) the application GPSinfo provided with the USB GPS and the "GPS to serial driver" doesn't work anymore after using GPSComplete

- to fix it i have to reinstall the provided "GPS to serial driver" 

- using MapFactor GPS navigation (from windows store) it works only with GPSComplete (nothing new with the new version)

- i did'nt try again CartePro (or MapPro) which is supposed to support both modes (sensor or USB) my evaluation version has expired

anyway GPSinfo works only with the USB driver and Mapfactor works only with the sensor driver, so it is good enough for testing.

i am waiting for a new update from you and/or your advices


20/08/2017 21:32 Administrator I have updated the driver, take a look.
14/08/2017 09:31 Berger Berger Thank you for answering so quick
13/08/2017 19:34 Administrator

Hello there.

It depends on the com port. Sometimes it can be shared, sometimes it cannot. GPSDirect usually locks the com port, but a further update will allow it to keep it unlocked. It should be available in a few days.

As for the license, buying a personal license will help us enhance the development of GPSDirect.


592BARA BARA1502004949
06/08/2017 07:35
BugHelp please... to connect my sensor u-blox 7 GPS/GNSS Location Sensor with MapsPro windows 10


First I'm french and sorry my english is not very good. I don't understand exactly where the process fails.

I have installed sensor driver. It seem ok, sensor flashes.

After, I choiced "COM port". The soft responds : "Installed (COM5)"

After, "Transfer tool". I choiced

source : "sensor driver", "u-blox 7 GPS/GNSS Location Sensor" is displayed,

destination : "COM Port driver"

then I tested "sensor explorer on"

#1, "u-blox 7 GPS/GNSS Location Sensor" is displayed ;
#2 to 7, severals HID Sensor Class  ;

#8 "GPSDIrect Sensor"

I go to MapsPro, I click "settings GPS" / "GPSDirect".

It display "the permission to access location data is denied..."

I come back GPSComplete, I test "Virtual COM Port tester on", the soft responds "The COM Port Driver is not installed"

I come back "Transfer tool". I changed destination to : "Set default location"

No difference in MapsPro....

Clicked "COM port Driver" / install. I obtain a new window which I don't know what to do...

I tested again "sensor explorer on"

#1 "u-blox 7 GPS/GNSS Location Sensor" ; column state "disabled"
#8 "GPSDIrect Sensor" and state "disabled"

Here is my misunderstanding.

I turn around...

Can you help me ?


26/08/2017 16:30 Administrator

From your description it seems that location access is forbidden, did you enable it in control panel?

26/08/2017 15:35 BARA BARA


You told me send detailed instruction...

I never received anything

Thanks for your help

Jacky B

06/08/2017 20:51 Administrator

Give me some time. We are closed until Thursday, then I will send you detailed instructions.


591Braga Braga1501623034
01/08/2017 21:30
BugProblem after/post hibernate windows 10 64bit creators
Hello, randomly but at least every 4/5 of hibernate awakening, the computer creates a "blue screen" event and turns off by creating an error in the windows kernel file. After doing mile test on the computer, I uninstalled the "Gps Direct" sensor and the problem has not been re-released. It seems that the driver at particular times stays with some instances and as windows tries to go hibernate, it prevents a regular shutdown. Only when the restart shows the error and sends the system in complete closure losing hibernation.
please helpme Mauro Italy

02/08/2017 21:13 Braga Braga

Thank you for the reply! I think the problem is that the driver uses 100% of the COM port and at the time of windows closure to go hibernate the process of COM port still open prevents RAM memory transfer. When awakening the PC, an error occurs on the RAM memory attached to the Kernel file, and then the computer restarts violently. You should create a rule that the COM port is released when windows closes or when hibernation passes. This is my thoughts because if the computer turns it off instead of sending it into hibernation, the problem never occurs. The computer turns on for hours under heavy loads and does not create any kind of errors. I wait for your opinion as you have written the code and you know how the SENSOR driver works


01/08/2017 21:42 Administrator

I will take a look after I return to office (10 Aug), but please note that GPSDirect is a user level driver, it cannot create blue screens and cannot cancel any sort of shutdown.

But I will check it asap.

590Unknown User1501622598
01/08/2017 21:23
BugTrouble getting gctt64.exe to work


I have successfully got the gps sensor outputting to the gpsreverse com port using the transfer tool with the com port installed in client mode.

To tidy up the system and minimise the number of running windows  I was trying to use the command line transfer tool instead of the gpscomplete program.  However, I am unclear as top the exact command line to use as the dosumentation does not contain any examples.

I am using the command

gctt64.exe 0 {long number from Class GUID for sensor from device manager} 0 COM7

However this does not work, can you give me any pointers as to what sshould be in the command line and where I can find the appropriate IDs.



23/08/2017 19:00 Unknown User

Got it working now using that number,

thanks for the help


23/08/2017 17:25 Administrator

I am back. The sensor ID is the large {....} number found in sensor explorer in the ID column. You have to resize the window column.

If you have troubles let me know.

23/08/2017 08:42 Unknown User hi, sorry to be a pain, but have you had a chance to look at this and can you offer any advise as to how to resolve?
06/08/2017 20:50 Administrator

Give me some time im back on Wed.


04/08/2017 18:39 Unknown User

are you sure that the sensor ID is correct,?"

no I am not, that i guess is my biggest question, where do i find the appropriate number, tried all the numbers i can find associated with the sensor that are around the correct format, but with no success.  whereas using the transfer tool associated with the full gpscomplete program works without fail.

01/08/2017 21:44 Administrator

I will as long as I return to office (in a few days), are you sure that the sensor ID is correct,?

589Beveridge Beveridge1501574910
01/08/2017 08:08
BugGPSDirect Sensor DisabledI am running Windows 10 Pro 64bit. I have a USGlobalsat BU-353S4. It uses Prolific USB to Serial driver. When I use the GPSInfo program that came with it I can see all the data fine. When I run Any Com Port Tester on  GPSComplete and enter com3 (the port it is on) and 4800 (the baud rate that GPSInfo uses to talk to the dongle) it says "Com Port Opening Failed". If I install a sensor driver for com3, 4800 baud it says "Installation Successful ....." and under GPSDirect Status it says GPSDirect - Installed (com3)  Licence: Evaluation Mode. When I go to Sensor Explorer it shows GPSDirect Sensor with an ID but State is "Disabled". Am I doing something wrong
01/08/2017 21:45 Administrator

I will take a look, perhaps we can setup a remote debugging session when I get back to office.


01/08/2017 14:46 Beveridge Beveridge I have also used GPS Software OziExplorer and set the com port to 3 and baud rate to 4800 and it shows me where I am on a map just fine.
01/08/2017 14:05 Beveridge Beveridge

I have tried to open the port using any port tester but it reports "com port opening failure". As I said I can open the port using the manufacturers test software GPSInfo. I can also open the port using RealTerm by setting the com port to com3 and the baud rate to 4800 baud. In both programs I get a continuous stream along the following lines:






01/08/2017 13:00 Administrator First ensure that the port opens correctly. Use the any port tester with various baud speeds (2400,4800,9600).  
588Driscoll Driscoll1499875220
12/07/2017 16:00
BugGPSDirect randomly uninstallsGPSDirect will randomly uninstall, which in consequence the Mi-Fi stops connecting to the internet.  Its a whole process of forgetting networks, reinstalling, trouble shooting and a couple restarts to getting everything back up and running correctly.   This has happened 5x since I purchased the product.  I am running it on a Surface Pro 4 - Windows 10, with a Verizon Jetpack(AC791L).  Anyone else experience this?  Any solution?
05/06/2018 21:21 Administrator Is there a gpsdirect.mdmp file somewhere inside Windows directory?
05/06/2018 21:20 L L

I also experienced the driver uninstalling on its own. This was with a Xplore Bobcat tablet with built in GPS on Windows 10 with the evaluation GPSDirect driver.

If this has been an issue with the full license then I may not want to move forward with purchasing.

Any ideas on the cause or solution?

12/07/2017 18:45 Administrator

Paste the purchasing email here.

We are the only driver existing in the market, as far as I know.

12/07/2017 18:39 Driscoll Driscoll

First I am going to try it in desktop mode instead of tablet.

Do you know of any other drivers sensors I could try, yours was the best one I found.  

Please keep me informed of any updates.

Where would I send the receipt?


12/07/2017 18:21 Administrator

I see. Well the driver is known not to work with all devices (that is why we provide an evaluation version). I will take a look, meanwhile you can take a refund if you give me the purchase email


12/07/2017 18:16 Driscoll Driscoll

Just went out and confirmed, it is uninstalling itself.  Worked once, went to another location and it stopped working.  Where you double click on the app it goes back to showing GPDirect as Not include again instead of the Installed for personal use.  Checked in the device manager and I see it but it has an exclamation mark on it.

Device status:  Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

12/07/2017 17:17 Administrator

It should be under the sensors category.

I have seen the driver having troubles with the devices, but it's very weird to uninstall itself automatically.

12/07/2017 16:30 Driscoll Driscoll

Good question, I am not sure where to look.  I currently have it installed and not seeing it in the device manager, which section will it be under?  If I can find where it is, I will check there the next time it happens before reinstalling.   

12/07/2017 16:02 Administrator You mean that it is removed from the device manager? (devmgmt.msc)
587Manzewitsch Manzewitsch1498976070
02/07/2017 06:14
BugiOS Application is not working

I just testing this solution because my BU-353S4 is not working on W10. Did not work even with these driver.

Purchased the iOS GPS to Windows but is not working:

    *.- It shows the IP

    *.- It shows the port

    *.- the Lat, Long, altitude, speed and Active Clients are all "0" ==> so the application in the iPhone is not reading the GPS information

  When installing the sensor with IP:Port or IP and Baud/Rate as port (as per the User Manual) and the configured the transfer tool as COM5 for example it get:

    *.- the test and applicatinos on COM5 get all "0"

    *.- Active Clients is always "0"

it means that nothing works! 

Please Help


04/07/2017 17:40 Administrator Try the update
03/07/2017 13:54 Administrator

I 'm updating it, expect an update in a few days, I will post a note.


03/07/2017 13:38 Manzewitsch Manzewitsch

the iOS version is 10.3.2

Comment: the application never ask for permission to use the GPS Location as other applications that use location services (that may be the problem)

02/07/2017 06:22 Administrator I will take a look, which iOS version?
586Munster Munster1498749300
29/06/2017 15:15
Bugwindows 7 , iphone 7 plus 10.3 ipad 9.3.5

Been tinkering with your gps direct via an old pharos gps device and have no luck getting anything to work. SO i opted to try the iphone ipad to windows sensor for 10 dollars.  Iphone 7 shows no IP except but does give a port. Ipad shows an ip of 192.168 etc however this isnt consistant. The ipad originally showed an IP then when app was closed and reopened it showed a 0.0 addy. Then after turning off wifi and back on reloading app i got an IP again.  I loaded the settings into windows 7 and the ipad is showing 2 clients connected when only one is there. .It originally showed 1 client then mysteriously changed to 2.  Ill do network scan to see what i can determine later. .  Meanwhile the iphone shows nothing no matter what i change except it produces a port number.  Im testing this on two devices hoping one will provide me some use.  Ive tried various combinations of turning off cellular and back on without wifi. Then with wifi. Wifi without cellular. Wifi and cellular. Nothing changes. Im thinking its probably an update on newer IOS issue.  However the ipad goes back n forth however no gps signal at all. BOTH devices had the same issue regarding the location services showing originally only one option NEVER. Then once you click on it and go out and back in it shows three options. Only when APP in use and Always.  I selected ALWAYS.   I have Iphone with cellular and ipad without cellular. Ipad generally runs off a wifi hotspot device with separate internet service thru verizon.   Beta testing on many devices is important. Ive got many gadgets so im forever testing stuff..Im not to fond of paying money however and not getting results.  So hopefully there will be some code updates and or beta testing.  

I also have an older iphone im willing to test this on but NOT willing to pay addition fees however if you send me a link to download it ill add to a third device and give ya feedback on this.   the older iphone disconnected cellular but i still use it on wifi for mobility n work stuff tracking and general test module. 

03/07/2017 16:37 Administrator i have updates the app, expect an update soon.
29/06/2017 16:01 Administrator

You can get a refund from apple store I guess, as for the iPhone version, we are preparing a reverse-connection app (to cope with Cellular + WiFi).


585Adams Adams1498332946
24/06/2017 19:35
BugCan GPSDirect find an internal GPS device on my Window 10 computer?I am trying to run OpenCPN, which is marine navigation/charting software.  The software runs, but without live GPS, because it cannot find a GPS signal or device on my Windows 10 computer.  I have an internal GPS in my laptop.  Does GPSDirect only work when an external GPS is attached through a USB port?  Just as a reference, however, I installed the navigation software on my Samsung Android tablet, and it uses the tablet's internal GPS, albeit, slowly, and the screen is too small for my eyes.
24/06/2017 19:40 Administrator GPSDirect needs a COM port, or a TCP interface. Generally, embedded devices expose some universal method so apps can view them and this is usually a COM port. The same happens with external USB devices.
584Goslin Goslin1498137829
22/06/2017 13:23
BugAdditional options with command lineMy company recently purchased a license for GPSComplete and we're preparing to automate the install on our devices.  We want to use the command line installation but would also like to set "On lost signal: always tell windows I have data" and "force driver to use maximum precision".  Is there a way to set those when installing via command line?
26/06/2017 16:28 Goslin Goslin It's working now.  Thanks again!
26/06/2017 16:22 Administrator

I'm testing this and everything seems to work except for the UpdateMode part.  I'm using gpscomplete64 /d gpsdirect /c install /s /b 4008 /f /k /u 4 but after installation the registry is missing UpdateMode.
Goslin Jack

Fixed, try it again.

26/06/2017 15:52 Goslin Goslin I'm testing this and everything seems to work except for the UpdateMode part.  I'm using gpscomplete64 /d gpsdirect /c install /s /b 4008 /f /k /u 4 but after installation the registry is missing UpdateMode.
22/06/2017 14:16 Administrator

No, but you can read them from registry (HKLM/Software/GPSDirect).

22/06/2017 14:14 Goslin Goslin Thank you so much!  Is there a log file stored somewhere that shows what the current settings are?  
22/06/2017 13:49 Administrator

Done. You can use /f for forcing maximum precision, /k to keep live updates and /u {0,1,2,3,4} for update mode. Test them, then tell me the results.

22/06/2017 13:36 Administrator I 'm adding them, will update you on results.
582Carpanta Carpanta1497604042
16/06/2017 09:07
BugFalse positive

I think you should know that Symantec Endpoint Protection is flaging your gpscomplete64.exe setup program as malware.

16/06/2017 09:17 Administrator

Thanks for the notification, as you can see from , it 's clean. But even if your version flags it, we generally can do nothing about it, they usually ignore false positive requests.


581Forth Forth1497113189
10/06/2017 16:46
BugLatest GPS complete not working well at all

I recently updated my GPS complete and I've started having all manner of problems.  The sensor driver randomly uninstalls itself, or just fails to work (is just sits on 'init (no fix yet)'.  If I remove the sensor driver and use GPS info (in the same place) then it gets a position lock within a few seconds.  This has only started happening after I upgraded.

Any ideas?

10/06/2017 16:53 Administrator

The driver is not automatically updated after an upgrade, are you absolutely sure it's due to an update?

Try removing the driver from devmgmt.msc.

580Grimnebulin Grimnebulin1496862468
07/06/2017 19:07
Bugu-blox/Win10 issuesI am using an integrated u-blox Neo M8N device in a Windows tablet, Windows 10, using native Win10 USB serial driver for the u-blox device.  After installing GPS Direct, I am experiencing an issue with accuracy.  While applications like Maps and ArcGIS Collector are reporting that my location is accurate within 3.3 ft, my location on the maps is being shown as about 40 feet off, and the location indicator moves around quite a bit.  I have checked the box for location jumping when I install the sensor driver, but it does not make any difference.  Have tested this on multiple tablets running same hardware and software with the same result. 

13/06/2017 16:32 Administrator I see, I will take a look as soon as I get my self an u-blox device - but u-blox devices have their own sensor drivers, isn't that so?
12/06/2017 18:14 Grimnebulin Grimnebulin

Did you enable high precision to prevent jumps?

Support Team

I did check this box.  I have tried both with the high precision box checked and with it unchecked, and the results are the same.  The location in both Windows 10 Maps and ArcGIS Collector moves around several feet when I am standing still.

10/06/2017 03:38 Administrator

Did you enable high precision to prevent jumps?

08/06/2017 19:16 Grimnebulin Grimnebulin
Make sure you also select "always tell Windows we have data" for what happens on signal loss.  If you don't and the receiver loses signal, Windows location services will fall back to wifi positioning which can be off by 30 meters.
Goslin Jack

I did this and completely turned off wifi, and the position on the map is closer, but it still moves around quite a bit.  I can stand still in my backyard, but my location on the map continues to jump and drift.

08/06/2017 16:20 Goslin Goslin Make sure you also select "always tell Windows we have data" for what happens on signal loss.  If you don't and the receiver loses signal, Windows location services will fall back to wifi positioning which can be off by 30 meters.
579Braasch Braasch1495762363
26/05/2017 01:32
BugDevice Always Initializing

I have a GlobalSat BU-353-S4 GPS unit and when using the "GPSInfo" application that came with it for testing it can pick up a location fix within 10 seconds when standing outside. I checked what COM port the BU-353-S4 was on and then selected that COM port in the GPSComplete Sensor Driver NMEA Source dropdown. The other Sensor driver information I left as default. After installing that I went over to "Tests" and clicked "Sensor Explorer On" and waited 5 minutes plus and the device is still "Initializing".

What's it take to get this thing to a "Ready" state?

31/05/2017 15:45 Goslin Goslin Make sure that when you install the sensor driver you pick the Prolific COM port and use 4800 as the baud.
26/05/2017 18:56 Braasch Braasch

Like I said in my previous post I've been standing in the middle of the driveway for 5 minutes which has clear access to the sky. When just using the GPSInfo application it can pick up a location fix in 10 seconds. 

Also isn't there a way to pass the GPS data while GPSDirect application is using it to another application at the same time?

26/05/2017 15:25 Administrator Initializing means no fix yet.
Make sure the sky is visible for your GPS.

578Zemken Zemken1495485415
22/05/2017 20:36
BugGPSDirect Sensor stuck on initializing. Currently running windows 10 on a Getac F110 tablet.

After installing the sensor drivers for a GPS that uses COM2 and 9600, the Sensor Explorer test  gets stuck at Initializing.

I'm trying to bridge the communication gap between virtual and non virtual comm ports. Arc Collector does not understand COM2, so I'm trying to translate using GPSComplete. How can I get these two programs to talk to each other if I cant get the sensor to start?

14/06/2017 13:39 Administrator You should see nmea sentences changing in the sensor testing.
13/06/2017 20:53 Zemken Zemken How can I be sure that I'm using the correct NMEA source? Isn't it typically a COM port and a specific Baud/Port?  The internal GPS in the tablet says that it uses 9600 and 4800. How can I ensure the sensor driver is set up correctly?

22/05/2017 20:38 Administrator

Initializing means that it searches for a GPS fix. It does not mean it's stuck.

Get outside so your GPS sees the sky and check it the state changes.

577Stringer Stringer1494751536
14/05/2017 08:45
BugWindows 10 Creator Issues?

I have an old surface pro with WIndows 10 that the Gpsdirect works with using ND-105C USB GPS. I built a mini ITX car PC and for the life of me I cannot get the GPS module to work with the latest version of WIndows 10 and a clean install using GPSdirect. Is there an issue with the latest update of Windows 10? Is the a dependency I am missing? I have tons of developer software on my Surface Pro and nothing on the mini ITX system. Any suggestions?

16/05/2017 18:57 Stringer Stringer Yes. It was just a reception issue. Thanks for your help!
16/05/2017 18:47 Administrator

Don't worry, did you fix it?

15/05/2017 11:01 Stringer Stringer After more troubleshooting I have found that it is a GPS signal reception issue. For whatever reason 3 feet away from one system to another the signal is lost. Sorry if you spent any time on this :)
14/05/2017 17:42 Stringer Stringer x64 on both the Surface Pro and newly built system. I just checked and they are both 1703 so not sure that is the issue
14/05/2017 10:37 Administrator x86 or x64?
576Wasshoi Wasshoi1494185375
07/05/2017 19:29
BugSensor Explorer shows partially corrupted data through GpsGate

Hello, I downloaded the most recent version of GPSComplete for evaluation. I have a Globalsat BU353-S4 and I need to split my GPS input between Windows Maps and legacy applications that expect a COM port interface, so my plan was to run Franson GpsGate to split the data to a number of virtual COM ports, then hook up GPSDirect to one of those ports. This seemed to work OK for a few minutes, but Windows Maps eventually showed a number of location jumps and GPS disconnects requiring rebooting or reinstalling the GPSDirect driver. Meanwhile, the legacy applications worked without issues.

In order to try to troubleshoot further, I looked at the output of the Any COM port tester when connected through GpsGate and when directly connected to the GPS device. What I found was that the COM port tester shows corrupted and repeating NMEA messages, but the issue is worse when running through GpsGate. It is not yet clear to me if the issue is with the COM port tester's output or if that is actually what GPSComplete is seeing. Nevertheless, I thought I would report my findings and ask for your opinion.

Note: I also used PuTTY to connect to the COM ports and look at the NMEA messages both with and without running GpsGate. This test with PuTTY showed no message corruption.

Sample output from PuTTY. Lat/lon and satellite info have been masked with X's -- I can provide an unmasked version by e-mail if needed. Whether connected directly or via GpsGate, the results are the same.


COM port tester output when connected to a virtual COM port provided by GpsGate. You can see some messages are truncated, others start midway through, timestamps jump around, and there may be other problems as well.


13/05/2017 17:25 Administrator

I will take a look, perhaps we will need a remote debugging session.

07/05/2017 19:58 Wasshoi Wasshoi

Finally, here is sample output from the COM port tester when connected directly to the GPS device rather than running through GpsGate. Note the corrupted/partial GPGSV messages as well as the repeating timestamps.


575Baum Baum1493219912
26/04/2017 15:18
BugGPS direct disconnects doesn't reconnect automatically

About a week ago I downloaded the free evaluation version to see if I could connect my XGPS 160 and use have it display my location on Bing maps using my Surface Pro 4. I wanted to see if I could get it to work before I purchased a personal license.  The XGPS works  wonderful without any issues and it displays my position accurately without any lag.  Unfortunately once I turn off either the XGPS 160 or Surface Pro 4, they dont reconnect automatically. Every time I turn the computer on / XGPS 160  I have to go through the process of uninstalling then reinstalling the sensor driver.   WIll this issue continue once Ive purchased the personal license, or will I still have to reconnect the XPGS every time I turn it on?  If not is there a work around or a fix to this?   


28/04/2017 18:43 Administrator

The sensor explorer should provide a message in a $GP NMEA sentence, such as $GPFAILBREAK.

26/04/2017 15:44 Baum Baum

It just disconnects once we turn off the GPS / computer.  The sensor explorer doesn't provide an error message.  Every once in a while it would automatically reconnect automatically but 95% of the time we had to reinstall the sensor driver.  I just downloaded the updated evaluation license, ill let you know if I encounter the same issues. 

26/04/2017 15:19 Administrator

It should work. I updated the driver a few days before, so make sure GPSComplete is updated.

What is the sensor explorer telling after a disconnect?

574Tong Tong1493211919
26/04/2017 13:05
BugiOS gps sharing app returns zeros

Ok so I bucked up and paid $10 for your iOS app. On an iPhone 6s plus. Ít reports 0 lat 0 long. I do see the proper fix sentences though. I see there's an issue with location requests. In the settings your app in iOS 10 comes up with nullmpermissions but when I click down I can set to always. 

i tried another gps locator SBS it reports a good fix. Argh!

31/05/2017 19:25 Torres Torres I have the same problem with my iPhone 6 with the latest iOS, only zeros for lat and lon.
06/05/2017 09:09 Carlén Bengtsson Carlén Bengtsson I have the same problem with my iPhone 6 with the latest iOS, only zeros for lat and lon.
26/04/2017 13:28 Tong Tong If you look in settings/privacy/location u will see a blank status. If u click u can select always but when u nav back you get the null again. 
26/04/2017 13:26 Tong Tong Yes it shows all zeros. 
26/04/2017 13:25 Administrator

I will take a look too, does it also show zeroes?

I just checked with my phone.

26/04/2017 13:18 Tong Tong

Thanks very much!!!

It doesn't throw a "can I use your location information" dialog so u might want to look at that  

Any ideas on the android app?

26/04/2017 13:06 Administrator

The app is recently updated, so I will take a look.


573Martz Martz1493176391
26/04/2017 03:13
BugOpening Com3 using Prolific Serial to USB Driver

I have a ND100S GPS Dongle that uses the Prolific Serial to USB driver.  Using the program that comes with this driver I can see GPS data coming through on Com3.   However when I run the Any COM Port Tester w/GPS Complete, it can never find my COM3, even though it is up and working.  Any ideas on why it can't connect to COM3?



26/04/2017 13:08 Administrator Try different baud speeds, usually it is that one.
572Petty Petty1493043423
24/04/2017 14:17
BugPort/Bluetooth Question

I have been working on this for days.l and can't figure it out. 

I have a surface pro 4, windows 10 pro, garmin GLO, and a purchased copy of GPS Complete.

I am am able to get the software and the Garmin to connect and work with Windows Maps. 

I would like to map the GPS to work with my Gibson Ridge - GLevel 3 software. 

I have played with just about every configuration and can't get it just right. I have used the trouble shoot guide and everything "seems" ok. I am able to get the Gr software to get a "valid fix" and my location will show intermittently. Im sure I'm prob missing something and could really use some help.

27/04/2017 01:41 Petty Petty When I turn it on, it will not show at all.
26/04/2017 13:07 Administrator Try the force precision option in gpsdirect installation dialog.
24/04/2017 18:49 Petty Petty Now I can get the software to read the location, but it blinks on/off every few seconds. 
571Nitschkowski Nitschkowski1493025148
24/04/2017 09:12
BugGPSDirect Simulation mode


We're using GPSDirect for an application that is only able to use the Windows Location API but our devices only have a standard COM port gps receiver.

I need to test certain scenarios, so I wanted to use the simulation mode of GPSDirect but I need to feed in my own NMEA sentences or at least set some parameters where the simulated location should be.

We develop a custom GIS application with local offline maps that only have a certain extent that is outside of the coordinates created by simulation mode.

This renders the simulation mode useless for me.

Is there any way I can set the area where the simulated location will be or set a collection of NMEA sentences to take full control of the fake locations?

24/04/2017 16:09 Administrator

The driver has a fixed mode which you can use to setup a specific fake position. You can also use LocationFixer which does the same,in an easier interface.

570Pruden Pruden1492708078
20/04/2017 17:07
BugWindows Server 2016 with GlobalSat BU-353S4

I am trying to use Windows Server 2016 with GlobalSat BU-353S4 and GPSDirect.  I can see data using the Any COM port test but when I install the Sensor and run Sensor Explorer it says Disabled.

Here is the COM Port Test:


20/04/2017 17:18 Pruden Pruden

I checked that first.   Here is what location services look like in Windows 2016

PS C:\Windows\system32> get-service | where displayname -like "*location*"
Status   Name               DisplayName
------   ----               -----------
Running  lfsvc              Geolocation Service
Running  NlaSvc             Network Location Awareness

20/04/2017 17:11 Administrator

Some sensors require manual enabling, for example via some control panel item, via Windows location control panel or similar.

569Gilmore Gilmore1492701262
20/04/2017 15:14
BugGPSDirect Ceases to Function after BT GPS is Restarted


So far my experience with GPS direct has been pretty great, except for one small issue. If my GPS Receiver (Garmin Glo) is restarted for any reason, GPSDirect no longer feeds location data to my map program (MS Maps). The receiver is detected by the driver, but never passes the "Initializing" stage, despite good connection, open sky, etc. The only way to circumvent the problem is to uninstall and then re-install the driver. Any ideas?

21/04/2017 10:48 Administrator

Try the update.


20/04/2017 15:20 Administrator

I will take a look.


20/04/2017 15:18 Gilmore Gilmore The driver reconnects to the device, but no NMEA Data is generated.
20/04/2017 15:17 Administrator

Does the driver reconnect to the device?

I.e do you see nmea data coming?

568Tong Tong1492554390
18/04/2017 22:26
BugWindows 10 GPSComplete does not get past INITIALIZING

OK I'm tearing my hair out here. I presume it is a simple problem. I have:

1. Nexus 5 with Android 7 running your Windows 7 GPS Sharing. The gps coordinate update properly and it seems to be working on board.

2. I have then tried to `telnet` into port 7777 on that device and it seems to work properly. I don't read NMEA but I get strings like `$GPGSV,3,1,10,01,23,077,24,11,25,059,19,15,30,293,18,24,04,305,24*7B` out of it more or less continuously. When I have telnet attached, I see the Active client count go to '1' on the Nexus.

3. I then have installed the sensor driver to that same location on the local network and also did a COM object install (was I supposed to do that?). But when I try Tests/Sensor Explorer and look at GPSDirect Sensor it is stuck at Initializing and I can see that there are several packet numbers tarting with the time stamp, they are all null in value except for $GPOPENING. I tried it on a different SurfaceBook pro and it still hangs but the message is $GPFAILBREAK.

4. I have tried this on Windows 10 64-bit on SurfaceBook Pro with Performance Base and also on a no-name Tablet running 32-bit Windows 10. I will try to install the creators edition and see if this helps. I did notice that on 32-bit windows, you do install a driver, but don't remember if this happened on 64-bit. Could there be a Windows 10 incompatibility?

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

I also tried a different tool called Bluetooth GPS Output which uses Bluetooth to create a virtucal serial port which is COM3 on my machine. I was able to see valid NMEA sentences coming out of that port, but when I tried to connect that to GPS Direct, it again sticks on initializing and I can see lot of 0 values and then $GPFAILBREAK

26/04/2017 13:01 Tong Tong I tried a little god readout app and it sees 8 satellites also I tried two Bluetooth apps and can see in their debug they are sending these. Would be nice to have your network based app work
26/04/2017 12:59 Tong Tong

Ok I think there's an issue with your android app. It is requesting location. I see sentences but never the fix ones u mention. 

19/04/2017 06:10 Administrator

In the telnet, do you find messages starting with $GPRMC or $GPGGA?

Do they have ,A, somewhere inside?

567Tong Tong1492540559
18/04/2017 18:35
BugWindows 7 GPS Sharing always comes up with IP address for cellular not Wifi network

This is more of a warning then a support post, but if you have at least with T-mobile on Nexus 5 running Android 7, your Windows 7 GPS Sharing application picks the wrong network. It delivers an address on the WAN network not the Wifi network to which the phone is connected. So to make it work:

1. Put your phone in airplane mode

2. Turn on Wifi

3. Start your Windows 7 GPS Sharing

4. Then turn on your cellular.

Confusing I know, but that's what I've been seeing.

18/04/2017 20:54 Tong Tong Yes, it does seem to choose, but seems to pick the cellular over wifi, not a real problem, but perhaps you can add to troubleshooting at some point.
18/04/2017 18:43 Administrator I will take a look but I do not think that an app can choose, iirc it picks the default one.
566Ice Ice1492276250
15/04/2017 17:10
BugiOS App is outdatedThe GPS Direct's iOS client is outdated and will not be usable in next iOS release because it's still on 32 bit architecture. Could u update/recompile a new version and submit it to the App Store? Thanks.
21/04/2017 10:49 Administrator Update finished.
15/04/2017 17:50 Administrator

We know and an update is pending.

565Palmer Palmer1491687118
08/04/2017 21:31
BugMicrosoft Streets & Trips GPS Help

I can now see my gps as a com port, (Microsoft usb type) but when I use MS Streets & Trips, it does not show me on the map.  The word Microsoft lights up when it is connected, and it blinks when its communicating.  It only lights up.

Please help.

11/04/2017 14:03 Administrator

It's a driver, you can uninstall it from either itself or device manager (devmgmt.msc).

11/04/2017 13:45 Palmer Palmer

I can no longer use MS Streets & Trips.  Program boots up and all I get is a blue circle.  When I click on the program, it says Program Not Responding.

I was going to uninstall the gpscomplete64 program, but it does not show in my list of programs.

I reinstalled MS Program, still now it does not work.

What now?


08/04/2017 21:38 Administrator

Did you verify that the sensor actually works well?

Check the tbs, -> Troubleshooting

564Dawes Dawes1491306970
04/04/2017 11:56
BugGlobalSat ND-105C won't communcate with GPSDirect driver

I recently purchased a GlobalSat ND-105c GPS receiver in hopes of using it with my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 running MapFactor GPS Navigator mapping app.

When I run the testing app for the ND-105c I see lots of data streaming from the receiver. When I drive I see the longitude and latitude and speed change within the testing app.

When I run the testing app for the GPSComplete driver I only see 2 lines, with mostly zereos. Also when I select GPSComplete Sensor I sometimes see longitude and latitude but there is also a code beside the /38 entry that displays GPFAILBREAK3 and some numbers.

I don't have my Surface with me, I can provide additional details tonight if required.



08/04/2017 21:39 Administrator Via the any port tester in tests menu, before installing GPSDirect.
06/04/2017 11:33 Dawes Dawes Where would I find the raw logs?

04/04/2017 20:45 Administrator That is usually an indication of NMEA incompatibility, can you show me raw logs?
563Shannon Shannon1489633663
16/03/2017 03:07
BugGPSDirect & Windows Mobile/Phone

Hi, can a Windows Mobile 10 be used as the GPS Sensor for GPS Direct?  

I presume not as there's no GPS Sharing app. 


16/03/2017 04:16 Administrator There must be some tool that shares GPS data over TCP, otherwise no.
562Hargrove Hargrove1489412260
13/03/2017 13:37
BugTryng to use Maptitude

    I am not sure my other post got noted, I can't find it on the forum.  I installed GPSReverse, and can read the GPS signal coming in on virtual COM3 (on a Windows Lenovo W550s  laptop, which has an integrated Sierra card) , with Delorme XMaps.  However, I need to use Maptitude (by Caliper) in my work, and can't get Maptitude to read it at all.  Can you help with this?

13/03/2017 14:25 Administrator

Try installing GPSReverse with the MTH option to check if anything else delays that port.

If this does not work,perhaps you should contact them.

13/03/2017 14:20 Hargrove Hargrove yes, I am using com3, 9600,8,N,1, which is just what Xmaps is using.  
13/03/2017 14:15 Administrator

Are you sure that this application uses correct port settings?

561Duarte Duarte1487221885
16/02/2017 05:11
BugWindows 10 on a HP Laptop trying to connect to a Dual XGPS150AI have purchased a Dual XGPS150A gps receiver and I am trying to use your software to allow Maps, or MapFactor Windows 10 app to see it.  The laptop sees the Bluetooth device, and your software sees it.  It says it installs but the tests completely hang.   Any suggestions?
16/02/2017 13:52 Administrator

Does the COM port testing (menu Tests) provide actual NMEA results?

560Dumas Dumas1487181110
15/02/2017 17:51
BugGPSReverse - Refresh iLocation Query

Hi, I'm using GPSComplete (evaluation) to transfer ILocation Query data to GPSReverse virtual COM port.

I noticed that the location will never refresh unless I Stop and Start the transfer again.

How can I force a location refresh automatically?


15/02/2017 18:11 Administrator

To some drivers the sensor and location interfaces are not visible.

Instead of using GPS Reverse driver directly, install it in client mode, then use the transfer tool to transfer the Ilocation to the driver.

15/02/2017 18:03 Dumas Dumas

Yes. Every time I ask for an ILocation Query, I get an updated value.

Nevertheless, GPSReverse COM port still outputs the same value.

15/02/2017 17:54 Administrator Does the actual location refresh (Menu tests, query ILocation)?
559Platzer Platzer1486457498
07/02/2017 08:51
BugGPSReverse & Fugawi on Windows 10

Dear TurboIRC Support,

since Windows 8, Fugawi (Version 4.5) is not able to detect the new Windows GeoLocation Api Sensor Device any more, cause this is a legacy application and Fugawi Needs an internal COM port to receive GPS data.
So we `ve found your Software as a possible solution. GPS Reverse should Redirect GPS data from the internal GPS Sensor Device to a virtual COM port.

We installed your GPSReverse Software and made the internal tests, which seems to work. The new virtual COM Port is on Port 3 with a baud rate of 9600 and this newly created COM Port receives GPS Data from the physical GPS GeoLocation API.

Unfortunately, Fugawi is still not able to receive GPS Data from this newly created COM Port. The COM Port in Fugawi is set to Port 3, the baud rate is exactly the same but we do not get a fix Position.

Do you have any tips or tricks how to connect Fugawi / GPSReverse?
You wrote the following in your Troubleshooting area:

GPSReverse allows you to open the virtual COM port from many applications, as long as you specify the "MTH" option in the installation dialog.

What is the MTH Option and how we can make sure that this Option is enabled?

Thanks in advanced


08/02/2017 17:04 Administrator

The MTH option is available in the installation dialog of GPSReverse, but it shouldn't be an issue with your app.

Make sure the COM port settings are 

  • Baud Rate === 9600.
  • databits === 8.
  • parity == none.
  • stop bit == 1.

558Letourneau Letourneau1486066074
02/02/2017 20:07
BugCannot open port COM8 created with GPSReverse with C# SerialPort class


We have a few device using Windows 10 and we are trying to connect to the COM8 port created by GPSReserve with the C# SerialPort class.

However, we are receiving an ArgumentException: The given port name does not start with COM/com or does not resolve to a valid serial port

with something as simple as:

_port = new SerialPort("COM8");


We tried to read the port using Putty and it was successful and we see GPS data coming in, so as far as we can tell the problem isn't with GPSReserve.

Any helps regarding that problem?


02/02/2017 20:39 Letourneau Letourneau Yes I can open other unused port just fine.
02/02/2017 20:37 Administrator

Do other serial ports open in your app?

02/02/2017 20:34 Letourneau Letourneau

Already tried that without success.

I dug through the code of the SerialPort and the underlying SerialStream and it already add that in front of the port name before trying to open it.

02/02/2017 20:31 Administrator

Try opening


02/02/2017 20:29 Letourneau Letourneau

I understand, thanks.

I already went through what seems most post on the subject out there and found no help so far.

If anyone else stumble on this and have a solution, any pointer would be appreciated.

02/02/2017 20:15 Administrator

I don't know anything about C#, but you may try this:

557Lopez-Luna Lopez-Luna1484881904
20/01/2017 03:11
BugUsing BU 353S4 USB GPSI am having trouble using GPS Complete with the BU 353S4 unit and the Windows 10 Maps app. I installed GPS Complete sensor and GPS Reverse, however when I plug in the unit and run the test I don't get anything in the output, furthermore, the Maps apps does not detect the sensor. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. When I plug in the BU 353 the device manager shows the Com port as "prolific to USB Com4"
20/01/2017 13:26 Administrator

Check the new troubleshooter we created today -> Troubleshooting link.

556Brown Brown1484864802
19/01/2017 22:26
BugTrouble w/ Windows 10 Maps using GPSDirect


We recently purchased a Dell Rugged 12 7202 configured w/ an internal GPS receiver (u-blox NEO M8).

After installing u-blox's u-center, the u-center was able to connect and retrieve coordinates appropriately (on COM1 @ 9600 baud).

We then installed GPSDirect (recommended on Dell's site) with the same configuration but did not get any feedback from the GPS unit (nor did we receive any errors).

We then installed GPSComplete.  Installing Sensor Driver on COM1 @ 9600 was successful, but Sensor Explorer reported "disabled" for the Sensor (row #8).  Furthermore, any attempts to use Maps fails to find any coordinates.

We also tried installing COM Port Driver (through GPSComplete) and was successful in installing the GPSReverse as COM6 - this still did not return coordinates and Maps failed.

How do we get the GPSDirect sensor to "enable"?  What are we missing?

21/01/2017 12:52 Brown Brown

I'm not sure if my latest reply took, so here it is again (I apologize if it is a duplicate):

The following steps got Windows 10 Maps to work w/ my configuration (credit goes to a consolidation of a previously explored site):

1. Install ublox's u-center application (

2. Open u-Center
2.1 under "View" select "Message View"
2.2 navigate to /UBX/CFG/NMEA
2.2.1 for the "Main Talker ID" field select "1 - GP (GPS)"
2.2.2 click the "Send" button (bottom-left corner)
2.3 navigate to /UBX/CFG/CFG
2.3.1 click the save current configuration radio button

3. Enter the Dell BIOS menu
3.1 Choose System Configuration/ Miscellaneous Device
3.2 ensure "enable Dedicated GPS Radio" is checked

4. Install GPSComplete software

5. Open the GPSComplete Software                                                 
5.1 Select Sensor Driver/Install menu option
5.1.1 Set the NMEA Source to COM1 and the Baud Rate to 9600.                     
5.2 Select Tests/Sensor Explorer On menu option to check the Sensor Driver is installed
5.3 Select COM Port Driver/Install menu option

20/01/2017 13:28 Administrator

Also check our new troubleshooter. -> Troubleshooting link.

19/01/2017 22:32 Administrator

The fact that it says that the driver is disabled means that the sensor is generally inaccessible to the driver.

Check for any hidden control panel option to "enable it", it might be hidden within some custom application.

The other thing to check is that Windows location is enabled through control panel.

555Bingman Bingman1484857070
19/01/2017 20:17
BugNeed Help Connecting to Location Tracking Software

I work for a law enforcement agency that recently purchased MACH software. The software is installed on each tablet in each vehicle and provides the location of the vehicle to the dispatch center as well as the command staff at the station. In our cars, we have a CradlePoint IBR1100 cellular modem/WiFi router. The device takes AT&T cell signals and broadcasts them via WiFi. The device also has a GPS antenna and receives GPS signals. The unit is capable of routing the GPS signals over WiFi via IP. We also have Panasonic Toughbook FZ-G1 tablets (without built in GPS) running Windows 10. I installed GPSDirect/GPSReverse to take the GPS signals from the CradlePoint over the WiFi and emulate them to a COM port (COM 4).

The MACH software looks for a physical USB-connected GPS device or other COM port connected device. So far, when setting up MACH, it sees the COM port (COM 4), but does not detect any GPS signal. Is there a special way to setup your software to make the computer or other software think that there is a physical GPS device plugged into the tablet? In the MACH software, I am able to specify baud speed, stop bits, etc. I just don't know what they should be either.

23/01/2017 18:29 Administrator No worries. Good luck.
23/01/2017 18:27 Bingman Bingman So I email TEG Software and advise them of what was discussed here. Now they admit that it is an issue on their end and are working to fix the problem. I apologize for wasting your time.
23/01/2017 15:12 Bingman Bingman When attempting to setup GPS in the MACH software, after I choose the COM Port (COM4), it asks for Bits Per Second (Baud), Stop Bits, and Data Bits. It has values defaulted in there. Such as 4800 for Bits Per Second, I have to change it to 9600. I don't know what they should be for what your software makes them when it creates the COM port. I'll email TEG Software and see if they can shed anymore light. They wrote MACH.
23/01/2017 14:56 Administrator

It's valid NMEA;

You can test the sentences here: 

Check MACH docs about interpreting NMEA messages.

23/01/2017 14:53 Bingman Bingman

23/01/2017 14:47 Administrator

Can you paste some data from the NMEA messages?

23/01/2017 14:33 Bingman Bingman I just tried it with "COM4" and that worked. I see the data now. Device Manager has it listed as COM4. However, the MACH software sees the COM4 as a potential GPS device, but still gets nothing from it.
23/01/2017 01:37 Bingman Bingman

I just typed in "4". I believe I also typed in "COM 4" at one point as well, but I don't think I tried "COM4". I'll try that in the morning and see what it says.

However, I did check Device Manager in the Control Panel and saw it listed as COM 4.

22/01/2017 12:21 Administrator

First  I guess that by saying "4" you actually typed COM4.

Second, can you verify (devmgmt.msc) that the port number is the same?

22/01/2017 12:15 Bingman Bingman Any idea on this?
20/01/2017 13:58 Bingman Bingman

From start to finish, I first install the Sensor Driver (IP:, port 8883). Then I install the COM Port Driver using the GPSDirect Sensor which created COM 4. At this point is where I would stop because the location would successfully be sent to Windows 10 for use on Microsoft Maps.  This morning I went to Tests -> Any COM Port Tester and entered the COM Port number (I just typed in the number 4), then 9600 baud (which was populated automatically) and a box popped up saying "COM Port Opening failed".

Then I went to Sensor Explorer and "Ready" was listed next to the GPSDirect Sensor.

20/01/2017 13:30 Administrator
Also check our new troubleshooter. -> Troubleshooting link.

19/01/2017 20:37 Administrator

The first step is to test the COM port via menu Tests -> Any Com Port tester, to check if there is actually GPS NMEA information there.

554hawkicity hawkicity1474896520
26/09/2016 13:28
BugWindows 7 Install - Sensor Manager cannot be createdI am trying to install GPSComplete on my Windows 7 laptop and downloaded the .exe from When I click on the gpscomplete64.exe I receive the message" Sensor Manager cannot be created".

I have tried to run as administrator with the same outcome. Any suggestions?
05/11/2016 08:23 Administrator Not likely anything other than reinstall Windows.
01/11/2016 13:56 hawkicity hawkicity Any other things I can try to get this resolved and working?
01/10/2016 12:02 Administrator I see, then for some reason (missing hardware) there is no sensor interface on your device.
Looking into it.


27/09/2016 12:55 hawkicity hawkicity I am using a licensed version of Windows 7 Professional (64 bit). The Windows Product Key is entered and states it is activated.
26/09/2016 20:04 Administrator Limited/nlited/hacked Windows 7 version?
553r1234 r12341474660712
23/09/2016 19:58
BugUSB GPS not working with GPSDirectHello,

I am attempting to use GPSDirect to get a location sensor working on Windows 7 so that I can access it with the geolocation functionality in IE 11.

I am using a BU-353 USB GPS device and I can see that it is working using a program called GPSInfo. It finds the location and I can see the data that it is outputting.

The USB device is on a COM port using the Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port.

GPSDirect can create a sensor for the COM Port but it says "GPS Sensor Not Installed" even when I can see the sensor under Device Manager and know that the GPS is receiving location data.

Any help or advice with this issue would be greatly appreciated.


04/10/2016 21:57 r1234 r1234 Michael,

Thank you for taking the time to look into this.

03/10/2016 17:47 Administrator I am looking into it... some devices are incompatible.
552Sep15-2016 Sep15-20161473954159
15/09/2016 15:42
BugGPSReverse issue with Windows 10 and Broadcom GNSS 47531Michael,
I tried reaching you on Skype to check if you will be able to help me on a live session. I am testing GPSReverse on Windows 10 as it will be the default OS that will be shipped out on our newer rugged tablets. We deploy rugged tablets all over the world and require GPS through a COM port for our application and the Windows Location Sensor is not conducive for that. The tablet I have is running Windows 10 and has a Broadcom GNSS 47531 Geolocation Sensor.

I am attaching different files here detailing the steps that I have taken:
1. Running Sensor Explorer to check if the Broadcom sensor is sending out data.
2. Installing GPSReverse on COM4.
3. Running Virtual COM port tester on COM4 and screenshot of the data stream.

I am getting the same issue as another user where I get the following two lines:


If Michael, or anyone else has any pointers, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
21/09/2016 14:50 Sep15-2016 Sep15-2016 Michael I am available today and the rest of the week at a time of your convenience to take a look at this.

Thank you.
551wiesshund wiesshund1473872071
14/09/2016 16:54
BugGPSDIRECT not working on windows 10 laptopwhen I try to run the sensor test it just sits at initializing and on the right where GPS data would be it shows

I read in another thread that GPOpening means it can not open the port.
So I tried telnetting to the phone on the windows 7 gps sharing apps port
and the tenet session window began streaming NMEA info.

So I imagine that means the android app is working fine, and that the PC itself has no trouble making connections to that port?
SO I thought well, if telnet works the driver must be working, and I tried windows maps.
Maps put my location as NE of Greenland in the ocean, which is odd because the NMEA data has my coordinates exactly in florida sitting in my living room.

I thought well maybe my laptop just does not work with the driver, so as a test I uninstalled it and installed the fixed location, and after learning that one cant enter xx' N and has to enter -xx.xxxx format, windows maps and Cortana had my location almost spot on, wrong room but definitely inside my house.

That alone would be great, but the reason I was interested in GPSDirect was being able to use the laptop for navigation and trip planning.

I tried hooking the phone up via its IP address, and via Bluetooth, same result both ways.
Tried changing the port from 7777 to 3000
I would have tried USB but saw no option for that so I didn't plug in USB
05/11/2016 08:24 Administrator Non-announced updates are usually minor interface changes etc. Nothing related to the driver.
01/11/2016 20:22 Sep15-2016 Sep15-2016 Michael,

I launched the GPSComplete app today and it looks like it downloaded an update. Can you please let me know if there have been any updates to the app? Thanks.

20/10/2016 16:59 Administrator We will probably need a rdb... find me on skype.

20/10/2016 16:19 Sep15-2016 Sep15-2016 Michael,

Any update on work toward resolution for this issue?

08/10/2016 09:04 Administrator I am working on updates for GPSDirect...usually,failure to open means that the device is not accessible from the driver for a reason. Perhaps we can setup a remote debugging session?
19/09/2016 15:39 wiesshund wiesshund wow no suggestions yet?
550Boilerjay80 Boilerjay801473440539
09/09/2016 17:02
BugSucess with Windows 10!Ever since Windows 10 was released I have had very inconsistent results using GPSDirect with Windows 10 and a BT GPS.  The main issues were the Windows Location Platform was not always using the GPSDirect sensor but sometimes using WiFi for location.  As a result, the location in various Windows 10 location platform GPS enabled Apps (Maps, Sygic) was very unreliable.  However, the most recent update to GPSComplete seemed to fix all the issues with Windows 10.  Using the following set up on a Widows 10 Surface Pro 3:  Dual Skypro 160 BT GPS connecting to GPSGate sending a virtual com port to GPSComplete - I have seen outstanding performance.  The Apps that use the Windows 10 location platform now track location consistency and accurately.  The latest update seemed to fix the Windows 10 issues.  I have been testing for about 2 weeks now and I felt it was time to share the results.
23/12/2016 05:24 Project2978 Project2978 My Windows 10 Surface 3 crashes when I plug in the USB Microsoft GPS LOCATOR. I downloaded the software GPS DIRECT and I may not have set the correct parameters. I need help? Mitch
22/11/2016 18:08 Administrator Woah!!
22/11/2016 08:09 quetius quetius I believe this is due to the windows option of showing a default location when the location is unavailable... Maybe you could update the default location at regular intervals?

Or caching the last used location when the location is otherwise unavailable?

19/09/2016 17:37 Administrator We have been looking for that for weeks, but it seems that there is no documented way.
18/09/2016 21:00 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 I spoke too soon.  Everything has been working perfectly under Windows 10 UNTIL I connect by wifi using my phone as a hot spot.  Once again the location jumps around like it is switching between BT GPS and wifi as the location sensor.  I have continuously seen this behavior under Windows to but thought it was fixed.  When I disconnected from wifi, the location tracking was once again perfect.  The driver need a way to tell the Windows 10 location platform  to use GPS not wifi.
10/09/2016 07:32 Administrator :)
548Mister-B Mister-B1472376145
28/08/2016 09:22
BugCan t get this to workI will be getting a new 2in1 Tablet PC with Win 10 Pro shortly.  Unfortunately it won't have a built in GPS module so I am looking for alernatives.  I am trying to get GPS to work on my desktop PC before the new tablet gets here.  I am trying to use my Nexus 6P Phone to allow Windows 10 Apps (Sygic, Maps, etc) to use the GPS Sensor in my phone.  Here's what I have done:

Downloaded the GPSComplete Eval Software
Downloaded the Android "Windows 7 GPS Sharing" App
Paired my PC with my phone over BT.

The app shows me what IP and Port to enter into the GPSComplete programm.  I do this and open the sensor test.  There are 22 entries there but when I open either Maps or Sygic, my current location is not being shown.

What am I doing wrong? :'(
30/08/2016 08:22 Administrator :)
30/08/2016 07:24 Mister-B Mister-B Hi Michael,  I'm obviously not as knowledgable as you.  I don't know what Telnet is :(

I have actually gotten this to work using the tips here:

This is actually great for me as I can reconnect to my Bluetooth phone every time without have to Change the COM Port.  I intend to get a personal license very soon and thank you for your help.

28/08/2016 17:23 Administrator Ah, it's an IP Connection. Forget about COM.

If you telnet to the IP:Port, do you get nmea strings?

28/08/2016 16:12 Mister-B Mister-B I'm sorry, I don't know what COM port I'm on.  I'm connected over BT using your android app.  I've entered the IP address and the port in the sensor driver.  How do I find out what COM port I'm on?
28/08/2016 15:01 Administrator It depends on which COM port your interface is listening to.
If it is not a COM port interface, what interface it is?

28/08/2016 12:33 Mister-B Mister-B Which port should I be trying?  I have tried 1-7 but get the message that "COM Port opening Failed".
28/08/2016 12:24 Administrator GPOpening means that the port could not be opened. Can you open the port using "Any port test" in the tests menu?
28/08/2016 11:26 Mister-B Mister-B [quote author=Michael link=topic=1507.msg4774#msg4774 date=1472381638]
First, BT pairing is not needed.
Second, do you see normal long/lat values in the sensor explorer?

Do you mean the android app?  I can see  the X; Y and Z coordinates.  The number of active clients is 0.

28/08/2016 11:23 Mister-B Mister-B This is what I see when I open the sensor test.
28/08/2016 10:53 Administrator First, BT pairing is not needed.
Second, do you see normal long/lat values in the sensor explorer?
547Eisenhower2 Eisenhower21469164649
22/07/2016 05:17
BugWindows 10 Location Jumping AroundI work for a law enforcement agency and are using GPSDirect to obtain the GPS sensor information via network signal. In our cars, we have a CradlePoint IBR1100 cellular modem/WiFi router. The device takes AT&T cell signals and broadcasts them via WiFi. The device also has a GPS antenna and receives GPS signals. The unit is capable of routing the GPS signals over WiFi via IP. We also have Panasonic Toughbook FZ-G1 tablets (without built in GPS) running Windows 10. I installed GPSDirect to take the GPS signals from the CradlePoint over the WiFi and emulate them to a COM port (COM 7).

The software seems to work correctly since the system is definitely receiving GPS location signals. I open Microsoft Maps and it will show me right where I am (both sitting still and moving). However, I recently started noticing that the location is jumping around. For example, when driving down the road, it will show me on Maps where I am and the direction I am heading. Every five seconds or so it will jump back to a location 50 miles away and then immediately jump back to my current location. It jumps back to the same location 50 miles away over and over again. I've only ever been to the other location one time and never saved it as a navigation point. This is very irritating when using Maps to provide turn by turn directions.

I've tried clearing the Location cash, but that doesn't do anything. It does this on two vehicles so far. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the location sensor in GPSDirect as well as the COM port to no avail.

Is this a glitch in GPS Direct? A glitch in Windows 10?
15/11/2018 17:56 Goslin Goslin Should we be using /u 5?  The documentation only shows that /u takes values 0-4.
28/10/2018 09:40 Administrator

/f forces 1, and when the signal is lost, the previous good known signal is returned.

28/10/2018 09:39 Uusitalo Uusitalo

Yes /f is the set of maximum precision to 1. You can use /u 5 (Always tell Windows I have data).

Support Team

What if real precision is below 1, does it then return 1 also? And what if the GPSdirect source loses GPS, what does GPSdirect return to Windows? I want Windows to fall back to devices internal GPS in that case. If I understood /u 5, it seems to strict.

28/10/2018 09:34 Administrator

Yes /f is the set of maximum precision to 1. You can use /u 5 (Always tell Windows I have data).

26/10/2018 19:16 Uusitalo Uusitalo

Windows thinks that the gps signal is low quality unless the precision is set to 1m. This will almost never happen in a real device, but there is an option to simulate it.

The modes are useful when the signal is actually lost.

Support Team

Ok, you made for our supplier a special version which returns either 0 or 1 as a precision. Does /f do the same so we could use that instead now? And is there a document describing the modes?

26/10/2018 19:11 Administrator

Windows thinks that the gps signal is low quality unless the precision is set to 1m. This will almost never happen in a real device, but there is an option to simulate it.

The modes are useful when the signal is actually lost.

26/10/2018 19:07 Uusitalo Uusitalo

The max precision option.
Support Team

Ok thx.

Why would that affect that the Windows would not use WiFi?

What are the different /u modes?

26/10/2018 15:52 Administrator The max precision option.
26/10/2018 12:21 Uusitalo Uusitalo

There was a google login issue that **** the board, but all should work now.

Support Team

Good that it was sorted out.

What was the solution used to solve the issue with location using wifi?

25/10/2018 18:31 Administrator

There was a google login issue that **** the board, but all should work now.

24/10/2018 10:44 Uusitalo Uusitalo

What did the trick?

We have similar issue with our locomotives. Drivers have a Toughbook tablet which use Windows 10. The location accuracy provided by the onboard network is below 1 m and this seems to be a problem with Windows 10 causing it to use WiFi and IP locations. If we use the special version of the GPSdirect (accuracy 0 or 1), we can work around that, but it would be great to be able to use main branch of GPSdirect.

p.s. do there boards work now? edit: seems to work, there were some issues for couple of months!

07/12/2016 19:47 Eisenhower2 Eisenhower2 That did the trick! Thank you!!
07/12/2016 16:33 Administrator There is a new option in GPSDirect installation... try it.

26/11/2016 16:22 Administrator It worked for a while, then again :(

22/11/2016 18:47 Eisenhower2 Eisenhower2 Yay!
22/11/2016 18:11 Administrator I *think* I 've found the solution.
22/11/2016 13:24 Eisenhower2 Eisenhower2 I have to say it has gotten even worse lately. The location won't sit still for more than two seconds. Seriously, two seconds. I can't use it to even find directions when the location is on.
22/11/2016 08:06 quetius quetius This issue crops up when mocking locations on android phones as well. Was hoping to use this as a way around the gps jumping on android emulators. oh well.
02/11/2016 15:41 Eisenhower2 Eisenhower2 Well I hardwired the tablets to the routers in the cars. Still no difference. I don't know if it's because of this last GPSDirect update or the last Maps update, but the location jumping around is even worse than ever.
28/09/2016 14:30 Eisenhower2 Eisenhower2 Not that it matters too much right now because Windows Maps keeps crashing as soon as I open it.. on ALL of the tablets!
28/09/2016 14:19 Administrator We are still looking for a solution. I am not sure if Windows actually looks for a "more precise" location.


28/09/2016 13:20 Eisenhower2 Eisenhower2 Our tablets are docketed into the vehicles and connected via WiFi to the cellular router. There is an option to hardwire the docks to the router with a network cable. I wonder if I turn off the WiFi and hardwire the docks to the router if that will fix the issue for now.
28/09/2016 13:15 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 The latest version of the driver works great UNTIL you connect to wifi.  With wifi on the location will bounce between accurate GPS and less accurate wifi.  A less than ideal solution is to not use wifi when you are mobile.  This problem surely is solvable because this issue does not happen if you use a Widows 10 device with an internal GPS device.  It also doesn't happen if you use a U-Blox based USB device (VK-172) and the sensor/location driver provided by U-Blox.  I believe the Windows location platform always uses the most accurate sensor.  Some how it thinks wifi is more accurate than GPSDirect.  Is there a switch in the GPSDirect driver to tell the location platform that it is the most accurate and ignore wifi. There must be some way as the U-Blox Windows 10 sensor driver and internal GPS device drivers always have priority in the Windows 10 location platform.
27/09/2016 18:09 Eisenhower2 Eisenhower2 Any luck on this, yet?
22/07/2016 15:57 Eisenhower2 Eisenhower2 Excellent. Thank you.
22/07/2016 15:48 Administrator I have seen it in Windows 10 yes, it seems it combines location from the sensor driver and, at the same time, location from IP.

Working on it.
546Boilerjay80 Boilerjay801464629773
30/05/2016 17:36
BugStill have issue with Windows 10 and GPSDirectI am still having reliability issues using GPSDirect (GPSComplete) in Windows 10 with any external Bluetooth GPS unit.  I have attempted to use the following Bluetooth GPS units: Dual GPS150, Dual GPS 160, Garmin Glo, and USGlobalSat BT-368.
I have used the above BT devices, with the latest GPSDirect driver version with the following Windows Tablets running Windows 10: MS Surface Pro 3, Dell Venue 10 Pro, Dell Venue 8 Pro, HP Pavilion X2 10.2.
I have tried all the BT devices on all the tablets.  They all work fine with legacy desktop programs such as: ST2013, SA2015, CoPilot Live V8 Laptop.
However, when I have tried all BT devices on all the tablets with Widows 10 universal gps navigation apps such as: MS Maps, Sygic, Navmii, and MapFactor using GPSDirect with the Win 10 location platform I have very unreliable results.
The position update rate is very intermittent. It will update fine for a few seconds and then it will not update for a few seconds, then it will update again.  The result is a very erratic/jumpy display and is totally unusable for navigation.
However if I use a VK-172 USB GPS unit on any of the tables the results are rock solid with the Win 10 universal apps.  Navigation is accurate and position is smoothly updated on all the Win 10 apps on all the tablets.  The VK-172 uses a U-Blox 7 chip set and I have loaded the Win 10 location driver from the U-Blox web site.  From my experience the U-Blox Windows 10 location driver works properly with the Win 10 Location platform, while the GPSDirect driver has continual location drop-outs.
For now I must use the U-Blox USB GPS device to navigate with my Win 10 tablets.  I would prefer to use the superior BT GPS devices but GPSDirect just isn't reliable.  Can someone perform some tests to replicate my results or tell me what I am doing wrong.  I really believe GPSDirect has issues under Win 10.
I have tested my findings over 4 different 600 mile trips.  Any help is appreciated.  I want to be able to use my BT devices with Win 10 apps
23/09/2017 06:41 williams williams

I need help connecting a USB MicroSoft GPS Locator to a MICROSOFT Surface 3. The computer crashes. I tried to set the parameters up with GPS Direct with no success. Is it Windows or the GPS Locator or operator error?


I have the same problem, what I do for remove this problem


Assignment Help

23/12/2016 05:30 Project2978 Project2978 I need help connecting a USB MicroSoft GPS Locator to a MICROSOFT Surface 3. The computer crashes. I tried to set the parameters up with GPS Direct with no success. Is it Windows or the GPS Locator or operator error?


18/06/2016 18:24 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 Any results from the data file that I sent. The driver is still unreliable with BT devices.
31/05/2016 22:56 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 Attached is a 10 minute log from PuTTY for a Dual XGPS160 Bluetooth GPS unit which has a solid fix.  The data was taken from a com port running at 57600 baud and the unit was running at an update rate of 10hz.
31/05/2016 15:22 Administrator You can connect to the bluetooth devices using PuTTY and send me some 10-minute log of the output.

545BillBraskey BillBraskey1464076821
24/05/2016 08:00
BugInstaller fails on Server 2012 R2I want to install GPSDirect on Windows Server 2012 R2 to use a serial (RS-232) GPS as a time source for NTP.  When I run the 64-bit installer, it fails immediately with the message "Sensor Manager cannot be created".  Is this software incapable of running on Server editions of Windows?
25/05/2016 16:19 Administrator

As it states in any of these interfaces, no server support.
It would be practically impossible to import the libraries since you simply do not have a clue on what to import. COM interfaces can reside anywhere.

You may have a look on thr registry of a non-server to check the location of the dll, if any, that hosts the apis, but as said, it is highly unlikely to work.


25/05/2016 15:27 BillBraskey BillBraskey Do you think it is possible to copy the libraries over from a desktop version of the OS (i.e., Windows 8.1)?  If it is just a question of the required DLLs being present, I have seen this work in other situations.  Perhaps a registry key would also need to be created manually.  If you can provide the list of DLLs, I can experiment with this.  Or does GPSDirect expect the full Windows Location Services role/feature to be present?  In that case, I'm not sure it would be possible/practical/easy to create that where it doesn't exist.

I previously had the GPS connected to a separate Ubuntu machine, which was my NTP server, but I had to take that box offline for an extended period for a physical reorganization of my server closet.

Musing: It is silly that Location Services is not a feature in Windows Server.  Aside from the use-case of GPS as a time source for NTP, which is clearly a job that servers routinely perform, I can easily envision using a Windows Server machine to host a large GIS or navigational database for which GPS might be necessary on the server (e.g., RAIM integrity, error checking across a range of clients using different GPS devices, and time hacks of course).

25/05/2016 14:19 Administrator The sensor interface is not present in server editions of Windows (lack of the required libraries) as of now. I expect an update for Windows Server 2016, but I am not sure.

The probable reason is that they do not want the server editions to be used of anything else except as a true server.

25/05/2016 13:26 BillBraskey BillBraskey [quote author=Michael link=topic=1499.msg4727#msg4727 date=1464177964]
Where did you find the Turbo GPS installer?

Correction: I am trying to install GPSDirect, which I downloaded from

I edited my OP to contain the correct application name.

25/05/2016 12:06 Administrator Where did you find the Turbo GPS installer?
544ltkaknm ltkaknm1463330711
15/05/2016 16:45
BugAccess WAAS/SBAS satellite information through GPSDirect into ArcPad QualityHello,

I am using a Garmin GLO with ArcPad 10.2.3 and would like to populate the SBAS satellite information into ArcPad.  At present when I am receiving SBAS corrections the quality displays 0 for the Differential Age and 0000 for the DSID.  I am pretty new to GPS Direct so any help would be greatly appreciated.
18/05/2016 12:50 Administrator Paste the nmea messages you receive.
543Rusty Rusty1462054142
30/04/2016 22:09
BugSkyPro Dual XGPS160 GPS Receiver Not Connecting to Surface Pro 3 TabletI have the SkyPro XGPS160 Receiver described above, it connects using...Bluetooth.

Presently, it will make a...momentary connection with my Surface Pro 3 (Win 8.1), but the connection...drops...almost immediately!

The Techs at SkyPro advised me to go to: install GPS Direct, since Windows Bluetooth doesn't have the required

The...GPSComplete64 Exe. file downloads okay; but problem is: IT will not...Install...! I am trying as both actual Administrator (have Password) and using: right click...Run as Administrator.
In either case the only thing that immediately happens is a Window opens with the heading: GPSComplete Status;
which says: GPSDirect...Not installed: GPSReverse...Not Installed. That's it...!?

I have found it does exactly the same thing if I attempt to Run & Install on my DELL PC running Windows 7 Pro; so the installation problem doesn't appear to be specific to the Surface Pro.

It appears the downloaded Exe.file is not working?

Does anyone have an answer or solution to this problem? Thank you.

18/08/2016 10:31 Administrator Also check the newer GPSDirect driver ... I 've updated it with new DDK tools.

27/07/2016 16:01 Rusty Rusty [b]UPDATE:[/b]

[b]RE:[/b] SkyPro Dual XGPS160 GPS Receiver Not Connecting to Surface Pro 3 Tablet

The problem centered around not being able to connect the GPS unit [i]specifically to Windows 8.1[/i] on my Surface Pro 3 Tablet

Problem/issue solved, thanks greatly to the time, patience , and knowledge of Eun "Ian" Yang, Product Communications Specialist with Dual Electronics Corp.
Ian spent nearly an hour on the phone working thru' the issue with me, and finally he got the...[i]connection made,[/i] and I might works...great
with Maptech's Terrain Navigator Pro topographic map software. I was...flying high, when the little...airplane cursor appeared on the map for the first time...!!

The key turned out to be the setting or[i] re-setting[/i] of many of the [i]default[/i] Bluetooth settings buried deep in the factory set 8.1 OS; that I
never would have known of or figured out in a million years...!?
Turns out...we did NOT need Turbo IRC Direct at all; which indicates  the connectivity issue can be resolved within the 8.1 OS Bluetooth settings.
Problem solved...!

13/07/2016 16:48 Rusty Rusty I understand...!

Please accept my sincere apology.

Thank you.

13/07/2016 12:20 Administrator I am on a business tour, returning next week :)
12/07/2016 21:21 Rusty Rusty Well...apparently not...!?

Thank you!

06/07/2016 21:55 Rusty Rusty Hello Michael,

Any chance of getting that...remote you offered some time back? Thanks!

29/06/2016 17:30 Rusty Rusty Hello.

Apologies for not responding before now but have been out of the country.
I could have put the SkyPro GPS to good use, for sure.

Pleased to return and find your reply.

Please bear with me though because, as I have mentioned, I'm a complete novice when it comes to
understanding/dealing with these kinds issues. What is: "a log of the NMEA output of your (my) device" ?

All I know at this point is that the SkyPro XGPS160 has, what I am told/read, NMEA - General and Apple capable protocols.

Look forward to any further assistance...thank you.

18/06/2016 16:54 Administrator The driver does not work with all sort of hardware.
You could try sending me a log of the NMEA output of your device.

13/06/2016 00:58 Rusty Rusty Hello Michael.

Can or are you going to help me solve the issue with the SkyPro GPS as you...offered to do? 
I have less than 6 days in which to Return the unit for a Refund; I do not have the kind of money to
have $150 items sitting around if they do not/will not work; the "only" reason I
purchased the GPS is  because they  (SkyPro) "gave me assurances" your TurboIRC  software (applet)
would correct the problem with the GPS to Windows 8.1 compatibility?

Thank you.

07/06/2016 14:15 Rusty Rusty Quote from: Michael on May 02, 2016, 00:50:08
Try removing the driver from the same Sensor Driver menu, then restart. If this does not then I could help you via remote control.



I purchased the SkyPro GPS; which has a large negative review rating regarding its ⬠connectivity ⬠(or lack thereof) with certain devices running Windows 8.1, based solely on the SkyPro Technician⬠s ⬠assurances -- that TurboIRC GPSComplete applet would...correct the problem. He even went so far as to provide me with the link to download the applet. So far I have downloaded and run the app⬠numerous times; among many other efforts; and have had no success...!?

I want to connect the SkyPro to a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet running Windows 8.1 (factory installed on a brand new machine), and run with Terrain Navigator Pro
Topographic software (yet to be determined IF that will even work...?)

If the SkyPro, and/or GPSComplete/Direct does /will not work for my intended use; I could end up with an expensive...paper weight...!?
I have twelve days remaining in which to solve/correct, not only the SkyPro connectivity  problem with the Surface Pro 3; but trouble-shoot its functionality with Terrain Navigator as well; before my 30 day Return/Refund period runs out with

This will make the second SkyPro I have purchased and returned within 60 days; this is the effort and extent to which I am trying to find a solution to the problem and make this thing work...!

Can you please help...?  Thank you.

03/06/2016 03:21 Rusty Rusty [quote author=Michael link=topic=1496.msg4712#msg4712 date=1462171808]
Try removing the driver from the same Sensor Driver menu, then restart. If this does not then I could help you via remote control.


Finally I have been able to get back to the problem of my Surface Pro 3 tablet NOT maintaining a -- connection -- with the SkyPro XGPS 160 GPS Receiver.

I have tried all advice/suggestions and the basic problem persists; basically it is this: Upon Starting both Devices (XGPS & Tablet), the Tablet recognizes the XGPS and lists it in Bluetooth Devices;
as..."OTHER" Device - Ready to PAIR.
When I click on PAIR the Green Scroll Bar appears and starts to advance; as it advances the "OTHER" Device changes to XGPS160-44A968 CONNECTED. The CONNECTION...holds...
for about five to ten second, then it drops and reverts back to...PAIRED, and my only option at that point is...Remove Device.

I have to...Remove Device from the Device List, restart the Tablet to re-establish...Ready to PAIR and start over again; but the result is always the same...!?

Thank you in advance if you can solve this problem for me...!!

03/05/2016 16:34 Rusty Rusty Well...I⬠m not having much success!

I would like to take you up on your offer...and thank you!

However, at the moment I no longer have the SkyPro unit; not being sure it was ever going to work successfully, I had to return it to Amazon within the 30 day Return/Refund Window, which will be up tomorrow...May 4. I definitely intend to purchase another one, which will then give me another 30 days to sort out and hopefully correct this problem. I do want the SkyPro to work with the Terrain Navigator topo⬠software I have on the Tablet!
I will be out of town for the rest of this week...through the weekend, and will order the SkyPro when I return home.
If I can get back to the Forum when I have the new unit...I would appreciate it!

02/05/2016 06:50 Administrator Try removing the driver from the same Sensor Driver menu, then restart. If this does not then I could help you via remote control.


02/05/2016 00:23 Rusty Rusty I followed and did everything you meticulously and to the letter as I could...and now nothing works...!?

I also followed and included the supposed Windows 8.1 bug correction procedure of going to â¬Sregedit⬝ and changing the Current Version value from 6.3 to 6.2.
That obviously didn⬠t/hasn⬠t worked either?

Whereas my Surface Pro 3 would at least...find the SkyPro and -- Pair ⬠with it, but just not be able to ⬠Connect â¬with it; now it can⬠t even ⬠Find ⬠it...? Now...what the Tablet does do, is ⬠Find and Pair ⬠with my desktop PC...two times; shows the PC twice in the Bluetooth Device window; if I Remove one or both, it pops right back...but it cannot ⬠Connect...? My desktop PC can⬠t even ⬠Find ⬠the Surface Pro anymore, and so doesn⬠t place an icon for it in the Bluetooth Device window?

Obviously, the...default settings (which I now have to go back and hope I can reset correctly) I had on the Tablet were working just fine with all the other devices I have; the only...exception being, it would/could
at least Pair with the SkyPro, but not...complete the Connection.

So if there is anyone out there who could walk a non-computer techie like myself through this; it would be appreciated.

30/04/2016 23:24 Administrator There is a menu called Sensor Driver that you can use to install the driver.
I suggest you read the instructions on site before attempting to use GPSComplete.
542flyhtman flyhtman1461630419
26/04/2016 00:26
BugGPS Direct and Inter-character TimeoutHi, I'm attempting to use GPS Direct to accept NMEA data from a (USB) serial port and I'm running into some issues which may be related to inter-character timeout. Using a GPS simulator as the serial input I've confirmed that GPS Direct parses the data and that ultimately the end-user application is able to read it via Windows location services. However, when I connect the actual GPS device to the serial port GPS Direct does not detect any valid NMEA data even though I've confirmed through a third party application that the data is coming into the serial port and is correctly formatted.

Examining the differences between the simulated data stream and the real data stream I see that the real data stream has a significant delay between characters. So my question is: How does GPS Direct read the incoming serial stream? Does it read it character by character or does it expect to see all characters in the message arrive in quick succession? i.e. What is the maximum inter-character time that it will support? Is this inter-character time constant or does it vary with the baud rate?

Thanks for your time.

10/05/2016 23:50 flyhtman flyhtman Yes, some additional information about the message processing would be useful for debugging. Some ideas:
[list type=decimal]
[li]Total number of messages received of each type (e.g. RMC, GGA, etc)[/li]
[li]Total number of corrupt messages (checksum is incorrect)[/li]
[li]Total number of incomplete messages[/li]
[li]Anything else that would cause the driver to discard data[/li]

08/05/2016 16:32 Administrator There is no logging, but normally the driver looks for $ and ending of \n (which includes ending of \r\n, discarding the \n) and also ignoring the checksum at the end.
You 'd want a feature to log possible "errors" in NMEA messages?

03/05/2016 22:57 flyhtman flyhtman @Boilerjay80: Sounds like you're experiencing the same symptoms that I am...

@Michael: FYI, I've purchased a GPS Direct/Reverse license to support your development efforts.
Does the GPS Direct driver maintain any statistics such as total number of messages, corrupt messages or invalid messages? If so, are these statistics available through the Testing user interface? Is there any way in which I can get more visibility into how the driver is processing the messages arriving on the serial port?

02/05/2016 18:32 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 Could this be related to the location drop outs I'm seeing on Windows 10 using a BT GPS?  What I am seeing is not every location report is getting through to the location platform.
02/05/2016 16:26 flyhtman flyhtman Thanks Michael!

[quote] trying to assemble the complete NMEA sentence when a \n is received.[/quote]

You mention that the driver looks for '\n' (new line) as a message termination but the NMEA spec indicates that the messages should be terminated with \r\n. This is what our GPS source currently uses for message termination. Would the extra '\r' interfere with the driver's ability to detect or process an NMEA message?


01/05/2016 09:02 Administrator Yes it reads as many bytes as they come, trying to assemble the complete NMEA sentence when a \n is received.

26/04/2016 16:32 flyhtman flyhtman Thanks Michael.

I am trying slower baud rates such as 1200 baud and seeing more success, although the Sensor Explorer indicates some messages are corrupted. Can you tell me anything about how the driver reads the serial port? Does it attempt to read an entire NMEA message at once (i.e. read up to 82 characters) or does it read the port character by character and then attempt to assemble a complete NMEA message by looking for the start '$' and terminating '*'?

26/04/2016 11:23 Administrator GPSDirect does not make assumptions on incoming speed. Its Windows which may terminate the connection on slow transmissions... try much lower baud rate.

541irwinmorris irwinmorris1460144032
08/04/2016 19:33
BugUnable to change IP address in iOS GPS Sensor to Windows appHello,

I just purchased the iOS GPS Sensor to Windows app, and I can't seem to change the IP address. It is currently showing and tapping on it does not allow me to change it. I am using an iPhone 5, iOS version 8.4.

Any ideas what's wrong?


01/07/2016 12:22 Administrator You do not need gpscomplete to be running, after the drive is installed, it is only a testing tool.
As for the connection, yes you need TCP, but I am willing to allow the iOS device to export data from bluetooth in next update.
You can also try a wifi hotspot from either device.

30/06/2016 17:39 Dechert Dechert Hello Michael!

Thank you for your nice tool ;) I hope you can help me with using it.

I did the following steps:
- downloaded "x64: Download evaluation" and saved gpscomplete64.exe to my Surface Pro 3 (2 in 1 PC)
- bought "GPSDirect + GPSReverse Bundle" and extracted the zip file to the same folder
- bought and installed app "iOS GPS to Windows Sensor" to my iPhone

I hope everything is correct so far.

When I am at home and connected to my WLAN I can start the app on the iPhone and start gpscomplete64.exe on my Surface Pro 3 and then install the sensor driver with my IP This is working so far I think. When I click "Tests" --> "Sensor Explorer On" and choose GPSDirect Sensor I can see the current time and some numeric values. So this seems to be ok.
Just a small question according to this scenario: Does the GPSComplete window has to be open? Or do I also get the same result by just starting a batch-file with e.g. "gpscomplete64.exe /d gpsdirect /c install /s /b 49837" ? I am not sure of this, because when I am online via WLAN the "Karten" app on my surface is able to get the location via WLAN - I don't know how to see when the app uses WLAN and when GPS.

The really relevant scenario for me is, when I am not at home and have no WLAN available. I do also not want to use mobile data from my iPhone.
I only got it working by setting up a personal hotspot on my iphone and connect it to my surface via usb cabel to have both devices in the same network. But then something still uses my mobile data. I do not really understand this because the devices should be able to communicate via the usb cable and shall not do it over mobile network.
Maybe you can help me here? What possibilities do I have? Is there another way to connect my iPhone with the Surface? I just want to send the GPS data of my iPhone to the Surface where I want to use it for the "Karten" app. Is this not possible when both devices are offline? Do I understand your last post correct that it is not? Will it be in future? Is there an option via Bluetooth? What would I have to do then?

Sorry for the long text and the many questions. But this is kind of a concern of the heart to me.

Best regards,

09/04/2016 09:59 Administrator At this time it will not; But I will soon update iOS gps to allow outgoing connections as well.
You may also share it via a bluetooth sharing app.

09/04/2016 09:48 irwinmorris irwinmorris Update: I rebooted my phone and now everything seems to be working. It connects to GPSDirect on my PC running Windows 10.

Question: how will this work in my car when I don't have a router?

Thanks in advance,

08/04/2016 21:03 irwinmorris irwinmorris Thank you for the fast reply!

They are indeed on the same network. The IP address of my iOS device is and my PC is, and both subnet masks are Why would the app be showing an IP address of

08/04/2016 20:17 Administrator Hello there.
You do not need to change the IP addrss, but in order for iOS GPS to be accessible from the sensor, they must be in the same subnet (or you have to use port forwarding if behind NAT). That means that your iOS device must be connected to the same network as your pc.

539Boilerjay80 Boilerjay801459261604
29/03/2016 14:26
BugU-Blox Location Sensor DriverI have spent a considerable amount of time evaluating the GPSDirect driver under Windows 10.  I have tested it over long trips using various Bluetooth and USB GPS devices.  I have tested it with GPS devices with update rates of 1, 5, and 10hz.  My conclusion is that something is still not quite right with the communication to the Windows 10 location platform.  I still have location drop-outs, program freezes, and general inconsistencies when using Windows 10, the location platform, GPSDirect with a Bluetooth sensor, and the Widows 10 Map application.  However, I have obtained two different USB devices that use the U-Blox chip set (the device that came with MS S&T and the VK-172).  U-Blox provides a Location Platform driver for these devices that works flawlessly with Windows 10.  I have seen none of the inconsistencies I have experienced with GDSDirect.  This leads me to believe that U-Blox has some insight about the Windows 10 Location Platform that would benefit GPSDirect.  From my observations there is a big difference in the performance of the two drivers.
20/04/2016 18:44 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 Just checking in. I have done additional testing on a 600 mile trip. The u-blox driver/hardware worked flawlessly while the GPSDirect driver gave inconsistent results that were not suitable for real time navigation. This was using the same Windows 10 Tablet for each. There is something about Windows 10 that does not interact well with GPSDIRECT while u-blox has found the answer. I have some top of the line external GPS Bluetooth receivers and that I just can't get to work under Windows 10.
02/04/2016 06:49 Administrator I doubt that what that driver has is something standard and documented, but I am looking into it.
538kaefer kaefer1458491877
20/03/2016 16:37
BugNo location dataI have just installed the COM Port Driver of GPSComplete to use the build in sensor (Huawei GNSS) in my Windows 10 tablet (Terra 1161) to use the sensor with legacy software, which needs COM ports for communication.

The sensor is detected now by the software ('GPS fix') but no position data are available.

When I run Virtual 'COM port tester on' in GPSComplete I get the following result


The time stamp changes every 2 seconds and also the checksum - the sensor is running and receiving a signal.

If I test 'ILocation Query' I get correct data (from where? Satellites, WiFi, IP ?)

System is Windows 10 - 64 bit.

Who have had similar problems and can help?
02/04/2016 13:44 anasso anasso My hopes are rather similar: automatic start of transfer tool or better support for Sierra Wireless Location Sensor included in Dell Wireless 5570 WAN card.
22/03/2016 18:19 Administrator I will take a look. Will you be available for a remote debugging session?

22/03/2016 17:05 kaefer kaefer Problem is partly solved:

after reinstallation of Win 10 another driver was loaded by the upgrade program - and now it works.

But there are still problems:
1. - I have installed COM Port Driver
    - when I run the test I get only $PNULL or similar
    - when I connect in the Transfer Tool  ILocation Query and COM Port Driver and start the Transfer Tool I get  nearly every 6 seconds a RMC sentence (and only RMC) like the following


2. - The date in the RMC sentence (red colored above) is, as far as I know, represented by 6 Digits and should be 220316 - or has the data format changed? I could not find anything.

3. - After reboot the Transfer Tool must be started manually. Does a command line exist to start the transfer tool automatically?

Summa summarum - a nice tool, but still same wishes:

- automatic start of transfer tool (better: detect the Huawei GNSS moduls directly, they are widespread)
- Information in the RMC sentence of the transfer tool about the source (WiFI, IP, satellite)
- also GGA sentence with the transfer tool (to get the hight)
- correct date
- better documentation.

536shochwald shochwald1456995197
03/03/2016 08:53
Buggpsdirect not extracting location from NMEA dataHi

I'm trying to use gpsdirect with an NMEA feed from a uBlox GPS receiver.

The NMEA stream appears to be getting through to gpsdirect but it is unable to provide a location.

I have a couple of GPS viewer utilities that are able to parse the NMEA sentences and provide coordinates so I don't understand why gpsdirect isn't working.

Sample NMEA data:

08:36:35  $GNGSA,A,3,24,10,08,22,18,21,11,,,,,,2.56,2.08,1.50*16
08:36:35  $GNGSA,A,3,66,65,87,81,72,,,,,,,,2.56,2.08,1.50*13
08:36:35  $GPGSV,3,1,11,08,43,248,34,10,58,152,41,11,12,228,30,14,68,031,08*7B
08:36:35  $GPGSV,3,2,11,18,28,119,39,21,22,064,14,22,37,267,21,24,10,124,30*7B
08:36:35  $GPGSV,3,3,11,27,56,297,,31,01,015,,32,68,010,19*42
08:36:35  $GLGSV,3,1,09,65,50,162,40,66,53,271,23,67,07,301,23,72,06,136,26*6C
08:36:35  $GLGSV,3,2,09,74,04,130,,75,02,082,,81,44,215,19,87,23,023,17*6C
08:36:35  $GLGSV,3,3,09,88,73,002,*5A
08:36:35  $GNGLL,3456.75320,S,13837.90652,E,083635.00,A,A*60
08:36:36  $GNRMC,083636.00,A,3456.75325,S,13837.90655,E,0.080,,030316,,,A*77
08:36:36  $GNVTG,,T,,M,0.080,N,0.148,K,A*38
08:36:36  $GNGGA,083636.00,3456.75325,S,13837.90655,E,1,12,2.08,77.5,M,-3.5,M,,*73
08:36:36  $GNGSA,A,3,24,10,08,22,18,21,11,,,,,,2.56,2.08,1.50*16
08:36:36  $GNGSA,A,3,66,65,87,81,72,,,,,,,,2.56,2.08,1.50*13
08:36:36  $GPGSV,3,1,11,08,43,248,34,10,58,152,41,11,12,228,30,14,68,031,08*7B
08:36:36  $GPGSV,3,2,11,18,28,119,39,21,22,064,14,22,37,267,22,24,10,124,30*78
08:36:36  $GPGSV,3,3,11,27,56,297,,31,01,015,,32,68,010,19*42
08:36:36  $GLGSV,3,1,09,65,50,162,39,66,53,270,22,67,07,301,24,72,06,136,26*65
08:36:36  $GLGSV,3,2,09,74,04,130,,75,02,082,,81,44,215,18,87,23,023,18*62
08:36:36  $GLGSV,3,3,09,88,73,002,*5A
08:36:36  $GNGLL,3456.75325,S,13837.90655,E,083636.00,A,A*61
08:36:37  $GNRMC,083637.00,A,3456.75335,S,13837.90656,E,0.068,,030316,,,A*72

The system is a Panasonic FZ-G1 tablet running Windows 8.1 with a uBlox '72 point' dedicated GPS receiver module, 'GPS Sensor' version

Help please!

04/03/2016 07:53 shochwald shochwald Thanks Michael, that works perfectly.

I've sent you a business support message regarding upgrading our existing license to the new version.


03/03/2016 16:48 Administrator Try gpscomplete, not the older gpsdirect.
535FlyingKiwi FlyingKiwi1454862200
07/02/2016 16:23
BugHow to make it work fasterI'm using Windows 10 Maps on my HP Stream 7 tablet. The interval at which the maps are being refreshed is every second yet my fTech BT2.5MR Bluetooth GPS receiver specs show:
NMEA 0183 V3.01㬁ASCII (defaultï¼aGGA㬁GSV㬁GSA㬁RMC㬁VTG)
Baud rate: 9600 bps(standard)
Data bit: 8
Parity: None
Stop bit: 1
B) NMEA code support:
GGA (1sec)
GSV (5sec)
GSA (1sec)
RMC (1sec)
VTG (1sec)

My question therefore is how do I get the maps to update at the faster, smoother refresh rate of 5 times a second that GSV offers? If this means a small tweak is required in the driver to enable this and you need further info, please feel free to ask any questions.
27/03/2016 07:53 FlyingKiwi FlyingKiwi Thanks for all the replies everyone. Glad you are looking into this request Michael as it seems like it might be an easy way to harness the extra performance from my Bluetooth GPS Receiver that it's capable of.

Regarding your findings of 'WiFi locations' interfering with actual GPS/GNSS locations, my recent experience with this is as follows. My HP Stream 8 (5901) Tablet has both WiFi as well as Cellular/Mobile Broadband capability and inbuilt GPS. If I start Here Maps with WiFi Enabled and connected, it initially finds my location as where the WiFi Hotspot location is configured to show (eg when using WiFi at home it shows the nearby home broadband exchange location, when using WiFi on the train, it shows the train companies broadband provider base location). When I'm using my cellular connection, it initially shows the mobile data providers base location (which is just under 200 miles away from my home location). I say these locations are initially shown because if sky views are available (without obstruction such as windows incorporating metallised films as found on some trains and many car windshields), eventually a satellite lock is obtained and Here Maps (or Windows 10 Maps on my Stream 7) then changes to show my correct location. I haven't used my Stream 7 with GPSDirect and Windows 10 Maps for sometime so will give it a run today and see if once I have my satellite lock, that location remains or the WiFi location toggles in and out....

20/03/2016 19:13 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 It's been a few days.  I have been doing a lot of testing and I am still seeing this behavior.  It seems that the Windows 10 location platform uses GPSDirect sometimes and wifi others.  It bounces back and forth between the two.  Any idea?
04/03/2016 11:37 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 This is exactly the behavior I am seeing on my machines. Any progress in fixing this issue?

27/02/2016 16:15 Administrator At this point I have some pcs that have the same issue. I am looking into it.
Somehow the wifi sensor overrides GPSDirect.

18/02/2016 08:02 FlyingKiwi FlyingKiwi It's now been over 10 days and as I don't know enough about GPSDirect, I've not known if there's any customisation command or similar that I can use or similar to resolve the matter. Maybe someone 'in the know' would care to help with some answers please?
16/02/2016 02:05 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 I have seen the same behavior under Windows 10.  The location will update in the Map App at the expected rate (say 1 hz), but then frequently it will miss updates.  The result is jumpy movent on the map.
08/02/2016 18:58 tjohnston87 tjohnston87 I am also wondering if there is a way to receive more updates per second.  We have a Getac T800 Windows 10 tablet with built-in dedicated GPS and must use GPSDirect to replace Windows Location Service with the signal from the GPS.  It seems that, in Collector for ArcGIS (the application we are using), occasionally the location would bounce between the location that Windows would otherwise be providing and the location from the GPS.
534Algui Algui1454092791
29/01/2016 18:39
BugConnecting a Garmin 62st with GPSDirectHi,

I have a Garmin 62st that I am using for testing. I am having issues reading GPS data with GPS Direct. The Sensor Explorer gives me $GPSFAILBREAK. I am connecting vis a USB cable. I have tried the different Interface mode on my Garmin, i.e., Garmin Spanner/Garmin Serial/NMEA In/Out. I have tried several baud rates as well for the port. No success. Any idea?

I have been able to read the GPS  data with GpsGate, so my GPS works!, at least. I have used Garmin USB for input and Garmin Spanner for the interface mode there.

Thanks in advance

My system is Windows 8.1.

02/02/2016 19:08 Algui Algui Hi Michael

Thanks for the reply.

A few words about my system. I am running Windows 8.1 on a laptop with no COM port, only USBs. I have tried a few things:

1) I used GPS Reverse Driver to open a COM port. I can see that the GPS Reverse Driver appears in Device Manager. Then I connected to the port with PuTTY. I am getting GPS info from my laptop so that is good news. This will be useful to test my application

2) Back to the Garmin now,  the model is Garmin 62st. For the interface on the Garmin, I set Garmin Spanner and I am using the standard USB cable to connect the GPS to my computer. As is

- using the Garmin USB Input options with Franson GpsGate, I am reading correct GPS data (I managed to output it to Google Earth). So
it seems that the GPS working.

- now, no matter what I have to tried to do with GPS direct, PuTTY always fails to open the port. I have tried

* just the Garmin plugged
* just installing the sensor driver on a COM port
* installing the sensor driver with the GPS plugged in
* installing the sensor driver and plug in the GPS after

I am a bit puzzled. I am not very experienced with hardware in general so maybe there is something I am not doing properly

Thanks again

30/01/2016 13:29 Administrator FailBreak means that reading failed. Can you read the GPS with a COM port tool such as PuTTy ?

533eand614 eand6141454091726
29/01/2016 18:22
BugUsing COM API from managed applicationIs there an example available out there for calling the GPSComplete COM API functions from C#? I am not very familiar with the COM interface and I have tried a few suggestions from Google searches but I am getting COM exceptions every time. I made sure to register the COM object through GPSComplete as well.

The following is what I have so far for the interface using an example from MSDN  (Example 2 [url=][/url]):

    [Guid("8BA8635B-27E7-45A3-A94B-6B9F0C121DA2"), //IGPSComplete CLSID
    interface IGPSComplete
        [return: MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Error)]
        UInt32 IsDriverInstalled([In] int iIndex, [In, Out, MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.BStr)] ref string p);

        [return: MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Error)]
        UInt32 InstallSensorDriver([In, MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.BStr)] string Port, [In] int Baud);

        [return: MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Error)]
        UInt32 InstallCOMPortDriver([In, MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.BStr)] string Sensor);

        [return: MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Error)]
        UInt32 RemoveSensorDriver();

        [return: MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Error)]
        UInt32 RemoveCOMPortDriver();
    [Guid("0077D557-A585-41C6-B74B-9A4E455AD8A3"), //Library CLSID
    class GPSCompleteClass
    { }

//Init COM interface to GPSDirect
GPSCompleteClass gpsComClass = new GPSCompleteClass();
IGPSComplete gpsComInt = (IGPSComplete)gpsComClass; //Generates exception: No such interface supported

30/01/2016 13:34 Administrator I don't know anything about C#, but you must create the object as administrator. <-- COM API contains a C++ example.
532Boilerjay80 Boilerjay801454081855
29/01/2016 15:37
BugWindows 10 ObservationsI have an Old Microsoft USB GPS that came with a later version of Streets and Trips.  This device is made by Navation and uses the U-Blox 5 chip.  U-Blox provides a current windows 10 sensor driver for their chip in addition to a com port driver.  Consequently, this device works directly as a Windows 10 location sensor without using GPSComplete.  This device seems to work flawlessly in all the Windows 10 location-based apps.  The interesting observation is that if you run the MS Sensor Diagnostic you get a steady 1 hz listing of the following events:

....Data Updated event for sensor U-Blox 5...

There are no other events and the device is always listed as ready

However if you use GPSDirect as the location sensor (link to a BT GPS) you get the following event stream:

...State Changed event for GPSDirect sensor Sensor to state Ready

This event will repeat 3 to 5 times then you get this event

....Data Updated event for sensor GPSDirect...

You will only get one data event and then 3 to 5 more state events.  On it goes...

It seems to me the GPSDirect Sensor is constantly changing state between each data output.  Is it disconnecting and reconnecting?

The result is that the performance in GPS apps is erratic.  The location will track fine for awhile,  then stalls for a couple seconds, then jump to the correct location.  Something is not quite right in how the GPSDirect sensor talks to the Windows 10 Location Platform.  The U-Blox driver seems to perform much more reliably.  There must be some difference in the approach.
02/02/2016 18:30 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 Yes!

That fixed it.  I will perform some road tests and report back.

I believe this will make the map position more reliable.


02/02/2016 17:52 Administrator Try again the update and tell me.

02/02/2016 17:49 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 Link:

I know it says not supported in Windows 10 but it still works.

02/02/2016 16:10 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 In the Microsoft Sensor Diagnostic Tool 0.7.2

After you select the sensor in the EVENTS window

02/02/2016 15:55 Administrator Can I see where you see this "ready/data" change ?

02/02/2016 13:36 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 What I find interesting is that if you use a USB receiver with a U-BLOX chip, U-BLOX has provided a Windows 10 location driver that works perfectly and does not exhibit this Ready.Ready.Ready.Ready.Ready.Data.Ready.Ready...behavior.  It is just 1hz.  So there is a way to fix it.  Problem is I would prefer to run a higher performance BT unit and not the U-BLOX USB.  But right now the U-BLOX does much better than the BT because of this driver issue.
02/02/2016 11:24 Extra3 Extra3 [quote author=Boilerjay80 link=topic=1483.msg4649#msg4649 date=1454162152]
Just updated, uninstalled, re-installed, and tried it.  The behavior is still the same.  3 to 5 change state to Ready the Phen375 pills, than one Data point, then 3 to 5 more change state to Ready and on it goes..

Same here. Lucky I've still got the software running on my windows 8 laptop.

30/01/2016 15:22 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 I just did that and the behavior has not changed.  Still 3 to 5 Ready messages for each data point.
30/01/2016 15:14 Administrator Make sure you use the updated driver. Remove the driver from devmgmt.msc using "Delete also the software".

30/01/2016 13:55 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 Just updated, uninstalled, re-installed, and tried it.  The behavior is still the same.  3 to 5 change state to Ready, than one Data point, then 3 to 5 more change state to Ready and on it goes..
30/01/2016 13:28 Administrator Try it again (uninstall/reinstall after update).

30/01/2016 12:51 Administrator I 've seen that too, but not with all drivers. I am investigating it, but it seems that it depends on hardware.

GPSDirect does disconnect and reconnect when someone disconnects from the driver itself, so I will take a look.
Probably fixing today.
531pjpalmer pjpalmer1453997007
28/01/2016 16:03
BugWindows 10, Garmin 18x USB GPS Antenna, Google EarthNeed help connecting all the pieces. 
Used Franson Gate / GPS Gate for years before Windows10.  There is no support for Windows10 and to many problems with Profilic RS232 to USB (Code 10 problems) and unable to "create Virtual Com Ports"

So I installed Windows 10 and purchased a Garmin 18x USB antenna.  Windows10 "Device Manager" shows the Garmin USB connected to a USB Port #00001
GPSDirect is unable to connect to the Garmin 18X

Is there a feature to show location and track in Google Earth
29/01/2016 13:42 Administrator Usually this is not an always-available option. It's like saying "I want to create a bicycle from a car". USB has a lot of possible interfaces, a COM port is one of them .If a USB device supports a COM port interface, it is exposed as a COM port. If it doesn't, then it can't be "converted" to a COM port.

The other option is for me to take a look if it would be possible to read the device as HID. I am looking into that.

Best Regards.

28/01/2016 16:57 pjpalmer pjpalmer Any suggestions to create a USB Virtual COM Port
What software is available ?

28/01/2016 16:46 Administrator GPSDirect cannot connect to USB ports, you must create a virtual COM port somehow.

530eand614 eand6141453918270
27/01/2016 18:11
BugGPS Direct Driver Specify IP Address and PortWhen installing the driver there appears to be the option to input an IP address and port which is undocumented as far as I can tell. Is this feature intended to be used to send NMEA sentences to the driver via TCP socket and is it working? I was not able to connect to the IP/port that I specified when installing the driver using
27/01/2016 19:32 Administrator Yes, you just need to output NMEA from a host/port that GPSDirect can connect to.


27/01/2016 18:52 eand614 eand614 Thank you for the quick response!

What I am trying to do is instead of having actual GPS hardware I need to have an application send location data to the driver that it gets externally from an avionics bus. The application I would create would take in the data and convert it to whatever format is needed for the driver (NMEA 0138), and then periodically update the driver with the current location using whatever interface is most feasible (virtual serial port/TCP socket/COM interface). Is this kind of thing possible with the GPSDirect driver?

27/01/2016 18:19 Administrator The IP/Port to put there is given by the Android/iOS tools I have created. It is there to take data from a phone.

529Jaurocha Jaurocha1453393034
21/01/2016 16:17
BugWindows 10 GPSComplete only works partialyI try to use GPSComplete to place my pc at work. To get proper information from Cortana.
But position is not updated if I don't run another program like maps simultaneously.

If I have maps open the point are blue. Which I assume means that it is precise (Sense MS have adopted the dont ask dont tell policy about there software it is hard to know). But it flickers to gray momentarily to and move to the coarse uncertain location to become blue and move back a second later.
When having Maps open I often get the correct location from Cortana and  from ILocation. But not always.

If I dont have Maps open I get the coarse uncertain location from both Cortana and ILocation Query in GPSDirect.

When I look at the values in Sensor Explorer it looks ok and update the time.

It feels like GPSComplete dont update the position directly but need another program to make sure that ILocation get the values from the fixed sensor.

Any ideas on what might causing it?

12/03/2016 08:24 Administrator [quote author=IM4EMS link=topic=1480.msg4682#msg4682 date=1457767752]
[quote author=Michael link=topic=1480.msg4681#msg4681 date=1457766148]
For the first, check if there is a crash dump in c:\windows\temp\gpsdirect.mdmp. If so, send it to me. GPSComplete should function correctly even in evaluation mode.

For the second, I am still looking.

Hi Michael,

Thank you sir for the rapid response.  I sent you a link to the crash dump file via private message.  Regarding the second issue, it appears to be a very pervasive issue embedded in Windows 10.  Lots of topics on Microsoft's various forums regarding problems with the operating system trying to use IP addresses or WIFI triangulation to determine location in lieu of GPS.  Thanks for looking into it.  Perhaps there is a way that GPS sensor data can override the other data or shut it off?

Thanks for making this unique software.  I came across your products via the Intel Developer Zone article:

I would need a remote debugging session to find the problem.... find me on skype, windowsnt_997

12/03/2016 07:29 IM4EMS IM4EMS [quote author=Michael link=topic=1480.msg4681#msg4681 date=1457766148]
For the first, check if there is a crash dump in c:\windows\temp\gpsdirect.mdmp. If so, send it to me. GPSComplete should function correctly even in evaluation mode.

For the second, I am still looking.

Hi Michael,

Thank you sir for the rapid response.  I sent you a link to the crash dump file via private message.  Regarding the second issue, it appears to be a very pervasive issue embedded in Windows 10.  Lots of topics on Microsoft's various forums regarding problems with the operating system trying to use IP addresses or WIFI triangulation to determine location in lieu of GPS.  Thanks for looking into it.  Perhaps there is a way that GPS sensor data can override the other data or shut it off?

Thanks for making this unique software.  I came across your products via the Intel Developer Zone article:

12/03/2016 07:02 Administrator For the first, check if there is a crash dump in c:\windows\temp\gpsdirect.mdmp. If so, send it to me. GPSComplete should function correctly even in evaluation mode.

For the second, I am still looking.

12/03/2016 05:46 IM4EMS IM4EMS Hello forum,

Two issues appear on my copy of the evaluation version of GPS Complete which seen similar to those posted in this thread.

1) My tablet computer which is running GPSComplete will not keep the GPSDirect sensor installed.  It seems to disappear randomly from the Device Manager and I must run the GPSComplete software to reinstall it.  This has occurred several times last week.  Is this a function of the "evaluation" software? Will this be fixed once I purchase the full license?

2) While on a WIFI connection at my home, the Windows Maps App will alternate every few seconds between the actual location (supplied by the internal GPS) and some other "location" data supplied by the operating system.  This causes the Maps App to cycle every few seconds.  It disrupts both the view of the map and the ability of the software to provide directions.  Unless GPSComplete can blunt, override, or eliminate the WIFI "location" data, these "location" approximations gleaned from surrounding WIFI signals will interfere with the GPS location on all Windows Apps which access the location sensor.  When the on-board WIFI is turned off/disabled, GPS data is no longer affected and the location remains in an accurate position.

This system in question is a Dell Rugged Tablet 7202 running Windows 10 64-bit Pro.  The device comes from the factory with a Ublox Neo-M8N GPS card inside.  The GPS card outputs NMEA data on COM-1 at 9600bps.  Dell appears to have wired this card through a hard serial interface, so any Ublox drivers that would otherwise support this device as a native Windows sensor do not seem to work.  Thus, I am trying to employ GPSComplete in order to make this GPS signal recognized by Windows 10 and its related location-enabled apps.

Thank you all for your advice and experiences.

26/01/2016 18:43 Administrator I know this problem, I 've asked MS to check how Windows gets the position.

Waiting for their answer...

22/01/2016 09:32 Jaurocha Jaurocha I just installed a wifi card. And the accuracy without GPSDirect is down to 80 meters and at the right position.
When I start GPSDirect the position starts to rapidly (about every 2 seconds) to change between the wifi position and the GPSDirect position.

22/01/2016 08:40 Jaurocha Jaurocha I did not have wifi in my machine. The coarse position was by ip-lookup. It just placed me in the right city with a precision of 22km.

In maps it was very clear when the position came from GPSDirect and when not. The position differed by about 2km.

It just felt like if there where no application running to poll the gps at regular interval the gps position was not used by windows. And that it needed a spin up period before the GPSDirect position was used. Somewhere between 5 seconds to 2 minutes.

21/01/2016 16:45 Administrator It's not much clear from where Windows gets the location; It might be GPSDirect, it might be the WiFi.
I 'm investigating.

528anasso anasso1453146627
18/01/2016 19:50
BugIssues with gpscompleteHello,

I've bought the GPSReverse about a year ago, and it worked almost like a charm, at least the positioning worked flawlessly.

Now I've updated to GPSComplete and I've faced few issues. When I install COM driver directly for either ILocation or the sensor itself, I'll reveive NMEA sentence for location at 0,0. This would be issue no. 1.

If I use the transfer tool I'm able to receive the correct location. Problem with transfer tool is that when the device is rebooted, it won't start transferring data for the COM port. Instead I'll receive $GPNULL or something like that. This is issue no. 2.

Also if I transfer ILocation data, it will update about every 6 seconds. If I transfer the sensor data, It'll update about every 2 seconds. This is even though Windows Sensor diagnostic tool shows that the location is updated more than once per second. This causes slight lag with the positioning, and even though it is not critical, it is annoying. The lagging is my issue number 3.

Issue number 4 would be that the GPSComplete always shows that there is 14 satellites. Sensor Diagnostic tool might show 20 satellites in view and 8 satellites in use, so why won't this show the correct data?

What is the "Register COM" object used for? Does the ILocation receive location data straight from the Windows API, as it would locate also with WiFi?

I'll be pleased to provide any needed information to resolve these issues.

04/06/2016 10:41 anasso anasso Hello,

yes I tried running it with "gctt64.exe 0 bbdddb88-653c-48f2-9f09-5f02041b6354 0 COM3"

command "gctt64.exe 1 0 0 COM3" worked fine with iLocation, but it updates only every six  seconds which is too slow to use with navigator.

I´m wondering if this has something to do with the original issue where I can´t get the location from sensor itself straight.

03/06/2016 13:33 Administrator You were looking to run Transfer Tool ? There is a new tool in the side which is a standalone TT.

01/06/2016 06:24 anasso anasso Just to inform that unfortunately it didn't work. I managed to get it running via command "gpscomplete64.exe /d tt /c install".
25/05/2016 12:07 Administrator It should be the class ID of the sensor. Main applications' sensor exlorer shows the class IDs (a long id within {}).
24/05/2016 17:16 anasso anasso Hello,

thanks, though I have slight problem with parameters 2 and 4, what should they be? I´ve tried number 7 and "Sierra Wireless Location Sensor" for number 2. For parameter 4 I tried COM3 and 3, but none of these configurations seems to be right.

19/05/2016 18:58 Administrator There is a TT tool now to start Transfer Tool automatically.
Check the site for downloads.

19/05/2016 18:21 anasso anasso Hmm, it seems that this has been forgotten, or is there any progress?
05/02/2016 08:09 anasso anasso Hello,

good to hear that there is developement in progress - is there any news on this though?

28/01/2016 13:26 Administrator The transfer tool cannot be started automatically, but I am preparing a command line set for it.

26/01/2016 18:42 Administrator I 'm checking it. Give me some time.

25/01/2016 21:31 anasso anasso Well, no answers but actually I'd be quite fine if I'd get my issue number 2 resolved. Could somebody point me to correct direction if I want transfer tool to start on windows startup?
527Boilerjay80 Boilerjay801451851317
03/01/2016 20:01
Bug$GPFAILBREAK after loss of Bluetooth GPS SignalI am using GPSComplete with a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 and a Garmin Glo BT GPS.  GPSDirect works fine on my location-based apps - sometimes for hours.  However if there is a loss of BT signal, even momentarily, the driver will fail and the output on the Sensor Explorer is $GPFAILBREAK.  Even when the BT link is reestablished, and valid position data is provided, the GPSDirect driver remains broken.  The Sensor Explorer still reads $GPFAILBREAK, it does not restart even though there is good GPS data coming in.  To fix it I have to close then re-open GPSComplete and re-run Sensor Explorer.  The it starts working again until the next failure.  Can you put some error checking and an auto-re-start?
01/02/2016 13:55 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 Yes, the Bluetooth connection is very much improved.  It will now automatically connect where it previously would not.  Big improvement!  For me the big issue now is that in Windows 10, using the sensor diagnostic tool,  you will still see 3 to 5 state changes to READY, then a data point, then 3 to 5 more state changes, that a data point....  This seems to translate in "jumpy" behavior in a moving map display (see my other post).  What is interesting is that the sensor driver for the U-Blox 5 chip does not exhibit this behavior, it just transmits data at 1hz. There is some difference in the GPSDirect driver and the U-Blox driver.

You mean states  ready <-> initialising?

31/01/2016 21:37 Administrator I have updated the driver, take a look. It is now keeping alive the connection.

07/01/2016 14:27 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 What does $GPFAILBREAK mean and what triggers the error?  Something is breaking the driver. That is the real issue. Loss of BT link seems to break it.
07/01/2016 12:19 Administrator I will take a look, please note that normally the driver has no way to "restart itself automatically" unless some user mode code triggers it again.
But I will see what's possible.

526Boilerjay80 Boilerjay801450921634
24/12/2015 01:47
BugLatest GPSComplete Update invalidated licenseI have a licensed copy of GPSComplete.  When I opened the program today it conducted and automatic update.  After the update was complete and I restarted the program, my previously licensed program now shows it as an evaluation copy.  I did not change the location of the license files.  How do I fix this?
24/12/2015 08:01 Administrator Hello there.
Try the today's update.

Some bugs in the old update routine invalidated some license checkings.
It should be OK now.

In case it does not update, download the executable again from the site and replace the old one.
525FlyingKiwi FlyingKiwi1449740524
10/12/2015 09:42
BugStream 7 Windows 10, fTech BT2.5MR Bluetooth GPS and latest GPSCompleteThank you for this great product ;D It got the above combination to actually work with the Windows 10 Maps app - after much annoyance that Windows 10 didn't do so itself. I do have some feedback at this early stage of testing/evaluation regarding the latest GPSComplete.
[list type=decimal]
[li]The location pinpointed within the maps app sometimes jerks around a little when I'm stationary.[/li]
[li]The Kionix Accelleration Sensor for the tablet was stopped (code 43) after installing GPSDirect so my tablet screen was locked in portrait mode even when I rotated the tablet 90 degrees. Going into Windows Services and restarting all the 'Sensor related' services seems to have fixed this however.[/li]
[li]The listing in Device Manager -> Sensors shows 'gpsdirect' even though the product is called 'GPSComplete'. I understand that it may only be the GPSDirect 'driver' that's interfacing with this but it does look unprofessional/unfinished without capital letters where they should be (picky, I know but it should be very easy to fix).[/li]
[li]On similar lines to the above line, If the driver properties are scrutinised, the Driver Provider is shown as Michael Chourdakis rather than the name of the product GPSComplete, additionally the Digital Signer is shown as the same name in ALL CAPS rather than the name of the signing company. It looks strange having the same name as both the provider and signer and I'd rather product and company names were used respectively where possible.[/li]
[li]Further scrutiny of the driver file details under Device Manager shows gpsdirect.dll as having Provider 'Windows (R) Win 7 DDK provider'. I realise that the Windows 7 Driver Development Kit (DDK) may have been used to help develop this product but surely this should read the name of your company that came up with the final file? While on this topic, I'm using this with Windows 10 and now that there's a Windows 10 Driver Development Kit (DDK) and a Windows Driver Kit (WDK), it'd be nice to think that the latest and greatest tools have been used to make the product. It'd be nice to see this updated so it at least looks brand new in this regard - even if the vast majority of the underlying code remains unchanged.[/li]
[li]When I was configuring your product I found my BT GPS device (what Device Manager and Windows Generally identifies it as) was listed as BT GPS4xxxxxx (with numbers replacing the xs in your app). I'm not sure why that was and since there doesn't seem to be a start menu listing or a Start tile for the product, I'm not even sure how I can get back in there to look further.[/li][/list]

As mentioned already I'm very happy that this product has got Windows 10 maps working on my Stream 7 with my External GPS Receiver. I also like the fact that it seems to be an 'Install it and forget it' -runs in the background- type of product. I was disappointed that spending over an hour talking to my tablets Tech Support Dept didn't result in a recommendation to try this product however so it's clear word needs to get out about your product (either that or you might consider selling it to Microsoft or any of the big OEMs as I believe this functionality should still be built into newer versions of Windows).

What (if any) limitations does the evaluation version of GPSComplete contain, compared to the registered version? Do you know why this functionality may have been stopped in recent Windows versions? It's one thing for Microsoft to release new features designed around sensors and a location API but quite a different kettle of fish if this means legacy hardware support is lost and it seems lots of external GPS receivers would be redundant without your skill and devotion. It'd be handy to have more of an explanation on the download page along with more of an explanation regarding how GPSReverse can be used (in layman's words). I notice the website domain relates to TurboIRC (no idea what that is) so maybe it can be relocated to the company name website domain? I'm sure its a technically sound product but I believe the users experience can be improved with attention to these 'not so technical' matters as well. My testing/evaluation continues.
11/12/2015 10:38 FlyingKiwi FlyingKiwi Thanks for the speedy reply. This morning I booted my Tablet to find the gpsdirect driver in device manager had stopped with a code 43 message. A quick 'disable' and then 'enable' fixed that though.

Thanks for your views re differences between the versions and 'protection'. Please understand I'm not wanting to know how you protect your software, simply whether it will behave differently if I fork out the cash! I'm now a bit worried that it may stop working while I'm still evaluating the software and if that happens, I cant see how I can tell whether its 'evaluation related' limitations coming into play or genuine coding issues in need of attention. It's still only a couple of days since installing the evaluation version so I assume I still have plenty of time left before anything will potentially happen - do you see my point?

On to more pressing matters - where does the GPSComplete app install - so I can open it and try the simulation feature and try changing it from direct to Bluetooth to com port mode (if it'll allow this)? There's no start menu listing and a sach of the tablets HDD for gps* didn't come up with anything helpful. I've read the manual on your website but it uses 'programmers language/lingo' and I'd like to see it be more 'regular user/plain English' friendly to suit those users who aren't programmers or specialists in this field. I've worked as an A+ CompTIA Certified Coputer Technician but this is still pretty advanced stuff!

There seems to be no way of starting the GPSComplete app detailed (apart from during the initial installation). If I'm to pay out for GPSComplete (vs GPSDirect) I need to understand more (in laymans terms) what benefits it will give that I can use (if any) with my setup of just an External Bluetooth GPS receiver using Windows 10 Maps?

I understand device names are not only read by us humans but also by apps and bits of machine code but given gpsdirect is the ONLY listing out of EVERYTHING in my tablets device manager that doesn't use any capital letters (and there's lots in there), I'd like some assurance that correct naming with capitalisation where required will be something you will work towards in upgrades/future versions please.

I wonder if its possible to run your code by the Windows 10 related driver tools to see if there is any difference to what comes out using the Windows 7 tools (perhaps using some sort of comparison tool) and if so, perhaps incorporate features for appropriate OS's which are automatically configured during installation ie installation on a Windows 7 machine will install the Win 7 versions of files where as Win 10 will install the latest Win10 compatible code (much as there are already different files for 64 vs 32 bit OSs). I realise that this SHOULD be backwards compatible but the number of people who have gotten External GPS receivers to work in previous OS's but then found they don't work under Windows 10 shows this cant be depended on to be the case. I also cant help wondering if there may be newer or better features with the Windows 10 Location related functionality that a Windows 7 compatible driver may not be able to fully utilise. A link in the forums showed that Windows 10 doesn't support Bluetooth version 1.1 SPP profile so given my receiver is of that spec, I wonder if that's the only reason why Win 10 won't work natively with it?

I've noticed that even though my tablet has location related Device Manager entries, there isn't a location icon in Control Panel (unlike my Win 7 PC with no location related hardware installed). Is this normal or could this be related to GPSDirect?

My Tablets Tech Support Dept Manager called yesterday morning - shortly after my post here - what a coincidence ;) I therefore told him I was disappointed that no suggestion of using your app was offered and I told him that installing it had got things working so now hopefully at least that brand (and their customers in future) will be more fully informed about your product!

10/12/2015 11:43 Administrator Hello there.

1. GPSComplete contains two drivers, gpsdirect and gpsreverse. For some technical reasons it was better to stick with lower case drivers in the past, and this has persisted till now.

2. Digital signatures are troublesome to get for individuals, let alone companies. Behind me there are two companies, TurboIRC.COM and GVMCreative, but obtaining digital signatures for them is a costly and time consuming process.

Besides, I 'm more famous than my companies so putting my name there is more trustworthy :)

3. The driver must be build with the Windows 7 WDK, because if not so, the driver would not be 100% compatible with Windows 7. Therefore, changing the SDK would risk breaking compatibility with 7, something that I surely do not want to happen, because it would require additional testing into hundreds of existing clients.

I am not exactly trusting microsoft on that, because they have debugged the Sensor API with MY help after I had proved that it was buggy.

4. Device names, remember, are not necessarily human - readable.

5. Currently, all features introduced in Windows 7 (sensor-related) work in Windows 10. It's not likely that something sensor - related will be deprecated in the future.

6. We never disclose protection measures taken in our apps. That means that the "evaluation" version features like the full version, until we decide to change it. Such actions are not pre-decided and how the application will stop working, if it stops, is not known and it is not the same for all clients. The evaluation version is exactly what we say: A version that works for evaluation purposes - and it might break whenever and however and for whoever we choose.

Keep it up with the good testing.
Best Regards.

524veldthui veldthui1447902666
19/11/2015 03:11
BugNewbie Question. Does GPSComplete window need to stay openTrying Eval before my Surface Pro 4 arrives. Have installed GPScomplete on my PC, then clicked on Sensor Driver/Install. After this does the GPSComplete need to stay open for it to work or does the driver work without it?


06/12/2015 00:06 veldthui veldthui Thanks for that. When I ordered my Surface Pro 4 i7 is was a December 10th delivery. 2 weeks later it was 31st December, 1 week after that it was 31st January 2016. Getting extremely annoyed at the changing dates as I had plans on what to use it for.

Will purchase the driver just as soon as the SP4 arrives (assuming it ever does)

19/11/2015 13:53 Administrator No, the driver works without it.
523lfikr lfikr1447294621
12/11/2015 02:17
BugiPhone 6 Plus and Surface Book (Win 10) GPS sharingHello, how to make GPS sharing works between iPhone 6 Plus and Surface Book? I have iOS GPS to Windows Sensor installed on iPhone and evaluation version of 64bit GPS Complete on Surface Book - but they do not communicate. Should I use Bluetooth? Do they need to be in same network? This could be a problem, as I need to use it in field without Wi-Fi.

Thanks for help.

17/11/2015 15:35 Administrator Ah, I didnt' notice the network stuff. Yes, you need both of them being in the same subnetwork, for the iPhone needs Incoming Access to the IP:PORT displayed in the GPS To Windows Sensor to work.

15/11/2015 02:27 lfikr lfikr How?
12/11/2015 05:41 Administrator Can you connect to the IP:PORT from iOS GPS To Windows Sensor with telnet ?

522twist27896 twist278961446321147
31/10/2015 19:52
BugGPS Reverse Altitude and SpeedI am having an issue with getting altitude and speed data from using GPS Reverse. I am able to get position information but the altitude and speed are both always shown as 0. I have attached a photo of the output from the COM Tester. I am running in evaluation mode, and was thinking that this might be a limitation of the trial. I am running the software on a Surface 3 with Windows 10. 
02/11/2015 04:31 twist27896 twist27896 It appears to show both altitude and speed in the Sensor Explorer.
31/10/2015 20:19 Administrator It's not a trial limitation.

Does the sensor itself provide this information? Check the "Sensor Explorer" from tests.
521pazzito pazzito1446311994
31/10/2015 17:19
BugSteam 7, windows 10, GlobalSat ND-105C Micro USB gps problems Good afternoon,

Background: I have been playing around with my recently acquired hp stream 7 - windows 10, and attempting to link it up with the GlobalSat ND-105C Micro USB gps receiver for use with the bing maps app which uses Windows Location API.  I previously used this receiver on my nexus 7 with no problems after the internal gps died. 

I ran GPScomplete and installed the sensor driver on com3 (prolific usb-to-serial comm port (com3)), baud rate: 4800.  When i click tests --> sensor explorer on --> GPSDirect Sensor --> characters are present  from 01-22, but the values are not updating or refreshing. I have since tried every other baud rate and haven't seen any difference.  When using "Gpsinfo for MTK" (bundled software that came with the gps), I can select the com port and baud rate of 4800 and I immediately have numerous satellites and my coordinates pinpointed.  Device manager shows "gpsdirect" under sensors as well. As you can imagine the maps app does not use the gps and looks to use wi-fi.  I'm uncertain what i am doing wrong and can certainly use some guidance.

Thank you.
11/11/2015 15:27 Administrator Try the new update, it has a fix which allows the driver to restart in case of disconnection.


02/11/2015 18:04 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 I have also tried getting the ND-105C to work with GPSDirect and have exactly the same results.  I am running Windows 10 on three different tablets (Surface Pro 3, HP Pavilion X2 10.2, and Dell Venue 8 Pro) and the GPS data is being delivered to the com port but is not being read by GPSDirect.  As I have posted before, I also have issues with several Bluetooth devices.  Some devices work, some do not.  There is something about Windows 10 that is incompatible with GPSDirect.  Windows 8 worked pretty well.
31/10/2015 18:30 pazzito pazzito Pardon, it is there ^. I set it up as you listed above. Source: Sensor Driver -> GPSDirect sensor and the destination is set default location. I hit start transfer tool. Maps is still locationless. On a hunch, I unplugged the gps dongle and ran the test sensor and the same numbers showed up for the GPSDirect sensor, so i am assuming it is simply not reading the GPS at this point. Ilocation inquiry also states that no ilocation available.  Double checked device manager and the com3 is still there and the gpsdirect is still under sensors and restarted the computer to make sure all the drivers were set.

I did the exact same thing on my desktop computer running windows 8 and was able to get it going using identical steps so i'm at a loss. Will keep tinkering i guess.

Thank you for your patience and help.

31/10/2015 18:12 Administrator Are you sure that, below "COM Port Driver" there is no option "Set Default Location" ?

31/10/2015 17:55 pazzito pazzito Thank you for the prompt reply.  I turned off wi-fi and i don't have any location present.  When using the transfer tool, if i click Sensor Driver and GPSDirect Sensor my only destination option is the Com Port Driver.

31/10/2015 17:37 Administrator What will be used internally is up to the System. It might use WiFi, it might use the sensor.

Try a) disabling the WiFi to see if it uses the sensor instead, or
b) Also try setting up the "transfer tool" to send the data from the sensor to "Set Default Location".

520tundrwd tundrwd1446311295
31/10/2015 17:08
BugGPSComplete - where does license file go?I've had a license for quite a while, but with gpscomplete, where does the license file go?  Same folder as gpscomplete32/64?  And does it always need to be restarted with a batch file?
31/10/2015 17:20 Administrator 1.Same folder.
519Boilerjay80 Boilerjay801444757293
13/10/2015 17:28
BugWindows 10 performance unreliableI have evaluated GPSDirect on three different Windows 10 tablets. For the gps source I am using Bluetooth gps devices (Garmin Glo, Dual XGPS 150). I have no problem getting a solid gps position to the respective com port on each tablet. I link the com port with GPSDirect. The sensor app shows a location. I use a Windows location based apps such as MS Maps or Here Maps. The location tracks fine for awhile and then the signal is lost and I get a message saying no gps. Sometimes it recovers most times not. I had no problem in Win 8.1.  Something is not right in Windows 10. Note that older com port based programs such as Street Atlas and Copilot Live work just fine. Any ideas?
01/04/2016 13:32 YzRacer YzRacer I found this thread with some searching and the problem matches mine exactly. I am using a new Windows 10 laptop and I was able to get my Garmin Glo working with Google Earth Pro but only for short bursts of time before the serial data stream repeats at 1 location. I am using the latest x64 GPSComplete that I downloaded from the website yesterday.

Does anyone at least know which process or service I should kill and restart to get it going again? I had very little success with anything but a full computer restart today.

11/11/2015 15:27 Administrator Try the new update, it has a fix which allows the driver to restart in case of disconnection.


29/10/2015 15:07 Administrator I can upgrade the driver to reconnect on failure; This will take some time though.


27/10/2015 20:33 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 Additional testing.  If the Bluetooth device loses the connection to the DirectGPS driver , the driver will not automatically reconnect.  It will just continue to provide the last location and act as if everything is good, but the position will no longer update.  The Bluetooth connection will be reestablished only if GPSComplete is opened and closed or if the MS sensor diagnostic app is closed and reopened or if the system is rebooted.  Then the connection will be reestablished and location data will resume.  This behavior is repeatable.  Is it possible to add some error checking on the com port to make sure there is still an active connection?
27/10/2015 18:38 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 Did some additional testing with three different Windows 10 Tablets (Surface Pro 3, Dell Venue 8 Pro, HP Pavilion X2 10) each with three different Bluetooth GPS units (Garmin GLO, Dual XGPS150a, USGlobalSat BT-368i) and saw a consistent issue.  The GPSDirect driver worked fine with any combination Tablet/GPS and tracked accurately in numerous Windows Location based apps (Windows Maps, Here Maps, Navigator, Navii).  However, if the GPS receiver lost its location fix momentarily, the GPSDirect driver would never recover signal.  It would just report the sensor as being ready and being static at the last know location.  It never starts receiving new position updates.  This also happens if the Bluetooth link is interrupted.  The only way to fix this is to reboot the tablet.  Then everything work again.  Bottom line, a loss of GPS and /or Bluetooth signal freezes the GPSDirect driver output at the last good location and must be fixed with a reboot.  Any ideas how to fix this?
23/10/2015 19:50 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 The Garmin GLO has a native baud of 57600 with a 10hz update rate.  The Dual XGPS150 has a native baud of 57600 with a 5hz update rate.  If I connect to either one of these devices directly (it ignores the baud input) will that cause unreliability in GPSDirect?  Will specifying a lower non-native baud of 9600 cause issues also? 
23/10/2015 18:37 Administrator Usually, 57600 baud does not work well. You can put it in GPSDirect, but I advise against it. Use 9600 or lower - besides, it's super enough for an 1 Hz update.

22/10/2015 13:59 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 Another thing.  The Dual XGPS150A has a baud of 57600 and an update rate of 5hz.  The Garmin GLO has a baud of 57600 and an update rate of 10hz.  Might the higher baud and/or higher update rate cause problems.  I know some programs can handle it and some want just 4800 baud and 1hz.
22/10/2015 13:34 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 I have done additional testing with two different Bluetooth GPS devices:  the Garmin Glo and the Dual XGPS150A.  Both of these devices operate at 57600 baud.  I have tried GPSComplete  with each device two different ways:  specifying a com port and baud or direct connection to the Bluetooth device.  In all cases with these devices the performance is hit or miss.  If I use an app that uses a com port, the location is solid.  If I use an app that uses windows location service and GPSComplete, the app will work for a while then lose lock, then maybe regain it.  It seems to be Bluetooth related, not GPS.  Is the Baud of 57600 a problem?  Does GPSComplete have a problem with a 57600 baud?  I noticed that you do not have that value in the pull down.  Please advise.
15/10/2015 16:08 Administrator I am researching on it.
15/10/2015 13:06 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 Any ideas?
13/10/2015 20:21 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 I was using the old driver when I noticed this behavior.  I then upgraded to GPSComplete (paid for it) and the unreliability continued
13/10/2015 19:43 Administrator I guess this happens with latest driver, GPSComplete?
I will take a look.

13/10/2015 19:21 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 One more thing.  These failures happened in a moving car so it is clear when simulated data is being used.
13/10/2015 19:19 Boilerjay80 Boilerjay80 The com port is good.  I am running a com splitter GPSGate that outputs one com to GPSDirect and another to a traditional com input program CopilotLive Laptop.  Copilot Live keeps tracking fine after the Windows Location based apps lose the location.  What is strange is that everything will work fine using GPSDirect for awhile then it will lose the location.  Sometimes it comes back for awhile.  CoPilot Live remains steady.  Windows 10 recently broke something.  It was working fine.
13/10/2015 18:32 Administrator See if the actual COM port NMEA data is kept valid when GPSDirect fails, using a COM port app like PuTTY.
The other apps might simulate the current position and report it as "successful".
518dacdog dacdog1443807941
02/10/2015 17:45
BugWindows 10 Update and now Evaluation Version does not workSo my surface did an update and now the GPSdirect evaluation app does not work. Give message app stopped working and closes. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling numerous times to no avail. Any clues?
11/11/2015 15:27 Administrator Try the new update, it has a fix which allows the driver to restart in case of disconnection.


11/10/2015 09:50 Prosit Prosit Hi, I am new to this forum and I suffered from the same problem. However, I found the cause of it. Its about a change in the Privacy settings that is new to Windows 10.
Solution: In Windows 10, go to Settings/Privacy/Location and set it to On. Then scroll down and choose what apps that should be allowed to use the location service. I reinstalled the sensor driver and then it worked for me. :)

11/10/2015 07:29 Administrator As stated in the site, the evaluation version must work correctly before purchasing.

11/10/2015 00:12 jackholbrookiv jackholbrookiv I'm on windows 10 and I'm not getting any coordinates with GPS complete evaluation version sensor explorer. I do get coordinates using the GPS Info app that came with the USB GPS device (BU-353S4). Any idea if I would have better luck with windows 10 buying the full version over the evaluation version?
07/10/2015 11:40 Administrator What's the trouble alert from the antivirus ?
The file is signed.

05/10/2015 21:09 dacdog dacdog Thanks Michael,
That is what I downloaded. Had to download and xfer by thumbdrive as I get a gateway antivirus alert when trying to download on my surface. I can do the command line installation, but the installation from the file crashes.

03/10/2015 11:01 Administrator Try GPSComplete from the site.

11Done martyn@ayshford.net1443302198
26/09/2015 21:16
BugGPSDirect and GPSDHi

I have been trying to get gpsdirect to work with gpsd.  Gpsd outputs NMEA strings on port 2947 but gpsdirect doesn't work with it.

There are I think two reasons why this is.

1) gpsd has some header fields which are not $G... strings and they may confuse gpsdirect
2) gpsd outputs uinix style linefeeds

I have manage to bodge it to work, but there are a lot of moving parts.

I have gpsd running on a raspberry pi, it's principle job to be a stratum 1 timeserver.

On another linux box I run the following script.


cat /dev/null > /tmp/gps.clean
while true
  sleep 1
  /usr/bin/gpspipe -n11 -R 2947 -o /tmp/gps.raw
  /usr/bin/tail -8 /tmp/gps.raw >> /tmp/gps.clean

This makes gpspipe get 11 lines from gpsd (my GPS seems to send the same 8 line types each cycle) I then cut the bottom 8 off discarding the gpsd header data.

Then I have another script that sets up netcat to be a server

while [ ! -e /tmp/gps.clean ]
  sleep 1

/usr/bin/tail -f /tmp/gps.clean | nc -C -k -l 2001

The -k switch keeps netcat listening even on client close and the -C outputs DOS style CR-LF

This works but it would be good if gpsdirect could simply read directly from gpsd,  I don't think it would hard to do.

Thanks for making this available, I am using it to ensure Cortana actually understand where I am my desktop has no GPS and she thinks I'm miles away.

Martyn A

05/11/2023 00:45 Toth F. Toth F.

Any update on this? I tried to connect to GPSD directly but it doesn't seem to work.

My use case would be the same: I run a 1PPS GPS timing module on a Linux box and I want my Windows box to get those coordinates because Windows Location thinks I am ~30km away from my location.

Edit: Ah! I found the "Fixed" mode. This is easier.

04/04/2020 04:49 Lei Lei

I run gpspipe to get the data. it simply hooks itself onto the port 2947 and spit out what it sees,  the netlib thing is a minor bug (since fixed), in the version I grabbed.  But it's not causing me any problems so I didn't bother geting the source and compiling it.

If I wire gps direct straight into the socket and click on start sensor, then I see the frst line permanently in the debug, release 3.6 etc.

If I strip the header off but don't alter the line termination it doesn't recognise the incoming stream.

There are 22 lines here, the three line at the begining only happen once. 

I did a little more reasearch and it's rather more involved that I first thought, gpspipe replies with watch to get the stream (hence my pronblem definition is misleading).

client must reply with


I guess gpsdirect doesn't do this, hence no stream comes back.

[root@atom1 gps]#  /usr/bin/gpspipe -n22 -R 2947
netlib_connectsock() returns socket on fd 3
{"class":"DEVICES","devices":[{"class":"DEVICE","path":"/dev/ttyAMA0","activated":"2015-09-27T09:45:26.651Z","flags":1,"driver":"Generic NMEA","native":1,"bps":9600,"parity":"N","stopbits":1,"cycle":1.00}]}
[root@atom1 gps]#

Was this got done? Can it talk to gpsd directly now?



27/09/2015 10:00 Sure.

I run gpspipe to get the data. it simply hooks itself onto the port 2947 and spit out what it sees,  the netlib thing is a minor bug (since fixed), in the version I grabbed.  But it's not causing me any problems so I didn't bother geting the source and compiling it.

If I wire gps direct straight into the socket and click on start sensor, then I see the frst line permanently in the debug, release 3.6 etc.

If I strip the header off but don't alter the line termination it doesn't recognise the incoming stream.

There are 22 lines here, the three line at the begining only happen once. 

I did a little more reasearch and it's rather more involved that I first thought, gpspipe replies with watch to get the stream (hence my pronblem definition is misleading).

client must reply with


I guess gpsdirect doesn't do this, hence no stream comes back.

[root@atom1 gps]#  /usr/bin/gpspipe -n22 -R 2947
netlib_connectsock() returns socket on fd 3
{"class":"DEVICES","devices":[{"class":"DEVICE","path":"/dev/ttyAMA0","activated":"2015-09-27T09:45:26.651Z","flags":1,"driver":"Generic NMEA","native":1,"bps":9600,"parity":"N","stopbits":1,"cycle":1.00}]}
[root@atom1 gps]#

27/09/2015 08:10 Administrator Paste me sample output from GPSD.

516Matthias Matthias1443007513
23/09/2015 11:25
BugNo Position in Navigation SoftwareHello my problem is, that I want to use an HP Stream 7 Windows 10 Tablet for Navigation and play music in my car. I use centrafuse as frontend and Map Factor Navigator free 15 as navigation software.
The last 8 Years I realised that with a Mini Car PC and Mini TFT Touchscreen. But now I want to change all this in one device. So the Stream 7 is a good and value choice.
Unfortunately the Stream 7 has no GPS in it, so I bought the Navilock BT-399 GP Bluetooth Device.
Pairing with the Tablet is correct and easy, it creates 2 com Ports, but Navigator could not find this ports. So I find the GPSComplete  Drivers and installed it.
Both were successfull installed, GPSDirect and GPS Reverse. GPS Reverse creates the virtual com Port 6  and the Test shows Data streams.
GPSDirect Status is ready.
The Navigator Software finds the com 6 and says GPS 14 Satellites and Fix. I can see the GPS Time also but there is no Position Data. All coordinates are 0.

Can any Body explain this. It seems to work but no Coordinate Data.

I use the evaluation Mode for testing.
26/09/2015 05:31 Administrator The period which the evaluation version is usable is not defined.

Generally, we do not disclose our software protection mechanisms. It might work for years, it might break tomorrow.
The purpose is, of course, not to force a $10,99 buy, but to build a trusted relationship between our clients.


23/09/2015 13:09 Matthias Matthias OK I solved it.
I had to choose the Internal GPS, that was created from GPS direct, in the Settings of Navigator. I always tried the virtual com port that was created from GPS Reverse.


How long is the Evaluation Mode useable???
515lev2k lev2k1441175221
02/09/2015 06:27
BugGPS Sharing for Windows Android App - Not working in Android 5.1Hi,
The Android App connects, but no data transmission.
This is the Telnet Output from Android 5.1:
And this from a 4.2 device (for comparison):

28/02/2016 09:05 Administrator If you connect with telnet to it, is there data?
28/02/2016 05:47 Archie Archie Yes.
i have enabled the Wifi hot spot on the phone and the Surface is connected to the phone.  Internet access on the Surface via the phone hot spot works well.

27/02/2016 16:11 Administrator Is it in the same lan?
27/02/2016 11:11 Archie Archie Hi
I may be having the same issue. 
Surface 4 windows 10 with Sony xperia Z3 compact running android 5.1.1

I have installed GPS direct, and is working fine with a dedicated Bluetooth GPS (10 Year old CoPilot D1598)

i have installed the "windows 7 GPS Sharing" app on the phone.  it runs and displays the lat and long information, as well as ip address, but no active clients are indicated.

Running the "sensor explorer on" from GPScomplete, confirms no data is being received/processed.

Any Suggestions?

02/09/2015 11:00 Administrator I 'll take a look, thanks for the notification.
514bassdan bassdan1440553910
26/08/2015 01:51
BugNo Data StreamingHello,
Installed GPD Direct on Windows 10 computer; however, I'm getting an "invalid - 0 of 0 sets" error.  I tried two sensor devices: 1.  a NMEA Bluetooth GPS receiver, which pairs and shows a valid COM port, however no data streaming, and 2.  an Android Amazon Fire Phone using the IP address shown on the android app and port with same problem.  Both set at 9600 baud.  Does the evaluation version only work in simulator mode (which did work)?

Thank you
26/08/2015 02:41 Administrator No, the evaluation also works in normal mode.
Try lower baud speeds.
513Matchstick Matchstick1440427930
24/08/2015 14:52
BugCannot Open Serial port on Windows 10 32BitHi,

I've successfully been using a licensed copy of GPSDirect on my Windows 8 tablet for a month or so with both a stand-alone BT GPS device (Holux GPSlim 236) and an android phone running Bluetooth GPS Output, but I've now upgraded the tablet to 32-bit Windows 10 and I now get the error "Cannot open this COM port." when I try to install the driver for any of the the SPP COM ports.

I've tested the output of the COM ports using the Win10 app Bluetooth Serial Terminal ( and in both cases this shows the raw NMEA output so it looks like the SPP port is correctly set up and data is being received from the device but that for some reason the GPSDirect driver can't install.

(Note I'm seeing a very similar problem connecting to the SPP COM ports using putty, which is which I've been using for COM port testing since windows XP, so this appears that it may be related to a shift in how COM ports are referenced in Windows 10 ?)
26/09/2015 12:40 risk risk hmm so maybe i was doing something wrong before, but the WiFi is working now, by just launching everything in sequence.

However, BT is still not working.

Any way i can get you some logs?
that is the BT GPS app that im using on the phone.

26/09/2015 05:29 Administrator No, everything should work with the evaluation version. Purchasing it won't change the functionality.
I 'm taking a look.

25/09/2015 22:41 risk risk Using any of the COM ports or the Bluetooth, results in GPSComplete not passing any gps data across.

Creating a WiFi Hotspot on my phone which the Tablet connects to, works.  But is a pain to get completely working correctly sometimes (need to re-install drivers on the test version[is this issue resolved if i purchase the software?])

my setup is different from the OP, im using Win10 x64 on Surace Pro 3, and using a Nexus 5

18/09/2015 05:47 Administrator The new driver can directly open a bluetooth device, no COM port is necessary.
Did you try that?

17/09/2015 14:54 Matchstick Matchstick That's a very interesting read (especially the suggestion that there might be some kind of fix to the serial support in the Win10 BT stack on the way).

Thanks for that .

17/09/2015 14:39 frankie frankie

I feel this is relevant.

15/09/2015 08:58 Matchstick Matchstick HI,

sorry for the delay replying it's been an interesting weekend which resulted in needing to reinstall this win10 tablet from scratch.

That's now done however and I've tried the latest version I can see of GPSComplete.

Unfortunately I'm still having no luck with it. I've made sure that there were no old drivers in the Sensor section of Device Manager, then reinstalled using Baud 0 but I'm still seeing no data being passed over and the new state field just says "Initializing".

Sorry about this.

12/09/2015 14:51 Administrator One more test.
1. Uninstall the driver from the devmgmt.msc, also deleting the software.
2. Update gpscomplete64.exe (there is an update now)
3. Reinstall the driver using baud 0.
4. Make sure that the driver is enabled and not "access denied" or "disabled".


12/09/2015 14:45 Administrator Is the GPSDirect sensor enabled ?

Were you asked whether to enable it or not when you clicked on it in the Sensor Explorer ?

12/09/2015 14:22 Matchstick Matchstick Hi,

I've been testing with GPSComplete and I haven't had much sucess so far.

For testing I've used a Holus GPSlim 236 & Bluetooth GPS Output (Paid) on both a OnePlus One and nVidia Shield Tablet all connecting via Bluetooth.

BT connections are all set up as expected with incomming and outgoing serial port set up for each device. I've also tested each connection with Bluetooth Serial Terminal windows store app and in each case I can see the NMEA output being spooled.

When running GPSComplete I've tried installing the Sensor Driver using connections to both to the dedicated BT port shown in the list and also to the outgoing SPP com port for each device. In all cases I get the message "Installation successful. You may now try the Sensor Explorer to test the sensor." and switching Sensor Explorer on I see GPSDirect Sensor listed, but I don't see any sign of any data being receieved by the sensor - see screenshot.

Similarly I don't see any report of a device connected in Bluetooth GPS Output and there's no indication of GPS data being received in any Windows Apps.

I've also tried installing the driver using the simulation option and when that's installed I do see position data in the Sensor Explorer screen and I can see the dummy position data in apps.

I've also tried connecting to the Windows 7 GPS Sharing app running on the OnePlus One. In this case when I install the driver on Windows 10 I see an Active client listed in the Windows 7 GPS Sharing app but again no meaningful output is show in the Sensor Explorer and there is no GPS input shown in apps.

Are there any additional tests I can try ?


12/09/2015 11:12 Administrator Try the new driver

Don't forget to uninstall any previous driver from the device manager, including "delete software from this device" option.


10/09/2015 13:28 Administrator I 've made some tests with various systems, it seems that some COM ports are not as "compatible" as others, in bluetooth mode.

I 'll make a driver that communicates DIRECTLY with bluetooth instead of using a COM port soon.

03/09/2015 02:00 lev2k lev2k I've installed Buesoleil from [url=][/url] on W10
Interestingly, with Buesoleil running, "GPS Direct" is able connect without any problems to the COM ports.
But I would prefer a "native Win 10 solution", instead of running an otherwise useless program suite in the background (especially on my tablet).

02/09/2015 20:37 Matchstick Matchstick Hi,

I've just retested and the com port settings I'm using are COM8 which is the Outbound "SPP Slave" for the connection to the phone running Bluetooth GPS Output and I've tried all the baud rate settings for 1200 to 38400 (on Windows 8 it worked with 9600) - in all cases I get Cannot open this COM port.

As a test I've tried connecting to COM9 which is the Incoming port on the same phone and that allows me to install the driver without any errors, but no data appears to be transmitted (as you'd expect) and I've also tried installing the driver using Simulation and that works exactly as you'd expect as well.

02/09/2015 10:24 Administrator Can you define me the com parameters you use to open the port ?
02/09/2015 06:14 lev2k lev2k Same problen here on W10/64.
Was ok on W8.1/64.

25/08/2015 16:17 Matchstick Matchstick That great, thanks a lot for that.
And if I can provide any further information once you are able to look into this, please let me know.

25/08/2015 10:37 Administrator Give me a few days, I will check when back from vacation.

512mroschk mroschk1437479974
21/07/2015 11:59
Bugneed Help with GNSS 4752Hello,

i am new here and this is my first post. I am a poor user in GPS questions.
Now i have a new Yoga Tablet 2 1051L which has this new GPS from Windows included..called
exactly "Broadcom GNSS 4752 Gelocation Sensor".
But i have a Programm which can not read this Data directly. It Needs a com port which provides the gps data.
Now i found the WReverseGPS" and "GPSDirect" here, but it will not work.

I have downloaded the File "gpsreverse32.exe" from here and run it as Admin.
In the "use Senso" List i select the Broadcom GNSS Sensor and tried to click in the Menu under
Test and then Start.
Now the program asks me for a Com Port.
I tried "Com2" till "Com22" but nothing works.I get always a Message "opening Faild".
Only with Com1 i did not get this message, but it is in the Computer Manage the real Communication Port Com1.
Also i can wait a Long time after entering Com1 and nothing happens.

I also found a Tool called "GnssDataInterface". But after starting this the Broadcom GNSS 4752 Shows "Initializing" and not "Ready" and provides no data.

What did i wrong?

I really Need help please.

23/07/2015 11:35 Administrator It means that the sensor is not ready. Perhaps some control panel/registry search can find the the solution, as this error is probably somehow "no consent" for the user.
I.e. you haven't "agreed" for this sensor to be used.

22/07/2015 10:15 mroschk mroschk Hello,

i did that and the Sensor Shows always "Initializing" and not Ready.
I dont know exactly what that means?

Is the Sensor really not initialized or means that the Sensor did not get any Satellites ?

But the Question stay anyway .. what can i do?


22/07/2015 09:41 Administrator Check my sensor explorer

and the status of the sensor and it's data.

21/07/2015 16:06 mroschk mroschk Hello,

the problem ist that i can not install the driver.
When i start "gpsreverse32.exe" and select the GNSS Sensor, then the driver installation fails
with the message that the GNSS Sensor is not ready.

I rell dont know why or how that ca0n be?
There is no other programm running or using the GNSS Sensor.


21/07/2015 16:00 Administrator After you install the driver, at the bottom of the screen it indicates the port number that is used.

Try that port.
511Goz Goz1433536395
05/06/2015 20:33
BugCan t get it to work on win 8.1 x64I've been trying to get this to work but even if i set simulation and hit install ... nothing happens.  Sometimes when I set it to COM3 (the correct port) I get an error message about not being able to connect.

Sometimes the "gpsdirect" driver appears in device manager but its reporting a code 10 and not working.

What am I doing wrong?

17/06/2015 19:57 Carol Carol :)  Maybe I need to drink "a few ciders" as Goz did to have it work!
17/06/2015 19:55 Carol Carol Thank you for your reply. I downloaded Sensor Explorer and ran it, and every item in the Menu (01-09) shows "ready" in the State list. Also, the red LED in the BU-353 device itself blinks slowly indicating the device has a position.
17/06/2015 03:47 Administrator After installing gps direct, try the sensor explorer (link on the page) to check the status of the sensor.


15/06/2015 21:01 Carol Carol My Lenovo Yoga laptop PC is running Win 8.1 x64 using a GlobalSat BU-353 S4 USB GPS, but I can NOT get GPSDirect to work. The GPSDirect window shows ongoing position data, every Windows location setting I can find is turned ON, but Metro apps (Maps Pro, Bing Maps, weather radar) report "GPS disabled" or "location unavailable". Yet the GPS unit IS sending data, and its NMEA can be used in DeLorme Topo 9.0 and PC Navigator Free. The Maps Pro developer tried his best to help me, but over a period of hours and days we are both stumped. Can you think of ANY thing I might be doing wrong? I love GPS and would sure like this to work on my Metro apps! Thank you
06/06/2015 07:43 Goz Goz Well it wasn't working before, and is now, so very strange.  Nokia Here Maps app is working beautifully and I'm now getting a GPS lock inside my house :)

I wish I knew how I did it ... Tiredness + alcohol has wiped my memory ;)

06/06/2015 07:40 Administrator Some systems do have that one. You must not use that in GPSReverse, for it does nothing.
06/06/2015 07:34 Goz Goz Win 8.1 x64 (Check the title ;) )

Funnily though, I was fiddling away last night while drinking a few ciders ... and this morning I have a location sensor going using microsoft's built in driver ...

No idea how that happened ...

06/06/2015 06:36 Administrator What is your windows version?
510Hampus Hampus1432666785
26/05/2015 18:59
BugSony Vaio (Windows 8.1) + GPS, HelpHello,

I am using the App Seapilot from windows store. The GPS-sensor is connected to an AIS-device from True Heading (Graphene +) and the AIS is connected to the computer through USB. I purchased the GPSDirect and it worked one time. Now when i install the driver (COM 3 and baud 19200) i always get the message "Signal - Invalid. 0 of 0 stats" in the text box. When i press "Get ILocation" it seems that it puts the correct position in X and Y coordinates.

How can i get the positioning to the app? GPSDirect, reverse? Should i do it in a specific order? HELP ME

27/05/2015 19:14 Administrator You only need one installation. Try uninstalling, rebooting and installing.
After that, you do not need the executable. Only SeaPilot.

26/05/2015 19:04 Hampus Hampus ALSO: When i install it as simulation. I get a valid signal and it works with the app
508scottinmesa scottinmesa1430431724
30/04/2015 22:08
BugGot TurboGPS Running on an ASUS Win 8.1 tablet... now waiting.Greetings,

I installed TurboGPS on a new Win 8.1 tablet.  The tablet, a T110 series has a Broadcom 4752 GNSS Sensor built in. I installed the software and, in options, chose the Sensor api.  Then I ran "Tools, GPS and Connect"  The tablet made a "dinging" sound like you'd expect when you hear a device handshake - like when you plug in a USB drive.  A reboot or two later I clicked on "Views then Satellite" and lo and behold there was one orange dot - off center.  I suspect this one of two or three (optimally) that need to be contacted.

Unless I hear something different from you all I guess I wait until more satellites populate the screen before using other features?  Agreed?

My best to you all.


03/05/2015 10:45 Administrator TRL is output after 100 sentences. Try what happens before that.
01/05/2015 15:31 scottinmesa scottinmesa Thank you Michael,

Good enough.  Trying GPSReverse.  Sensor explorer displayed ready state for all functions.  I set this up for the default - COM3 / NEMA 0183. Then I ran the Test which output #GPTRL.0.0.0*00.

Do I also need to Simulation, Sensor API or GPS Api? and"connect"?  Or do I need to find a legacy software program to use?  If so, do you have any suggestions?

By the way, thanks for writing such a great app.  Tremendously helpful for those who need this functionality.


01/05/2015 10:58 Administrator Turbo GPS cannot read the satellites from a sensor.

Best regards.
507tundrwd tundrwd1425845469
08/03/2015 20:11
BugIssues with an HP Stream 7 tablet and Windows 8.1A question regarding the gps7s32.exe on an Atom Win 8.1 tablet with no internal GPS.  This is on an HP Stream 7 with Win 8.1 (32bit).

I've got a BT GPS (Holux M-1000, NMEA-MTK), that works fine with other hardware and OSes (primarily other OSes, or versions of Windows prior to Win8x).

I'd like to purchase the software, but am not going to do so without confirming it works.

With Win8, the GPS pairs just fine, but then goes "offline".  I understand this is some new feature of Win8, and I can't wake it up - nor does the gps7s32.exe wake it up, apparently.  Are there known issues with the software under 8.1, or Atom processors?  I'd think as soon as I find the right port, and select the correct baud rate, I'd get some data streaming in the gps7s32 program - but I never see anything.
09/03/2015 11:54 Administrator Run it at 9600 baud speed and tell me if it works.
08/03/2015 20:22 tundrwd tundrwd Well - I'm sorry.  I guess the 57th time was the charm  :)
506llealii llealii1422370332
27/01/2015 14:52
BugSet the Default LocationI was testing a sample application for a windows store app that pulls the GPS location using the standard Geolocator class. While connected via WiFi the sample application would return the location information and the source was always "WiFi". the device also has a build in GPS device on COM port 2 but the sample application never seemed to be able to retrieve information from that device even when setting the accuracy to high. I tried using GPSDirect but when installing it I also hit the "Set the default location" button and ever since then even when I remove GPSDirect and disable all WiFi I keep getting the location information with source as "unknown". Before using GPSDirect I would get an exception when WiFi was disabled.

So could you tell me where the information created by the "Set the Default Location" button is written to? And how to completely remove GPSDirect including all registry entries.

This was installed on a Windows 8.1 device.


27/01/2015 21:22 llealii llealii Thanks Michael, removing the DefaultLocation registry entry worked. I am now getting correct location information from the WiFi.

27/01/2015 16:37 Administrator Hello there.

GPSdirect uses IDefaultLocation ( to set the default location.
According to MSDN, the default location is stored at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Location\DefaultLocation\Extensibility.

GPSDirect does not modify the registry directly when setting the default location.

505blaken blaken1421797113
20/01/2015 23:38
BugSupressing UI when installing GPSDirect via command line (and other options)I looked around a listing of possible command line options for use with GPSDirect, but I couldn't find them (I may have overlooked them).
I was hoping to be able to use the /INSTALL option in order to install the driver if it isn't already present on a COM port, but not require user interaction (clicking the OK dialog and then closing the program). Along with this, I was wondering if there was a way to tell programmatically (via the registry or some other method) or through a command-line option to see which ports already have GPSDirect installed.

Are there more options than /INSTALL and /UNINSTALL, and is something like I am hoping possible?

Thank you for your help.
03/12/2019 07:24 Nyman Nyman

The certificate import can be automated easily with many tools, so only exporting the certificate requires manual task. However managing and importing certificates is always dictated by the company policy and due diligence, so that it is always the customer's responsibility to manage those correctly.

When installing the driver manually (no pre-imported certificate), there is a prompt asking if user trusts the publisher. In addition this prompt has a checkbox to trust this publisher in the future as well ("Always trust software from "<publisher>"). If this box is selected (as it is by default), the certificate will be put in Trusted Publishers store. So if we import the certificate to that store ourselves before installing, it is in essence the same thing, just automated... Again, this is to be done by company policies, as some are more strict than others.

02/12/2019 15:41 Administrator

Okay but if you have to import the certificate manually, there is a manual interaction at last at one machine.

Plus, putting my certificate into trusted devices is not a very safe option -> Trusted Companies by Microsoft have passed additional security checks.

02/12/2019 15:39 Nyman Nyman We have managed to do silent install by first importing the certificate (certutil, Import-Certificate, etc.), used to sign GPSComplete, to Trusted Publishers. We get the certificate by exporting it after manually installing the driver for the first time on a test device. When the certificate is installed, the driver installation goes through without any prompts after that, if You use the command line arguments noted in the Manual and API section.
30/05/2019 14:45 Administrator You cannot bypass user interaction of driver verification. But that's only what's required.
30/05/2019 14:43 Unknown User

Also looking for a command line or silent install option.  My company is in the process of purchasing a few hundred licenses.


21/01/2015 02:51 Administrator The initial user prompt cannot be bypassed, it's a Windows enforcement.
As for the registry, GPSDirect saves informationin HKLM\Software\GPSSensor7

504tmaesing tmaesing1409503068
31/08/2014 16:37
BugGPS reverse on Windows 8.1 update 1Hi,

I haved tried GPS reverse on Windows 8.1 update 1. After activating the sensor it just hangs. Any ideas?

Best regards
08/11/2014 02:41 RichyFL RichyFL I messed around some more.  Installed ilocation on com5, topo 9 sees it I selected generic nmea and the defaults rmc gga now delorme topo 9 says "acquiring" so I am close.  Any help would be appreciated and once it works I will buy the program.
05/11/2014 18:11 RichyFL RichyFL Well, now I can install the driver then I go to Topo 9 I can see the comport and the program acts like its going to launch the GPS as soon as I hit "Start GPS" Topo freezes, tried compatibility modes. I am stumped.  People have gotten this to work.  When I run the test is sees the sensor.  Still thinking it that "do you want to allow this program to access your location" prompt but it doesn't pop up on this program.


04/11/2014 14:39 Administrator Check the updated driver; It supports selecting ILocation as the sensor.
03/11/2014 20:48 Administrator They are probably getting it with ILocation; I 'll take a look.


03/11/2014 17:14 RichyFL RichyFL I am not sure how you enable and disable the gps sensor in W8.1 I know my sensor works because it gets a location in other apps.

I am trying to get TOPO 9 to work and from what I have read GPSReverse is needed but  the trial just hangs and the test your sensor stays in initializing.

I am thinking there is something with permissions as every map program I installed windows ask if I give permission to access my location, so I am thinking that protocol is blocking these apps but I am not smart enough to work around it.  Please advise as I want this program to work before I buy it.

02/09/2014 18:31 Administrator Weird. I will take a look.


02/09/2014 18:23 tmaesing tmaesing Disabled: no data anymore.
Enabled again: software is working, gps reverse still states initializing

02/09/2014 18:16 Administrator The initialization is a global state. That is, if the sensor is in "initializing" state, it's for all apps that way.
It's not a state per application.

Try disabling the sensor from the control panel and then see if your software still gets the data. Then re-enable it and see if it is in "ready" or "initializing" state.

02/09/2014 18:13 tmaesing tmaesing No, it don't have a com port with nmea and I am sure I got the data from the sensor, because Localizer displays the sensor and the data it gets.
So, I am sure the explorer and the driver are hanging on initialization.

02/09/2014 18:07 Administrator If the sensor is not in "ready" state, then the software you mentioned it do not get information from that sensor.
Perhaps your GPS already has a COM port with NMEA interface.

02/09/2014 18:02 tmaesing tmaesing Hi,

the explorer states initializing for the sensor after 3 minutes. But GPS Satellite App, EasyVFR and Localizer got a fix after between 10 - 20 seconds.

Best regards

31/08/2014 16:42 Administrator Try my sensor explorer (there 's a link in the GPSReverse site) and test if your sensor functions correctly.

503phillip6 phillip61408451237
19/08/2014 12:27
BugGPSReverse - Testing GPSReverse I have installed the GPSReverse driver.

The executable says that the driver installed correctly and in the lower left corner of the window there is a message stating what COM port the driver is installed on. The driver is also visible within Device Manager.

The issue is when I select Test from the menu- After I select the correct COM Port I receive the error "Opening Failed"

Has this happened to anyone before?

21/08/2014 08:03 Administrator Hello there.
Is the COM port number greater than 10 ?

502thomas.federspiel thomas.federspiel1400591215
20/05/2014 13:06
BugGPSDirect and Windows 7 location API problemHi,

I've got a Windows 7 machine with a Sierra Wireless Gobi 2000 card with GPS and I'm trying to get it to work with .NET Framework 4.5 ( as well as with WC3 Geolocation API.

I've installed the driver and succeeded to connect to the GPS, see image gps7sensor-gps.png, but I can't get a location from either of the APIs.
The both say that there is No Data. I installed the Windows Sensor Diagnostic Tool ( and it also shows No Data when accessing the GPS Direct Sensor, see image SensorDiagnosticTool-gps.png.

So I tried to install the driver in simulation mode instead and then everything works (simulated), see images gps7sensor2-simulation.png and SensorDiagnosticTool-simulation.png.

Is this a driver problem or am I doing something wrong?

26/05/2014 09:46 thomas.federspiel thomas.federspiel Sorry for the delay. I've been on a 4-day vacation.

You where right. There was no fix. I saw that when I checked the NMEA messages.

I was to lazy to go outside and test so I stood at the window, which worked for my Android phone, but not for the Windows 7 machine.

Thanks for the help.


22/05/2014 15:48 Administrator Usually this happens when there is a port, but either no NMEA sentences, no fix, or not compatible messages at all.

Try connecting to the device using a COM port tool (For example, Putty). Do you get nmea messages?
501john949 john9491399065304
02/05/2014 21:15
BugNo data Windows 8.1 & Android APPUsing a ZTE Blade and a WIndows 8.1 Laptop
The android app has a valid GPS and says that there are 2 active clients but no data it getting to the Sensor driver.  Control panel shows gps direct and windows location service as OK.
Time is not updating and the co-ordinates are all zero.  Any suggestions as to what to try next?
07/05/2014 14:32 Administrator I see. ZTE blade does not post NMEA sentences and it cannot therefore work with the current version of the sensor.
I hope to release an update soon to generate NMEA sentences for those devices that do not support them.

Best Regards.

06/05/2014 19:30 john949 john949 in turbo GPS on the phone, if I select views - nmea strings I get a blank screen.  Phone is a ZTE Blade (Orange San Francisco) running cyanogenMod 7.2.0 - Android 2.3.7.

I've been using Share GPS on the phone and GPS Gate on the PC to connect via USB and map the output to a com.  I can then use your driver to produce the windows location data.

It's a bit tempramental to get started and I got lots of dropouts when I tried it in the car, but it does work.  Using WiFi would be more elegant than a USB cable but it does charge the phone while I use it as a GPS.  I'll try anything else if it helps you but I'll probably keep using the USB cable.

03/05/2014 18:58 Administrator Since you get no response, it means that the android app does not send anything.

To verify that it is compatible with your device, try installing my Turbo GPS. Run it, then go to screens and NMEA data (not nmea server).

Tell me if nmea data is visible and scrolling in that screen.

03/05/2014 17:53 john949 john949 I can ping the phone OK and if I think it connects via telnet but I'm not getting anything sent.  Telnet status says connected to - which is what the phone app says to connect to.

I wondered if the router was blocking the the port but if I set the phone to be a hotspot (which is how I want to use it in the car) then I get the same symptons except the address is

If I put the driver in simulation mode then it seems to work fine in Bing Maps, so either the app isn't sending data or the PC is blocking it?

Thanks for the help

03/05/2014 12:13 Administrator Are both items (phone and the driver) to the same subnetwork?

Can you connect to the phone via telnet? If yes, what is the text shown in telnet?
500DavidF DavidF1398699572
28/04/2014 15:39
BugIphone app with win 8.1 tablet not workingHi. New to this forum. Just bought the IOS app to map the iPhone to IP/port for use with dell venue pro tablet. Win 8.1. The App seems to work, showing location and giving an ip/port. But when I type these in to the gpsdirect program, the test function doesn't show a fix or any satellites. The Ilocation seems to show some location, but not sure what that is doing. HERE Maps also doesn't seem to know where my location is either with the app running on the phone and gpsdirect setup. I feel a bit upset about spending the £6 on the app. Any ideas?
24/11/2014 21:45 ehr444 ehr444 It is several months later and now I have this same problem. You requested more info on the status of the connection. A TCP connection is made. I can tell that because if I enter an invalid port number, no connection is made. However after the initial update there are no further messages received from the iPhone. I can tell that because when I use a COM port connection to a physical GPS, there are lots of messages. A screen shot is attached. Sometimes the initial GPS coordinates are zero. Sometimes they are another value. However the value does not update. In fact nothing changes in the display.
03/05/2014 12:21 Administrator Would you connect with telnet to the iOS app and tell me the results? Does it get connected? Do you get nmea sentences?
30/04/2014 07:55 DavidF DavidF Hi, Yes, they are on the same wifi network. both have the same subnet. I am a bit confused here, are they supposed to be talking over BT, or the iPhone cable or a peer to peer wifi connection? Thanks for any help
28/04/2014 21:03 Administrator Hello there.

Is your iPhone and the computer that runs GpsDirect in to the same lan? say, connected to the same router.
498Reagan Reagan1396560398
03/04/2014 21:26
BugGPSDirect on Win 8.1?I'm running "GPS Sensor 7 -" on Win 8.1.  Does this work on Win 8.1?  I always get "No ILocation available." even if I'm in Simulation mode.

I have scoured the forum and web site for documentation but it appears to be scarce.  Is there anything out there that I'm missing? 

Thanks! - Reagan
16/04/2014 17:13 Reagan Reagan Has anyone been able to get GPSDirect to work on Win 8.1?
04/04/2014 18:22 Reagan Reagan Making good progress.  I have a GPS simulator piped into GPS Sensor 7 - via a COM port.  I can see the data changing as I expect in the "Testing" panel.  ILocation Report still shows my actual position.  I put the device in airplane mode and unplugged the network cable so that the device has no internal source of position but ILocation Report still shows my original position.  If I go to the maps application, it says I'm not connected to the internet and shows no position so GPS Sensor does not appear to be successfully providing a position to the OS.  Is there any troubleshooting or configuration steps I can take to get  GPS Sensor 7 to populate ILocation?

Thank you so much for your assistance!


04/04/2014 13:25 Administrator I think that the location is taken from whatever position seems more reliable, the simulation puts random values which may be considered invalid by Windows.
However you can try the button "Set my location" and then see what ILocation reports.

03/04/2014 22:47 Reagan Reagan Thank you!  Now get am ILocation position which is my current position (derived from WiFi since I have no on-board GPS) but the simulated position is not showing up.  Simulated position is expected to show up in ILocation correct?  And if I connect a source of GPS data via a com port, that is what is expected to show up in  ILocation correct?
03/04/2014 22:15 Administrator I fixed a "bug" (not really my bug, a [url=]Windows bug[/url]) in that might enable ILocation to work. Try the update.


03/04/2014 21:59 Administrator ILocation depends on many factors and it is, generally, a bit buggy in the implementation.  However apps that use the sensor should work even without it.

497Georg Georg1394105660
06/03/2014 11:34
BugW8 location to NMEA 0183 & NMEA 2000As W8 tablets are becoming available at lower price points and inches, and -bar a couple of glitches like this- are infinitely better than Android, would you maybe consider a reverse driver? GPS antennas included in current tablets are useless f/ navigation, as all navi sw I know of is looking f/ COM ports, incl. MS's own AutoRoute even in 2013 version. Even their own sw won't talk to their locator...

ÎRÏ!ι ÏίϬοÏα άλλο, αλλά μαÏ Î­Ï Î±Î³Îµ ο ÎέγκαÏ!
19/04/2014 20:15 Georg Georg ΣαÏ Ïραβάει η ΣιγκαϬούρη ÏηÏ ÎSιÏ!άληδεÏ, ε; Îx άλλοÏ, βέβαια, ζούϒε ένα δράμα. Τα Ï Î¹Î»Î¹Î¬ μοÏ& μην ξεÏ!άϒειÏ να ÏοÏ& δÏ}ϒειÏ, αν ϒÏ&νανÏηθείÏε! :P Have a good time!
19/04/2014 06:59 Administrator Î Ï&Ï!αριϒÏÏ0 θα Ïο δÏ0 μολιÏ γÏ&ριϒÏ0 (αϬο ϒιγκαϬοÏ&ρη!)
19/04/2014 06:15 Georg Georg Îaαλή ÎνάϒÏαϒη!
19/04/2014 06:12 Georg Georg Well, this morning it was 5 minutes and I gave up (my morning coffee was waiting for me).

Last 2 events reported:

Log Name:      System
Source:        Microsoft-Windows-DriverFrameworks-UserMode
Date:          19/04/2014 8:22:57 Ϭμ
Event ID:      10110
Task Category: User-mode Driver problems.
Level:        Critical
User:          SYSTEM
Computer:      G
A problem has occurred with one or more user-mode drivers and the hosting process has been terminated.  This may temporarily interrupt your ability to access the devices.
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
    <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-DriverFrameworks-UserMode" Guid="{2E35AAEB-857F-4BEB-A418-2E6C0E54D988}" />
    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2014-04-19T05:22:57.883132900Z" />
    <Correlation />
    <Execution ProcessID="1120" ThreadID="1240" />
    <Security UserID="S-1-5-18" />
    <UMDFHostProblem lifetime="{4A7DEB80-6430-4B8A-BE63-5DCA39103A69}" xmlns:auto-ns2="" xmlns="">
      <Problem code="3" detectedBy="2">
      <Operation code="259">

Log Name:      System
Source:        Microsoft-Windows-DriverFrameworks-UserMode
Date:          19/04/2014 8:22:57 Ϭμ
Event ID:      10111
Task Category: User-mode Driver problems.
Level:        Critical
User:          SYSTEM
Computer:      G
The device GPS Reverse Driver (COM3) (location (unknown)) is offline due to a user-mode driver crash.  Windows will attempt to restart the device 5 more times.  Please contact the device manufacturer for more information about this problem.
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
    <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-DriverFrameworks-UserMode" Guid="{2E35AAEB-857F-4BEB-A418-2E6C0E54D988}" />
    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2014-04-19T05:22:57.883132900Z" />
    <Correlation />
    <Execution ProcessID="1120" ThreadID="1240" />
    <Security UserID="S-1-5-18" />
    <UmdfDeviceOffline lifetime="{4A7DEB80-6430-4B8A-BE63-5DCA39103A69}" xmlns:auto-ns2="" xmlns="">
        <FriendlyName>GPS Reverse Driver (COM3)</FriendlyName>

12/04/2014 20:04 Administrator 1:30 wakeup is certainly too much, but I 'll take a look.

12/04/2014 07:54 Georg Georg Sorry for the delayed update, but it has been busy.

After Michael's last comment, I reinstalled the driver and it automatically installed an updated version with a test function in the installation utility. The test function led to a freeze. The driver itself, however, appears to have installed fine.

The overall impression is good, especially taking in consideration that MS and it's partner manufacturers (Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, etc.) have seen no reason to support their sucker customers, after offloading practically useless systems (navigationally) on them. Although I have not tried the Centrifuge solution, Michael's appears a better option: straightforward driver mapping to a COM port, rather than the utility with another underlying utility (Eltima COM port virtualizer). I don't know if there are any pros and cons in either approach I am not aware of, but, if nothing else, for simplicity's sake I prefer Michael's solution.

Only real issue I have to report is there appears to be a delay in the sensor "waking up". Running the tester (from WDK) before the driver resulted in an almost instant "ready" state. Now, it takes up to a couple of minutes (no statistics, but I would guess a mean if about 1:30). This might as well be a century in a real traffic situation, rendering the sensor almost useless. You can't just stop in the middle (often neither on the side) of a road waiting for the sensor to wake up before you get your instructions. That said, I am not at all certain this is caused by the driver running and not Win8's location system itself. I believe (not absolutely certain) I have only noticed it on first run after booting up.

Another issue is that the GPS sensor is not visible to Android apps running with an emulator (Bluestacks), but, again, my guess is this is more likely due to a Bluestacks limitation.

I have tested the driver with navigation sw:
(1) Windows app, reads Location API: works fine, sw not very functional and intuitive (by design)
(2) Windows app, does not read Location API: occasional-frequent loss of position/communication w/ sensor (however, sw requires NMEA 2000 sentences)
(3) Windows app, does not read Location API: sometimes hangs upon starting when it takes sensor forever to wake up, setting COM port in sys file causes sw to freeze, because even on a good day sensor takes too long to initialize
(4) on-road navi sw in Bluestacks Android emulator: does not see sensor/GPS antenna
(5) off-road navi sw in Bluestacks Android emulator: does not see sensor/GPS antenna
(6) marine navi sw in Bluestacks Android emulator: does not see sensor/GPS antenna

30/03/2014 09:03 Administrator There's a checksum error in the driver, I will fix it today before we can test nmea 2000.
30/03/2014 08:44 Georg Georg Installed Mapfactor PC Navigator 12. With the driver installed could not get position and when entering the GPS setup the sw hanged: showed the Broadcom sensor in the first line, com3 57600baud in the second line, and -trying to select either- grayed everything out and it just stayed there forever. I uninstalled the driver from device manager and everything ok. Located me to the spot. So, maybe, m
Mapfactor works with the w8 location API. Is it possible that the driver removes functionality from sw intended to work with the inbuilt sensors and location API?

30/03/2014 00:14 Georg Georg Î`ϒÏ0Ï βοηθούν αÏ&Ïά;

29/03/2014 18:05 Administrator I have to have an example of a NMEA -2000 sentence type. I couldn't find anything related.

29/03/2014 17:26 Georg Georg Installed and tried w/ AutoRoute. It appears to be working (as explained further on, I never actually got a position through the COM port), but AutoRoute expects NMEA2000 rather than -I guess- NMEA0183 it is getting. It reports that my GPS sensor is sending data but it is not NMEA2000-compatible. Given that AutoRoute is the only Windows sw really updated, maybe NMEA2000 is a necessity?

Will try other sw, probably tomorrow, but mostly for testing purposes - maps will be obsolete.

29/03/2014 15:55 Administrator 1. No, the driver does not modify the sensors in any way. It just asks the location sensor to be connected and it creates a virtual COM port.
2. No, this driver (as said in #1) does not mess with any sensors.
3. It currently outputs only RMC, which is enough for practical use. Later versions will also output GSV and GGA.
4. Not at all.

29/03/2014 15:31 Georg Georg Have only downloaded (not tried) so far, but still, way to go, Michael! A couple of clarifications, please (probably only showing my ignorance):
1) when installed does the driver affect how the entire sensor chain (incl. location API) operates?
2) shall we need to uninstall or somehow inactivate the driver for location API-aware sw to function properly through location API?
3) does it output both NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 sentences?
4) does it install any underlying sw (such as the Eltima emulator installed with the other solution)?

29/03/2014 12:50 Administrator The reverse driver is there, try it.


15/03/2014 16:09 Georg Georg [i]We[/i] thank [i]you[/i], Michael.

One more point, if I may: it appears that MS Autoroute expects NMEA 2000 rather than NMEA 0183, as all other sw I know of. This might have been relatively irrelevant (!) were it not that most navi sw companies have abandoned their PC versions. I never thought I would say this, but it appears MS is the only company standing behind their product, even if it is in the semi-lame (κοÏ&λÏR) manner in marketing AR 2013 in essence w/o W8 location API support... The Nevada solution has issues w/ AutoRoute, perhaps because of the differences between NMEA 0183 and 2000. I have no clue what is involved in all this, but maybe cater f/ either protocol?

13/03/2014 16:02 Administrator I am in the process of creating a reverse driver.


13/03/2014 08:39 Georg Georg The basis appears to be the Eltima virtual COM port utility. My understanding is that the raw data from the sensor (not the Location API) is directed to the virtual port created by the Eltima utility. I am not certain whether this data is already in NMEA 0183 format or needs to be translated to NMEA 0183 before being sent to the virtual COM port.

By the way, shouldn't I be able to see the sensor in Device Manager in a Win XP virtual machine (Oracle)?
496mcosand mcosand1388307991
29/12/2013 09:06
BugBluetooth Garmin 10X - signal invalid but can see NMEA in terminal programI'm trying to get the driver working on my Dell Venue 8 Pro (Win 8.1, 32-bit). I have the GPS paired and when I connect to the serial port with PuTTY I can see the NMEA stream. I attached a few seconds of logs (I zeroed out part of my late/long).

when I try to install the driver on the same COM port it goes through a testing phase and then comes back with signal: invalid

I downloaded a copy of, and it can read the stream at 4800 baud.

Any ideas?
30/12/2013 07:11 mcosand mcosand I restarted GPSDirect and it's working. I always uninstalled before closing the utility before. Now TurboGPS works in sensor mode and IE can use the geolocation correctly.

Thanks for the tool!

30/12/2013 06:52 mcosand mcosand I installed TurboGPS and it doesn't matter what baud rate I choose, the NMEA text shows up in the raw log and the GPS view looks correct.

I already have Visual Studio on the tablet, would it help if I attached to GPSDirect and stepped through the initialization? I don't have a lot of experience debugging drivers so I would need a little bit of a how-to...

29/12/2013 09:52 Administrator I will take a look, try a different baud speed meanwhile.

495muskierandy muskierandy1385559717
27/11/2013 13:41
BugData typing issues with GPS Sensor Driver array data typesI'm using GPS Sensor Driver with a GlobalSat BU-353 on Windows 7 64 bit. I'm using the Windows sensor API in a C++ app to get the GPS values. The issue is with array data types, SENSOR_DATA_TYPE_SATELLITES_IN_VIEW_PRNS, SENSOR_DATA_TYPE_SATELLITES_IN_VIEW_AZIMUTH, SENSOR_DATA_TYPE_SATELLITES_IN_VIEW_ELEVATION, SENSOR_DATA_TYPE_SATELLITES_IN_VIEW_STN_RATIO. These all seem to be returning actual byte arrays. If you look at the Microsoft documentation for the azimuth parameter, it states:
"Data for vector types is always serialized as VT_UI1 (an array of unsigned, 1-byte characters). This data field actually contains each value as an IEEE 8-byte real value (VT_ R8)". This is not what is occurring for these array data types. They all seem to be coming back as true byte array. I'm able to get the constellations by treating the data as true byte arrays, but the azimuth of course is limited to a max of 255, which cuts off all the satellites in the NorthWest quadrant!

This is a very useful driver; would be nice to get the constellations working. thanks!
02/02/2014 13:25 muskierandy muskierandy Works much better now, thanks! All parameters look good

A couple of small issues:
1) Upon start, the very first SENSOR_DATA_TYPE_SATELLITES_USED_PRNS vector is filled, but all zeros, like "0,0,0,0,0,0". The second and all subsequent ones are all fine
2) The constellation count, SENSOR_DATA_TYPE_SATELLITES_IN_VIEW, sometimes goes down momentarily. (Like half the satellites in the sky blink away for a second) The parsing of "GSV" is a little tricky because the constellation comes in separate GSV commands. Perhaps you miss one of the GSVs occasionally???
3) For "extra credit" you might want to sort SENSOR_DATA_TYPE_SATELLITES_USED_PRNS in ascending order. The windows sensor API returns the satellites in ascending order, and you might want to replicate that.

Again, thanks! BTW, I am using a Globalsat BU-353S4 for my testing. I am using Windows SDK 8.1

24/01/2014 14:05 Administrator It's already there in latest edition, test it.

24/01/2014 14:00 muskierandy muskierandy I'm on board! Let me know when you have it ready.
29/12/2013 21:13 Administrator I 'm fixing these, will you be testing the driver before the release?
494sajendra sajendra1385448567
26/11/2013 06:49
BugQuick LoggingHello,

I just installed the GPS sensor driver, and it seems to work great connecting to my Holux M1200 and making it available to the Sensor API.

Does anyone know if there is an existing command line application or example source code which read the x, y, and z coordinates from the sensor and output them to the command line at some regular interval? I'd like to interface with the GPS for a proof of concept as quickly as possible, so parsing command line output piped to a file might be the quickest route.

Thanks for any help.
26/11/2013 21:09 Administrator Not any that I know of myself, but you can check my Sensor API @ codeproject and reuse it's C++ code.
493takeru takeru1385018655
21/11/2013 07:24
BugHolux M-241 BlueTooth GPS not working with Direct Driver somehowI have a Holux M-241 GPS device, which is capable of BlueTooth, compatible with NMEA v.3.01.

I am thinking of arranging a Dell Venue 8 Pro, which lacks the GPS sensor unfortunately.

I thought that Holux M-241 could help the device, with GPS Direct driver.

Testing with my Fujitsu Loox U/G90N5, run by Windows 8.1 Pro x86 English, somehow it is unable to read the data from the GPS device somehow.

It appears:
GPS Sensor: Installed
Signal: Invalid - 0 of 0 Sats
X: 0.000....
Y: 0.000....
Z: 0.000...
Precision: 0.000..., 0.000..., 0.000...
Spd: 0.000....
Bearing: 0.000...

The device is said to talk in: 8 databits, no parity, 1 stopbit

output interfaces are :
optional: GLL or MTK NMEA commands

Are there anyone with any idea to manage the device working with GPS driver?
06/04/2016 07:18 adneycandy adneycandy I have a Surface Pro3 which will not work with GPSDirect but performs normally for all other apps.

== [url=][/url] ==

05/01/2015 06:50 Administrator Check alternative COM port baud speeds.

04/01/2015 19:25 billmacl billmacl I have a Globalsat BT-308 Bluetooth gps.

I have a Surface Pro2 which works as advertised with GPSDirect.

I have a Surface Pro3 which will not work with GPSDirect but performs normally for all other apps.

Both are fine with USB GPS.

06/11/2014 03:47 frankie frankie I know this is an old topic, but I feel that this info will be good for other possible users.

I'm using the Holux M-241 (m241) on a Surface Pro with Windows 8.1 Pro installed.

Over bluetooth, 2 ports are created. For me it's com4 and com5. The com port labeled outgoing is the one to connect to. To find this goto the bluetooth settings and click on the "Com Ports" tab.
The port speed (bits per second) should be set to 38400, with all the other settings at default. To check this go into device manager and find the com port and goto the  "Port Settings" tab. Set it to 38400 in both the device manager and gpsdirect.

Then everything should work fine.

22/11/2013 16:01 Administrator Would you send me a raw log of this device?

So I see if there is something incompatible with the nmea driver.

491Nkond39 Nkond391378732444
09/09/2013 13:14
BugGPS Direct Baud RateMy GPS receiver (BU-353 GlONASS) only works at 115200 baud. But in GPSDirect i can choose only up to 38400. Can you please fix\update or whatever.
Thanks. =)
09/09/2013 13:34 Nkond39 Nkond39 oh wait... oh you can just type it in... d'oh.
490nnegypt nnegypt1377770266
29/08/2013 09:57
Buggps dIRECTKalimera ,

ehw katevasi to gpsdirect sto win7 kai tom doulevw san simulation  alla den einai stathero kathe 2-3 sec mou alazazh location ( poli kai xora ) episeis exeis kamia idea pws boro na xrisimopiisw to bult in GPS sto androind Galaxy Mobile me to PC meso USB serial cable .


20/09/2013 14:55 nnegypt nnegypt Nase kala File , loipon mesw turbo sindeete mia hara ehw katevasei ena programma GPS to IP  kai syndeete sto turbo mesw porta COM42 mono dystihos otan vazw ta idia stihia sto gpsdirect den syndeete mou grafy invalid ...
30/08/2013 20:13 Administrator ΝομίζÏ0 ÏRÏι δεν είναι ÎµÏ Î¹ÎºÏÏR να μεÏαδÏ0θούν Ï¬Î»Î·ÏÎ¿Ï Î¿ÏÎ¯ÎµÏ μέϒÏ0 USb. ÎSονο μέϒÏ0 bluetooth θα ήÏαν ÎµÏ Î¹ÎºÏÏR, ή μέϒÏ0 ÏοÏ& nmea server ÏοÏ& Turbo GPS μέϒÏ0 WiFi.

30/08/2013 11:23 nnegypt nnegypt Euharistw poly gia tin grigori apandish .. Eheis kamia idea pws borw na to sindesw me to COM to mobile ? ehw USB cable alla arage yparhei kapio programa gia Android ...


29/08/2013 20:40 Administrator ÎÏ&Ïή είναι η δοÏ&λειά ÏοÏ& εξομοιÏ0Ïή, να μην είναι ϒÏαθερÏRÏ.

Îν μϬορείÏ να Ï ÏιάξειÏ Ïο usb να είναι μέϒÏ0 θύραÏ com ÏÏRÏε γίνεÏαι.

488HiPerFreak HiPerFreak1370593646
07/06/2013 08:27
BugOpposite to GPSDirect: Convert Location API to virtual COM Port?Hi!

Do you know, if there is a driver, which simulates a virtual COM port but uses the sensor API in the background? This would be very useful in many scenarios in combination with modern Windows 8 tablets!

If there is no solution available, do you know, if it would be complicated to write such a driver?

09/06/2013 19:58 HiPerFreak HiPerFreak Look [url=]here[/url].
07/06/2013 16:03 Administrator Is there such a software already?

07/06/2013 13:59 HiPerFreak HiPerFreak I have an idea: what about a null modem emulator like com0com? It emulates a two COM Ports which are connected. A GPS software could use the first COM port. A simple software program connects to the second COM port, receives data wie the windows sensor API, converts it to the NMEA protocol and sends it to the second COM port. The GPS application in turn receives the NMEA information and thinks it is talking to a real GPS receiver.

Would this work?

EDIT: I just saw that "VegasGuy" posted a solution to exactly that problem in the last thread.

07/06/2013 10:09 Administrator There is none. It would require a kernel mode driver, which is currently not feasible.

485scyto scyto1362891115
10/03/2013 04:51
BugGPSDirect & Setting Time?GPS Direct works just great on my Windows 8 x64 machine.
I would also like to use the GPS to set the time accurately.

1) can the GPSDirect driver do this in some way
2) or any chance you could write a small service to do it - I would be happy to donate if needed :)
10/03/2013 12:27 Administrator Hello there.

Yes I will add such a feature in next version (it 'll take a while).

Best Regards.
484Karl Karl1362249669
02/03/2013 18:41
BugImport of OSM-MapsHello,
I have a SONY Vaio Duo 11 Tablet-PC (Windows 8) with a built-in GPS device. It operates very well but only with internet access.
I would like to use the GPS device without internet (e.g. on sea) and have installed turbo-gps. I get the gps-signal, but I can't import any osm-map.
My problem and my question: how can I import a map to turbo-gps? I want to see on a map where I am. And it would be perfect to have a moving map.
Does anyone know what to do?
03/03/2013 20:37 Administrator OSM maps are also internet-only, To work with offline maps, you must capture them using the capture tool.

483PaRi PaRi1359997106
04/02/2013 16:58
BugLaptop Windows 8Hi all.
My PC laptop Sony Vaio DUO contains a GPS.
I have installed a software that needs GPS data from COM port, but my GPS works with SENSOR API.
The GPS Sensor Driver Win 7 can read GPS data from Sensor API and simulate a COM port?
It's compatible with Windows 8?
02/03/2013 18:50 Karl Karl I have a Sony Vaio Duo 11 Tablet-PC too (Windows 8) and had the problem to get the gps-signal without internet access. I have installed turbo-gps and it works.
Go to "tools", "gps" "gps setup" activate "sensor api" select "Sony Gps-Modul", confirm and close the gps-configuration. That is the way it works.
But now I have a new problem: I can see my position (better to say: just the degree of longitude and latitude) but I can't import a map. And that's I want: to see where I am.
Does anyone have an idea how to import maps to turbo-gps or how to connect the gps-signal with maps?
Karl (from Germany)
481SickyNicky SickyNicky1358361874
16/01/2013 18:44
BugGPSDirect on Windows 8 - ObservationsHi,

First may I say what a great concept GPSdirect is, and it seems to be the only solution available for pairing COM based GPS devices with Windows location service - so well done, especially since you're giving it away. Most folks would probably pay a couple of quid for it, I suspect.

I've seen the comments regarding Windows 8 in the forum, and would like to add my observations.

[list type=decimal]
[li]GPSDirect seems to install fine on Windows 8, runs OK and updates the location fine, at least initially[/li]
[li]If I don't actually use any location aware applications, and the connection between the GPS device and the PC remains live, it continues to update the location correctly[/li]
[li]Once you start using location services (for example, Maps or OS Atlas) it will work fine as long as the application is running, but upon switching away from the app, GPSDirect MAY OR MAY NOT then freeze (stop updating on the testing screen). You then need to uninstall and reinstall the driver for it to start again[/li]
[li]My GPS (a Qstarz 818XT) suggests running the com port at 115200 baud, which GPSdirect can't do - although it seems to work at lower speeds[/li]
[li]GPSdirect may be causing random issues with the bluetooth COM ports, although it may not be GPSdirect, it could be something in my setup - although I don't have any problems with COM aware apps such as Microsoft Autoroute. Occasionally I have to remove the GPS from the bluetooth device list completely, reboot, then add it back in to clear serial port lockouts.[/li]

For reference I am using a Samsung Slate 7, upgraded to Windows 8. I hope this is helpful to you - let me know if I can test anything for you.
05/04/2013 13:54 SickyNicky SickyNicky Really odd, then.

I just built a quick noddy app to read the serial port in dotnet 4 and it reads it cleanly, but that uses the dotnet framework not the win api. I can't imagine the windows api is faulty or has been deprecated, but with MS, you never know! It's also possible that the bluetooth stack is doing something different with its virtual com ports.

Terminal and putty both read the data cleanly, even in a state where GPS direct doesn't.

I don't really know what else to say. It doesn't seem to be related to port speed, uart settings or 8,n,1 type config. I assume you have a separate thread handling incoming data - could that be hanging somewhere, or maybe Windows 8 uses a different pattern for the EV_RXCHAR event? But I'm grasping at straws there, as I'm a framework coder.

05/04/2013 11:25 Administrator I'm not using any particular library, just the Win32 API.
Perhaps the problem is the configuration of the serial port.

I 'll take a look.


// Set the parameters

COMMTIMEOUTS commtimeouts = {0};
GetCommTimeouts(hX, &commtimeouts);
commtimeouts.ReadIntervalTimeout        = 250;
commtimeouts.ReadTotalTimeoutMultiplier  = 0;
commtimeouts.ReadTotalTimeoutConstant    = 0;
commtimeouts.WriteTotalTimeoutMultiplier = 0;
commtimeouts.WriteTotalTimeoutConstant  = 0;
SetCommTimeouts(hX, &commtimeouts);

// Set baud
swprintf_s(pd2,300,L"baud=%u parity=N data=8 stop=1",Baud);
DCB dcb = {0};
dcb.DCBlength = sizeof(dcb);

05/04/2013 10:01 SickyNicky SickyNicky OK, an update.

TurboGPS exhibits the same issues, yes. I have played around with drivers etc over the past couple of months and have come across a stable configuration. I downloaded a free com port splitter (virtual serial ports emulator) and used that to create a virtual serial port from the bluetooth serial pprt I was using.

This seems to be stable.

It would seem, therefore, that the issue lies within the serial port library that you are using, which is having an issue with Windows 8 bluetooth ports but works with other virtual ports. The fact that the COM port splitter reads the port perfectly points towards this as well as it's presumably using a different serial port library.

I hope that's helpful.

17/01/2013 22:10 Administrator Hello there.

In Win 8 there are still some incompatibilities. I 'm working on it. If you use Turbo GPS to connect to the sensor, does it also freeze when you disconnect?

480Schlew Schlew1358264982
15/01/2013 15:49
BugCreate a port com which reads data from a sensorHi everyone,

Just a little question that is very important for me.
I see that Michael creates a GPSDirect driver that creates a sensor which reads data from a com port (thanks to him).
But is it possible to do the reverse: Create a port com which reads data from a sensor api?
I have a GPS sensor api on my windows 8 laptop. My integreted GPS don't run over com port (I don't know if it's normal or not) and I need a port com to connect my GPS to a navigation software.

Thanks in advence for your help.


18/08/2015 17:10 fruscella fruscella Im about to try this on a Dell Latitude 10 LT2 with Jeppesen software. (Aviation)
22/07/2015 11:48 mroschk mroschk Hello,

did you found any solution?
I have the same Problem.


16/01/2013 03:05 billreilly billreilly [quote author=Schlew link=topic=1305.msg4048#msg4048 date=1358264982]
Hi everyone,

Just a little question that is very important for me.
I see that Michael creates a GPSDirect driver that creates a sensor which reads data from a com port (thanks to him).
But is it possible to do the reverse: Create a port com which reads data from a sensor api?
I have a GPS sensor api on my windows 8 laptop. My integreted GPS don't run over com port (I don't know if it's normal or not) and I need a port com to connect my GPS to a navigation software.

Thanks in advence for your help.


I have a new Windows 8 tablet with GPS and I'm looking to do the same thing... It's called "Broadcom GNSS Geolocation Sensor" in Device Manager and lists a bunch of addresses and such, but no COM ports... I too need a way to create a virtual com port for my navigation software to access...

If you find a way to do this please let me know.


15/01/2013 17:23 Schlew Schlew Hi,
Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately I have no other choice. My software only connect through port com.


15/01/2013 16:01 aXe aXe Hello there.

Creating a COM port requires a kernel driver, so it's highly unlikely that GPSDirect will ever do that. Is your application ONLY capable of opening a COM port? I.e. can't it open any other resource, such as a TCP/IP source?

479ctm ctm1356179110
22/12/2012 12:25
BugWindows 8 : GPS direct does not workHi
I'm using Win8x32 on my Tablet;
with TurboGPS I can connect to my GPS-COM-Port and get a positioning and correct readings, but when I install direct GPS this gives me with the same Port what you can find in the screenshots;

any chance for an update for Win8?

18/06/2013 06:56 Oleksiy.Antonov Oleksiy.Antonov Hi Michael,

any news regarding updated version?

14/05/2013 14:29 Oleksiy.Antonov Oleksiy.Antonov Hello

I have problem with GPS Direct driver on Windows 8 x32 (in CarPC).
I use Franson GPS Gate.
I've created Virtual COM Port 1, which obtain information from real GPS (Locosys).
Other applications (Google Earth, Centrafuse etc.) work fine with virtual GPS.
But gpsdirect driver crash after application try to use it. Windows 8 record appropriate message into Event Log.
Can you help me with this issue?

Simulation mode work fine.
I tried several Virtual COM ports with the same results.

Thank you,

26/02/2013 21:44 Administrator The version is always the latest, it's just the web page that needs to be updated. And if you have any old version, it updates itself.

26/02/2013 21:38 ctm ctm ...good...
i can find only the old ...16 version...

25/02/2013 19:01 Administrator I updated the driver yesterday ( Take a look.

25/02/2013 19:00 ctm ctm Hi Michael
anything new in this issue?

Best Regards

23/12/2012 22:09 ctm ctm thanks, and a Merry Christmas !
23/12/2012 19:05 Administrator I 'll take a look; You are not the only one with Windows 8 issues.

23/12/2012 17:58 ctm ctm unfortunately that is not the only problem: It works once (tGPS gets a fix with the API-Sensor), then I close tGPS and restart it and the clock is frozen (although the "backslash" is ticking forth and back) and no fix; even a reboot did not help in this case;

I close tGPS; deinstall the driver and start without a reboot directly FreeGPS and get a fix (even indoors 6 sats) with a steady flow of raw data;

so, I think directGPS and the port are somehow locking each other....

23/12/2012 16:25 Administrator Hello there.
See if Turbo GPS can read the coordinates from the driver  (that is, configure Turbo GPS  to read it from the sensor).

If  this works, it's not an issue with the port, but with ILocation. I have troubles reading values from ILocation as well here -> more testing to come.

23/12/2012 16:10 ctm ctm yes, I get a fix with tGPS and FreeGPS (see first two pics), but it's a little bit touchy, because I have to deinstall the driver first and to reboot, just to be on the safe side...
then I reinstalled the driver without reboot and got the situation in the third picture : we have fix with several satelites (up to 12), but still "No ILocation", but coordinates are given...

when I reboot now and dobleclick the driver-installer to check it out, I get again "0 Satelites" and the "System-time" is frozen...

maybe it is a thing of latency : the driver is locking for the port before it is ready...
after each start-up or standby of the Tablet, I have to restart the GPS-Modul with an "AT_OGPS=2" command on com 6 (I do it with a automated task), otherwise it will not provide data on com7... maybe the driver would need to wait with the first polling of com7 for some time in order not to hang...?

23/12/2012 14:45 Administrator So, there is no fix using the driver, but when using the COM port directly you have a valid fix?

23/12/2012 14:41 ctm ctm but I did change it... unfortunately I get the same result as before...
after a restart I get a reading for 4 satelites, but no valid signal; this was also with 9600 the same : sometimes no satelites, sometimes maybe 4, but no fix,

Thanks for the help !

23/12/2012 14:36 ctm ctm Hi Michael,
thanks for the reply.
Yes, that is the default for the Option GTM382 (see the screen shots from the hardware manager):

22/12/2012 18:09 Administrator Do you normally use this COM port at 9600? Try putting it to 4800.

478alex4orly alex4orly1350938897
22/10/2012 20:48
BugUsing the software on a Windows 7 tabletHello there GPS gurus...

I am new to this. I got myself a DELL Latitude Tablet ST with Windows 7.
It has built in a GPS device which is NMEA compatible.
Is it possible, with this software to use my tablet as a GPS device like the one I have in the car
I mean, I want to be able to plan a trip, see it on the map, and see my progress as I drive to my destination

Is it possible? What do I need to install? Where do I get maps for my area?
Can I just use Google maps?

26/03/2013 15:08 Administrator The driver only provides a way for sensor-software to read COM port NMEA gps devices.

If Internet Explorer can read this information and show it in a google map, then you are done.

26/03/2013 15:06 turbo13irc turbo13irc [quote author=Michael link=topic=1287.msg4007#msg4007 date=1350939327]
[u]Hello there.
This [url=]GPS[/url] is probably visible as a COM port? If so you can use either my driver ( or Turbo GPS for Windows ( or any other software that can read from a COM port.


Thanks for the info, I got the same problem on GPS on my tablet. I will try to apply this one.

22/10/2012 20:55 Administrator Hello there.
This GPS is probably visible as a COM port? If so you can use either my driver ( or Turbo GPS for Windows ( or any other software that can read from a COM port.

477gary gary1347356632
11/09/2012 09:43
BugDisconnect GPS but coordinates will remainJust to ask if i disconnect the GPS feature ,how can i remove all the coordinate. Currently it will still remain the last coordinates
13/09/2012 09:49 Administrator No.
13/09/2012 09:34 gary gary for the this turbo GPS, do i need to use internet to trigger the GPS.
13/09/2012 09:29 Administrator Do you exit Turbo GPS ? The X Button some times does not exit , try the Tools -> Exit menu.

Disconnect alone doesn't "forget" the current position.

13/09/2012 09:24 gary gary window mobile version
11/09/2012 09:57 Administrator Pocket PC version or android?
475jaybeegee jaybeegee1340636168
25/06/2012 14:56
Bugloading saved pathsHello! I need some spoonfeeding on how to show the details of a previously saved track / journey! I am able to load the track and view in an existing map but how do I see the details of the track (ie. in my case over water ... so distance in nautical miles, average speed in knots, etc) cheers Jay
28/06/2012 15:56 Administrator Last version includes GPX export of time and bearing, and also includes statistics for a track.

Best Regards.

25/06/2012 17:58 jaybeegee jaybeegee perfect - thanks! will try it tomorrow as I dont have access to a cable to extract the file.
25/06/2012 15:14 Administrator

Turbo GPS saves tracks and you can see them in the track list. From this you have the following options (there are many options, I list here the 2 you may be interested int) after you click a track:

[li]See information->Length for length calculation[/li]
[li]Export to KML or GPX so you can view it with applications that are capable of handling KML or GPX files, such as google earth. [/li]
Generally, tracks in Turbo GPS are only used for viewing and replaying. Turbo GPS does not currently display statistics information about tracks. However,
Turbo GPS saves XYZ position and bearing. This means that, when used in google earth for example, you can see it in 3D. Turbo GPS also saves the current speed in the track, but does not export it in GPX. If this is crucial for you I can also export the speed in GPX for now, and later on, provide statistic information about what you need. What information do you need exactly?

Best Regards.

474gregoirelegros gregoirelegros1339834564
16/06/2012 08:16
BugHow to load maps onto my HP iPAQ 6915Can anyone help me get started with this. I dont know what sort of maps to use or where to get them from. I'd like to load osm maps so I can see cycle tracks but as I'm a complete newb here I dont know what to do.
16/06/2012 08:40 Administrator Take a look at these:

473CopperHead CopperHead1339575334
13/06/2012 08:15
BugProblems connecting with GPS Sensor 7..Hi,

I'm not sure if I'm asking this in the right place.. but I'm having issues using GPS Sensor 7 to read data from the NMEA server created by Turbo GPS 2 on my Motorola Droid. When I type the url in my PC's browser I can see the data flowing in, but GPS Sensor 7 refuses to read any of it. I enter:

NMEA Source:          
Baud Rate/Port Number:  12345

Then I click "Install", "Yes", "Enable this sensor"
It goes smoothly but it says "Signal: Invalid - 0 of 0 Sats" and shows 0.000000 for X, Y, and Z coordinates.

Am I doing something wrong?


15/06/2012 23:26 CopperHead CopperHead Wow I didn't realize how difficult it is. I guess I'll have to go another route for my solution.

Thanks for all your help though.

15/06/2012 21:29 Administrator For that you would need a kernel driver (i.e. to create a virtual com port which is actually a TCP/IP receiver) => kernel driver mode signing. Lots of $$$ required :)

15/06/2012 19:50 CopperHead CopperHead Bummer.  It still would have been fun to play with ;)

Do you know of anything that is able to receive tcp/ip data and forward it to a virtual COM port? Most gps application read nmea data from COM ports.. That should work shouldn't it?

If not, you should make one. :)

15/06/2012 08:16 Administrator You can't do that with the GPS Sensor driver. The driver INPUTS the data from a mobile device (via bluetooth or via TCP/IP) and outputs it to the Windows Sensor interface. It does not transfer the data from the mobile device to any other interface (such as a TCP/IP receiver). The applications you mentioned cannot read sensors, so the driver is useless to you.

15/06/2012 03:33 CopperHead CopperHead I'm trying to find a free solution that will allow me to use the gps on my phone for gps applications on my laptop such as MS Sreets and Trips,  Google Earth, etc. I thought this approach would've been a step in the right direction. And bluetooth isn't an option because the laptop doesn't have it. (it's older).
14/06/2012 09:33 Administrator Why exactly do you need to get data from your phone to a Windows Sensor?

14/06/2012 04:52 CopperHead CopperHead Ah, well you sound like you know what your talking about :) Thanks, for looking into it. In the meantime, it looks like I will have to find another solution for my project.

P.S. The things you've created are pretty cool; keep up the good work!

13/06/2012 17:02 Administrator [quote author=CopperHead link=topic=1231.msg3892#msg3892 date=1339605696]
I'm not quite sure how everything is coded. But on the website it lists driver features as:

Supported NMEA Sentences:

The output, showing in my web browser, includes "$GPGSV", "$GPGGA", "$GPVTG", "$GPRMC", "$GPGSA", "$PMOTA" values. Could it be the preceding GPxxx that is causing this? And I don't know if it matters, but I don't see compatibility for VTG or GGA.

And thanks for the quick reply!


All the NMEA compliant messages start with $GP. VTG is currently not parsed by the driver, the rest are parsed. $PM is also not parsed, since it is not standard GGA.
The problem is related to TCP/IP, not NMEA.

13/06/2012 16:41 CopperHead CopperHead I'm not quite sure how everything is coded. But on the website it lists driver features as:

Supported NMEA Sentences:

The output, showing in my web browser, includes "$GPGSV", "$GPGGA", "$GPVTG", "$GPRMC", "$GPGSA", "$PMOTA" values. Could it be the preceding GPxxx that is causing this? And I don't know if it matters, but I don't see compatibility for VTG or GGA.

And thanks for the quick reply!

13/06/2012 11:23 Administrator I 'll take a look, basically I remember having problems when trying to use a TCP Connection from the driver.

Thanks for noting.

472zaq1 zaq11336341908
06/05/2012 22:05
BugInstalling TGPS on Windows CE 5 systemHi,

Can someone help me, when I try to install in a Windows CE 5 system with ARM processor,  the system tell me that

"" is not a valid Windows CE setup file.

How can I get around this?

Thanks in advance.
07/05/2012 19:06 zaq1 zaq1 OK, thanks anyway.
07/05/2012 18:20 Administrator In that case it's a problem with your phone, for it seems that it can't run any EXE due to missing libraries or something. The only thing I can think of is a factory reset so you may try clean installations.

It may also be locked by your carrier so it can't run 3rd party apps. Check that as well.

07/05/2012 18:19 zaq1 zaq1 Hi,

Well, I have installed Resco Explorer (everything ok with the installation - no errors), but when I try to run the Explorer.exe, the system tells me, Explorer.exe is not a valid Windows CE application.

if you have any other idea I thanked


07/05/2012 16:00 Administrator Yes, you can try running the EXE directly.

Put this to your phone and run it with a tool such as Resco Explorer.

07/05/2012 15:57 zaq1 zaq1 Hi Michael,

Thank you for your answer, but the PPC2003 version did not work either, the same error.

I think the problem is the file  _setup.xml  the system (WCE5) don´t recognize/support this file, because is a old system.

Is there any alternative that you may know?


07/05/2012 06:10 Administrator Hi there, what's the phone model?
It's been a long time since WM5 is left unsupported. Try the PPC2003 version instead.
470kolo kolo1333145166
30/03/2012 22:06
BugRe-Import single .xml from directory, or convert .xml into .gpx without TGPS?Hi,
I'm lost again.
I chose a directory to store my tracks.
Later I changed the directory where my tracks are recorded to.
Unfortunately I didn't export them to .gpx before changing the directory. If i change my directory back to the first one the tracks don't reappear in TGPS. So I can't export them anymore.
If I select one of my existing track.xml files as storage place for tracks the track list is also empty.

Now, how can I get the desired .gpx files? Is there any convert script/command line tool/gui tool that I can use?  With a text editor I can see that my data is there.
Or, how can I re-import those .xml files into TGPS for exporting them to .gpx.

Thanks in advance

27/04/2012 11:57 kolo kolo Thanks!
Even works with wine under Linux.


31/03/2012 06:54 Administrator Hi there. Use the x86 version of TGPS (included in the full download) and put your tracks to "TGPS Tracks" folder under TGPS folder. Then you will be able to see them from TGPS and export them.

Best Regards.
469bruno.bertechini bruno.bertechini1330771659
03/03/2012 10:47
BugPossibility of select COM Port using Location API or settingsHello there,

I would like to know if it is possible to install the driver without selecting a com port (I know it will not work until it is configured).

The problem is: We have an application that uses a USB GPS (usb-to-serial) that receives NMEA data. Sometimes we need to replace the GPS Hardware or change the computer or even the USB Port. By doing so, the COM Port is changed (it is a virtual COM Port) and I need to re-configure the driver (using administrative privileges).

This is something I would like: My application would "auto-detect" GPS port (by iterating all ports available and checking for NMEA data manually) and then [b]configure the driver to use the discovered port[/b].

That would give more flexibility to the system.

Is that something planned for future releases ? Something completely new or even possible to achieve?

By the way, I saw the sentence "If you want to redistribute this driver whithin your application contact me at the forum". Here I am: I do!

Looking forward to have any feedback on this!

Kind Regards

Bruno Bertechini
20/03/2012 15:47 Administrator The driver reads the port from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/GPSSensor7. So you can change the value in those keys and restart the PC, in which case the driver will reload itself. That's the best I can think of, because you obviously are looking for something that doesn't need administrative privileges, but driver reconfiguration cannot be done without restarting the driver somehow, which requires admin anyway.

Later on I might think of something that can tell the driver to reload the port, but I am not sure if it is technically allowed, because in that case anyone (including malware) could just stop and restart any driver.

Best Regards.

20/03/2012 15:24 bruno.bertechini bruno.bertechini Thanks for your answer Michael.

As per my understanding, you are saying that I can use command line parameters in order to "install" the driver in a different port.

But I think this does not solve my problem.

As I said:

"The problem is: We have an application that uses a USB GPS (usb-to-serial) that receives NMEA data. Sometimes we need to replace the GPS Hardware or change the computer or even the USB Port. By doing so, the COM Port is changed (it is a virtual COM Port) and I need to re-configure the driver (using administrative privileges)."

Even if I use command line arguments I will need admin privileges to re-configure it. I would like to have some "method" to "call" the API to a different port or something (dont know if it is even possible).

Otherwise I will need to have a windows service running with admin privileges to auto-detect the new com port and reinstall the driver. This is what I am trying to avoid!

Michael, thank you very much for your help. Do you have any suggestions on what approach could be used here?


Bruno Bertechini

03/03/2012 11:01 Administrator
Hello there.

The driver can use /install <com> <baud> to install from command line. The driver interface merely reads these values from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\GPSSensor7 and executes itself with /install and these parameters. You can do the same. You may want to execute /uninstall from command line to uninstall the driver first.

The prices for redistributing the driver are:

[li]Single application/ Standalone developer: â¬29 Per application.[/li]
[li]Unlimited binary redistribution (Companies), â¬399.[/li]

Best Regards.

468kolo kolo1330701784
02/03/2012 15:23
BugLogging while in playback mode?Hi,
is it possible to log a track with my actual position while TGPS is in playback mode?

For a bike tour I prepared my route with the program "GpsPrune" 12.1, imported the .gpx track into "Turbo GPS" 2.732 on my HTC Touch (Windows Mobile 6.1).
Of course I changed my mind during the tour and didn't follow all the trackpoints, sometimes it was just too obvious that my planned route was not the best choice.
If I remember correct I tapped "Record" -> "Start Recording ..." after switching into playback mode by tapping "Track"->"Run straight". Unfortunately all I got was a track with the 61 trackpoints I defined myself when planning my trip.
I hope I just missed something, as it would be cool to figure out where I've actually  been after my next trip.

Thanks in advance!
03/03/2012 14:26 kolo kolo Thanks for the reply.
Yeah WM6.1 is really getting outdated... But I got the device, it works, so why should I buy a new one.

In the meanwhile I'll just work with tracks drawn onto the map. I encountered that when In plaback mode my offline maps, downloaded with "" ( are not displayed. (I got zoomlevels 12 to 16 in my map-Directory.)
So this is currently better anyway.


02/03/2012 15:24 Administrator Currently no. I will take a look, but note that currently anything WM 6.x is not frequently updated (The reason is that we 've switched to android).
But when I find some free time I will keep a note for updating.

Best Regards.

466jp jp1326613415
15/01/2012 07:43
BugScreen is dead after Turbo GPS use (iPAQ 910c)Hello Michael and all TGPS users.

First off, thank you for great SW. I have played with TGPS for only a few hours but I am already very impressed with its capabilities!
However its use is quite bothersome for me, because all the time when the phone is switched off after TGPS use, I have to use reset button to power the phone back.  Power button wakes up the phone ok, but screen remains dead. Regardless what I have tried (killing TGPS, shuting it down, leaving it running, on background, on foreground, etc.) after the the phone is switched off (pushed to sleep) there is no way to bring the display back, but with soft reset button.  "Display off" TGPS menu item does not work either. The phone uses WM6.1
Doesn't anybody have any idea what I could try to avoid reset all the time after TGPS was running ?

Thank you,

16/01/2012 16:04 Administrator Good luck :)
15/01/2012 18:36 jp jp Uh, it started to work now  :-[ It was what you suggested for the first time, the keep backlight on option. It did not work for for the first time, because the option was on when TGPS started.
So the solution is: Start TGPS, uncheck "Keep backlight on", switch off TGPS , switch off the phone, do phone soft reset, and voila, after the reset, everything works fine: The phone resuming from sleep regardless of TGPS state  :)
I did negative checking too. After "Keep backlight on" was enabled and TGPS restarted, the issue was back.
Thank you !!!

15/01/2012 17:54 Administrator If you start TGPS and shut it down immediately, does the same problem occur? Or it occurs AFTER you have started the GPS?

15/01/2012 17:46 jp jp Nope. The same. The screen is dead. I can see when only backlight is off and the screen is active. Unfortunately this is not the case. The screen is completely off, not only the backlight. At the same time, the phone is on, based on keyboard light, sound, can take pictures with camera, etc. I was able to find similar issue in this forum, somebody reported the same behavior several years ago, but it was happening occasionally only for that guy. Unfortunately it happens 100% time for me :(
I would be glad to help with any debugging as other than this annoyance, the sw is GREAT.

15/01/2012 08:08 Administrator Hello there.
In Tools->Options-> TGPS Options there is a 'Keep backlight on".

Try switching that off and see what happens.

465amereservant amereservant1319155692
21/10/2011 00:08
BugWindows 7 x64 BSOD with gps7s64 driverI'm unable to install the gps7s64 driver without it triggering a blue screen of death for some reason.
I've tried a few different scenerios and it only does it if it connects to the device, because if I choose a wrong port or the device isn't connected, it won't crash.
But if it is connected and I select the correct port, it crashes every time.  I have a legitimate fresh install of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 and I've ran the Windows updates, etc.

I've attached the Windows dump (dmp) file it generated and also the sysdata.xml file it created as well, both of which Windows uses when reporting a problem in hopes it'll provide you the information needed to solve it.
The only information in the Event Log Viewer is the following:
[code]Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
  OS Version: 6.1.7601.
  Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
  BCCode: 10d
  BCP1: 0000000000000007
  BCP2: 0000000000000000
  BCP3: FFFFF88008F5C420
  BCP4: FFFFFA80069A1390
  OS Version: 6_1_7601
  Service Pack: 1_0
  Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

23/10/2011 20:54 Administrator Yes, probably some proprietary protocol. Can't be used with my driver :(.

23/10/2011 20:52 amereservant amereservant Thanks Michael, I've uploaded the session.log output from SecureCRT and it definitely doesn't look like NMEA messages, but instead gargled gibberish....
23/10/2011 19:13 Administrator You can use SecureCRT which can connect directly to the COM port. After connecting, do you see NMEA messages coming from the GPS? If, for any reason, this fails (no messages or crash) then your GPS isn't usable.

23/10/2011 19:10 amereservant amereservant Hey Michael,
I couldn't find any information on how to connect via telnet, which I'm assuming you were referring to something like PuttyTel (or whatever it's called).

The driver did work fine in simulation mode, so I further investigated my device.  The Prolific driver seems to be installing correctly and I also tried installing the Pharos drivers that come with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011, which it doesn't have any problem recognizing the USB-to-Serial adapter.
However, for some reason it seems the GPS antenna itself isn't working because testing it with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011 gives me this error:
[code]The GPS receiver is sending messages, but they are not being recognized as NMEA 2.0-compatible.  Make sure the GPS receiver input/output format is set to deliver NMEA 2.0-compatible messages at the correct baud (4800 bps).[/code]

I went into my Device Manager settings and changed the Port Settings to Bits per second: 4800, which it was set to 9600 by default.  Regardless of the chosen bps, it makes no difference.

My best guess is that this old receiver just isn't functioning correctly anymore, even though I've rarely used it over the past few years since buying it.  It's been well kept, such as no abusive/damaging conditions, but it may have just malfunctioned.  I guess I'm going to start researching other GPS antennas and hopefully I'll find a really good one that works between iOS devices and a PC.

Thanks for your help and time!

By the way, I've attached the prolific drivers in hopes that it helps someone else since these are the only ones I've found that work with Windows 7 64-bit and the 32-bit ones are included as well.

21/10/2011 03:54 Administrator Hi there.

Try connecting with a telnet application to the port in question. Does that work normally?
Try using the simulation mode. Does that work normally?

The driver is a user mode driver. It can't crash the system because nothing is run in the kernel mode. There may be a problem with the COM port driver.

464corig1 corig11315923458
13/09/2011 14:17
BugTurbo GPS on Win 7 x64 and T-Mobile G2xHi, I am trying to use your GPS app. Turbo GPS, gps7s64.exe, and it is not working. I have the proper com port set for my nmea compatible phone. The phone is finding satellites but accroding to the app there are no valid satellites, it is not getting data it would seem. My phone is an LG G2x. My OS is Win7 x64. Connection is via USB.
13/09/2011 14:35 Administrator What is the "proper COM port" number?  How can you have a COM connection over USB for GPS ?

462solarcar.dce solarcar.dce1313815866
20/08/2011 04:51
Bugopening Multiple views in Turbo GpsHi,
is there any way we can view more than one view at the same time as shown in the screenshot...
Im using win7 home basic 64bit.

Reply ASAP
20/08/2011 04:58 Administrator Which screenshot?
461fpandrade fpandrade1312988927
10/08/2011 15:08
BugTGPS Options under Windows Mobile 6.5I downloaded TGS in my WinMo6.5 phone (a LGC570f). The program starts, but I can't find the menu Options to setup the GPS.
It seems to be a "visual" problem, because the phone has a landscape type screen.
Is there anyone who can help me find how to configure this? This phone has an optical joystick.

Thank you All
10/08/2011 15:11 Administrator It 's been a long time since I 've used WM, but I 'll take a look soon.

460westrowops westrowops1310154504
08/07/2011 19:48
BugGPS under Windows 7Until last week I was using a NMEA compliant GPS on my laptop running Windoze XP. I now have a Samsung N145 Netbook running Windows 7. I tried the same software that I had been using on the Laptop, but the Netbook fails to see any com ports.
1) would TurboGPS solve my problem?
2) If not, how do I get Windows 7 to recognise my GPS and what com port it is using?

09/07/2011 20:35 Administrator Hello there.
For the sensor to work you must already have a recognizable COM port, because the driver maps to sensor data the data it gets from the COM port. So if your netbook does not see any com ports, the driver will not work.

However, what sort of GPS is that that doesn't work? It is a USB one? No Windows 7 drivers for it?

459ghostmovies02 ghostmovies021309285568
28/06/2011 18:26
BugGreek riotContent logged and removed -

Administrator Editing
28/06/2011 18:38 Administrator Normally I just delete all nonsense messages, but I hate deliberate reproduction of such news about Greece.

My lawyers will soon take action on the post source. This is a scientific forum, not a place for anyone to say anything they like. Here, I decide what is to be said.

455indreias indreias1299149877
03/03/2011 10:57
BugTrack: Import from KMZHello,

Is there a plan to add Track > Import/Export >  Track From KMZ ?

Best regards,
03/03/2011 12:58 Administrator I 'll take a look, it's a bit tough because the kmz needs decompressing, but I will try it soon.

454stroop23 stroop231298356865
22/02/2011 06:41
Buggps sensor driver doesn t install on hp mini 5102I have a hp mini with integrated GPS. Using turboGPS i can connect to it and it works without a problem (com4, 4800baud).

However when trying to install the sensor driver it just returns and keeps saying no driver is installed.

When i reboot i get as many "installing unknown device" messages as i have clicked the install driver button, but they all fail.

Any ideas or suggestions to get this working?

The gps seems integrated in the qualcomm gobi 2000 module.
22/02/2011 09:29 Administrator Does your control panel contain an icon "Location and Other sensors" ?

453wayne wayne1294661615
10/01/2011 12:13
BugTurbo GPS on a Trimble Juno SB?Hi

I have a Trimble Juno SB palmtop with integrated GPS.  It did not come with the TerraSync GPS management software installed.  I have successfully installed T-GPS on the machine (which runs on Windows Mobile 6.2), but can't get it to connect.  I have checked that the GPS port and baud rate are correct.

Has anybody had success with T-GPS on a Trimle Junio SB?

10/01/2011 15:43 wayne wayne Ah, port splitter did the trick!


10/01/2011 13:26 wayne wayne I have looked at the list and tried changing baud rate and port, to no avail.
10/01/2011 12:46 Administrator I haven't tried it, but have you checked the trouble shooting list ?

Most times its a baud issue, even if it works elsewhere, you may have to lower it.
Also, a port splitter does work most of the times if necessary.

452tacticus tacticus1289948170
16/11/2010 22:56
BugUser Views? Or request for a new view...Looking to get a fuel saving driving style type of view.
Basically, I'd like to modify the acceleration view a bit.

Keeping the spedometer needle and the numeric speed display, but replacing the accelerometer.
I'd like to show changes in the sum of Kinetic energy and Potential energy instead of changes in speed alone.
Kinetic energy is calculated: 0,5 * Mass * Speed * Speed, Potential energy is Mass * Gravity * Altitude. Speed in meters per second (km/h * 3,6). Gravity is a constant 9,8 m/s*s in most cases on earth. Altitude... meters above sea level.

Anyways, thanks for a wonderfl app.
17/11/2010 18:47 Administrator I will take a look , currently I am very busy with other projects but I will return to TGPS asap.

451pjm pjm1287918082
24/10/2010 11:01
BugGPS sensor doesn t work with shared serial portI've installed the latest version of GPS sensor on Windows 7 64 bit and it works if I connect it directly to the physical serial port that my GPS is connected to

Is there any way to make the GPS sensor work with the Virtual Serial Port emulator please? I'd really like to be able to use the GPS with all programs on my PC and not dedicate it to just 1 program at a time.

24/10/2010 11:20 Administrator Hello there.

I will take a look (please test multiple baud settings), but the point of the sensor driver is to make the gps available to all applications that use the sensor interface, not to the applications that use the serial port. If you already have a port splitter that can share the COM port to applications that can access the GPS via the com port, what would you use the sensor driver for anyway ?

Best Regards.
450cholubaz cholubaz1281820421
14/08/2010 21:13
BugIm lost when it comes to the MapsI have the latest version installed and connected to my gps no problem. I downloaded MapsGrabber2 and tested it by choosing the area I live in. Saved the map MyHomeArea.png & MyHomeArea.jpg. I made a Maps folder on the root of my Storage card and within TurboGPS I told it where that Maps folder was. I placed MyHomeArea.png in that folder.
Started up TurboGPS connected to GPS and I cannot pull up the map at all.
Were are the instructions for this or how do you get the maps you create and cave to be viewable?

15/08/2010 12:00 cholubaz cholubaz I know how MapsGrabber works and I can create and save the map. I dont know how to find the map and make it visible in TurboGPS once I save it in my maps folder on my phone.


15/08/2010 10:11 Administrator You will have to contact the MapsGrabber author; I do not know how MapsGrabber works. See
449Grundge Grundge1281207574
07/08/2010 18:59
BugSet Turbo GPS to record every secondIs there a way to set Turbo GPS to record once per second?  I don't care if there's a change in speed, degree, meters.  I need it to record once every second.
I am running version 2.721 on a HTC Touch phone.
07/08/2010 19:54 Administrator Recording Options -> Record each X messages and set to 1.
Btw update your version.

Best Regards.
448jenicun jenicun1278350373
05/07/2010 17:19
BugTurbo GPS MAPSHi All, nice to meet you..

I'm pretty interested in this software , because it can  - work offline

what i would like to ask is : how can i get the map for my country ?? thx
10/07/2010 14:50 Administrator See forum root for "Google Maps & Calibration" and "Put your maps to TGPS".

10/07/2010 14:42 jenicun jenicun Im sorry it seems it cant both connect to the GPS nor finding any maps

any helps ? Im using Sony Erricson Xperia X1
447Napsterbater Napsterbater1278205729
04/07/2010 01:08
BugGPSDirect Wont connect to COM port. Windows 7 GPSgateHi I'm using Windows 7 with GPSgate and a Bluetooth GPS aswell as a Garmin USB GPS.

I had gspdirect working once, I have 3 virtual COM ports setup in GPSgate (COMs 5 6 and 7) now turbo gps can connect on all port at a speed of 9600, putty can also connect to all at 9600 but gpsdirect stopped connecting (GPSgate showing nothing connected on any ports I try)

Any Ideas?

The GPS sensor is installed according to Windows but gpsdirect show no GPS fix (again GPSgate say its not connected)
04/07/2010 13:33 Administrator Are you sure the driver is correctly uninstalled ?

1. Install the driver, then remove it not from "unininstall" , but from Device Manager -> Sensors (and also "delete files").
2. Delete HKLM/Software/GPSSensor7

And try again.

04/07/2010 13:19 Napsterbater Napsterbater Because the Garmin GPS 18 doesn't present itself as a NEMA Com Port device, GPSgate Converts the Garmin Formatted GPS data coming in on US?B and put it out in NEMA format on a virtual Com port, and also allows multiple programs to share the GPS via Multiple Com ports outputing the same data.

The Sensor program is the only program not able to connect to the Com port, as I said it did connect once but it stopped, Iv deleted all the files it created in the same directory as the .exe and ree downloaded the program still no go, is there any other files created by the program I can try and delete?

04/07/2010 07:05 Administrator Why you have to use GPSGate ?
02/07/2010 11:28
BugTurbo GPS on AndroidI am happy to announce that I 've started developing in Android to try creating Turbo GPS there.

Download preview and further discussion in the TGPS android forum


If anyone of you is familiar with the Android SDK and wishes to help me, I would be glad :)
Best Regards.

04/07/2010 22:39 Administrator Try the forum I posted which has download links for the APK and tell me how it goes.

Thanks a lot.

04/07/2010 20:42 rahul_4640 rahul_4640 I shall be delighted as I use htc legend mobile, which has android 2.1 OS.
444spysat spysat1274283892
19/05/2010 15:44
BugInternet Tracking service based on TurboGPSHI,

I was trying to contact Michael personally first but private messages don't work (no access ?) so i decided to write there.

A few months ago I have found TurboGPS  which was perfect solution for my HP iPAQ

I was interested in Internet tracking so I've developed a free service for storing and viewing Internet tracking data from Turbo GPS (for Windows mobile)

Website has open protocol and it is able to gather data not only from TurboGPS (WM) but also from Google Android (my own application), and maybe from other platform (in the future)

If anybody is interested this site (testing or giving some advices for futher development), please concat me by an e-mail:

Lukasz Lojek
15/06/2010 10:06 spysat spysat Well, I'm using the cheapest possibility which is HTC Magic. But now it is difficult to get it - maybe from second hand.

I've no problems with HTC so I can recommend this producer


07/06/2010 20:22 Administrator Can you suggest a good  phone ? I will be starting android soon ... perhaps I will be able to port TGPS to it.

Best Regards.

19/05/2010 21:07 spysat spysat Project is located here: [url=][/url] - this is the first release so it I'm sure some bugs will be found soon.

For Android development I have used android sdk provided by google (r05) and as IDE as I used Eclipse  (some people uses netbeans but I'm using eclipse for years to J2EE development - so I decided to stay in eclipse)

Google SDK contains very nice virtual machine in pure java and full eclipse integration plugins, with many tools like signing application wizard - because all application on android must be digitaly signed :-)

Android Development is really easy and documentation is very good and the best is - all this things are totaly free.

19/05/2010 15:51 Administrator I'm interested, and also I 'm interested in Android developement details. Did u use the Java sdk or the native one ?
443aklopp aklopp1274277664
19/05/2010 14:01
BugGeneric GPS USB driverDo you know of a generic GPS USB driver?

If so, does it have:
1) Auto Discovery?
2) Support for NMEA? Other?
3) Ability to store/remember last used configuration?

26/02/2016 07:39 rasha rasha Generally RMC is enough to give the location. Normally whatever can output NMEA will also output GS as well for satellite information.

== [url=][/url] ==

05/08/2010 15:42 Administrator Well... Turbo GPS.
Unless the new protocol is widespread (after some years) you won't see many applications, unfortunately. The point is that most applications access the GPS directly via serial port, and therefore they will probably continue doing that. It is unlikely that something that used to work (and still works) for decades will change automatically without a good reason - and the reason that MS assumes, that is, to be able to share the GPS , is not a "good" reason, for rarely you will need more than 2 applications to access the GPS at the same time.

05/08/2010 15:19 silval silval Thanks Michael, I configured it to output $GPRMC and finally the driver was installed well!! I also could see the position using the TurboGPS. Do you know about any Windows 7 aware application to get GPS information?
29/07/2010 15:17 Administrator As you see it outputs $POS. This is not standard NMEA. You need to configure it to output $GPRMC or $GPGGA.
(All NMEA-standard sentences begin with $GP).

Best Regards.

29/07/2010 15:12 silval silval Hi Michael, I updated the firmware of my GPS device to have RMC and GGA outputs, I tried again the generic driver but I'm not sure if it was installed properly, now I can see the position, the Turbo GPS can connect but displays nothing, I attached an image with my results. Any idea of what the problem could be now?
01/07/2010 17:25 Administrator Generally RMC is enough to give the location. Normally whatever can output NMEA will also output GS as well for satellite information.

24/06/2010 14:30 silval silval Thanks for answering Michael.  I have the chance to ask for some changes on the firmware of the device to read the original NMEA output, it would be enough to change the output to RMC or CGA sentences to be able to use your driver? If not, what else is required?

14/06/2010 14:36 Administrator Yes, " +Pos: MT800,10/05/24,20:38:25,06609.2338,W,1723.1486,S,S000.6,C338.3,40960" is not NMEA. It might follow the NMEA "format" of commas, but its not NMEA compatible with most (if not all) software. For more on NMEA sentences, see The driver and most other software supports RMC and GGA sentences.

If the device does not appear as a sensor, then it doesn't support the Location & Sensor either. If you can get your device to output truly nmea data, then my driver will enable you to map it to a Sensor.

Best Regards.

14/06/2010 14:30 silval silval The output is not NMEA? the GPS Specification of my device reads: Protocol NMEA-0183 V3.01
I thought that the device driver doesn't support Windows 7 Location since once installed the device it is not displayed in Location and Other Sensors Control Panel, it is just listed in the COM ports (AT91 USB to serial converter (COM3))

How can I realize if the device driver supports Windows 7 Location?

11/06/2010 22:11 Administrator This output you posted is not NMEA and my driver only supports NMEA-compatible GPS devices. If the driver supports Windows 7 Location then you should be able to see it without installing my driver. My driver is to enable NMEA GPS devices without any Sensor capabilities to be able to expose the sensor/location api. Since your device already has such a thing, you generally do not need my driver.

11/06/2010 21:36 silval silval In GPS Sensor7 I have:
GPS Sensor Installed
Signal: Invalid - 0 of 0 sats
System time: 21:06:03
Precision: 0.000,0.000,0.000
Bearing: 0.000

This GPS device comes with a driver and a console, when I install this driver I can run a command in the console to get the current position in the following format:
+Pos: MT800,10/05/24,20:38:25,06609.2338,W,1723.1486,S,S000.6,C338.3,40960
The problem is that the app that has to receive the position requires that the device supports API Location, that is why I tried with your driver. Do you think that it is a right option?
I don't have experience with GPS devices, so I shall really appreciate your help.

11/06/2010 20:25 Administrator Invalid signal doesn't mean no signal. Are you sure your GPS has found a fix ?

11/06/2010 20:15 silval silval Hi, I have a GPS device MT 800 (NMEA-0183 V3.01) connected via USB port and I installed the GPSDirect driver but in the GPS Sensor7 console the signal information is always displayed as invalid and I have No ILocation available,  I tried with the right COM port all the baud rates. Do you have an idea of what the problem could be?.
In the sensors I enabled both: AT91 USB to serial converter (COM3) and gpsdirect, but the status is Not Connected for the first one and Enabled for the second.

19/05/2010 14:40 Administrator Generally you cannot have "generic USB drivers". What can be done is a generic "COM port" driver (like my GPSDirect driver) which reads the COM port which is "general", i.e. it has a common interface.

You can take a look at libusb as well, but further discussion is outside of the score of this forum.

19/05/2010 14:17 aklopp aklopp I'm researching integration with a product. We're currently using DeLorme GPS USB driver, but we're looking for an alternative.
19/05/2010 14:09 Administrator Generic USB GPS driver? What for ?
USB devices are never "generic", unless you refer to the Windows 7 Sensor Driver I 've created.

16/05/2010 09:33
BugPoll about Windows Phone 7As you might know, Windows Phone 7 is not running any WM 6.x applications. Basically it will be an internet-based device with mostly (if not completely) internet software and games. Therefore most GPS applications will be rendered useless.

My problem is whether to put effort to create TGPS 3.0 in Windows. I 've been messing with Android and others already. Is this the end of Windows Mobile era ? Should I quit WM and go to Android IPhone or Symbian?

Best Regards.

03/04/2011 13:19 Administrator Hello there.

Well WP7 has rendered all WM 6.1 (billions) applications useless. I 've decided to go for android which is the n#1 tool currently.

I am sorry, but MS policy to drop all applications that used to run in WM 6.x made all us developers feel like idiots. Additionally, WP7 needs XNA or Silverlight to work - and I know nothing about them.

Best Regards.

03/04/2011 13:07 mupe0011 mupe0011 Hi Michael

I was happy using TurboGPS on MDA 3 compact with Windows Mobile 6.5.
It was working fine except the very poor performance of the 200Mhz CPU of the device.

Well now I've had to move to WP7 and I would like to have your great tool there, too.

I do hope, that you can get some of your rare time to migrate your app to wp7.

Best Regards
440Loic2007 Loic20071271021307
11/04/2010 21:28
BugUse of Waypoints and suggestionsDear TGPS users, dear Michael,

I write this post as a kind of "how-to" to use the Waypoint application and present some suggestions to make its use clearer.

I often use the [i]Waypoints [/i]view in offroad trips to reach a selected GPS position, which I saved manually beforehand either by saving my current position (starting position of a trekking tour) or by entering it manually in the PPC at home (aimed position of a trekking tour).

(Note that I usually dont load any map in the PPC because 1- I have a map in my rucksack to know the "terrain" (much more detailed than GoogleMaps), 2- TGPS uses much more RAM (hence battery) when showing a map, 3- I dont have any data plan, thus 4- I have to save maps (for instance with MapGrabber) manually with a given zoom etc., which is a hassle.)

With [i]Waypoints[/i], there are actually two modes:
1- what I would call the "static" mode: I launch "go to Waypoint" when [u]not [/u]moving.

Of course, the compass is useless.
The grid, however, shows the North to the top of the screen, my current position is in the center of the map (chosen in [i]Options[/i]) and the selected waypoint on the grid. The distance to the waypoint is also displayed, which is very usefull.
If I start walking/cycling, the blue line showing the shortest path to the waypoint remains, the grid moves. The bearing compass starts showing the direction I am moving to.
If I start walking, this view remains apart that the grid and waypoint move while my current position stays in the center (if my current position is [u]not [/u]chosen in [i]Options [/i]to be in the center of the map, then the grid and waypoint remain and my current position moves around).

2- "dynamic" mode: I launch "go to Waypoint" while moving.

The bearing compass displays North to the top of the screen while the compass arrow shows the direction I am moving to.
The grid rotates to show the direction I am heading to, to the top of the screen.
There is an additional arrow which is highly usefull: it indicates in which direction the waypoint is, relative to my movement (considered towards the top of the screen). That is, if I walk such that this arrow shows to the top of the screen, I am heading exactly to the waypoint. This is an excellent function.

In this mode, if I press the softbutton "back" to switch back to the [i]GPS View[/i], the compass shows the arrow pointing at the waypoint, and the distance and estimated time to reach it are displayed in big letters. All you need really.
If press right with the D-pad, I switch back to the [i]Waypoint[/i] view as displayed before. (If I select the [i]Waypoint[/i] view, the table with saved waypoints is displayed).

Overall, it is a great application to help navigation in offroad trips.

I have two small suggestions for improvement.
The first one is to replace the bearing compass with a standard compass (as in the [i]Compass[/i] view) with the arrow pointing North to make things clearer in "dynamic" mode. The bearing compass is just puzzling because it considers the top of the screen as North and this arrow rotates to indicate my direction, while the grid and the other arrow consider the top of the screen as my direction and rotates to indicate the North...

The second one is to allow the "static" mode to switch to "dynamic" mode automatically when I start moving. Thus far, I have to select "go to Waypoint" over again (start the [i]Waypoint [/i]application anew). This is even more annoying because if I stop walking, it [u]does[/u] switch back to the "static" mode automatically...
(additionally: is there a threshold speed to differentiate the two modes?)

Thanks for possible enhancement,

12/04/2010 12:32 Administrator Hello there.
The "static" and "dynamic" modes are features that are GPS-based. That is, the bearing indication when you are not moving is what the GPS hardware reports, not what you 'd want it to show. Besides, bearing only has a meaning when speed > 0 because bearing assumes moving. 

As about the compass, I'm currently at the process of redesigning the entire application for more interesting screens (for version 3.0) so I 'd keep your suggestion as a note.

Best Regards.
439NorbertS6 NorbertS61270491057
05/04/2010 18:10
BugInstalling GPS sensor on Win7 x64 BSODWhen I try to install GPS sensor on Win 7 x64 Ultimate I always get a BSOD. The GPS device is "Microsoft USB GPS" with prolific driver 2007-03-12. The BSOD data is:

Stop-Code  0x0000010d
Parameter 1 0000000`00000007
Parameter 2 0000000`00000000
Parameter 3 ffff880`0ded0a60
Parameter 4 ffffa80`06c89680

in driver Wdf01000.sys at address +600c0

06/04/2010 18:35 Administrator Then I guess it's an error in the COM port access; I 'll take a look but most probably your kernel mode driver is somewhat corrupt.

06/04/2010 17:54 NorbertS6 NorbertS6 No BSOD in 'simulation' mode.
05/04/2010 19:42 Administrator Does a BSOD happen even if you install it in "simulation" mode ?

05/04/2010 19:16 NorbertS6 NorbertS6 [quote author=Michael link=topic=692.msg2647#msg2647 date=1270492618]If you connect to it via COM port, does it work?[/quote]


[quote author=Michael link=topic=692.msg2647#msg2647 date=1270492618]Is that Microsoft USB GPS device a standard NMEA one?[/quote]

Don't know, here is some output:


Regards, Norbert

05/04/2010 18:36 Administrator Hello there.

I will take a look, but please note that my driver is a user-mode driver and therefore it cannot generate a bug check.
Is that Microsoft USB GPS device a standard NMEA one ? If you connect to it via COM port, does it work ?

Best Regards.
437hgvandel hgvandel1270238538
02/04/2010 20:02
BugOSM TilesHi,

I am new here exploring and evaluating Turbo GPS, and I have a question.

Can I use dowloaded tiles from OpenStreetMap? They are stored on my PDA storage card.

03/04/2010 19:04 Administrator I am not sure myself, but others on this forum have posted some OSM capture / manipulation tools. has more information.
436kamyers1 kamyers11269716723
27/03/2010 19:05
BugMore Details Regarding TGPS and Samsung Omnia 2 GT-I8000This will be a relatively long post anyway, but I'll try to keep it as short as possible.  I am mainly posting this as a future reference for myself and others, because other similar posts in this forum didn't provide a lot of details on their solutions.  Also, I include some information here that may be helpful in enhancing TGPS to eventually avoid these problems altogether.

Basic conclusions:

1. I was *not* able to use TGPS by itself with the GT-I8000, regardless of what Omnia GPS or TGPS settings I tried, even though several other GPS applications all worked, even simultaneously, without any difficulty using the *default* Omnia GPS settings.

2. I *was* able to get TGPS working by using GPS proxy with appropriate settings as further detailed below.

3. There seems to be some kind of incompatibility between the Omnia's own built-in port splitter/port management and TGPS, that does *NOT* cause problems with many (but not all) other GPS applications.

4. I could *not* find any way to allow other GPS apps to run simultaneously with TGPS.  However, it seems likely that a port splitter app with more flexibility than GPSProxy might be able to overcome this.

The details:

Ok, first of all, here are four other GPS applications that all worked both alone and *simultaneously* on the GT-I8000 with the *default* Omnia GPS Settings, and *without* the use of GPSProxy or any other add-on port-splitter:

GPSTest v1.04 - (This one seems to be a little old and somewhat flakey.)
WMMiniGPS v1.2 -
GPSToday v0.9.9.8 -
SmartPhoneTracker v1.37.0.0 - (This one only seems to work if com port is set to auto-detect.)

Here are the versions of TGPS and GPSProxy that I used:

T-GPS v2.705 -
GPSProxy v2.2 -

After initial success at using the *other* applications on the GT-I8000 without any special effort, I was hopful of similar results with TGPS.  Unfortunately, that didn't happen.  Before resorting to the use of GPSProxy, I tried all of the following variations with NO success:

1. Made certain that no other GPS apps were running at the same time.
2. Tried both enabling and disabling the Manage GPS automatically value in the Omnia GPS settings.
3. Tried changing GPS program port values in the Omnia GPS settings, and using corresponding values in TGPS.
4. With Manage GPS automatically turned off, also tried setting GPS program port to COM9 (same as GPS hardware port value).

None of those approaches worked.  Most of them resulted in a single "bleep" from TGPS when it attempted to connect, with *nothing* showing up in the raw log.  A successful connection results in a double "bleep-bleep" from TGPS, soon to be followed by display of values from the GPS.

I did *NOT* attempt to delete any GPSID or XTRA files, nor did I try making any changes in the registry as suggested in some other posts that I came across.  I don't know for certain whether either of those would have made any difference, but it seems unlikely.  Didn't know where those files were supposed to be located, and didn't bother trying to track them down.  Didn't know how to mess with registry values on my device.

Here are the settings that *DID* work:

Omnia Settings applet:
General Settings -> GPS -> Connection:
    GPS program port: COM4 (probably could have left at default of 7 if also used this value in GPSProxy for GPS COM Port value)
    GPS hardware port: COM9 (default)
    Baud rate: 4800 (default)
    Manage GPS automatically: selected (default)
General Settings -> GPS -> Connection:
    Enable XTRA Server: not selected (default)
    Download automatically XTRA data:
        When data is expired: not selected (default)
        When connected to PC via ActiveSync: not selected (default)
    Enable SNTP Server: not selected (default)

Menu -> Settings...: all default values, didn't try changing any of these
Menu -> Virtual COM Ports...: added one virtual COM port as COM2:
Menu -> Extensions...:
    GPS Provider: NMEA Input
            GPS COM Port: COM4:
            Log Input: not selected (default)
            Mirror GPS Input to Output Port: selected, required
            Output COM Port: COM2:
            Movement Threshold (m): 1 (default)
            DOP to Accuracy Multiplier: 8 (default)
        GPS Fix Info (default)
        GPS Satellite Info (default)
        <*REMOVED* Garmin Protocol Output>

Tools -> GPS -> GPS Setup...:
    Port: COM2
    Baud: 4800
    Simulation: not selected (default)
    Sensor Api: not selected (default)
    GPS Api: not selected (default)
    Save Battery: Auto (default)
Tools -> GPS -> Connect
(didn't mess with any other option settings)

After TGPS was running successfully, I attempted to start GPSTest using it's automatic port scanning.  For some reason GPSTest skipped virtual com port 2 which was created by GPSProxy, and continued scanning to com port 4, where it's port detection appeared to hang.  At this point TGPS lost it's connection.  I exited GPSTest and tried to re-connect with TGPS, but that didn't work, TGPS said it couldn't open the com port.  Next I killed, then re-started TGPS, and this time it was able to connect successfully.  Next, I attempted to force GPSTest to use virtual com port 2, but GPSTest never detected a GPS on that port.  Next, I tried to add a second virtual com port in GPSProxy, but found that I could not tell GPSProxy to mirror the GPS data to two separate output ports at the same time.  It appears to be limited to mirroring the GPS data to only one output port.  Based on these results, I could *not* find any way to run GPSTest and TGPS simultaneously.  Furthermore, after making these changes in GPSProxy and pushing the Start button in GPSProxy, TGPS once again lost its connection, and attempting to reconnect again produced the "GPS Opening failed" error message.  I had to exit and re-start TGPS in order for TGPS to re-connect.

With both GPSProxy and TGPS running, I next attempted to start WMMiniGPS, which promptly appeared to hang and became totally unresponsive.  I therefore had to kill WMMiniGPS using TaskSwitcher.  WMMiniGPS uses automatic GPS port detection, and provides no way to manually configure the GPS port settings, so there was nothing more that I could try.  Therefore it also appears impossible to run WMMiniGPS and TGPS simultaneously by using GPSProxy, though perhaps a different, more flexible port splitter application might have worked.  Note that TGPS did *not* appear to lose its connection during this test.  Subsequently, I found that TaskSwitcher wasn't really able to kill WMMiniGPS in this scenario.  It appeared to kill it, but it didn't really go away.  Then I tried to kill it using TaskManager and that also failed.  So finally I had to resort to re-starting the device.

Next, with both GPSProxy and TGPS running and connected, I attempted to start SmartPhoneTracker (SPT).  SPT appeared to hang at start-up, and never opened.  But later, after shutting down GPSProxy, SPT suddenly appeared and connected!  SPT had been configured to use automatic port detection.  I changed it's settings to use com port 2, then shut it down and re-started GPSProxy.  Then I re-started SPT, and it connected ok using the GPSProxy's virtual com port 2.  Next I started TGPS, and also attempted to connect using com port 2, but that once again failed with the "GPS Opening failed" error message, then my entire device locked up!  I tried to power down and re-start, but the device would *NOT* restart!!!  Had to remove and re-insert the battery to get it re-started.

End result:  Currently I can run all of the other GPS apps simultaneously on the GT-I8000, *OR* I can run TGPS via GPS-Proxy.  I have *NOT* yet identifed a way of running both other GPS *and* TGPS simultaneously, though I suspect this may be possible by using a different port-splitter / port-sharing app with greater flexibility than GPSProxy (which really isn't even exactly intended for this purpose).

Hope this helps some other folks out there.  If any of you come up with a reliable way to use TGPS on this device *WITHOUT* using GPSProxy or some other port-splitter / port-sharing app, *PLEASE* let us know the details!!!

Kevin A. Myers
Petroleum Engineer
Myers Engineering / Myers Oil Company
Round Rock, Texas

28/03/2010 05:57 Administrator Nice details. Unfortunately the com port/splitter/baud theory is a hell for many applications, both in PPC and PC. I do suggest using the "GPS API" which should solve most issues.

435Loic2007 Loic20071269457662
24/03/2010 19:07
BugRemove icon from screen 2Hello,
first, thanks a bomb for the program! Light weight and turbo quick for taking waypoints and getting directions!

I have, however, a might-be bug to report, but I can live with it:
- when I want to connect the gps, I [i]have to[/i] set the gps manually to obtain data from the satellites (GPS API doesnt get a position). So far so good. But then, once it has found some satellites, it connects and disconnects all the time. So I disconnect manually, switch the gps settings to GPS API, and restart the program. [i]Then[/i], it finds my position quickly and keeps a stable signal...

And then I have a request:
- is it possible to remove the tgps icon on the today screen? It cuts off the bottom of my "rltoday" skin, which is a pity... (this was already requested a few years ago by another guy...)

Many thanks,

German-Vodafone branded, HTC Jade (Touch 3G)
05/04/2010 20:20 Loic2007 Loic2007 Thank you!
29/03/2010 10:29 Administrator Hi again.
Latest version 2.71 has an option in "TGPS Options" to remove the today icon from screen.

Best Regards.

28/03/2010 12:42 Loic2007 Loic2007 Dear Michael,

I would like TGPS to record my track in the background when trekking so that I can use other functions/programs of the phone at the same time.
Now because my shortcuts to most-used programs are on the today screen (see screen1), with TGPS running minimized, the tray icon bar eats the bottom of my screen and hinders me from accessing some shortcuts (see screen2).

With best regards,

24/03/2010 20:38 Administrator I will see what I can do, but why would you go to the today screen with Turbo GPS active ?
434tgpsus tgpsus1268729212
16/03/2010 08:46
BugTGPS installation helpI do not succeed to install TGPS on my Yakumo deltax 5 BT (WM5), I even don't no which files to load where to and how to start the installation. Help would be very much appreciated...thx
17/03/2010 15:50 tgpsus tgpsus thank you all - everything is OK now...
433skg77 skg771267964385
07/03/2010 12:19
Bugone track for tgps to google earth broken in 5 partI try to upload atrack to google earth. i shows as broken in 5 parts. can you tell me why. the track is attached.

07/03/2010 15:38 skg77 skg77 if you move the mouse on the track, it will show smaller tracks of 5 - 12 miles. I am confused ???
07/03/2010 14:56 Administrator You 'd mean that google maps splits the track ? Yes but I don't know why. The KML file itself is not split in parts , as you can verify it in Google Earth.

07/03/2010 14:54 Administrator You have already provided a KML.
Same results.

07/03/2010 14:47 skg77 skg77 please export to kml and import in
07/03/2010 13:37 Administrator What do you mean broken. I don't see it broken.Here is my screenshot.

432elsici elsici1267127160
25/02/2010 19:46
BugCan t load custom maps!Hi all!

I'm using TGPS from 2 days ago, and I really think it's great. It groups a lot of useful GPS functions and applications in a single program.

I owns a LG INCITE, and TGPS works Ok on it. I was trying to load some custom maps from openstreetmap, but I can't do it.

This was my "roadmap":

- I'm in Havana, so, I went to OSM and get a chunk of 919x1036 pixels of all the city. I named it:


- And also, duplicate and name it:


- Put both files in the maps directory created under TGPS root folder.

- Set all the map options to:
  o Use Dynamics Maps
  o Map to position
  x Fix Map Zoom
  x Load Offline Map
  x Map Rotates Position
  x Use Grid
  x Remove when map
  o Save Dynamics Maps
  o Map Cut View
  o Compass to map
  x Show Icons
  o Rotate images

  The maps folder was selected too.

- Then I selected a Waypoint (X=82 24' 33.278 Y=23 6' 48.628) and set it to View in Map.

- The Waypoint sets in the center of the grid, besides with some paths I traced testing TGPS, but NO MAPS!

I can see my custom maps in View>Others>Custom maps, but it's imposiible to show them. They can be viewed in Picture Viewer, so, the files are Ok.

What could be happen???

Thanks in advance!!!

25/02/2010 20:01 Administrator Nice :)

25/02/2010 19:59 elsici elsici Never mind...! MY stupid error...!

I just realized that coordinates were inverted. Excuse me...!  ::)

It works like a charm...!

Thanks anyway!
431red5alex red5alex1265549738
07/02/2010 13:35
BugTGPS 2.704 does not start (empty error message)Hi there,
I have been using TGPS 2.704 for while now on my Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox with WM5 without problems. It worked very well for some time, but since yesterday an empty error message box (no text) appears on start-up and TGPS does not start anymore.
I reinstall TGPS (by copying and executing the cab-file), even installed it now on the device instead of the SD-Card and removed the latter one; but the error remains.
Does TGPS adds any entries to the registry that might trigger the problem and might have survived the reinstallation?
Anybody who experienced this problem as well?


07/02/2010 15:13 red5alex red5alex This solved the problem, many thanks!  :D
07/02/2010 14:00 Administrator Try renaming the tgps.xml and tgpstrk.xml files; they might be somehow corrupted.
I strongly suggest to use the directory storage to store tracks instead of tgpstrk.xml.

Best Regards.
430Pope Pope1264443334
25/01/2010 18:15
BugGPS Direct Virtual Sensor DriverHi

I've just tried out your GPS Direct Virtual Sensor Driver which is very good and something that I was surprised wasn't included in Windows 7!

However I've discovered a slight issue when using the driver with a bluetooth receiver. If bluetooth on the computer turns off, the device turns off or the computer goes into standby, the driver disconnects from the receiver and the only way to get it to reconnect is to manually un-install and then re-install it.

Would it be possible to change the driver so that if it loses connection to the device, it tries to reconnect every couple of minutes? I was hoping that the source code was in the code-project project so that I could update it myself and contribute the code back, but unfortunately it isn't.

Many thanks
25/01/2010 22:48 Administrator Yes I might - basically my problem is that I want to experiment a bit, and until recently, even MS couldn't agree of the correct procedures that had to be followed for the sensor / location API.

I will try to improve the driver, but remember that the documentation and the API itself is not yet stable. There are a few bugs because it seems I am the only one that has messed with that API :)

25/01/2010 22:41 Pope Pope In that case, any chance you fancy open sourcing the code? Stick it on CodePlex or CodeProject or something?

I'm not saying that I'd definitely be able to do it myself either.. it's been a while since I wrote anything in C++ but I'd have a go and I'm sure others would too :)

25/01/2010 19:48 Administrator Hello there. This is certainly possible but im not the driver expert coder so i couldn't take many chances in the driver development - but this is in my todo list for some newer version.

Best Regards.
429Hotchillilover Hotchillilover1262999418
09/01/2010 01:10
BugLatitude displaying "W" instead of "S" for Southern Hemisphere locationJust installed latest version (first time user) and noticed GPS location display is showing the following;

X: 151 17' 15.184" E
Y: 33 48' 18.580" W (should be S)

09/01/2010 07:49 Administrator Thanks for the note; Bug fixed, should appear correctly in next update.

427flanders flanders1262643733
04/01/2010 22:22
Bugcan not load map?hi, i can not get my map to display at all

i have tried jpg and png, i can view it fine in the viewer

i have selected load offline maps, i have tried ticking map to position
and i can never get my map to display
i have even tried a smaller map of 601x601 px

i have tried re-installing tgps

when i install it again it seems to remember the options/map directory?  is there a way to completely wipe the settings or do i need to reset the phone to default!?

i take it even with map to position un ticked and load offline maps ticked it should show the map in map view!?

thanks in advance for any help...
04/01/2010 23:41 flanders flanders ignore me

i had the coordinates in the wrong order in the map file name!    :P
426deepnsteep deepnsteep1262582670
04/01/2010 05:24
BugSoftkey ProblemsI have a HTC Snap running WM6.1.  I had TGPS installed in Nov...not sure exactly which release.  I had to dowload/reinstall (must be v2.7 - downloaded 1/3/10) for various reasons and can't get TGPS to work quite right.  I can get it to run, but the softkeys are not functional in most screens.  I get Track and Back in Tracks and Waypoint and Back in Waypoints.  I can't get to the main menu at all.....

21/10/2011 07:48 dipankar_forever dipankar_forever me too facing soft key problem on htc diamond 2 the previous version worked fine on my htc touch cruise where can i find the previous version
22/01/2010 22:28 vcespon vcespon I don't even get the bottom menus...


This was working on previous versions...

This is in a HTC Touch HD (800x480), with Windows Mobile 6.1

13/01/2010 06:36 deepnsteep deepnsteep Neither softkey does anything in all but Tracks and Waypoints.


09/01/2010 07:49 Administrator I will take a look, the "back thing" is what it doesn't work ? What happens when you press "back"? The left menu is shown instead ?

09/01/2010 03:13 deepnsteep deepnsteep Any fixes?

422RoelAlblas RoelAlblas1260482918
10/12/2009 22:08
BugInstall sensor driver APIHi,

I like to install the sensordriver for my BT GPS on COM 3 with 19200 BAUD. When entering the GPS from Turbo GPS there is no problem and get a fix. But installing the sensor driver with same options is not working.

Is there some debugging mechanism so I can provide you with more info? I run it in administrator mode but when installing I don't get a alert.

Kind regards,

Roel Alblas
24/12/2009 15:23 Administrator Hello there.

1. When installing the driver, does it show data ?
2. Is your Win 7 version a CD-based choped one found online ? (if yes, sensor libraries have been removed from this version).

It is best to find me online to discuss that further.

24/12/2009 11:42 RoelAlblas RoelAlblas Hi Micheal,

I've got still problems with the driver for windows 7. I'm runnning version There is no error listed. It installs an driver of an unknown device with a path to the gps7 driver. When I use sensor driver in turbogps it does not discover the unknown device as a gpsdriver.

Maybe you can put some logging in a new version of the driver so I can provide you with it? For example log4net or something?

Please let me know!

421sandrofm sandrofm1260388088
09/12/2009 19:48
BugTrack IssueHi,

I've installed T-GPS 2.62 on my HTC (resolution 320x240) and it uses WM 6.1. It worked fine but tracks are showing with wrong aspect ratio (stretched). How fix this?


Sandro F. M.
05/08/2010 18:59 sandrofm sandrofm No, it doesn't. Here is part of my tgpstrk.xml:

<t n="Track 1">
<p x="-52.222863" y="-3.206625" z="100.800003" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222882" y="-3.206590" z="100.800003" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222745" y="-3.206638" z="100.800003" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222738" y="-3.206667" z="100.800003" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222767" y="-3.206647" z="100.800003" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222785" y="-3.206623" z="100.800003" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222783" y="-3.206618" z="100.800003" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222788" y="-3.206593" z="100.800003" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222755" y="-3.206645" z="100.800003" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222730" y="-3.206688" z="104.699997" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222665" y="-3.206728" z="110.199997" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222495" y="-3.206855" z="113.900002" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222302" y="-3.207003" z="116.400002" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222282" y="-3.207013" z="116.599998" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222263" y="-3.207020" z="116.900002" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222260" y="-3.207015" z="117.000000" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222250" y="-3.207022" z="116.500000" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222183" y="-3.206863" z="110.099998" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222160" y="-3.206858" z="111.500000" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222120" y="-3.206857" z="113.300003" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222112" y="-3.206848" z="113.500000" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222112" y="-3.206847" z="117.699997" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222112" y="-3.206847" z="117.699997" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222118" y="-3.206865" z="121.000000" c="20617"/>
<p x="-52.222118" y="-3.206865" z="121.000000" c="20617"/>

14/12/2009 18:13 Administrator See the track file (default is tgpstrk.xml storage) and the track element <t>. Does it contain points with 0,0,0 coordinates ?

14/12/2009 13:22 sandrofm sandrofm The grid appears to be more long (up) than wide and tracks are appearing with wrong angles. Example: a 90º turn appears to be a 45º turn or a 135º turn. More or less same as a normal (4:3) computer monitor with 16:9 resolution.


10/12/2009 13:39 Administrator What sort of stretching does it occur ?
420ViX ViX1259537389
29/11/2009 23:29
BugTools-menu is same as ViewsHello All!
I'm using latest versions of EnergyROM Phoenix 2 [url=][/url] (WM 6.5.28005) and Turbo GPS (tgpssetup-wm5.CAB) in my HTC Touch Pro.

THE problem is that I don't have tools-menu. I have a button, but if i press that views-menu opens. (or other way this is first time I try this sw) So I can't setup com-port.
What can I do? ???
12/12/2009 22:40 Administrator I 've added a "right click" gesture (click and hold stylus) to show the right menu.

30/11/2009 17:25 ViX ViX [quote]It is a known issue in WM 6.5[/quote]
[quote]I am soon adding an on-screen click for the tools menu.[/quote]
Will wait for that. Thank you.

30/11/2009 11:56 Administrator Hi there. It is a known issue in WM 6.5
Do you have softkeys in your touch ? 2nd softkey should work.

I am soon adding an on-screen click for the tools menu.
Best Regards.
419Tpereira Tpereira1258413742
16/11/2009 23:22
BugExport Track errorI am try the IPAQ 610c. I can recorded the track, but when a go to View --> Tracks and show a Windows error.

What can I do?

T-GPS Version: 2.621 + XML 0x156
Windows Mobile Version: WM 6. Professional (CE 5.2.1620)
20/11/2009 13:24 Administrator What sort of error ?
418brancorp2000 brancorp20001257893896
10/11/2009 22:58
BugHTC Tytn II - some problemsWe had some tests today and the problem detected are:

- mobile start blink screen when option KEEP BACKLIGHT ON.

- When you Start recording track, the GPS works fine. But, the mobile does not show in real time the speed, distance and time of the track. The updates only occur if you press a cursor key of the mobile.

Mr. Michael, I wait your reply. And THANK YOU! :)
05/01/2010 23:39 brancorp2000 brancorp2000 Hi!
Happy New Year!
No, I am using Windows Mobile 6.1

29/11/2009 19:57 Administrator I am testing it, do you use Windows Mobile 6.5 ?

417brancorp2000 brancorp20001257853593
10/11/2009 11:46
BugHTC TyTn II - blinks the screen after close TGPSTGPS is not running very well. Some times it freezes... :(
And ALWAYS, when I shutdown TGPS, my TYTN II starts to blink the screen. I need to shutdown the mobile phone and start it again to solve.
Is there any way to solve it?
I downloaded TGPS about 3 days ago only.
Thank you,

04/01/2010 21:54 Administrator Why  TyTN II has sooooo many issues I wonder ? :)
04/01/2010 06:08 SaintaxError SaintaxError Michael,
Sorry, one word was missing, read "And the workaround described by brancorp does [b]not [/b]help."
No, it does not work.
I unticked this option, saved and closed the program. Initially I thought it worked since the HTC went to "sleep mode" after the normal 3 minutes. But after a while (cant remember how long, 5 minutes may be), it went back to "on" on its own without any input from my side. Then it started to "flicker" (blink like on, then off, then on, etc..), so I rebooted the thingy.
But to be honnest, I did not try yesterday again after the reboot. Which I just did now and indeed it seems to be working fine now, no more blinking.
So the (full) workaround seems to be:
TGPS Options (untick keep backlight on)
Shutdown TGPS
Reboot 6.1


03/01/2010 21:15 Administrator Doesn't the workaround work ?
03/01/2010 15:15 SaintaxError SaintaxError Hi,
Same issue here on HTC Touch HD (Black stone).
And the workaround described by brancorp does help.
Reboot always necessary to get it back to normal.
Any idea?

10/11/2009 15:39 brancorp2000 brancorp2000 With Mr. Michael help, the problem was solved doing this:

TGPS Options

UNmark keep backlight on.
416Cheetah Cheetah1257548144
06/11/2009 22:55
BugSatellite display elevation invertedI've suspected for a while now that TGPS is inverting the elevation display in the Satellite view, based on what satellites my gps gets a fix on vs. where TGPS displays them in the Satellite view, and based on TGPS showing what seems a rather improbable clustering of satellites being nearly directly overhead.

Out of curiosity today, I started looking at the display of satellites from TGPS vs. the information at and it seems to confirm my suspicions.  For example, as I write this, TGPS is displaying satellite #2 as being near the horizon in the North-East quadrant, whereas the site shows that it should be nearly overhead (still North-East).  Satellite #10 should also be near overhead, but in the South-West quadrant, and TGPS is displaying it as being near the horizon in the correct quadrant.  Similar inversions of elevation with correct azimuth occur with satellites near the horizon being displayed in TGPS as being nearly overhead.

A relevant bit of the raw NMEA data:

Reading this, it looks like satellite #10 is being correctly reported by the GPS unit as being nearly overhead (80 degrees elevation), so I don't think that the problem is the GPS itself.

(Seeing this on TGPS 2.62 on both WM6 and WXP, and I think I've been seeing it for a couple versions before that)
10/11/2009 17:00 Administrator I will take a look - Perhaps it is a simple rotation issue ? Can you provide a satellive view from another application so I can test ?
Best Regards.
415dan dan1256948177
31/10/2009 00:16
BugRequest featureCould it be possible to add an alarm that activates after say 100,150 meters etc from a marked lat/long position? ie departure alarm? it would be very handy in boating to know if the boat anchor has dragged from the original position.
Especially while asleep !

05/11/2009 22:49 dan dan Thankyou very much Michael, it seems to work fine. update is going ok I didn't realize you already updated with the main cab link.

05/11/2009 16:46 Administrator Do you mean that the update didn't work for your PPC 2003 ? Since you are running 2.621, it is working. The Waypoint Alarms is in Tools->Options->Miscellaneous
04/11/2009 22:08 dan dan Thanks Michael, the beta .exe wont run on mine PPC2003 could you send a beta link just for the 2003cab & I'll test it out.
What menu is the 'waypoint alarms' in I'm using 2003 2.621 vers, no other updates found?

04/11/2009 19:13 Administrator I 've build a new version but I won't be testing that feature until weekend.

Meanwhile, update your TGPS and use the "Waypoint Alarms" . Set a negative distance, e.g. -5.
This should work to trigger the specified alarm if you depart from the specified waypoint.

And tell me if it works.

04/11/2009 06:08 dan dan [quote author=Michael link=topic=638.msg2455#msg2455 date=1257310008]
I can make it, but is your GPS that accurate to provide reliable information for the function you want to use ?
That would be great. Yes its a sirfstar3 chipset via bluetooth, accuracy with this shouldn't be a problem since these are on and don't have to be reset, so when a new point is set & tracked from there should be around ~3-5meters so allowing 125m etc shouldn't be many false alarms. Better a false alarm then no alarm it might save my bacon one day!

Thanks again Micheal ;)


04/11/2009 04:46 Administrator I can make it, but is your GPS that accurate to provide reliable information for the function you want to use ?

02/11/2009 07:58 dan dan [quote author=Michael link=topic=638.msg2453#msg2453 date=1257103532]
So you want the reverse of the "waypoint alarms" ?

That's basically it. I think it's called "Departure Alarm" But is it possible for user input values for when your leaving a mark/waypoint for the alarm or does it have to be pre-defined values 50,75,100,125,150m  etc?

01/11/2009 19:25 Administrator So you want the reverse of the "waypoint alarms" ?
19/10/2009 15:41
BugLive SupportThis topic will allow you to talk with the Support Team, if online and available.

17/09/2015 18:19 JohnG JohnG Hello
I have tried the eval of the GPS Sensor driver with a BU-353S4 USB GPS device and a 64 bit W10 PC and it works fine.  I therefore plan to purchase the full version, but I have a question about the way that it works. 

The only way I can see to invoke the driver on the eval it to run the download file, which goes through the motions of doing an install (I get the prompt from Windows to allow changes).  Then I have to re-connect the USB device and install the driver from the GPSComplete console.  In the paid version, is the driver automatically started without all this user interaction?



29/07/2015 14:39 WACOA WACOA Hi
I work for an agricultural college and am trying to enter a farm skills competition. One of the events involves a student to use GPS coordinates to navigate a course. I have found your app to be great except for one issue. I have gone into the options and changed the mode to degrees from decimal. It has changed everything to degree, minutes, seconds except for the screen where i need to enter the coordinates it is still decimal. Is there a fix?
412Jodokus Kwak Jodokus Kwak1255373279
12/10/2009 18:47
BugBacklight stays on when turning off MIO A501When I have started and ended TurboGPS and after that I put my MIO A501 on stand by the backlight stays on ("for ever").
I turned the backlight option off in TurboGPS and in WM5 options.
I only can turn the backlight off by completely shut down (or removing the battery) the A501.
What am I doing wrong?  :o
By the way: superb piece of software it is.
18/10/2009 15:14 Jodokus Kwak Jodokus Kwak It is WM 5.0 version 5.1.461 build 15671.3.3.0
The processor is a ARM926T OMAP850.

17/10/2009 11:58 Administrator Weird :)

Is that a WM 6.5 rom ?

15/10/2009 19:37 Jodokus Kwak Jodokus Kwak Thanks, the problem has solved.
The only funny thing is that I have to end TurboGPS in night view. Then the backlight stays off.
I turned OFF the energy saving-options for battery- and external power on the MIO A501 (so it is "always stay on") and I UNchecked the "backlight off if devices is not used for ... (amount of time)". I also turned OFF the backlight option in TurboGPS.

Jodokus Kwak

15/10/2009 19:00 Administrator Try once again I restored the update.

14/10/2009 18:41 Jodokus Kwak Jodokus Kwak I downloaded the latest version.
When I check for new updates, the program telles me that there is nothing to update.

With regards.

13/10/2009 07:22 Administrator Did you have that problem with the latest Turbo GPS version (the one you downloaded just now)? Or it was also a problem in previous TGPS versions
Try the update and tell me if it is fixed.
02/10/2009 15:57
BugTesting Turbo GPS With Sensor API (Windows 7+)Hello there.
TGPS 2.6 and newer versions running under Windows 7 support connecting to a GPS Sensor and getting data from it.

If you have a GPS sensor enabled, Turbo GPS can find it in the GPS Parameters dialog and you can connect to it.

If you do not have a GPS sensor, then you can use my GPSDirect driver that creates a sensor which reads data from a com port. The driver can be found at [url=][/url].
26/01/2012 09:35 rigobertocor37 rigobertocor37 How to use this GPS API
13/09/2011 18:47 corig1 corig1 One more thing is the port won't seem to open. In device manager I see a comport for the phone and nmea listed. SecureCRT is giving me an access is denied which i guess to mean the port doesn't exist or is somehow messed up. I need to fix this and then try it. Thanks
13/09/2011 18:26 corig1 corig1 It seem no data is coming across. I will have to see what's up with my phone. thanks.
13/09/2011 17:55 corig1 corig1 Hi, The port speed is 9600 baud and I think there is data going across.  Good idea. I will try that and see.



13/09/2011 17:22 Administrator It's probably one of the following:

* Wrong baud speed
* No NMEA-compatible data in the port.
* Port not visible to Windows directly, but only to LG drivers.

Try opening the port with a raw-port application (like SecureCRT) and see if it opens and if it outputs nmea data.

13/09/2011 17:21 corig1 corig1 My Bad, stills gives the comport error. Says GPS Opening failed when I pick connect using the comport. Before it seemed to give a message for the comport itself.
13/09/2011 17:18 corig1 corig1 Hi, the comport was installed by the LG drivers. Com8 (for nmea) to be exact. In the Turbo GPS app instead of selecting a sensor, I just tried to select that comport. I have since rebooted and it seems to open the port but still no data. Same with no data using the sensor. The phone is a t-mobile G2X (LG 999 or 9999 something like that). Thanks
13/09/2011 16:53 Administrator Tell me exactly how did you set the COM port.
13/09/2011 16:43 corig1 corig1 A Follow-up is that the app also won't open the com port itself.
13/09/2011 14:28 corig1 corig1 This setup does not seem to be working on my Windows 7 x64. Everything installs fine but no data comes from the sensor.
I am using tgps 2.7 and the latest sensor driver.
Hi, I am trying to use your GPS app. gps7s64.exe, and it is not working. I have the proper com port set for my nmea compatible phone. The phone is finding satellites but accroding to the app there are no valid satellites, it is not getting data it would seem. My phone is an LG G2x. My OS is Win7 x64.
(repost in Win 7 thread)


03/06/2011 12:10 ktlin ktlin Yep yep, should have been GPS direct i.e.
30/05/2010 12:19 p0hamala p0hamala Thnx, now its working.

Br Pekka

30/05/2010 10:26 Administrator Hi there again.
I found and fixed the problem.  Try updating TGPS.

Best Regards.

30/05/2010 10:07 p0hamala p0hamala Yep yep, should have been GPS direct i.e. the sensor driver for GPS you have provided.

Br Pekka

30/05/2010 09:56 Administrator What is "geodirect" ?

30/05/2010 09:27 p0hamala p0hamala Well, I have similar problem as "zingaro25".
I have GPS Sensor installed and when that application is open I can see that GPS data comes in.
In "locations and sensors" view "geodirect" sensor is enabled.

However, when I try to connect from T-GPS (2.72) by using "sensors api" and selecting geodirect, I can do the configuration but still nothing comes through to T-GPS.

Windows 7 is latest and greatest Windows 7 professional, English configuration.

Br Pekka

30/03/2010 05:42 Administrator Since you have installed the Sensor Driver, you do not need to connect to the device directly. That's what the Sensor Driver does. The other applications connect to the *sensor*, not to the device. This enables more than 1 device to access the GPS.

To connect to the sensor, select "Sensor API" in TGPS GPS Options dialog, then select the ID of the sensor (there will be only one selection), then connect.

29/03/2010 17:58 zingaro25 zingaro25 Hi Michael,

I have installed GPS7 (, and TGPS (2.71).

I'm running Windows 7 64 bits version.

I have an external GPS sensor, Nokia LD-3W.
I'm able to see the GPS data when using gps7s64 application, but I'm able to connect to t-GPS.

Steps done:
1) Connect Bluetooth device
2) Open GPS Sensor 7 application and install the driver on Com3 - I'm able to see the GPS data
3) Close The application (I saw that the connection to the device is lost)
4) Start Turbo GPS application
5) Configure the TGPS to use the Com 3 and GPSDirect
6) Connect to the device (I saw that the device connects back to PC)
7) I'm not able to see any info on T-GPS application on view GPS.

Am I doing anything wrong?


27/01/2010 15:54 Administrator Yes. The "lite" edition which is to be found around the Internet has the Sensor Libraries removed.
You have to install a full version in order to use the Sensor API and my driver.

Best Regards.

27/01/2010 15:44 scottsmyth scottsmyth Also i am running the windows 7 lite if this makes a difference
27/01/2010 15:42 scottsmyth scottsmyth no i do not see anything??
27/01/2010 15:38 Administrator Do you see "Location and other sensors" item in Control Panel?
27/01/2010 15:34 scottsmyth scottsmyth Greeting
I have the Nokia Booklet and have tried to install your sensor , but when i click on the install button nothing happens. I have set the follow 4800 and com4

What sould I do to install ??
410jogefo jogefo1254472077
02/10/2009 08:27
BugTurbo GPS not working on omniaI have installed version 2.5a on the Omnia with wm6.5. The program runs, but when I press the tools menu to input the various settings the views menu pops up. There is no way to get the Tools menu tyo work. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
05/10/2009 13:33 jogefo jogefo I was able to see the tools menu with the soft key, but was not connecting with the gps. Now with gpsproxy, connecting fine. I got some problems loading the maps; hope to figure it out.
04/10/2009 22:38 moleman moleman I see eveything in the menu's on my Omnia with org (XKHJ3) ROM.
04/10/2009 08:37 Administrator What was the issue ?
I mean, you still do not see the tools menu ?

03/10/2009 18:36 jogefo jogefo Hi Micheal, managed to make it work with gpsproxy. S eyxaristw pantws ;)
02/10/2009 19:59 jogefo jogefo Thank you Michael, for the solution. Yes, it is a cooked Rom from Modaco. Now though, I hear the beep connecting to the gps, but it does not still connect with the satelites. Is there a thread with instructions somewhere to make the program work on the omnia. All the other gps applications I tried, work on my omnia. Thanks in advance
02/10/2009 11:41 Administrator I just saw that problem in my test wm 6.5 as well. Is your rom cooked/unofficial ?

If you have a right softkey, that will work.

408sankar sankar1254379271
01/10/2009 06:41
BugQuery regarding Turbo GPSHi Turbo GPS member,

I have a query that I need to test GPS driver devloped for Window 7.
1. So how this tool will interact with the device. Whether it will use the Location API and Sensor API of Window 7.
2. How we can check the LAT, LONG and ALT parameter.
3. Moreover I want to Know how it will be useful/features that can satisfy the GPS driver testing on window 7.
4. And whether it will display the different property ?

Kindly guide me, ASAP, will be grateful

You can mail me the reply to my mail id :

Thanks in advance.

01/10/2009 16:50 Administrator Hello there.

1. Currently Turbo GPS does not use the Sensor API Driver to communicate with the device. You can connect to the device directly through the COM Port specification. The GPS Driver is for generic location-aware applications to access the GPS without having to connect to it and parse the structures it sends back.

But next Turbo GPS version will allow you to connect through the Sensor API and test the driver.

2. Check, what do you mean ? Verify that they are correct ?


406udobes udobes1252270886
06/09/2009 21:01
BugNeed 57600 bit rate für GPS-PortHi everyone,

trying to test TurboGPS on my HP Ipaq with Navman GPS rack. To read the GPS data the parameters are: COM-Port 4 and 57600 bit rate.

Looking to the COM-Port-Settings of TurboGPS I can not find the parameter for 57600 bit rate. Unfortunatetly it ends with a bit rate of 38400.

Is there a way to get the port speed of 57600 bit rate with any parameters or hacks? Or is it possible to get a new .cab file??

07/09/2009 23:38 udobes udobes Is is no Bluetooth device.
It is a IPAQ with Navman GPS device.

In Fugawi the interface works well wit COM4 and 57600 baud.

If I set up 57600 baud an COM4 there is no soud be heared, so I suppose, that the gps interface can't be connected or read.

Gruß Udo

07/09/2009 20:36 Administrator Did you connect ?

Tools->GPS->Connect. It plays a sound when connected. If the sound is heard but no raw input, then you probably have to lower down the baud (it is *very* weird for a bluetooth gps device to work in 57200 bps).

06/09/2009 21:58 udobes udobes Ok, fine - it works  - the parameter is displayed now.

Where can I check wether the interface is running well?
The table in Views->Other->Raw log is empty. Shouldn't the communication protokoll be displayed there?

Greetings Udo

06/09/2009 21:44 Administrator Hi there.
Open tgps.xml in My Documents and find the <gps line and change the speed="xxx" to speed="57600" and save it.

Best Regards.
405phenox19 phenox191251582598
29/08/2009 21:49
BugTAHO.PL Totally LostI have been trying to figure out this whole thing and have no idea what to do with this file to get the map tiles. Unsure if I am just being dense or there is just something I am not seeing. Some help would be great.
01/09/2009 14:49 phenox19 phenox19 Thank you..
31/08/2009 20:01 zapfen zapfen Hello,
you have to ask the project openstreetmap and not the TurboGPS peoples.
Check this here:

or ask them on
please ad a description of what you are doing and where is the problem.

Regards zapfen
401pjfrigate pjfrigate1249852818
09/08/2009 21:20
BugVersion 2.5a bug? (solved)I have installed the version 2.5a and deleted all recorded tracks. Today I wanted to record a new track. All seems to be ok (the red button was showing, counter was growing up), but after "end recording" I have found no tracks recorded.
I have tried many times, but the tracks list was always empty.
I have removed the new version, and installed an old 2.0 version fortunately parked on my hard disk. The track was recorded with no problems. Then I have installed the 2.5a again. This time the new track was recorded.
I have deleted all tracks again, and... it was no more possible to record a track.
Again: version 2.0, record, version 2.5a, record : now is working well.
I mean there's is a bug in the new version, and the program cannot record a track if the list is empty.

16/08/2009 21:27 pjfrigate pjfrigate Maybe you're right.

I've deleted the file, then relaunched the last version. Now it seems to works fine.
Thanks for your support.

12/08/2009 18:08 Administrator Hmmm I haven't seen a problem with it. Perhaps there were bad remnants in your TGPSTRK.XML file ?

10/08/2009 06:15 Administrator I will take a look thanks for the notification.

398lukke lukke1248157160
21/07/2009 06:19
BugAuto-connect do the internetHi everyone!

I'm new here and first off all congratulations to the author of this software. I've checked many different similar stuff and I was close to write my own (because any fit my requirements), but this one is really what I need :)

One of suggestion from me is to add an option "Auto connects to the internet" because TPGS do not establish it automatically. I realize that it not everyone will use it, so maybe this option should be disabled by default.

Is there any chances to do this ?

28/07/2009 07:27 Administrator Hello there again.
Turbo GPS tries to connect. Whether it eventually connects or not depends on your network configuration (3g, wifi etc). Turbo GPS can't enforce a connection if you haven't configured it so through the phone settings.

These vary from phone to phone and from network to network, but once the wifi is enabled in my phone for example, tgps automatically connects. If the wifi connection is dropped, then it is reconnected at the next TGPS attempt.

Best Regards.

26/07/2009 19:15 lukke lukke HI,

Sorry I didn't mention that I'm using Internet tracking

24/07/2009 07:59 Administrator What do you mean "Auto connect to the internet".
Why would Turbo GPS want to connect to the internet ?

Best Regards.
397soki soki1247742818
16/07/2009 11:13
BugMap rotates position
I struggled a bit with offline maps and maybe this could help others: I couldn't load offline maps until I [u][i]unchecked "Map rotates position"[/i][/u], which default is checked.
After uncheck that , having "Fix Map Zoom" and "Load offline Maps" checked...I had no problems using offline maps.
All works fine and I'm happy. Thanx.

If came about maps..I'm curious if someone experienced how many map ( jpg files) files could TGPS manage  .. Anyone tried this already ?

24/07/2009 15:10 Administrator There is no limit. The main problem is their size ; the bigger they are, the slower the loading will be.

Best Regards.
396soki soki1247741944
16/07/2009 10:59
BugFont issueHello,

Thanx for such a great application!
I have an issue,I agree not such a big deal for most of TGPS users,.. but anyway, I'll post it:
After changing system font and system font height( on my Milo A702  WM6 device) to an Unicode one, in order to display some characters which the defaults Tahoma was not displaying ( like Thai for ex.) , I found that I spoiled some of the TGPS menu. Please see attached. I searched a bit through settings, but I couldn't fix it from settings.
26/07/2009 13:40 Administrator Hello there, this happens because the font you selected does not have the "degree" character.

Best Regards.
395AviationJunkie AviationJunkie1246860622
06/07/2009 06:10
BugTurbo GPS and WM 6.1?Hello,

I have a Samsung Blackjack II smartphone with WM 6.1.  Is there a way to make Turbo GPS work with this phone's operating system?  I downloaded the .cab file and installed it on the phone, but I received a warning saying that the software was developed for an earlier version and it may not work properly.  Well, I gave it a shot and sure enough it doesn't work well with 6.1.  Is there a fix or a newer install file for this?  ???

08/07/2009 21:56 Administrator Can you some how take a screenshot? Because mine is also 320x240 and it works fine.

08/07/2009 20:48 AviationJunkie AviationJunkie I believe its 320x240
08/07/2009 19:17 Administrator What is your screen resolution ?

06/07/2009 07:40 AviationJunkie AviationJunkie Ok, i seem to have it running ok now, but is there a way to change the resolution so that everything fits on my screen rather than being all jumbled up?
06/07/2009 06:16 AviationJunkie AviationJunkie Thanks!  Also, for clarification, I used the "" file from the Turbo GPS download page.
06/07/2009 06:12 Administrator Hi there.
Thanks for informing me - I will test it under the WM 6.1 emulator to see if there is a problem with 6.1

Best Regards.
394soki soki1246170633
28/06/2009 06:30
BugHybrid viewHello,
is there a way to use hybrid or satellite view with yahoo maps when using dynamic maps?
08/07/2009 19:28 Administrator Not yet.

Best Regards.
393benz benz1246049155
26/06/2009 20:45
BugTGPS on WM6 IPAQ 614c with Direct Access enabled loses direction pointerFirst of all, many thanks to the author. TGPS is an outstanding bit of software.

Problem: On the 614c, when you select a Waypoint and chose "Go", the Direction Pointer and the Distance to Waypoint both permanetly disappear when line of sight to the satellite(s) is lost (i.e. it stops playing the route).

As soon as line of sight is restored, TGPS continues to track speed and location / waypoint but without the Direction Pointer or Distance to Waypoint.

Using the WM5+ GPS API this doesn't seem to happen (although the API does slow everything down a lot) i.e. this only seems to happen with Direct Access enabled.

I have tried baud rates \ com ports \ all the waypoint and map options.

Does anyone know of a solution ?


PS I ought to add that everything else works really well.
22/08/2009 09:27 Arthur Arthur Hi,
I am trying to install the TGPS,  but i failed. Can you tell me in steps what i have to do.

27/06/2009 15:43 benz benz Thanks for responding, much appreciated  :)

Yes the problem occurs with loss of GPS signal.

I've done a bit more testing and it also happens when you are not moving. If I am tracking distance and direction to a waypoint and I stand still for 10 seconds or so, the Direction Pointer and the Distance to WayPoint permanently disappears i.e. it stops playing the route.

I activiated logging while following the route to a waypoint (before) and then stood still until playback stopped (after). Logging was for about 20 seconds.

Typical Results are below.



I have tried to analyse the log for exceptions to help

Same data structure from start to finish.

Typically reads
but last two occurances are
$GPGSA,A,3,08,09,10,15,27,28,255,,,,,,,3.5,1.5,3.1*27 (the 255 is different)

Typically reads
but third occurance is $GPGSV,1,1,00*79 (less data)

Typically reads
but last four occurances are
$GPRMC,121530.0,A,5125.413037,N,00018.773938,W,,,270609,,,A*7B (less data)

Typically reads
but last four occurances are
$GPVTG,,T,,M,0.0,N,0.0,K*4E (less data)

Is this any help ? apologies I don't really know what I'm doing!

Log is only 6K so have placed on

26/06/2009 21:44 Administrator Hi there - this is a weird problem. What do you mean "sight is lost" ? Loss of GPS signal ? If yes, can you take a look at the raw log *before* and *after* the signal loss and see if there are any differences ?

Best Regards.
392Cheetah Cheetah1245762365
23/06/2009 13:06
BugAccelerometer: absolute instead of percent?It seems from my observations that the accelerometer is displaying, in effect, the percent change in speed.  The net result for me of this is that when in my car at a stop sign (my gps reports small random speeds and directions when not moving), it flails around wildly, while if I accelerate as hard as I can, it shows not much of anything.

The principle that going from 0.1 to 0.5 MPH in a second (not much acceleration at all) should show more acceleration than going from 20 to 40 MPH in a second (could strain your neck from the acceleration) seems wrong to me.

As a basic change, I'd suggest displaying the linear change in speed instead of the percent change.  If you wanted to get fancy, you could solve for the force needed to accelerate a unit mass from the prior speed and heading to the new speed and heading.
23/06/2009 14:28 Administrator You are right ; I don't like it either.
Planning to change it at next update.
391Bener Bener1245537366
20/06/2009 22:36
BugFeature requestThe GPS signal is not that accurate as we all wish. Sometimes you want to know the position of whatever more accurate than the sattelites can tell you. Mapping might be a task or hiding a geocach.

So what about this:
Recording a track with a specified acceptable mistake (in meters or centimeters or other lengh dimensions). Then putting the gps-reciever on the special point and start the mesurement. TurboGPS will mesure as long as necessary to interpolate the desired accuracy of the point. Then you will get a message and go on to the next point of the track.

Generating single accurate waypoints with this method should also be possible.

I dont know, what accuracy might be expectable. The weather and the topography will influence this.

Perhaps there might be a countdown of accuracy in centimeters, and when it is acceptable for the user, he can stop the mesurement manually and save the point.

The most tricky part of implementing this feature might be finding the fitting algorythm. It must be something with statistic. But a cant´t help you there, I am sorry.

But I hope I gave you an idea for making your awsome software a bit more useful than it already is.



25/06/2009 13:25 Administrator You are suggesting interpolation and I know a lot of it because of my DSP background. The problem with that is that the GPS signal is not accurate not only by default, but also on purpose - and therefore you cannot afford to rely on linear interpolation. You need something like the differential GPS the device applies to enhance the position - and this is already done in hardware.

I will take a look, but I doubt I can find anything more useful than the existing stuff.

Best Regards.
390Bener Bener1245497553
20/06/2009 11:32
BugLoosing my recorded tracks!Hello everybody!
I am using a HTC Touch with WM6. Tracks that I record are used for mapping OSM. I ride my bike or walk around long distances and at home the fun begins.
After choosing "End Recording" i can export the track in the track view as a gpx-file and everything is fine.

But: Sometimes after "End recording" my Track view is empty. All my tracks are gone! i can see my last track on my map but i cant use it anymore! My old tracks sometimes come back after turning my phone of and on several times and playing around. I wasent able to find out a repeatable solution.

I have marked the option "save stuff on low battery" and "backup each x minutes". But i have no idea how to get the data back.

Yesterday after a 3 hours bikeride with many ups and downs tgps switched of only a few meters away of my home. all data was gone. So for mapping i have to ride all the same way again.

So where might be the problem? Is it my phone? windows? tgps? The user(me)??
Where and how is the low battery-stuff saved? how can i restore this?

Please help me!

21/06/2009 12:59 Bener Bener I just found out:

[quote]When activated, memory card must be made not be accessible to the smartphone, as all direct access to the flash card will be routed to USB. Take note that if some currently running programs have files open from the storage card, that can prevent Mass Storage from activation ("error 1f"). In that case, try to close all running programs (soft reset is needed sometimes)[/quote]

So i will play around more the next days with this problem in mind, hoping i can prevent any lost tracks.
an idea might be to save all relevant things on the phone memory and not on the memorycard.


21/06/2009 12:25 Bener Bener Strange:

I took a little walk through my village recording a track for testing. After returning home i stopped recording but my travk view was empty. then i told tgps to save the tracks in a new xml file. Then i had my recorded travk in the view. i exported it to a gpx.
i checked the result with the fle explorer and i found the new xml and the exported gpx-file. then i closed tgps and connected the phone to my laptop. I use WM5storage so i can use the phone just a drive of my computer.

both new files were gone! also when i opened the file explorer of the phone. Tgps file view after restart is empty now again.

i had wm5storage on all the time without knowing this. might be this the problem? i haven´t testet it yet.

please help me!


20/06/2009 12:21 Administrator The backups are GPX files stored in "My documents".
As for the rest, does your track names contain weird characters ? IF TGPS shows an empty track list, the TGPSTRK.XML file is still there, and can be inspected in notepad for weird characters inside.

389niyas.mansoor niyas.mansoor1245065834
15/06/2009 11:37
BugHTTPS support for tracking URLHi,

Is HTTPS supported for the tracking URL

16/06/2009 20:53 Administrator You will see it because TGPS checks periodically and prompts you for download.

16/06/2009 06:37 niyas.mansoor niyas.mansoor Hi Mr Micheal,

  Thanks for your reply ...

  Can i know when is the next version release ???


15/06/2009 11:41 Administrator If your phone supports it (most phones do), then it can be done. I will add it next version.

Best Regards

388zapfen zapfen1243891038
01/06/2009 21:17
BugExport to gpx with corrupt time stampHi There,
If I export the tracks to a gpx file (track or route) the time stamp has a special format:

this was today?
Any idea?
Regards zapfen
26/06/2009 08:23 zapfen zapfen Thanks Michael, it works fine.
20/06/2009 21:57 Bener Bener Same with me! 2.03 had Problems, OSM didn´t accept a gpx upload because of the missing/corrupt time.
2.04 works now! thanks!


17/06/2009 08:36 beuss beuss Sorry, I still used 2.03. With 2.04 it works fine.

16/06/2009 20:54 Administrator Normally last update has fixed it. Check it please.

15/06/2009 14:58 beuss beuss I have the same problem with version 2.04.
My windows mobile 6.1 has German time format settings.
It may be that the different time format causes the problem.

03/06/2009 14:08 Administrator I 'll take a look, thx for the notification.
23/05/2009 16:38
BugNMEA 3.01 gps devices?Anyone has a 3.01 NMEA device ? I want to upgrade TGPS to make use of all NMEA features.

07/08/2009 18:14 Administrator See the "raw mode" if there are any messages other than GGA/RMC/GSV/VTG

07/08/2009 14:20 wjohnsen wjohnsen I have an LG Incite (CT810).. Will that do the trick?
Here is a link to its specs:
386luvan luvan1242848422
20/05/2009 19:40
BugXPERIA not work with TGPSI can not get Ericsson XPERIA work with TGPS
The software can not find GPS in XPERIA
I can not find any information on the GPS in the manual for the phone.

21/05/2009 08:56 luvan luvan I found the error.
In the settings for Turbo GPS, you must write
COM 4 and 4800 baud :D
385julia julia1242826891
20/05/2009 13:41
BugGPS not working when "use API" checkedTGPS runs on my MDA compact III (WM6). Using com port, it can very quickly connect to the build-in GPS. But with "use API" checked, it doesn't work. The yellow light blinks, but no satelite signal.

20/05/2009 14:50 julia julia Hi,

thanks for the quick answer. I'm just wondering, if the problem resides in the API for WM6 or in the device.


20/05/2009 14:04 Administrator Hi there, the "API" mode has many problems and does not work in all models, and moreover its accuracy is very low. If you are satisfied with the direct COM port connection, there is no reason to use it.

Best Regards.
383covert covert1242133908
12/05/2009 13:11
BugBug: softkey names.Platform WM 6.1 HTC Tytn II
while changing between pages with left/ right d-pad the softkey names on "Raw" page and "Statistics" page remain the text of the previous pages.
12/05/2009 13:42 Administrator I 'll take a look, thanks for submitting a bug.
382covert covert1241826436
08/05/2009 23:47
BugInterested in supporting Geocaching better ?Hi. I am a keen geocacher and I use Beeline GPS on my PDA for geocaching. I have just loaded a new rom on my TytnII and found it had T-GPS on it and I must say I am very impressed with the features.

I am wondering if you would like to add specific Geocaching features to T-GPS to make it comparable and superior to Bee-line GPS for geocaching ? Beeline is no longer under development. I am prepared to write up a detailed feature request list with technical data as needed if this is a direction you would like to take T-GPS.

Example items -
Support for Geocaching GPX files with the extended groundspeak xml.
Support for Geocaching GPX files with the extended gsak xml.
Different Icons for different cache types.
Able to set cache (waypoint) to Found, Not found
Able to add cache specific notes.

And a lot more.
12/05/2009 13:07 covert covert Will do a detailed list in the next few days.
10/05/2009 01:35 DanGeorges DanGeorges I have just started getting interested in geocaching with my son. Currently, I'm using a WinMo product from NICQUE Freeware called GCz.
I just tried tgps today, and I like to speed and wealth of features. If it had geocaching like GCz, this would definitely be a big bonus.
Keep up the good work!

09/05/2009 07:42 Administrator Make a complete detailed list and I will see what I can do when I return back.

Best Regards,
381onkie onkie1241017093
29/04/2009 14:58
BugNew MapsGrabber v2.0[size=4]New MapsGrabber v2.0[/size][b]
simply to use  -  very flexible  -  very fast
Easy same Map with different scale.
Exactly connecting Maps[/b]
NW |  N  | NE
  W |  .  | E
SW |  S  | SE
[url=][/url] -> click on Ewald's Internetpagina's -> software -> MapsBrabber
[s]direct: [url=][/url][/s]
[size=3][b]Site Moved to: [url=][/url][/b][/size]

Quick start:
1.Set Width and Hight.
2.Click button [b]Show Google Maps[/b].
3.Use the 7 Google tools and the Mouse buttons and wheel to Pan and Zoom.
4.OK? [b]Click Prepare to save[/b], to get a "clean" Map.
5.Adjust your save options.
6.When "clean" Map is loaded; click [b]Save[/b].
29/04/2009 15:02 Administrator I suggest you create a clean english version, and not a combined one.

380LuVar LuVar1240948640
28/04/2009 19:57
Bughow to export cell info to gpxHi.

Is it possible to export cell info (recorded when reccording track) to gpx, or some other xml file? I want to get recorded track positions and cell info into my computer. Any format is acceptable.

28/04/2009 20:38 Administrator Yes the c="" field saves the current Cell ID.

28/04/2009 20:33 LuVar LuVar Thanks for info and for planned improvement :-)

Format of file is strightforward and simple. My actual question is, what c=222 (for example) means? Is it cell number? How can I get from it mcc, mnc, lac and bsic? Or only recorded information is cell id?

PS: for other peoples like me, tgpstrk.xml file is in "My Documents".

28/04/2009 20:14 Administrator Hi there.
I don't think so, because not all phones can report the Cell ID. But my tgpstrk.xml will record that information. If i find a way to export it to GPX, I will.

Best Regards.
379pcapella pcapella1240243701
20/04/2009 16:08
BugZ:0.00I am running TGPS on a LG Incite. Program is great but the altitude always shows 0.00m. Any ideas?
26/06/2009 13:14 Administrator Hi there.
The trick I 've explained to use the 11th parameter only works in direct mode. In GPS API mode you can't expect it to work because it is not standard - in fact, it is a major error; I suspect that some implementations intentionally do that in order to prevent 3rd party software to read the data.

Try setting up the direct mode.

26/06/2009 13:10 grim grim Well, Z still displayed as 0.00.  Direct connection does not work, I have to use GPS API.  Thanks for all help though, any other thoughts?
12/06/2009 12:26 Administrator Hi there.
I explain already that putting the altitude as the 11th parameter and not as 9th is not standard and therefore it won't work when using the GPS API.

For the direct connection, to force TGPS to use the 11th parameter as an altitude, go to Tools->Options->Miscellaneous->Set Hidden option, then set the option "fzsl" to "1".

10/06/2009 15:32 DennisH DennisH Nice program.  Thanks!

I notice that if I use GPSGate, the Altitude displays in my LG-810 Incite.  The Raw view shows the altitude in the 11th position of the GGA sentence, not counting the $GPGGA.  So apparently V 2.03+ is successfully reading the Altitude from the non-standard position in my case.

If I do not use GPSGate, he only way I can get TGPS to communicate is to use the USE GPS API option.  Then Altitude does not work. The Raw view does not show sentences -- just API lat/lon messages.

Is there some way to get TGPS to connect directly to the GPS on this phone?



08/06/2009 18:23 Steve146 Steve146 I also have an LG Incite and am getting the same:

TGPS 2.03  Is there an option I'm missing?

24/05/2009 16:14 Administrator Hmm that explains it. Your 9th position is not 0, therefore TGPS assumes it is a valid alt. I will make an explicit option.

24/05/2009 15:57 grim grim Hopefully this is what you need:


1644.50m matches close to current altitude.

24/05/2009 06:40 Administrator It should work automatically. Can you paste me again a GGA line ?

24/05/2009 06:36 grim grim Thanks, much appreciated.  Where would I find this option?  I've updated, and hunted for it, but I can't seem find it.  I'm sure it's right under my nose, but the altitude is still output as 0.00.
23/05/2009 16:33 Administrator Feature added in 2.01.

Best Regards.

22/05/2009 15:37 Administrator I am adding an additional option in next update.

17/05/2009 18:12 grim grim So far so good using a couple programs that give altitude on my Incite.  And it's likely close enough for my purposes, I'm about as far away from the actual sea level as you can get.  This is my first foray into GPS.
17/05/2009 07:11 Administrator I will give it a try , but see this:
Are you sure that the information returned is the altitude ? "Height of geoid (mean sea level) above WGS84 ellipsoid"

17/05/2009 04:54 grim grim There's a discussion of the LG Incite (which I own) GPS altitude issue here.  [url=][/url] starting at post #762.  Seems the altitude data is reported in a different part of the NMEA output.  11th spot instead of 9th.

I find your program the best of all I tried, but living in the mountains I really want the altitude information.  Is a small update possible?  My programming skills are minuscule at best so I don't know how involved that would be.  But it would be very much appreciated.

20/04/2009 16:11 Administrator The altitude is not reported correctly by some GPS devices. Check if other software reports valid Z and the raw log GGA  line which has the following format:

$GPGGA,a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,,*m (
The "i" contains the altitude.

Best Regards.

377Web Surf Web Surf1239567291
12/04/2009 20:14
BugGCAPI am a newbie

Just tried GCAP

I earlier tried MAPPER that comes along with TERRACROSSER

It allows you to choose a Google map at lets say zoom level 7

and then specify that you want tiles at zoom level 8,9,10,11 of the area you choose at Zoom 7

All fully calibrated

No overlap in the maps, all neatly sliced out.

Fully automatic

A) Can GCAP do this ? I could not figure out as there was no documentation

B) Wish TGPS could use the files that MAPPER of TERRACROSSER downloads. They are just JPG files so it is just a metter of TGPS decoding the file names from TERRACROSSER.

13/04/2009 09:16 Web Surf Web Surf Dear Michael, Thanks for great s/w and fast response

As you know, MapGrabber is at

MapGrabber software makes google tiles, and thats where I got my initial idea from, but they use the tiles concept in a different way.

I suppose one possible logic for the tiles I want is as follows :

A) Decide on a zoom level ( Z)

B1) Calculate how many pixels is the whole world at that zoom level in X axis
B2) Calculate how many pixels is the whole world at that zoom level in Y axis

C1) Decide on how many pixels do you want a tile to be in X Axis
C2) Decide on how many pixels do you want a tile to be in Y Axis

D) Divide (B1) by (C1) and (B2 by C2) to find out how many tiles do we need for the whole world across and down.

E) Now number top left tile as Z_0,0. Next one to the right is Z_1,0
One down from Z_0,0 is Z_0,1

Alternatively, to keep in harmony with MapGrabber and use his numbering system :

At Zoom 12,

Lat 0, Long 0 is google tile 2048,2048 ( 0,0 is the top left of tile number 2048,2048. The tile is 256 Pixels x 256 Pixels)

One to the left is tile 2049,2048 with a top left of lat 0, long 0.087890625000

So each long 0.087890625000 to the right, we increase the X coordinate of the tile by one

( 180/2048 = 0.087890625 ....... )

Hence google tile 2050,2048 has a top left of lat 0, long 0.175781250000

For the columns, 2048, 2049 has a top left of Lat -0.087890590531, Long 0

So for each jump of -0.087890590531 in the Lat, we change the Y coordinate of the tile by one.

The interesting part is where you get to point at a google map and a map directory and the tiles you already have get shaded a different color and you can click to select/deselect further tiles. That would take Map downloading and library management to another level of easiness !!!

No need for infinitely variable top left of tiles when downloading maps. with this idea, each tile is uniquely specified and anyone in the world can replicate the same results just by knowing some simple numbers like "Google Tile 200,400"

Also the part where you choose a portion of a map at some small zoom like 7 and get the software to automatically download zoom8,9,10,11,12,13 of that area.

Looking forward to having these features in Turbo GPS. Would make a great prog even greater !!

13/04/2009 06:31 Administrator I will do the ZIP map file packing, but how should I convert "google tile" to coordinates ?

13/04/2009 04:48 Web Surf Web Surf Sample Terracrosser file name :


43 = file serial number
13 = zoom level

A) Terracrosser downloads many files as above, then packs it into one file. It would be great if TGPS can read the one packed file.

B) Got an idea while trying out MapGrabber today.

Why do we really need high precision coordinates in the file name ?

What if we thought of Google map as tiles with some nice simple coordinates

13_200_400_768 could mean zoom level 13, tile 200,400 at 768 pixels

the GPS software can convert 13_200,400 internally into 25.123456, 53.123456 but the user does not need to know that.

The Map grabber should ask zoom level and pixels and then show the map

The user clicks to choose which tiles he wants to download

User gets a bunch of files named like


Auto calibrated

No overlap of maps, clean joint

Later on when user wants more tiles, he starts software and puts in zoom level. points to map directory.

S/W shows map with shading of tiles that already exist. User clicks to add more tile or clicks to delete tiles that already exist as files.

Simple , easy, less fuss

One problem with current map grabbing software is infinitely variable top left corner. Do we really need that ? This leads to overlaping maps and using up the CF card. It makes it impossible to library the tiles.

Since most GPS software automatically join adjacent tiles and the user does not know/need to know what the top left of a tile after map grabbing, I would think that the above idea will work and really simplify the process of grabbing maps.

12/04/2009 20:36 Administrator Give me a sample of the terracrosser file names.

376oldman oldman1239253159
09/04/2009 04:59
BugTGPS causes extremely high CPU usage on Vista with Dual CoreHi Michael,
the subject says already what's the issue:
when I start TGPS on a Vista Laptop then after connecting to GPS the CPU usage of core 2 rises up to 100%, and even after disconnecting this keeps up until I close TGPS again...
with other GPS-aware software I dont see such behavior.

let me know if you have a fixed version and I will try again.

greetz, OldMan.

BTW. nice that you promise to keep up your good work for the next 8 years  :-* since the help states:
Copyright © 2007 - 2017 , Chourdakis Michael.
All rights reserved .

11/04/2009 22:29 oldman oldman Hi Michael,
I dont use Bluetooth - the GPS is build into a UMTS modem card Ericson F3507g, and appears as COM7. Though since you just mentioned it I did a quick test and connected an external GPS receiver via Bluetooth, and bingo! the CPU usage kept at moderate low level  ::)
Maybe I can soon test with another external GPS receiver which I can directly connect via USB, and report back then.


09/04/2009 05:43 Administrator ™ will take a look, it is very weird - it might depend on a faulty bluetooth stack but I am not sure.

Best Regards.
27/03/2009 22:13
BugTGPS 3.0 and Map File FormatsHello there.Thinking about Turbo GPS 3, I might start adding support for garmin IMG files. Are there any other open file formats to consider ?
Your opinion please :)Michael

08/05/2010 04:31 erwinzeez erwinzeez Problem with memory allocation!
05/11/2009 22:55 dan dan NOAA or Maptech BSB Raster Navigation Charts?

09/10/2009 22:34 dlast dlast [quote author=ernieboy link=topic=519.msg2389#msg2389 date=1254415308]
However, both Linux and Mac OS X balk at command line functions for files that have leading hyphens.

I don't know about Mac but Linux (and actually Unix in general) does not have any restrictions for the characters in filenames. You just have to experiment a bit to avoid the confusion with an option... E.g. just now I have created a file with [i]touch ./-test[/i].

01/10/2009 16:41 ernieboy ernieboy I posted under a new topic before I saw this one.  My post is not about file formats but file nomenclature. Currently tgps uses
upper-x_upper-y_lower-x_lower-y_width_height.ext to name a file that gets calibrated correctly.  I have successfully used openstreemap maps using this convention.  I want to generate and make available to others tiles of major metro areas in the US.  I'm using a mac to do this although when I get ready to do many areas, I'll be using a linux machine.  In either event, the US is in the wester hemisphere (Duh).  the file name has to have a leading hypen (-) in order for the nomenclature to work correctly.  This is not a problem for the command line in Windows.  However, both Linux and Mac OS X balk at command line functions for files that have leading hyphens. (They interpret the - as an option on the command line).  Escaping the - doesn't help.  My suggestion is to use W and E for longitude and N and S for latitude.  Thus the nomenclature would be compatible with all operating systems.  For example
would be the same as
Your code would then treat W as (-) and E as (+)  N as (+)  and S as (-).
Would this be difficult to implement?

09/09/2009 18:20 Administrator Show me a KML which has complete map information, for example a square area with road names , POI information etc.

09/09/2009 10:25 frankv frankv [quote]can it hold map vectors ? [/quote]
Yes. And lots of other stuff too... e.g. polygons (including 3D), labels, ...

[quote]It is for tracks only[/quote]

Not true... tracks are a small subset of what you can represent with KML.

[quote]and I already support import/export for KML files.[/quote]

Excellent! Not just tracks, I hope!

07/09/2009 20:35 Administrator I know what KML is, but can it hold map vectors ? It is for tracks only and I already support import/export for KML files.

07/09/2009 09:45 frankv frankv KML is the map format used by Google Earth. It's basically XML. has the details. has a bunch of them I did for NZ airspace.

06/09/2009 21:44 Administrator KML Maps ? Show me an example.

06/09/2009 05:37 frankv frankv KML!

I have NZ airspace maps in KML format, and can easily get maps of other features. I'd like to be able to import them into turbo-GPS.

Or at least publish the specs of the TGPS format so that I can write a translator.

Whilst IMG would be OK, it does leave you at the mercy of Garmin, who could change it at any moment.

02/08/2009 03:02 skg77 skg77 There seems to be a problem in saving tracks on power failure. Please do something in version 3
20/06/2009 17:31 tombo tombo Hi Michael,
I would also like to see more support for openstreetmaps. It already works very well online,  but offline, I also had problems zooming the downloaded maps. I used the taho.exe to download OSM tiles in .png format and transferred them to the phone. I could see the maps on the phone, but as I downloaded different zoom-levels the display jumped between these zoom levels when I tried to scroll the maps. Other map-viewers use separate directories for each zoom-level, named after the  zoom-level and sometimes also directories for seperate x- or y-coordinates to keep the number of files low for a single directory. Wouldn't that be a solution. But then there should also be a way to deal with missing zoom-levels/directories.

Greetings tombo

20/06/2009 11:42 Bener Bener OSM is the most growing mapsource for the future and shuld be supported. *.osm is one possibility. Editing render rules is a further option, that can adjust the look of the map for different uses. Look at kosmos by igor breki. perhaps it might be possible to use the same rendering rules format?!

OSM Tiles are the other option of course. Generating tiles with the kosmos console with specified rendering rules is my way at the moment. I generate my maps then with taho.exe and it works fine for me.

But: My biggest wish is zooming maps! just use different zoom levels of tiles and zooming might be easy? Or is it possible with 2.04 and i have not found out yet how??

Greetings, Bener

09/04/2009 07:32 spearo spearo Hi Michael,

IMG and BSB support would be fine and may be then we would havepossibility to use Touratech QV4 because it reads all formats and is nice to calibrate maps.

And adding waypoint by tapping on the screen

Happy Easter



03/04/2009 12:03 zapfen zapfen Hi Michael,
oh yes the .img format would be great.

Otherwise think also about the community.
They are growing every day. You can find the actual file format here: next version will be:
If this XML file is to complicated to render in a map. The easier way would be to support the tiles.
Tiles are rendered map slices. Information:
Here is a good overview of the zoom and naming of the tiles:

There are different tiles available: cyclemap, mapnik, osmarender,..
The styles of these maps are different.

There is already a application to download them in a local folder structure:

have fun

28/03/2009 14:23 denasqu denasqu the BSB format used my NOAA would be sweet.  I found a reader called OpenCPN that can view them but can't find a way to convert them to JPG or PNG. 

5. Trademarks and Copyright

The BSB file format is the sole property of Maptech, Inc. and as such is protected by U.S. and International foreign copyright and patent laws.

NOAA ® and the NOAA ® emblem are registered trademarks of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NOAA RNC is a trademark of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Maptech and the Maptech emblem are registered trademarks of Maptech, Inc.

BSB File Format is a trademark of Maptech, Inc.
3714xalb 4xalb1238138408
27/03/2009 07:20
BugMio168 garbage chrs in raw logHi Michael,
I have loaded TGPS into Mio168 (Navman Pin300). I am able to connect com2 4800 and only see garbage characters  (apostrophe, square, ~,0) on raw log. The chrs are the same regardless of baud rate. Navman (SmartST v3) and GPS information access correct data. GPS Information shows RMC & GSA data only, and displays lat/lon, HDOP & PDOP with no time or satelite data.
I have checked the various posts & troubleshooting links - nothing specific on garbage data.
Where to from here? Thanks.
09/04/2009 12:58 Administrator In that case I think that your GPS starts with a default other than NMEA on startup ?
Or, does it remember previous setting when reconnected ?

09/04/2009 09:16 4xalb 4xalb No facility in Mio/Navman software, but have used CEmonitor and GPSinfo to switch between SIRF & NMEA. Characters are the same regardless of sirf/nmea, but stop when gps receiver is disconnected. Have also uninstalled & re-installed TGPS, with hard reset thrown in for good measure as well. PDA uses Microsoft Pocket PC v 4.20.0 (build 14053) I am using tgpssetup2003. Any further ideas?
27/03/2009 10:53 Administrator Is there a way to switch your GPS to NMEA mode using its own software ?

370akzagain akzagain1237843293
23/03/2009 21:21
BugTrack isn t displayed correctHi there.

Nice program! 8)

I've problems displaying a tracks correct. When drawn, it's correct. But after saving it, it's messed up. This also occurs with recorded tracks. As an example, I really did draw the path exact on the lines.

green = displayed track
red  = original track

28/03/2009 16:02 akzagain akzagain Thanks,

When I create a track with and import that into TurboGPS, it is shown correct.

btw: I have to do this by importing waypoints instead of importing a track. Otherwise TurboGPS don't recognizes the full track.

24/03/2009 14:36 Administrator I 'll take a look, I had this issue in the past but it was fixed, let me reconsider it.

Best Regards.

23/03/2009 22:47 akzagain akzagain No, I didn't close the track or normalized it. It also doesn't work with google maps. After a save the track, restart TurboGPS the displayed doesn't match the original.
23/03/2009 21:35 Administrator Ah, just noticed you tried yahoo maps which are not accurate. Use one of the google capture tools at this site to use google maps only.

23/03/2009 21:35 Administrator Do you normalize the track ?

369EliotB EliotB1237798616
23/03/2009 08:56
BugTGPS on Navman S35Hi,  I tried to run TurboGPS on my Navman S35.  It installs but fails to run.
The test application doesn't run either.

The S35 is running a cut down windows CE 5.0.  It is missing aygshell.dll (and others), and has no built in SIP keyboard.    The latest "wince_core" version of OziExplorerCE runs on this device, and now also includes its own keyboard.  But its $40...

It might be cool if TurboGPS could be made to run on this kind of device.
30/03/2009 16:54 BARLO BARLO thankssssssssssss
24/03/2009 00:02 EliotB EliotB [quote author=Michael link=topic=514.msg1998#msg1998 date=1237814818]
I 'll take a look, but I can't promise anything because the SDK we use to develop PPC software contains the full libraries and I am not sure which functions are not there.
In case it helps, Here are the DLLs that are present on the S35:

afd animation asyncmac audevman battdrvr BIBDrv binfs (many btXXX assume bluetooth) busenum ceddk ceshell commctrl commdlg console coredll credprov credsvc crypt32 cxport devmgr dhcp diskcache DISPlay fatfsd fatutil fsdmgr i2c imaging iphlpapi kerneldevice mmtimer mp3dmod msacmce msasn1 msdmo mspart ndis netbios notify nspm obexapi obexsrvr ole32 oleaut32 ONDisk pm PowerButton? ppp quartz regenum rra_stm rsaenh S3c2443_SW_TMC s3c2450_hsmmc_ch1 s32450_wavedev sc2450usbfn schannel SDBus SDMemory secur32 serial serial_smdk2450 serial_smdk2450_HWGPS_CLM _NOCLM serialusbfn shcore shellcelog shlwapi sio950 SiRFNavDrv? ssllsp tapi tcpstk toolhelp touch unimodem unload ubmsfn vspds waveapi wcestreambt wendyser wininet winsock wmadmod wmsdmod ws2 ws2instl wspm zlib

23/03/2009 13:26 Administrator I 'll take a look, but I can't promise anything because the SDK we use to develop PPC software contains the full libraries and I am not sure which functions are not there.

368Cheetah Cheetah1237744557
22/03/2009 17:55
BugCheck for update downloads, keeps showing same verisonI've noticed with 2.00 ~, that the Check for Updates function downloads updates often (though not every time), but there's no change in the version number, and no updates listed in this forum..
22/03/2009 17:58 Administrator The updates are there; It is just internal stuff for KMZ support and/or translation languages that most users shouldn't care of.

Best Regards.
367onkie onkie1236954526
13/03/2009 14:28
BugMapsGrabberMapsGrabber(freeware) Grab Maps from Google (768 x 768 -> 2304 x 2304 px) and calibrate maps for Turbo GPS an GPS Tuner.
[url=][/url] -> click on Ewald's Internetpagina's -> software -> MapsBrabber
[s]direct: [url=][/url][/s]
[size=3][b]Site Moved to: [url=][/url][/b][/size]

simply to use  -  very flexible  -  very fast
Easy same Map with different scale.
Exactly connecting Maps
NW |  N  | NE
  W |  .  | E
SW |  S  | SE

Quick start:
1.Set Width and Hight.
2.Click button Show Google Maps.
3.Use the 7 Google tools and the Mouse buttons and wheel to Pan and Zoom.
4.OK? Click Prepare to save, to get a "clean" Map.
5.Adjust your save options.
  Click Radio button Turbo GPS to get your map with coordinates.
6.When "clean" Map is loaded; click Save.

12/05/2009 15:13 onkie onkie [quote author=bozoo link=topic=506.msg2113#msg2113 date=1241696844]
[quote author=onkie link=topic=506.msg2058#msg2058 date=1239714637]
I wrote MapsGrabbers for my friend, and you can use it.

Could you tell how you grab - how do you create a png or jpg of a map that is being displayed in a window? I'm trying to create my own grabber for my own purposes (but I can share it when it's ready) and this is my biggest pain in the back.

I use the webcontrol and the control capture function in Visual Studio .net 2008.

TIP: Download the new version from my homepage.


07/05/2009 11:47 bozoo bozoo [quote author=onkie link=topic=506.msg2058#msg2058 date=1239714637]
I wrote MapsGrabbers for my friend, and you can use it.

Could you tell how you grab - how do you create a png or jpg of a map that is being displayed in a window? I'm trying to create my own grabber for my own purposes (but I can share it when it's ready) and this is my biggest pain in the back.

16/04/2009 20:40 spearo spearo Looks nice and works OK.Thanks mate

14/04/2009 13:10 onkie onkie Thank you!!!
I wrote MapsGrabbers for my friend, and you can use it.

13/04/2009 11:52 Web Surf Web Surf Great S/W !!!!!

A) I suggest having a function "Insert Centre Marker Here" will be easier for users than "Drag Centre Marker Here"

( If I begin somewhere, move to different part of map, then I have to keep on dragging the centre marker along with me to see it on the current map. This is tedious)

B) Initially when I first saw your software ( only last night), I thought it is going to write out 9 tiles for a 3x3 map. But I see that 3x3 only increases the file pixel dimensions of the single output file.

There is some advantage to offer the customer both types of controls ie the ability to choose tile dimensions and also how many tiles get downloaded automatically at one.

ie the following logic should be possible

i) Choose the tile dimensions as 256x256 or 512x512 or ......... ( Suppose we choose 256x256)
ii) Choose how many tiles to download 3x3 or 6x6 or 9x9 ( Suppose we choose 3x3)
iii) Choose centre of map

iv) In our example, we should get 9 files, each of 256x256. Since the Top Lefts are quantised in your program and not infinitely variable ( Great idea !!!), any duplicate tiles already existing in the maps directory will get overwritten. So no duplicated info.

C) Would like to have a way to see on the map which tiles are already downloaded in the maps directory

D) Would love to have a way to specify an area on the map at zoom 7 and have your program automatically download all the maps for that region at zoom level 8,9,10,11,12 etc ( TERRACROSSER does this and I think thats a great idea)

E) 5x5 tiles or 10x10 tiles by specifying top left tile would help a lot !!!!

F) Would be nice to get map by entering Lat/Long coordinates and also your Google tile number

06/04/2009 05:11 onkie onkie [quote]
Maybe you can make it easier to transfer the center-coordinates into the settings?

Download MapsGrabberHelp  ::)


Navigate in Google to jour target!! After jou klick the green button the centre-coordinates tranfer (automatic) to te settings (for next time use).

(sorry for my English, I have not learned that)

29/03/2009 17:00 Guinness Guinness [quote author=GuinnessTrinker link=topic=506.msg2026#msg2026 date=1238320137]
[quote author=onkie link=topic=506.msg1970#msg1970 date=1236954526]

4. Drag Google Maps Marker to target (centre new map)


How can i manage this?
I see the map i want and did all settings, but i can't save it.


Ok, i got it.
Maybe you can make it easier to transfer the center-coordinates into the settings?

29/03/2009 09:48 Guinness Guinness [quote author=onkie link=topic=506.msg1970#msg1970 date=1236954526]

4. Drag Google Maps Marker to target (centre new map)


How can i manage this?
I see the map i want and did all settings, but i can't save it.

"Toon kaart" is disabled.
The green button asks for the marker.

For those of us who don't know the Netherlands language can try to translate it with google:

If you use GPXViewer (like i do) you can use the same google-key. (yours, not mine)

26/03/2009 05:28 EliotB EliotB FYI
(Edit: No license agreement text inside the forum; Create a text file and include it with the application or attach it to a message as a .txt)

26/03/2009 01:25 onkie onkie New version [b]MapsGrabber.exe [/b] and [b]MapsGrabberHelp.pdf[/b]
[url=] [/url] -> Ewald's Internetpagina's -> MapsGrabber


16/03/2009 20:15 onkie onkie [quote author=Michael link=topic=506.msg1978#msg1978 date=1237219420]
Good tool, I am not sure if you have the license from Google to grab'em, however since it is your key that is used in the grabber I have no problem.

Thank you :D

It is a Google Demo key, get your own free key from google.
Paste the key to textbox [b]Google Key (sleutel)[/b], it wil stored (MabsGrabber.ini)


16/03/2009 20:11 onkie onkie Sorry, wrong coördinate in file name!

[b][size=small]Download new version![/size][/b]


16/03/2009 16:03 Administrator Good tool, I am not sure if you have the license from Google to grab'em, however since it is your key that is used in the grabber I have no problem.

365tidiman07 tidiman071236567071
09/03/2009 02:51
BugMoto Q9C, can t backspacehey, you have an excellent program here! im glad i found it. I'm trying to change the address for online tracking, but my back key doesn't erase the field. I tried other settings and i can't seem to be able to delete/erase anything.

any help?
11/03/2009 16:30 tidiman07 tidiman07 lol; coincidence. i actually found the settings file and modified it and then started tgps. Its fine now.


11/03/2009 15:41 Administrator Remove TGPS.XML from the documents folder and try again.

11/03/2009 15:34 tidiman07 tidiman07 so you guys working on it or something?
I tried uninstalling the app to get default settings but that didn't work. Is there a config file/folder where all the settings are kept?

09/03/2009 10:41 tidiman07 tidiman07 The back key doesn't work at all.
I was looking around for config files or registry settings to modify but couldn't find anything useful.

09/03/2009 06:19 Administrator Hmmm interesting, does it work anywhere in other options, or it doesn't work at all ?

364jamfx jamfx1236360954
06/03/2009 17:35
BugGetting startet, and now... - Cards, Calibration, ExportHi Michael and all others,

i just managed to get my treo pro work with your TurboGPS. I also got an (from now called - just through export on the website of After calibration (via pc) i copied the map to the phone. Now, after catching some satellites, the map is not automaticaly loaded, so I loaded the map manually. Now it shows up in TGPS, but nothing more is happening no movement, nothing.
So my first question is:
A) Ok, i loaded a map, but now? What do I have to do? Do I always have to load it manualy?
B) I understood, that does have the exportfunction implemented, but I would love to have some detailed map. Do I have to download every part by hand and also calibrate it by hand? Isn't there an easier way? But whre?
C) If I have to get the cards and do the calibration manually how much does the overlapping has to be. How much do they have to overlap or shouldn't they at all?

Ok, I hope you will give an helping hand to an "ol greek guy" from berlin, germany.

Euxaristo poli apo tora.
Nikos aka JamFX
PS: My greek writing is not this well and I don't have greek characters here on my pc at all.

06/03/2009 18:00 Administrator GCAP provides the feature to select the dimensions - you should encounter no problems.

06/03/2009 17:54 jamfx jamfx Giasou Michael,

first, thanks for your fast reply. So I i got the point correctly, I'll have to capture about 11.000 tiles for Berlin and get them calibrated? So I'll will ask for a membership like this asap. :-)
So hopefully you can manage to get this feature for openstreetmaps soon. This would be somehow "more legal"  ;D

My screensize on treo pro is 320x320.  Do I have to specify somewhere how big the tiles should be? Or do I have to reduce size manualy (by program of course)
yours jamFX

06/03/2009 17:45 Administrator Hi there.

1. Once the maps are in the maps directory (configurable through options) they will be automatically loaded when Map Options -> Load Offline Maps is there and when the GPS current position contains a map of course.

2. Yes, currently, I can only provide automatic capture and calibration for Google Maps only. See [url=][/url]

3. Overlapping should be as big as possible without making your phone slow. I mean, if your screen size is 320x240 , then if the map is some 600x400 it should be good. I use 800x600 maps. It purely depends on your phone speed.

Best Regards.
363Baerchi Baerchi1236080463
03/03/2009 11:41
BugUser ManualI'm new to the Programm and astonished about all the possibilities. That's where my question comes from: Is there a (comprehensive) User Manual available....????

10/08/2009 09:47 j0nr j0nr Hiya,

I am too looking for some documentation. How can I use the full install? It doesn't work on my HTC Touch HD WM6?



27/03/2009 05:28 Administrator Yes the help file is still being updated.
26/03/2009 23:49 Graeme.N Graeme.N Got that, but there seems to be a lot of info missing, i.e. most of the Options pages are blank.
03/03/2009 13:14 Administrator Hi there. You probably installed the .CAB which is the app-only. If you install the full version ( -> Download -> Full Setup) it has the manual tgps.chm.

Best Regards.

362sferral2003 sferral20031235958132
02/03/2009 01:42
Bugconverting the Tracklogs for GeotaggingI am trying to geotag some photos from my Panasonic DMZ-LZ7 camera. Apparently, programs, like i-tag and Picasa 3 require that each picture have an associated kml file with a single waypoint. I exported the trackfile as a kml and I got a track with coordinates, but not time. It may be possible to use a program like GPS Babel to convert the xml log file, but it does not have Turbo GPS track file as an input option. Is there an option there by another name that would work? Is there an other name for a Turbo GPS track file?
Also, I tried to add the gps data to the pictures I took with my phone. I could not get the data onto the image or onto the EXIF data. Is there some documentation on doing this? I am guessing that it may only be possible for certain phones. Any clues?


Shane Ferral
03/03/2009 07:00 Administrator Hello there - it seems there is a problem with KMZ export - I will take a look asap.

02/03/2009 19:35 sferral2003 sferral2003 I could not get the various/image for current position or various/image with coordinates to actually write anything to my root directory (my documents). I tried the 4 export formats. The loc format uses the tag of waypoint and geocache, but neither it nor the other formats retain the date/time field. The kmz seems to be a corrupt file it as 3 invalid characters "PK" and yeilds an error when opened with google Earth.
Are there any conversion tools for the tgpstrk.xml files?

02/03/2009 17:14 sferral2003 sferral2003 Ok. I had played around  with this but could not figure it out. Is this supposed to create a kmz file when I select it? I did not see one. Any documentation on this one? I will try it again.
02/03/2009 09:05 Administrator Hello there.
Turbo GPS cannot save EXIF data, but you can try exporting a KMZ so pictures are included (using the various->Camera shot for current position) and later manipulate the KMZ file from your software.

Best Regards.
361sferral2003 sferral20031235942875
01/03/2009 21:27
Bugtracking just stops working, with on click track recording I Downloaded and tried Turbo GPS last week. It seemed to work quite well. However, today, the tracking feature seems to work intermittent at best. What I am trying to do is to use the log on click option. (I am using a HTC Mogul with Windows CE 5). I have tried various things to get it to log whenever I press the screen, including installing the most recent update (2.0~). I also do not know how to tell if the application is actually writing to my log at the time that I click the screen. I have to stop recording and then open track view in order to see if any points were logged. Is there any way that I can make this feature more dependable and get some immediate feedback that I was successful? Also, I have tried to set the recording so that it will log when I am moving at 0 mph, turn 0 degrees, etc. I am not sure if this matters. It does not seem to make a difference.
Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.


Shane Ferral
02/03/2009 01:41 sferral2003 sferral2003 The "add a trackpoint" event was not associated with a sound. I was able to give it a loud enought sound so that I can now hear it. This has helped a lot. I am trying to geotag some photos from my Panasonic DMZ-LZ7 camera. Apparently, programs, like i-tag and Picasa 3 require that each picture have an associated kml file with a single waypoint. I exported the trackfile as a kml and I got a track with coordinates, but not time. It may be possible to use a program like GPS Babel to convert the xml log file, but it does not have Turbo GPS track file as an input option. Is there an option there by another name that would work? Is there an other name for a Turbo GPS track file?
Also, I tried to add the gps data to the pictures I took with my phone. I could not get the data onto the image or onto the EXIF data. Is there some documentation on doing this? I am guessing that it may only be possible for certain phones. Any clues?


Shane Ferral

01/03/2009 21:48 sferral2003 sferral2003 No, I do not hear the sound. I will play around and see if I have something turned off. Also, perhaps unrelated, I think that I have the wrong (2003?) version installed on my cellphone. I have windows ce 5.0 running on my phone, but I was getting an error when I tried to insall 5.0, so I installed another version. The version is mobile 6 professional (CE OS 5.2.1238).
I do not know if this makes a difference.
Thanks for getting back so fast.

01/03/2009 21:31 Administrator The "log on click" option is quite new - I will take a look to see if there is a problem.  But however, when it is enabled, you have a red button and a sound is heard when you click on it. Do you hear that sound ?

360ferdix ferdix1235858688
28/02/2009 22:04
Bugaltitude offset possible hi,
i'm very happy that i found your great software. It has every feature i need and lots more. That could be the only disadvantage - it very often takes some time to find the specific switch i'm want to use....
One thing i didn't find until now - is there a field for the altitude offset so i get the nearly correct altitude in e.g. munich?

thanks for all
19/04/2009 15:19 Guinness Guinness [quote author=zapfen link=topic=493.msg1945#msg1945 date=1236359113]
Hi Michael, I think this usefull too. Other GPS Software have this option also. Please think about it. Regards zapfen.

I agree with zapfen.
If you need further informations just google the keywords:
"WGS84 ellipsoid heights MSL altitude"

NMEA GGA messages are WGS84 ellipsoid heights.
MSL altitude should be obtained by adding the relative geoid height.

Thats what we need.

06/03/2009 17:05 zapfen zapfen Hi Michael, I think this usefull too. Other GPS Software have this option also. Please think about it. Regards zapfen.
02/03/2009 15:41 ferdix ferdix You are right - the value will change from region to region.
But if you travel around in an area of only lets say 200km the difference to the correct altitude would not be to large and at least smaller than the 40m i get without the correction value.

My English isn't to good, maybe you can find a better explanation at the linked site (they seam to be native speakers...)


02/03/2009 09:08 Administrator Hi there. I am not sure I still understand what you are saying, but altitude is measured from the sea level, not from the current ground. But it is common for many GPS devices to report altitude incorrectly; the problem is that, that error is not static so I can place a static offset to Turbo GPS; It varies depending on the area.

01/03/2009 11:10 ferdix ferdix I'm not very good in the techical aspects of gps altitude measuring.
My former gps receiver was quit good with altitudes - the difference e.g. in the alps where you can easily check the value against the sign on the top of the mountains was usually only a few meters.
In Germany the offset value varies from 36-50 meters depending of your location the far north or e.g. the black forrest. Most of the time i use the gps in a range of about 300km - so the failure should be close to zero or at least not to high.


01/03/2009 07:25 Administrator Hi again.
No, Turbo GPS does not yet offer that feature, but I might add it in a newer version.  But how can you be sure that the difference in altitude is always 50m ?

28/02/2009 22:32 ferdix ferdix Sorry, didn't express me clearly...

My XDA Orbit (HTC) doesn't correct the divergence of the real world (geoide) to the idealized ellipsoidal model that it uses. In Germany this means that the offset is about 50m lower and therefore displayed not correctly in turbo gps (at least i think so mine does).

I would be perfect if there was a field where i could enter a manual offset.
Do you think this could be a future feature or did i miss the already existing switch...


28/02/2009 22:15 Administrator Hm ? I don't understand.
What do you mean "Altitude offset" ?

359svetbg svetbg1235773994
27/02/2009 22:33
BugAcceleration from 0 to 100Hi,

I am new to Turbo GPS.
Is it possible to track / measure the acceleration from 0 to 100 with this software?

17/04/2010 20:25 mjollnir mjollnir [quote author=Michael link=topic=492.msg1918#msg1918 date=1235774057]
Hi there, currently not, but I will add an acceleration meter in a future version.

Best Regards.

Hello Michael

is this feature implemented now?

TGPS is great!

27/02/2009 22:38 svetbg svetbg Thanks for the quick response.

I am waiting for this awesome feature ;)

27/02/2009 22:34 Administrator Hi there, currently not, but I will add an acceleration meter in a future version.

Best Regards.

358pcs245 pcs2451235558030
25/02/2009 10:33
Bugsamsung epix i907i need some help with my samsung epix settings using tgps. it doesn't seem to work.
02/03/2009 09:09 Administrator Try the troubleshooting list (

28/02/2009 17:16 pcs245 pcs245 google maps works fine. and it acquires satellite. but when i tried turbo gps at com1 an baud rate at 4800 it didn't work and it doesn't acquire satellite. i need some help with this...
357Franceschiello Franceschiello1235401214
23/02/2009 15:00
BugCalibrationHi, I download today TGPS and so I don't know very well this program, but I read in forum that for calibrate own map, I must write coordinate corner of image..

So, I think that it would be very better if you would can calibrate map through gps position or waypoints.

Program are very nice and I will try to translate in Italian. Now I must know better program.

29/03/2009 16:39 denasqu denasqu Any chance we will see a reference point feature like GPSDash had?  Where TurboGPS we can identify two or more reference points on a map and the program figures it out from there.

I'm trying to use existing trail maps for the Everglades and I just can't figure out a reliable way to pinpoint the corners or the center of a map because it's just wilderness.

23/02/2009 15:04 Administrator Hi there, please check the forum for map discussion (and more importantly, , and

Best Regards.

356itchytweed itchytweed1235315730
22/02/2009 15:15
BugTGPS 2.00 / HTC FUZE / WM 6.1 / camera shot w/coords questionWhen I use this option, the picture resolution is 640x480 with no way of changing it.

Is there a possibility of having an option to increase the resolution used? The HTC Fuze/Raphael has a 3 Mpixel camera and the higher resolution would be more useful.

Best Regards,


22/02/2009 20:58 itchytweed itchytweed I have tried to change the resolution manually. The camera application locks it at 640x480.

I am going to have to poke around the registry involving the camera as there appears to be ten different setups available, P1 through P10. One of them may be the answer but I have to find out which one it is.

Best Regards...

22/02/2009 15:25 Administrator Hi there, the properties of the picture is outside of T-GPS control.
When you are taking a picture you should have controls in the screen and/or menus to adjust the resolution.

Best Regards.
354mneves mneves1235134752
20/02/2009 12:59
BugRecord tracking and export to KMZI would like to know if it would be possible to TGPS record tracks and export them as KMZ files with POIôs (with images attached), as i know it only export tracks as KML.

Thks in advanced.

Marco Neves

20/02/2009 14:20 Administrator Yes, use the Business Contact Forum (

20/02/2009 14:08 mneves mneves Hi,

Thks for your quickly response. Itôs possible to contact you about a project related with Mobile and Education? We are interest in a particulary software and iôd like to discuss this with you.

20/02/2009 13:16 Administrator Not currently, but I might consider it for a newer version.

Best Regards.
353grayfood grayfood1234989932
18/02/2009 20:45
BugThanks & help with my experience with the OMINIAHello
First of all thanks very much Michael.
What a fantastic piece of software, it does pretty much everything I hoped for when I was searching for gps software.

Issues I faced :

getting the omnia to work with GPS - needed GPSPROXY
overcoming - satellite lock anxiety
getting my own maps to display

all of these I have resolved thanks to other posts.

If anyone needs help with setting up their OMNIA please contact me.

Thanks again.
Michael I am a Geography teaching in an inner city school in London and this piece of software will help me and my kids so much - thanks.

28/02/2009 01:00 karimyafi karimyafi Hi Michael,

The confusing thing is... in another application (mentioned in another thread.. I think it's BasicGPS) there are some raw GPS data logging in the log of that app though it's not working properly, I mean, though that this data is not used to give current position or to direct the compass... the behavior is just as the behavior of TGPS... that is... nothing happens!!!
Why this app can log data and not TGPS??? ??? TGPS can't even log raw data on Omnia!!! which is quite confusing!!!
So now, logically, the target would be:
[li]To get the data entering the app after a successful connection... a UI component would be useful for the user to know if the app is looking for data or simply idle... like a sand clock or something... TGPS is not giving a clue to its user of what it is doing!!![/li]
[li]Once the data is captured in TGPS, trying to understand the format of the data and then parse it or use it directly would be the next step to do..[/li]


26/02/2009 18:54 Administrator You know the problem? If TGPS does receive data, it still shows them in the raw log. That means that if something is sending data, even if it is Garmin data, Turbo GPS should still display them in the raw log.

Nothing displayed = nothing received - or at least as far as I know.

26/02/2009 18:14 karimyafi karimyafi Hi Michael,

a pleasure to reply you!!!
What I meant in my last post is why needing an extra software to make your superb app working on some devices like Omnia... what GPSProxy does is clear and can be replicated in TGPS in cases where the GPS data are entering TGPS in a different format than the one expected... Honestly, I don't think that the problem comes from the fact that COM3 is not accessible by TGPS and thus we need a port splitter app. Because ticking the check box in the third tab tells windows to manage multiple connections to the port where GPS data are present for apps, further, even with a port splitter TGPS didn't want to work!!!
What I suggest to do is:
- Checking what GPSProxy has more than GPS Splitter and GPSGate..
- If it's a conversion of GPS data format, GPSProxy is open source and we can integrate the small part of it that makes TGPS working with no harm or extra installation but TGPS.


23/02/2009 13:59 Administrator The problem is that Turbo GPS is limited in functionality to the devices I actually have access to. I didn't have any chance so far to verify if the data is in garmin format because I don't have the particular model.

Moreover, it is garmin that should support the NMEA standard, not me having to support their proprietary format.

23/02/2009 13:31 karimyafi karimyafi Hi Greyfood..

Thnx for the reply... actually I'm not very hot to spoil the Garmin app in order to make TGPS working... after all TGPS was designed to be simple, light and useful.. the case now is the opposite for getting it to work on some PPC's..
So now let's be objective... the GPS receiver on the Omnia is throwing its data on port COM9 with a Baud rate of 9600 by default... and this shouldn't be changed as the GPS receiver was hard-coded to put the data there.. now, the OS is encapsulating, formatting these data and putting them ready for applications to share it on COM3.. and I think the Baud rate is kept unchanged (9600)... now, I assume the problem with some applications (like TGPS and most GPS apps using raw GPS data) is that the driver of the GPS receiver on the Omnia is formatting the raw GPS data into a certain format (I think Garmin format) that the applications at hand can't handle directly... so additional apps like PortSplitter and GPSGate are useless as they only allow the creation of virtual ports related to one real port (by default the COM3 where the OS make the received GPS data available for apps) and putting the same data available on COM3 on those virtual ports... I'm not sure but I think GPSProxy has the ability to return the data to their raw format and thus be used by TGPS and making it running...
The question now, why not adding this functionality in TGPS? I think this question should be addressed to Michael... and I'm fully ready to contribute in this work... and by this TGPS would be more complete and compatible with more devices...
Any comments??? ???


20/02/2009 14:29 grayfood grayfood Hello

I am afraid I don't know the answer to your Garmin query.
What I would try is - delete it and see what happens.
If it means that Garmin stops working - Hard reset and begin again.

Did you get TurboGPS working?

Forgot to mention in the last post that you need to tell TurboGPS where to find its GPS data. So in TurboGPS - TOOLS - GPS  - GPS setup - Port set to COM1 (or whichever one you told GPSProxy to mirror to) - OK

Then you need to TOOLS - GPS - Connect. You should get the sound notification.

Then go to VIEWS - Satellite - if it is working you will see all of the satellites available.

Good luck.

20/02/2009 14:10 karimyafi karimyafi Thank you Grayfood for your instructions...

Actually I spent a whole day trying to get it working and at the end.... I couldn't :-\..
I tried the PortSplitter, GPSGate, and even GPSProxy... but none of them seemed to work... however I have to admit that I didn't try the GPSProxy as you described.. indeed, during installation of GPSProxy there are some messages asking to install additional cabs... but as you said I ignore them..
Now my question is, I have installed Garmin... and it's working fine with no need of any other app to be running in background (no splitter no gate nor proxy)... so here, if google maps is monopolizing port com3 (or the whole hardware port com9) as you're saying, how does Garmin get the GSP data in this case? another thing, if I delete the "GPS Garmin Extension" option in the GPSProxy, will I still be able to use Garmin as it is now? if I turn the GPSProxy off then, will everything be back as it is??
Thanks for replying..


19/02/2009 21:25 grayfood grayfood Hello karimyafi

I think that google maps is the problem with the OMNIA - it hogs/locks the gps output from the gps chip.

On your omnia there are two ports set up for gps

COM3 this is where the chip outputs your gps data
COM9 this is a VIRTual port which I think has been set up for google maps to use.

To get TGPS working all you need to do is to install a port splitter so that you can share COM3 output with other apps.

I tried GPSGATE - could not get it to work
I tried portsplitter - it did not recognise COM3 so it was of no use.

GPSproxy is the one I had success with (even though it reported a problem on installation - ignore this and use it anyway).

Once you have GPSproxy installed :

Go to MENU EXTENSIONS and delete the GPS Garmin Extension option.
Go to MENU EXTENSIONS configure

Set GPS COM Port to COM3

tick - Mirror GPS input

Output COM Port  to COM1 (does not have to be 1 0 could be any free port)

Thats it. Back to the main screen click start.
Start up TGPS - View Satellite  and wait for your lock.

Then you should be good to go.

19/02/2009 14:52 karimyafi karimyafi Hello everybody,
It seems that there are some problems in order to have Turbo GPS running on OMNIA devices... please can anybody describe in details how to set it up from scratch with necessary links needed to download any additional apps??
Thank you very much in advance... and looking forward to hearing from you..


19/02/2009 12:05 spearo spearo Everywhere the same Michael.
Among my friends here nobody copes even with PC,not mentioning PPC.
Well,the 21 century... ;)


19/02/2009 11:25 Administrator No I meant they don't even know what GPS is, not even a commercial app about it.

19/02/2009 11:16 spearo spearo Hahaha..
TGPS is not for fast food lovers ,as all off road gps programs.
Most people use commercial software because they neednt think too much.
Fortunately there are some enthusiasts.......

Thanks Michael again.I enjoy using and experimenting the latest version.
Regards guys

19/02/2009 06:31 Administrator It is nice to know that TGPS is also used for educational purposes - here in Greece, virtually no Geography teachers are aware of GPS or even more Turbo GPS :(.

352bigdud bigdud1234210856
09/02/2009 20:20
BugNewbie user s experienceMichael,

I just had my first extended experience with tgps, and wanted to share some of my observations with you.  My main interest is in using it as a simple guidance tool to find my way to a given destination.  Geocaching is high on the list.

In a car (with my wife driving), I selected a previously defined waypoint about 15 miles away and said "Go".  I used the first display that came up, the one that looks something like the attachment. I hope it shows up...)

All the information looked correct- speed, distance, time to target, etc. But then when I tried to use the Tools or View functions, I found that they were locked out. The only way I could get back in was to press the OK button on the device.  This took me back to the Today screen, and when I pressed the tiny icon in the lower right corner, I came back in to tgps, only this time the display had changed.  The direction pointer was gone; I couldn't get it to come back. I had to take tgps down and start all over agin to get it back. Are there conditions when the direction pointer is not shown?

I learned a lot about the behavior, and I believe that there is a lot of function there, including some very esoteric stuff that I'd never use nor even understand.  I'm especially confused about all the map variations and how they would benefit me. Excluding the anomalies I noted in the last paragraph, my general conclusion is that it's probably working OK; I just don't know how to interpret the massive amount of information that's presented.  In my ignorance, I'd prefer a less-cluttered screen.

I appreciate the amount of work that must have gone into this project. Thanks for your effort...
15/02/2009 19:58 bigdud bigdud OK.  Good to hear from you. :)
15/02/2009 19:49 Administrator It is very alive, but I was very busy these days. Don't worry, I will consider your recommendations in next update.

Best Regards.

15/02/2009 16:47 bigdud bigdud ....HELLO....???  Is anybody home?

This forum seems to have died...

10/02/2009 03:59 bigdud bigdud A new problem-  The device locked up after trying to set a new waypoint.  The tgps init file causing the problem is attached.  I had to remove this file and reinitialize the program to continue.
351ffnick ffnick1234189459
09/02/2009 14:24
BugDatumJust a quick question. Which datum does TurboGPS use?
thanx for awesome PPC software.
09/02/2009 15:09 ffnick ffnick Err? Why did I not see that?

09/02/2009 14:29 Administrator See tools->TGPS Options->UTM type for available UTM grid types.

Best Regards.

350bigdud bigdud1234134591
08/02/2009 23:09
BugCannot enter standby when tgps is runningIf tgps is active, I can't put my ppc in standby.  Is this intended?
09/02/2009 15:16 bigdud bigdud Pressing the power button has no effect.  In fact, pressing it once locks the device up.  Pressing it again then unlocks it so that I can invoke the 'Shutdown' function, and tgps ends. 

This happens even if GPS is not connected.
I have an HTC Tilt (Kaiser)

09/02/2009 06:38 Administrator Normally TGPS does not allow the phone to go to sleep mode automatically. If you manually press the "power" button, it should go off.

349bigdud bigdud1233939355
06/02/2009 16:55
BugOption for file storageI noticed that certain files (e.g. waypoints, tracks) are stored in "My Documents".  It would be nice to have an option to let the user decide the location, such as Storage Card, special folders, etc.
08/02/2009 16:59 Administrator No , because the current bearing is not taken from the actual magnetic north (as a normal compass would do), but rather by comparing the previous and next positions (a process done in the GPS hardware), so one needs to be moving in order for the compass to work.

08/02/2009 16:14 bigdud bigdud Sorry, I just tested it again and it's working fine. I must have misinterpreted something when I first tried it.

However- I don't know what your reasons are for not wanting to use the registry, but from my prespective it only follows that a program as comprehensive and well-written as yours should be. (using the registry, that is...)

An unrelated question- Being new to GPS, I found out early on that compass direction, etc. can only be calculated while one is moving.  Is there anything that can be done or observed from the application when the hand-held is not moving?

08/02/2009 12:15 Administrator Hi there. I 've tested it in my ppc, it seems to work. What exactly are you trying?
Also, I can't store the tgps.xml somewhere else because there should be some location known for it (I don't want to use the registry) in order to load tracks and other stuff.

07/02/2009 03:27 bigdud bigdud Thanks for the fast response, but it doesn't seem to work.  I specify a folder on the the storage card, but the next time I launch the program, it's reverted back to the default settings.

Also, it looks like you only made the change for Track info.  I'd like to see one global setting for *ALL* tgps-related files.

07/02/2009 00:03 Administrator Done in version 2.00 ~.

06/02/2009 17:02 Administrator Yea I 've thought of such an option, I will add it to next release.

348locustfurnace locustfurnace1233849278
05/02/2009 15:54
BugWaypoint ReqTurboGPS is an excellent app. Works great on my Mio P550 PDA. The program does just about anything I could think of in a feeware app. Almost.
I been looking for a simple program that can be used for quick, fast waymarking. A program with a single button, that 'stores a timestamped position whenever pressed, independent of other options selected' which could be called an "Event button".
I know TurboGPS can easily do waypoints, but it requires me using my stylus, clicking a few options, and typing in a waypoint. Which is not fast or efficient when using waymarks to mark alot of objects for later measurement.
I do alot of genealogy research and have to take alot of photographs of tombstones. Using a gps and the camera is a great way to archive their existence, location, and for transcription. But since they are often many in a cemetery, it would require alot of time spent waymarking if I have to enter each waymark manually, But a simple single button would help seperate the timestamps to exact locations of a tombstone.
Something simliar to this device  - seems it would be simple and easy to impliment in TurboGPS, or even a stripped down version of TurboGPS which could have minimal options and just a single button to record a waymark each time it is pressed. It would not need to record routes or paths or every tick, just record to a log file only when the button is pressed. This would allow better mapping of a cemetery as well as more precise geo-tagging with less false geotags matches if timestamps are not as precise between camera and gps.

If this is already possible in TurboGPS, i've not figured that out yet. But thanks for any ideas.
30/08/2009 06:17 mrpingo mrpingo [quote author=Michael link=topic=467.msg1828#msg1828 date=1233965038]
Done in version 2.00 ~, please update to latest using the tools menu -> Update Check.

How was this implemented? Which button is used to record a waypoint? Thanks.

24/02/2009 20:52 aXe aXe Hello there. Thanks a lot for the donation!

Michael already plans to enhance the waypoint editor in a future version and also sort them.

24/02/2009 20:34 vcespon vcespon Hi I just discovered Turbo GPS recently and I agree with most people here that it's one of the best done softwares I've ever installed on my PDA. A lot of features, small, fast, compatible with popular formats and very configurable. I have just sent a donation, a little compensation for the team efforts.

One thing that I would like to see improved is the waypoint management. You can sort the waypoints on the list by proximity, but then cannot select one and go there. Is it possible to add Tools - GoTo - Selected waypoint?
Also, some way to sort the waypoints on the list, when you have hundreds it would be easier if thet are alphabetically sorted.
And, the possibility of displaying only waypoints on a certain category (so you can have a long list but use only a few of them).

Congratulations also to the member that did the rename tool for the Map Calibrator maps, I already had a good collection for GPStuner, and now can use them with TurboGPS too.

07/02/2009 00:03 Administrator Done in version 2.00 ~, please update to latest using the tools menu -> Update Check.

347bigdud bigdud1233805331
05/02/2009 03:42
BugGreat looking program, but I don t know how to use itEverything I see so far looks great, and all the options and functions appear to work fine.  But it's quite complicated for the first time user, and I'm not sure what I can do with it.  For example, does it have functions similar to the Garmin Etrex? Can I set up a route?  Can I use it for geocaching?  I would guess one can, but it would be nice to have a "User's Manual" explaining how to do certain tasks.  Or even a "Quick Start" guide for some basic tasks.
Apologies for my ignorance; I'm new to GPS, but I'm a long-time software developer, and I congratulate you for what looks like a very fine piece of work!
05/02/2009 17:55 Administrator

This is the full setup, and once installed, the tgps.chm is in tgps installation directory.

05/02/2009 16:17 bigdud bigdud I can't find any anything you mention- neither 'Full Setup' nor tgps.chm.

What home page are you referring to- the one on the application or on your website? (or somewhere iin the forum?)

05/02/2009 06:24 Administrator Hello there.
The "Full Setup" in the tgps home page has a help file (tgps.chm) which should help you understanding what you can do with TGPS.

Best Regards.

346Jeoka Jeoka1233182333
28/01/2009 22:38
BugConnecting Bluetooth GPS receiverHi, George here (Giorgos)

I have a "high-end" AXIM x30 (built-in bluetooth/wireless, WinMobile 2003SE, 624Hz clock) and a bluetooth GPS receiver (description below:

Brand: G33 by GlobeTop
Working Frequency: L1, 1575.42MHz
C/A code: 1.023 MHz chip rate
Satellite Tracking Count: 51 channel
Sensitivity: -158dBm
Antenna Type: Built in low noise active antenna

I just installed TGPS and it runs, but I can't seem to get the software to see the bluetooth GPS receiver no matter what I do.

I have no trouble with my TomTom 6 (I just mention that to show I'm not a COMPLETE dumbass?) but no matter what I do - I can't figure out how to connect it to TGPS?

Any help anyone can offer please?

Thank you in advance
28/01/2009 22:45 Administrator Supposing that you have checked the troubleshooting list at , try first to use the GPSApi, and if this does not work, try again a different baud rate or a port splitter.

Best Regards.
345andread andread1232636635
22/01/2009 15:03
BugLive tracking optionsI have just found this great program, and i think it is the most complete on it's kind!
More features than you will ever use  :)

I'm experimenting a bit with the live tracking option, here are 1-2 things that may be useful:

1) add the UTC time in the parameters (%6 ?) of the gps point. I have noticed that sometimes due to GPRS problems some packets may come long after they are send and even all together... It makes it difficult to "put them apart"

2) may be an extra parameter (%)  that gets set to 1 when the position is send "manually" with "send now". Or similary 2 extra buttons along with "send now" , "Send Start" , "Send End" that they will set this extra parameter to different values: ie 0-> auto send, 1->manually send , 2 -> "start" , 3 -> "end". This way a server can be written to split trackpoints into different tracks.

Thank you again for this super piece of Software,

22/01/2009 15:06 Administrator Thanks for your suggestions, I will consider them as soon as I return back.

Best Regards.
344Dingley Del Dingley Del1232384524
19/01/2009 17:02
BugDislpaying mapsHi Michael,

In one of your posts regarding map file names, you have included a width and height parameter too...

[i]Then it is very simple, just name your map with the format x1_y1_x2_y2_width_height.png (x1,y1, left top corner, x2,y2, right bottom corner).

For example, 24.324_37.3242_24.552_37.142_800_600.png.
TGPS will automatically use your map.[/i]

My file names do not include the width & height parameter and I use .jpg.  Please can you explain what difference it makes to how the maps are displayed if this parameter is included in the file name.

In the example, is 800 x 600 your phones screen resolution?

many thanks again

16/02/2009 04:18 bosbrucec bosbrucec I've been impressed that TGPS works so well with WM 6.1 on my LG Incite, but have had little luck with maps ... I can view dynamically loaded maps but despite fiddling with "Use Dynamic Maps" and "Save Dynamic Maps" I can't seem to get more than just one screen size map when I have no wifi (no data plan so don't want to use 3G).  Shouldn't it be able store everything I look at (areas, zoom sizes) so I can later use those maps offline, and are there any pointers on how to do this?

I also tried using X1_Y1_X2_Y2_Xres_Yres.png (and .jpg, and removing _Xres_Yres in case that was wrong with map images from ... I exported using Mapnik , and even tried some permutations without "-" ... TGPS shows X: 71 11' 16.077"W Y:42 31' 24.680"N (15 M North of Boston) and I tried the likes of a 2k x 2k map of Metro Boston area called -71.571_42.671_-70.895_42.138.png (with and without the _1978_1988 resolution).  I'm quite sure I set the maps dir properly, though not sure what the "Map Margin" is so left it at 20.  I'm sure I'm making some obvious mistake; any help appreciated!

Cheers, Bruce

19/01/2009 20:57 Dingley Del Dingley Del Thanks Michael,

I added _1839_1055 (my jpg file resolution) to my file names and TGPS loads instantly.

The maps display correctly now.

Thanks for clearing that up for me, it now makes sense.


19/01/2009 20:27 Administrator Then there are not 320x240. Load them to a paint program and look their resolutions.
You don't use the SCREEN resolution to them, you use the actual file resolution.

19/01/2009 20:19 Dingley Del Dingley Del Hi Michael

Thanks for your reply.

I have 31 maps loaded, and yes it takes a little while for the program to load.

I added _320_240 (my screen resolution) to the file name.  TGPS loads quickly, but my maps do not display as before.

Before the change all 31 maps 'knitted together' and scrolled smoothly.  Now there are large gaps between the maps and the display will jump randomly between the various maps when scrolling.

I have re-named my file names back as before.  I will gladly live with the extra time for the program load.

I have used TGPS all day today whilst at work to track my routes.  No problems and very impressed with all the features.


19/01/2009 19:15 Administrator Hello there.
If you do not include the resolution in the name, then TGPS will open the jpg or any other file to get the size each time it loads. If you have many maps, that might consume much time. I will later put a function to do that once and append the size to the map name.

Best Regards.

343Dingley Del Dingley Del1232306620
18/01/2009 19:23
BugConnection SoundHi,

Is there any way the 'connected to GPS' sound can be changed or disabled.


18/01/2009 20:20 Dingley Del Dingley Del Thanks for your help.  I will try the different settings.


18/01/2009 19:58 Administrator These options are to save battery by only parsing one of the two messages and not both. You should leave it to auto. If you put it to RMC, TGPS will ignore RMC messages. If you put it to GGA, TGPS will ignore GGA messages. Most GPS devices    send both messages, so ignoring one of them saves time and cpu and battery. Try to see if your GPS works with either setting.

Sizing is an issue, I will do my best to fix it later on.

Best Regards.

18/01/2009 19:53 Dingley Del Dingley Del Thanks Michael.

This really is a fantastic progam and since the last update the progam is very stable.

On the GPS Configuration screen what do the options RMC, GGA, AUTO, NONE actually mean? ......also on my HTC620 handset I cannot see the lower half of the GPS Configuration screen.  Is there a reason for this?

Thanks again


18/01/2009 19:24 Administrator Currently not, but I 'll put one in next update.

342Dutchie Dutchie1232283174
18/01/2009 12:52
BugHow to start?Hello, after I've got this new HTC S740 smartfone with GPS-function, I was very glad to discover TurboIRC. I've installed it immediately, but I can't get started. Subpages are therse to stay without anu posiblity for navigating on them. The next time I start Turbo, the same subpage starts up first. And after I've solved this problem, how to connect to the internal GPS? Also automatical?
I'm using WM 6.1, so that is perhaps the cause of the problem? (I hope not).
18/01/2009 13:56 Dutchie Dutchie Thanks for the reaction! I'm Dutch, so pardon my English.
Yes, after installation I could see the startpage (GPS) and I could use the 'Views' and 'Tools' items. So I did for setting up my GPS (Tools > GPS). That gave me the connecting 'subpage' But this page froze and did also show up at first after starting Turbo again. I had to make a new installation of Turbo on my phone, to get the startpage and working 'View' and 'Tools' items again.
So, how to deal with this problem?

18/01/2009 12:54 Administrator Hello there, what do you mean "subpage"? Do you see Turbo GPS starting screen on startup? Is there a menu at the startup screen with the "Views" and "Tools" items ?
341zaic zaic1232042007
15/01/2009 17:53
Bugproblem in pursuit mode [resolved]i have situation: 'tracking' is off, 'pursuit' is on, interval - 15sek and some URLs inserted. first received coordinates is correct, but next is the same. point on map not moving, distance not changing. pursued objects always in move, and server give real coordinate. example server answer:
<n>=GPS1= (43.5 kmH)</n>
X and Y changing, Z always 0 (altitude in 3D?), N - remark (name and current speed)
what is wrong?

upd: not working on WM2003 and WM5, on PC version working fine
13/10/2009 22:50 zaic zaic ok, last fix is working correct, tranks!
06/10/2009 07:21 zaic zaic ok, this is not described on help or features.
i'm added it to parameters ('t=%s') and result: PC version - OK, WM5 - OK, WM2003 sending 't=%s'.

05/10/2009 12:11 Administrator The issue is already fixed (Make sure you have latest Turbo GPS by checking for updates).

Adding to your url  the "%s" will replace it with the current tick count, which is unique each time the url is parsed.
For example

%s will be replaced by the current tick count.

05/10/2009 11:53 zaic zaic when something changes for this? ???
16/06/2009 20:54 Administrator I 'll probably make it so it posts the time in seconds elapsed, which means that it will be a unique request each time.

15/06/2009 12:36 zaic zaic some ideas about my question? :(

a good solution of problem would be like this:
[quote author=zaic link=topic=446.msg1987#msg1987 date=1237405239]
'' - dynamic (not cached) request[/quote]
%6,%7,%8 like in internet tracking - hour,min,second

18/03/2009 19:40 zaic zaic time in the answer of my php script is the additional information in field <n></n>,
it also shows on the map with the pressing by stylus on the point.
in the pursue URL it's required as dynamic parameter, for example:
'' - static (cached) request,
'' - dynamic (not cached) request
or '' - %r = random string(number)

18/03/2009 14:31 Administrator So your php script will also post the time ? But in what format ? And how TGPS will be able to reproduce it in the map ? Should I draw the time ?

18/03/2009 00:05 zaic zaic Hi! i got the problem where!
TGPS on WinMobile use IE cache. if this cache cleared (Internet Explorer - menu - service - option - memory - clear files), program doing another one request (from log in server).
changing of the parameters in request string also makes to resolve problem.
is possible to add into request the parameter %t (for example, the current date/time) for the convenience and for the solution of problem?

06/03/2009 17:09 zaic zaic on PC in folder c:\program files\TGPS and WM in folder \My Document i see file 'tgpspursue.xml'.
'created' and 'changing' atribute is changing, but on PC this file changing inside (parameters) on every requests from server, on WM version it's not (only first request after start program).

UPD: i seen logfile from server, WM versions doing only ONE request after start, and no more.

08/02/2009 19:12 zaic zaic Hi! it' me again  :)
from the new version i hoped to see changes in a pursuit mode, but all the same.
in the PC version markers moving, on WM (3 and 5) stand stiil. how it should be work actually?
ps: screenshot's from PC. it is possible to correct 640x480 mode? it's vertical, not horizontal.

16/01/2009 09:46 zaic zaic it's realy works on PC


15/01/2009 22:18 Administrator I 'll take a look, it is very weird that it works on PC.
340Cheetah Cheetah1231800713
12/01/2009 22:51
BugSun & Moon randomnessI've noticed that the blue arrow on the sun and moon screens (bearing to the item, yes?) jumps around for me, seemingly randomly.  At first I thought this was because my receiver reports random-ish headings at low velocities when stationary, but the jumpiness of the sun & moon screens persists even when driving in a straight line and the receiver reports a stable heading.

None of the NMEA sentences my receiver is sending (GGA, RMC, GSV, GSA) include anything about the sun/moon AFAICT, and T-GPS is seeing a stable and correct bearing when I'm moving, and a stable location for the sun/moon, so it seems like it should get a stable bearing to the sun/moon too.

I'm using 2.00 RC 8, but have seen this behavior with earlier 2.00 RC/Alpha versions.
13/01/2009 15:03 Administrator Hi there.
Normally, the bearing to the sun and moon is calculated from the current date and position. Thanks for submitting an issue, I will take a look at it and fix it if possible.

339zapfen zapfen1231595993
10/01/2009 13:59
BugComments and Suggestions 2.00 RC 8Hi Michael,
Thanks again for this cool gps tool. Here my comments and feature requests to the latest RC.

1. Path view does not update the screen any more only if you press any key.

Feature request:
1. Dialog import track from gpx "chose the waypoints to import" add button select all
2. Moving Map: Let the possibility to move on the map without fixed GPS Position. If the gps loose his fixed position: stay on the actual position and change just the cursor colour or remove it. This is useful in tunnels where I loose the position just for some seconds and get it later back.
3. Moving map: change the map before the cursor (actual position) is on the border. Perhaps 20px before.
4. Remember the last export path for track or route exports.
5. Accessing the menu view and tools also with keyboard shortcuts

These are little features but in my eyes they improve the usability.

27/02/2009 12:56 vcespon vcespon A few more:

- Possibility to create a Waypoint clicking on the map (to mark points before going there)
- When importing from GPX the names of the waypoints are not imported
- Possibility to clear all the waypoints on the list
- In map mode, you can move track around but map does not move, so they do not match
- Desktop version with more than 480x640 resolution

27/02/2009 03:38 Chad Chad I use my gps to geotag photos later on my computer, therefore having a track point recorded at the point I take the picture is important. I don't always want to be thinking of pushing a button manually every time I do this, too great a chance I'll forget. Also, because I'm hiking, usually when I do this I may be going slower than 2km/hr. How about adding the ability to record a track point every "X" seconds or minutes regardless of speed, turning or elevation? Thanks for listening.
338sarcher sarcher1231435730
08/01/2009 17:28
BugGPS Satellite Data incorrectAny help on this would be appreciated:

Even prior to installing TGPS i've had issues with the GPS data that my Kaiser has been receiving. Using Google Maps with my PPC and leaving the "Use GPS" option unchecked, the "My Location" dot does what it's supposed to and gives a proximity radius of 1400m or whatever. Turning on the "Use GPS" option however, sends my dot flying off over the Caribbean sea from 13N 59W approximately to 18N 77W or there about.

That's a difference of about 1200 miles.

Can anyone explain why this may be?

I was only able to verify this from the GPS screen when I installed TGPS, where coordinate data is shown on the top of the screen.

Occasionally, the GPS data will be correct - but it's more often not.

Also, very interestingly, the data will put me travelling at a fairly high rate of speed with a varying bearing.

It's frustrating not to be able to fully utilize the capabilities of the software because of this problem which is obviously not a software problem since 3 different pieces of software generate the same resultant location.

Thanks in advance for your input
09/01/2009 18:24 sarcher sarcher Thanks Michael
08/01/2009 17:45 Administrator Hello there.
I will try to learn more about your phone to see if there are any known issues and/or firmware updates.

Best Regards.
337AGW_Ottawa AGW_Ottawa1230929843
02/01/2009 20:57
BugDownload links are dead?The features and screenshots of Turbo GPS look great.  I'd like to try it.  Unfortunately, the download links don't seem to be working just now.  Clicking "Download" generates a bunch of XML-related error messages.
02/01/2009 21:03 Administrator Thanks for notifying me- it was a temporary problem with my server which is now fixed.

Best Regards.

336sarcher sarcher1230780581
01/01/2009 03:29
BugMagnetic North CompassHi Michael:

First off let me say this is the absolute best and most comprehensive freeware I've ever come across.

I've installed the software with no apparent issues or errors, and all display outputs seem to be working and the GPS data is pretty much all there. However, the Compass screen (Magnetic Noth compass) is static and does not point to true north. I've searched the previous posts and not found any others with this issue.

Thanks in advance

01/01/2009 14:26 Administrator Hi there, you see the reason, there is empty data in the RMC string.
I might add an option later to try to deduct the information from other data (although it will be certainly battery-wasting).

Best Regards.

01/01/2009 13:31 sarcher sarcher Thanks for your prompt replay Michael.

I went thru to read some older posts in order to get the Raw Log data which I could not copy and paste. Managed to get it in the end though. Here is a portion of the GPS logon Debug log.


As you can see parts of the string are empty; i read one of your older posts to [b]asolof[/b].

01/01/2009 08:35 Administrator Hi there and thanks for your comments.
The magnetic north is not a pointer to the true north. It is a pointer to whatever the GPS marks as the north :) so If your GPS device does not report the north position, TGPS does not try to deduct it from other GPS information.

To verify that your GPS device shows or does not show the north, please see the $GPRMC message in the raw log.
A sample RMC is


Note the 003.1,W at the almost end which shows the magnetic north, does your GPS send that data, or it has zeroes at that place ?

Best Regards.

335Dingley Del Dingley Del1230668400
30/12/2008 20:20

The compass display (option 9) works fine.  However the compass on the GPS display (option 1) displays incorrectly.  It displays as if the compass has been rotated upside down (flipped 180 degs along the N-S axis).

Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me?

I been using TGPS all day today and I'm still very impressed.

30/12/2008 21:15 Administrator I will take a look, thanks for noticing.

Normally the display 1 is not a normal compass, it is just a bearing indicator. There is a special "compass" screen that should behave like a normal compass.

Best Regards.
334Dingley Del Dingley Del1230583581
29/12/2008 20:46
BugMap ZoomingHi,

What a fantastic piece of's just what I have been looking for.

Although it has taken me a couple of days to get everthing working, I have managed to build my own maps of the Isle of Wight. They show my GPS position accurately and the program moves smoothly between the various maps.

Am I right in thinking that I am unable to use the zoom function on my own maps?  If I un-select 'fixed zoom' in the options-map menu, then I am unable to display the maps at all.....I can only display maps with this option checked.

Thanks again for a superb piece of software.....

30/12/2008 13:12 Dingley Del Dingley Del Thanks again.

I will give it a go.


29/12/2008 22:39 Administrator It depends, usually a 4x map is enough (4 * max screen resolution so 1 map can cover 4 "sub maps"). After a phone-dependent size, maps are not loaded to preserve memory.
Perhaps you might wish to try my google map calibrator.

29/12/2008 21:43 Dingley Del Dingley Del Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply.

Just one other thing.  I am using .jpg files for my maps,  image size 1792X1792, approx file size 400KB.  I did make some maps with a larger image size but they would not load.

Is there an ideal image size?  Is it better to keep the file sizes as small as possible? ....Is it better to have a larger number of smaller (overlapping) map files covering an area, rather than a couple of larger files covering an area?

I have been using Map Calibrator v2.6 to make my maps as it is quite easy to obtain accurate long/lat.

many thanks

29/12/2008 20:54 Administrator Yes, currently maps cannot be zoomed.
In order for you to zoom, you must capture maps at various zoom levels.
Hopefully I will deal with this feature in TGPS 3.0.

Best Regards.

333brack brack1229601783
18/12/2008 12:03
BugNo Dynamic MapsWhatever I do I cannot get Yahoo maps displayed neither on ppc nor on XP machine. I read all suggestions on this forum, but nothing helped. I have latest version of the TGPS.
22/01/2009 01:16 aka aka I have a question for when (or if) you re-enable dynamic maps.

Is there the capability to pull maps from sources other then the official one?  For example, I use this little program that displays weather radar maps from the web but the image is tiny, the zoom level fixed, and it is not location enabled whatsoever (you have to know where you are and choose the proper map).

I assume making them animated would be out of the question but how about it:  Is there a way to use an image from the web as a base map provided we know the coordinates of the corners of the GIF/JPEG?  Having just an overlay of the radar data would be amazing  that seems like a big project.

The programs that I've seen (some even charge a monthly fee) all just pull both maps and radar data from the free site

18/12/2008 22:01 Administrator Hi there - I 've temporarily disabled Yahoo maps due to some issues. Meanwhile you can apply for a Google Maps (
331Obeg Obeg1229368930
15/12/2008 19:22
BugComments / Questions / SuggestionsThanks for the application.  I have been playing with it for a few weeks and it works well.  But of course I now have a few questions and suggestions.

- I mainly use the application for route recording when I am on my bike, kayak, or hiking.  It seems to update the graph and distance only when it has met the variances set when you turn on the recording. I have this set all the way down but even then there are places on my routes where I go a long time in a straight line.  Especially when kayaking - there is little variance in direction or altitude, but I would still like to keep updated on the total distance traveled and the graphing line drawn.  Is there a way to set it to update this continuously or even every second?

- Again - since I use this application mainly for this purpose - a suggestion / request would be a screen similar to the tracking map but with these fields in probably the same font size as the mph font:  Speed, distance, avg speed, calories burned.  Possibly even altitude and total Altitude change - but I am not sure really how accurate and useful this information is so would not want to waste screen real estate for that if it there was not room. In this mode the coordinate information in the top left could be removed as it is not that useful for this activity.  I know you have the sport screen, but I don't like the way it flashes and I like to see my route mapped.    A Start and Stop button easily accessible on this screen to start and stop the route saving would be very useful as well.


20/12/2008 20:05 Obeg Obeg Thank you!  Downloaded and will try it - if it ever stops raining long enough.

19/12/2008 15:32 Administrator Done.
Check the last TGPS update (rc6) and tell me if it works for you.


19/12/2008 14:36 Obeg Obeg Well a configurable time setting then - even setting it to update every 10 seconds would work.  My issue, for example, is paddling across the Albemarle sound from my dad's house to my wife's dad's is 5.3 miles straight across.  I can make the entire trip and the gps never updates how far I have been because there are no turns or elevation changes.  I need a way to have it update how far I have been.  Similar things happen on long stretches of riding my bike in a straight line.

18/12/2008 22:08 Administrator Hello there.
I can make an option to record each second , in next version (but be prepared to waste a lot of memory - are you sure it is worth? No GPS is that accurate that it can determine the exact position and bearing at an 1 second rate).  As for the enhancement of the Sports,  I have yet some difficulties in determining the calories formula.

Best Regards.
330oli w oli w1227628628
25/11/2008 15:57
BugHow to stop HTC Touch HD turning off automatically?Hello to all,

I use Turbo GPS on my new Touch HD. The program (and of course the Touch HD ;) ) is really great, but I have a problem while recording a track. The Touch turns off automatically after a short period of time (est. 2 minutes) if there is no input by display, so it obviously does not detect the program running and collecting data.  ???

Do you have an idea how I can make the Touch not turning off on its own?

Thanks for your advises!  8)

01/12/2008 01:22 oli w oli w Hi at all,

I am soooo blind !!!!  :o

Of course there is an option to turn off the auto switch off in the power savings menu. Just remove the hook at the propriate setting and the device remains on as long as you want...

Thanks dysolve for the hint!  ::)


26/11/2008 10:39 oli w oli w Hey Michael,

I think the auto turn off function is not overwritten by the backlight function. The backlight remains on even if the "backlight off" option is set to 30 seconds (so THAT works), but the "device off" after 2 mins. seems not to be affected. There are two different options in the power saving menu.  :o

Is there perhaps another possibility to modify the program to keep the device on permanently without using the backlight function (for power saving reasons)? For example to simulate an input by a button or the touchscreen?  ::)

Many thanks and greets


25/11/2008 20:46 Administrator I am toggling it each minute; so it should work.
Let me do a research on your phone to see if there are settings to keep it on.


25/11/2008 20:41 oli w oli w Hi,

thanks for your reply. The backlight function is turned on. The device turns off after almost 2 min. (1.45-1.55).  That is the time I set to turn the device off if not used in the power savings menu.


25/11/2008 17:43 Administrator Hi there.
TGPS has an option to prevent the light go off, but it seems that your telephone's timer is greater than TGPS's. Can you tell me the precise time it needs to go off ?

329moebek moebek1227250681
21/11/2008 06:58
BugGarmin MapsHi Micheal,

First i would like to thank you for the great TGPS, i really love it. I just got one problem, im new to adding maps and clueless about it, i tried using map calibrator but no luck. So what i wanted to try is to use my garmin map with the TGPS. Is there a way of doing it?

Please help
21/11/2008 10:47 Administrator Hi there.
No, TGPS currently cannot read garmin maps. If you are interested in google, see

Best Regards.
328draderman draderman1224624378
21/10/2008 21:26
Bugplease help the newbie :) :D hi all.  my names jay and i just started running TGPS on my HTC touch with holux m-1000 bluetooth receiver.

im a first time GPSer, and i have no idea how to put street maps into this program ???.  is there a place i can download non-copyrighted maps of my location (BC, Canada), or do i have to use mapping programs and calibrate them with waypoints etc etc? 

maybe theres a "tgps street maps for dummies" page?

appreciate the help all, and great program thanks!

22/10/2008 06:18 zapfen zapfen Hi,

I suggest you to try this tools:

- Map Calibrator from with the file parser/renamer from


- GCap utility for google maps

or if your are is covered by check this:

have fun

21/10/2008 21:31 aXe aXe If you take a close look at , you will see that all the "bold" topics give help on how to use TGPS. Pay attention to the map directions and to the Google maps topic.

Do read carefully, Turbo GPS is a featured program and as such, it is not the simplest in the world. After you have read them , in case you still have questions, I am glad to explain more.

327zapfen zapfen1221121766
11/09/2008 08:29
BugTesting: Latest: 2.00 Beta 4Hi Michael,
here some feedback from my tests with 2.00 Beta 4

1. I like the great offline map function but sometimes he goes to a endless loop.
Where i see always the hourglass blinking and the map shifts one by one pixel to the right.
The only way to interrupt this, is to zoom in or out.

2. In the path view the zoom doesn't work anymore.

3. If I go in the 3d view the path view does work in 3d too.

4. The startup performance is on my impression slower; the startup takes 2 times than in the older versions

5. And one suggestion: It would be great if the moving map have an option to fix the actual position stay in the middle in the screen or in the 50% of the middle of the screen.

Again, great tool.
Best regards
13/09/2008 12:14 Administrator I know, this dirty bug is one of those I must fix someday ;)

13/09/2008 11:03 zapfen zapfen Hi Michael,

here a update to the point 2 of the list.

>2. In the path view the zoom doesn't work anymore.
If I click just under the + an - in the screen the zoom is working.
Have a look at the red X in the printscreen "capture004.jpg".

326beelzeboris beelzeboris1220861662
08/09/2008 08:14
BugMap Calibrator output file parser/renamerThis map/track program is absolute genius personified. Well done, Michael!

I discovered this on the weekend, and have been struggling a bit with the map naming convention,
so I wrote a program to handle it for me automatically. Would it be ok to post a link to my code somewhere?

On my first successful run, my jaw dropped, there I was, centered perfectly, in google map via Map Calibrator, zoomed in and everything.

I write in C# .NET v2, so some translation might be necessary if the 20Mb framework download is a bit much.
It could be done easily in VB or something old like that.


13/12/2008 17:33 Administrator I will have matlab reinstalled after a few days, and I will test it.
But If you can do it in C++, you would save yourself and others lots of work :)

Thanks for contributing again.

09/09/2008 20:05 zapfen zapfen great work, thank you.
I had to search 5mn how to get a .gsi file.
<option> use only one calibration file = true
<save> <map slices>

09/09/2008 07:04 Administrator Thanks a lot for your contribution!

09/09/2008 06:57 beelzeboris beelzeboris Ok, here's what I've come up with; nothing fancy but it works.

For anyone reading this, be aware you need to have the Microsoft .Net framework v2 (or better) installed for it to run.
(If you have Vista, it's already installed)

Download the framework from here: (about 22Mb)

I've included the source if anyone wants to translate it to another programming language - It's really simple.

// Pseudocode:
// Open up the selected .gsi file
// Read it line-by-line until you hit the word 'Slices' on a line by itself - The next lines will be the Slice data
// Store the lines following the word 'Slices' in an arraylist for later processing
// Loop through the arraylist and split the lines using the ';' delimiter
// Store the result in a generic list (.Net framework v2 and up)
// Rearrange the filenames as necessary
// Create an output folder below the current one based on the name in the gsi file
// Copy the matching image file to the new destination, complete with rearranged filename.
// (The original source files are never altered)

Hope it helps someone

08/09/2008 08:17 Administrator Sure, any work is welcomed.
325zapfen zapfen1220384372
02/09/2008 19:39
BugPlease don t forget OCAP (Openstreetmap grapper)Hi Michael,

please don't forget your OCAP utility in the topic about Maps:

here your forum entry:

I just created a wiki entry about your great TurboGPS tool on the OMS wiki.
prepare you to a lot of OMS users :-)

have fun
06/09/2008 13:56 Administrator oOOOOOOOOo !!
06/09/2008 13:49 zapfen zapfen Hi Michael,
the script was changed by the OMS to use for TurboGPS.

I do some tests now

03/09/2008 08:54 zapfen zapfen Hi Michael, I did some test but you are right it's not working that good. I think the main problem is the performance. I have a other idea to get the map files. In OMS the map slices are called tiles there is a naming for this tiles see:

There is also an download tool to get the tiles fast:

The tiles are saved in folders depending on the zoom level.

The only thing we have to do is to convert the tiles into map files with lat and lon.

There is already a script doing something like this for the oziexplorer.

I'll try this script and try to change it to generate directly files with lon/lat.

Do you have an other idea?

03/09/2008 08:17 Administrator The problem is that for me, the utility does not work as good as gcap. Have you tested it ?

324Dtrieb7482 Dtrieb74821220091169
30/08/2008 10:12
BugFeature requestHi Michael,

is it possible to add the Cell ID on the Today Screen?

And can you make it that:

You can add Cell ID as variable $w $x $y $z

31/08/2008 21:13 Dtrieb7482 Dtrieb7482 Thx your so fast, but in the main screen the Programm shows my Cell id but on the Today Screen I always have a 0 as Cell id.

Today (06/09/2008) is show on my device 0 as Cell id on the Today Screen

31/08/2008 08:53 Administrator Its there now in latest version.
323zaic zaic1220009271
29/08/2008 11:27
BugTracking feature requestThank you for this product, it's working excellent on my iPAQ.
The speed option in a tracking-mode (internet tracking) would be useful for me (%4 ?), may be in pursuit too.

ps: i am sorry, has not absolutely understood how this type of forum work... :-[
02/09/2008 18:05 zaic zaic all is ok!

01/09/2008 19:42 Administrator %5 works as well.

01/09/2008 19:32 zaic zaic ok, %4 working, thanks a lot!
01/09/2008 18:07 Administrator Try the update again.

01/09/2008 17:13 zaic zaic thanks, but option %4 send altitude, not speed ;)
and for real pursuit (advanced service), if this not complicate, %5 - course parameter (0 - 359°)

01/09/2008 13:10 Administrator Done. Check the update in a few minutes.
322seep seep1218469300
11/08/2008 15:41
BugOffline bitmaps presentation at their bordersI'm using offline bitmaps sized 512x512 pixels with 15% overlapping. My PDA's screen size is 240x320. When displaying offline bitmaps with a track and moving the map, sure, it happens that you come to the border of an offline bitmap and TGPS has to load the next one.

Currently it's quite ugly how TGPS handles this task. Example Situation:
- all areas of the screen are covered by the offline bitmap
- I move the map to the left until the very last pixel on the screen's right side is the last pixel on the offline bitmap's right side
- I now move the map one pixel more to the left, TGPS unloads the current offline bitmap and loads the next one
- Now about half of the screen is uncovered
- I'll prefer that TGPS doesn't load the next offline bitmap as long it doesn't cover more than the currently loaded one.

Two screenshots show what I mean:



It would be much nicer to have the first offline bitmap with one uncovered pixel instead of the second offline bitmap with half of the screen uncovered.

Version: 2.00 Alpha 11
16/09/2008 06:18 seep seep [quote author=Michael link=topic=325.msg1382#msg1382 date=1221490072]
Hm ? It is supposed that the map to be selected covers the most of the % of the current view.

Yes, that makes sense. But if you take a look the screenshots above you see two maps: The first screenshot shows the southern map file, the second one some pixel rows of the northern map file. The map files are both 512x512 and overlap by 15% (about 76 pixels).

I guess there's something wrong with your coverage algorithm.  ;)

Edit: I've sent you a private message with my map files and more details.

15/09/2008 14:47 Administrator Hm ? It is supposed that the map to be selected covers the most of the % of the current view.
15/09/2008 14:38 seep seep [quote author=Michael link=topic=325.msg1321#msg1321 date=1219763311]
Try the update.

Hmmm, it's even worse now.  ???

Tested it right now with Beta 7.


01/09/2008 06:56 zapfen zapfen Hi Michael, yes thanks the map options is back. Yes the map stretching would be great to have a overview of the actual position. Here a print screen of the PGTMAP program for inspiration :-) This two print screens use the same map file.

30/08/2008 07:07 Administrator I 've experimented a lot before I could decide what to do with maps. I will probably allow later an option "allow map stretching" , but it really shows badly in the PPC screen.
30/08/2008 06:59 Administrator [quote author=zapfen link=topic=325.msg1330#msg1330 date=1220053078]
Excellent for me it's working. Did you think to allow zooming the offline bitmaps? I know the resolution would not be great but just to have a look around it would be very helpful.

In the new Version: Beta 1, I just have a blank screen in <Option><Map><Map Option>
What⬠s wrong there?

Best regards


Thanks, fixed in beta 2 (the worst thing is that the settings are removed :( ).

29/08/2008 23:37 zapfen zapfen Excellent for me it's working. Did you think to allow zooming the offline bitmaps? I know the resolution would not be great but just to have a look around it would be very helpful.

In the new Version: Beta 1, I just have a blank screen in <Option><Map><Map Option>
What⬠s wrong there?

Best regards

26/08/2008 15:08 Administrator Try the update.

26/08/2008 13:44 Administrator I am fixing it now.
19/08/2008 19:22 aXe aXe Michael is away for a conference; he should be back soon.

19/08/2008 06:06 seep seep Any comments?
321dahonda dahonda1217522730
31/07/2008 16:45
BugHave you look into GPSFS for map format?Michael,

Great application for bitmap GPS for PPC.  I am using the GPS software on the PSP and love the way they use global map download tool (gmdl) to save the map and zoom levels to 5 GPSFS files which contain all the images and coordinates for all the zoom level you select.  From there, the MapThis! software for PSP only need to extract and display the current tile.  The nice thing about that setup is you can select from multiple source for maps such as USGS, MS Virtual Earth, Google (Hybrid, Map, Terrain)
I think using GPSFS for map files should greatly enhance the features of this awesome apps.

Just my suggestion.

31/07/2008 17:10 Administrator I will consider more map formats as soon as I am back home; GPSFS , IMG and more are in my consideration, hopefully I will try to implement some.

Best Regards.
19/07/2008 18:18
BugOCAP : Capture Open Street Maps for TGPS[b]The long awaited ocap tool to capture maps from [url=][/url] is here![/b]

[li]Open OCAP and go to 'Export' if not done automatically[/li]
[li]Navigate to the map you want to save[/li]
[li]Select 'Osmaprender' or 'MapNik' , basically I get better results with the first.
[li]Choose the Zoom[/li]
[li]Press 'Export' , after a while, your map is saved (Download may take a while!)
[/list]It has some bugs yet, I am not sure if it is because of OCAP or the openstreetmap javascript.


11/11/2010 19:13 Administrator

11/11/2010 07:04 nameless nameless i wonder where could i get this OCAP now since it is not available here :(
02/11/2010 16:19 Administrator I 've done that in the android version already; PPC version is still a bit buggy and I wouldn't want to release it yet.

02/11/2010 16:10 Bergsteiger Bergsteiger Hi Michael,
will the script come back in future? Or even better will you add a function to use OSM maps directly (on- or offline) on WM5?


01/07/2010 19:35 Administrator It's down for maintainance because I have to fix some issues; try the script instead ?

01/07/2010 19:06 neorob neorob I try to download the attachment, but it says "404 - Attachment Not Found"  :(

Has someone the file?

06/08/2009 14:04 j0nr j0nr Is this a windows app?

I have tried using the on ubuntu... I get all the tiles downloaded but got an error on making one certain big png??

Not sure then what I do with the maps I have downloaded. Put them on my phone and point tgps stored maps there? then used 'stored maps'?

Cheers, nice looking app. Hope to get it working with OSM

318Guinness Guinness1215861267
12/07/2008 11:14
BugMap Scaling Problem
I used your "Unofficial  map grabber" and saved a map on my PocketPC. Then recorded a track within the area of this map.
When viewing this recorded track on my PocketPC it looks a bit scrambled.

find attached:
Snapshot from PocketPC
Snapshot from GoogleEarth (this is what i want to see on my PocketPC)(reduced size due to uploadlimit)

Whats going wrong?

[attachment deleted by admin]
14/07/2008 14:54 Guinness Guinness [quote author=Michael link=topic=295.msg1211#msg1211 date=1216044040]
Fixed; see latest gcap and latest tgps.

Well done!
Thank you very much.

14/07/2008 14:00 Administrator Fixed; see latest gcap and latest tgps.
13/07/2008 10:08 Administrator I am fixing it in next alpha, thanks.
12/07/2008 11:56 Guinness Guinness [quote author=Michael link=topic=295.msg1203#msg1203 date=1215861741]
This form of scrambling usually occurs when the GPS signal is lost for a moment or more.

I created these snapshots offline. without gps.

[quote author=Michael link=topic=295.msg1203#msg1203 date=1215861741]
Can you also view it to the PC version ?

It loooks identical to the PocketPC-version.

and the exported .gpx which you probably will ask for next ;-)
(zipped due upload limitations)

just to make it clear:
"scrambled" is not the right word. I mean i cant walk over water.

[attachment deleted by admin]

12/07/2008 11:22 Administrator This form of scrambling usually occurs when the GPS signal is lost for a moment or more.
Can you also view it to the PC version ?

12/07/2008 11:16 Guinness Guinness This is the map from your tool
(converted to jpg)

[attachment deleted by admin]
319zapfen zapfen1215853907
12/07/2008 09:11
BugRe: TGPS 2.0 Feature Pool (10/05 Update)Hi Michael,
TGPS is allready a great program.
Good features for me would bee:

- The main menu: View and Tools can be access via querz keyboard like the submenus
- User Hotkey support, the user can edit all keys of the querz keyboard to access direct functions:
(example: zoom [b]i[/b]n/[b]o[/b]ut, [b]r[/b]otate, [b]a[/b]dd waypoint)
- Record audio or add a photo to a waypoint
- Use the map of OSM ( online or with the gcap tool
- Support for the maps calibrated with the Map Calibrator (
- Open the garmin maps .img files directly in TGPS

15/07/2008 21:13 Administrator All what you say is very interesting. I will try to implement most of them as soon as I have more time.
IMG support is probably a feature for TGPS 3.0.

15/07/2008 21:06 zapfen zapfen Hi Michael,

I was using GPS Tuner for a moment but this application has a really bad performance
I am using the TGPS now and I am happy. The GPS Tuner has some user friendly functions I'll try
to explain you. It's up to you to implement them in TGPS.

The moving map should show the map better in the direction we are driving to.
It would be great the Map to position function doesn't wait the actual
position is in the border of the screen to move the map. Because I don't see what's next.
I just see where i come from. But It would be great I can define a Map
to position margin.

At the same time it would be great we have the option to rotate
the map automatic by the last driving direction.
This makes it much easier to follow a route on a map.

The possibility to show different values in the top of the map view.
Like speed, time, nr. of waypoints, position..

The possibility to set default directory for export and import tracks/waypoints

Calibrator, it would be great to (re-)calibrate the map with the actual position.
Example: The Map show my actual position but It's not really exact. I press the
on the right actual position on the map an can recalibrate the map with the actual lon/lat.

That's it - It's up to you.
Thanks zapfen

12/07/2008 13:49 zapfen zapfen Hi Michael,
excelent here my additions:

3. Easy, will do, meanwhile check the "camera shot with coordinates"
fine, I have wm2003. Audio recording would be great, I can wait.

4. Does OSM support an API so i can get the coordinates programmatically ?
Yes. But the easiest way is to use the export function:

Otherwise there is a API. You should find the doucmentation in the wiki Pages:
with this protocol you get xml information and with the osmarender
can render into svg images

5. What's the format of these filenames ? Give me an example.
Here you'll find a example incl. description

6. You have the protocol to read img (and others like destinators') ? I am sure it is very well locked!
I don't think so. There are multiple apps they can read this.
I found this information: Program to creat .img files
The avantage of this file format its not a bitmap it's a vector image.
You can zoom in and out and you have allways a good qualitiy of details

thanks zapfen

12/07/2008 09:33 Administrator 1. Will do
2. Will try
3. Easy, will do, meanwhile check the "camera shot with coordinates"
4. Does OSM support an API so i can get the coordinates programmatically ?
5. Whats the format of these filenames ? Give me an example.
6. You have the protocol to read img (and others like destinators') ? I am sure it is very well locked!

317itchytweed itchytweed1215610446
09/07/2008 13:34
BugCouple of issues: 2.00 Alpha 9 releaseAs a first time user, I have to say Well Done! This is a fine piece of software and is a real diamond in the rough.

I have found an issue with the SiRF binary mode. I am using a SiRF Star III gps and the longitude is way off. In NMEA mode, the longitude reads -88.xxxx (correct) but in SiRF mode it reads 341.xxxx. This also appears in the map and GPS displays. Plus, in the map display, the bottom mileage display is way off as well.

Now a suggestion. In the track setup menus, I like the speed limit option where the track stops recording if below a certain speed. What I would like to see is the ability for the program to recognize and retain for direction change and altitude change a value of down to zero. I admit that a single frequency L1 GPS may not be really that precise but I could see times where that would be helpful.

Thank you again for a wonderful product that shows promise.

10/07/2008 01:48 itchytweed itchytweed In doing some testing at walking speed, what I think that I will have to do to get the detail that I want is to set the speed limit to 1 km and waypoint needed corners and clean up in QGIS.

My complaint is from the GPS system itself. When you stop moving, it takes about 3 seconds to output a "zero" speed. That is something that can't be fixed.

I am going to be doing a kinematic survey of a Boy Scout camp to update their map of the site as a volunteer project. Plus, if all goes well, I will have a couple of the scouts follow me so they can get their "feet wet" in the field of land surveying, of which there is a merit badge available.

Thanks again for the assistance.

09/07/2008 15:20 Guinness Guinness [quote author=itchytweed link=topic=291.msg1185#msg1185 date=1215610446]
I would like to see is the ability for the program to recognize and retain for direction change and altitude change a value of down to zero. [/quote]

Setting any of these options to zero is no good idea. You have to try and try which settings are the best for your job.
Verification is easy if you use Google-Maps and a JavaScript.

Take a look at

I can recommend these settings
min speed: 3 km/h
angle min: 2 deg
altitude change: 30
normalization: 50m

PS: normalization is not done automaticly. You have to do it maually after recording.

09/07/2008 13:55 Administrator You want to be able to set the lower speed limit to 0 ? When speed is 0, direction and altitude has no meaning (Or you will be climbing a mountain at 90 degrees ? :)) . Put it to 1 and you will *try* the most possible accuracy, but a GPS device is not that precise so it can figure out things when the speed is below 1 km/s.

Best Regards.
316seep seep1215366894
06/07/2008 17:54
Bug(Large) recorded track wasn t savedYesterday I took a 4 hours ride with my bike and recorded the track (with default options: 5 km/h, 10 deg, 30 meters, 15m, but with speed, with time and with bearing).

After having arrived home I tried to look at the track. TGPS showed the path view and was very very slow. It didn't react immediately to any user action. When I tapped on the menu titles it took about one minute before the menu poped up.

I tried to stop track recording but I never made it to "Tools/Track Record/End Recording". I guessed that the path had too many points to draw and tried to switch to the GPS view. After one minute the views menu poped up and I chose "GPS".

Now the funny part began. The coordinates, satellite numbers and (!) the time where updated several (10 or more) times within a second, just as there was a queue with loads of data that wasn't read already. I heard the disconnect/reconnect sound twice and then the "spooky part" was over.

I wanted to view the track now and switched to the track view. But, no new track. Only my old tracks!? Where is the new track? Where are the data from the last four hours? Ah, I remembered the new feature, the temporary gpx file in My Documents. But neither this file was available. I couldn't believe it thus I used Total Commander to search all files that where changed "today". But no luck. TGPS unfortunately didn't save the track.  :'(

Is there a question "Save track?" that I might have comitted in the upper told "spooky part" where all the GPS and GUI queue might have been processed?
Or is there a maximum points limit that I might have exceeded?
And, what can be done to keep the PPC controlable when displaying large tracks or recording tracks for some hours?

11/08/2008 15:28 seep seep Bug fix confirmed, no problems anymore. Well done!
07/07/2008 15:00 Administrator See Alpha 9 ; it is even more optimized for drawing. It had a bad bug :( and you helped me fixed it ;)
07/07/2008 14:01 seep seep Thanks! I'll check it during the next weeks. I'm not biking every day for four hours, otherwise I might be riding through France at this moment.  ;D
07/07/2008 12:54 Administrator See latest build, it is optimized for large tracks.

06/07/2008 18:24 Administrator I think it has a bug when drawing when the track is very big, so I am fixing it as soon as possible.

315Guinness Guinness1214840613
30/06/2008 15:43
Bugnew "option to mark current position while recording"I just tried this new feature, but i cant find any results.
Where do you store this information?

More important:
Would you please insert this information when exporting to .gpx format in a way like this:

  <wpt lon="uvw.241188" lat="xyz.923072">

before the tracks ?

This could be helpful when editing the gpx at home to insert pictures (for GPX Viewer).

02/07/2008 14:58 Guinness Guinness [quote author=Michael link=topic=281.msg1160#msg1160 date=1214842656]
I will see what i can do, ..

Forget it. Including waypoints with links to sound doesnt help me with my project to put the .gpx on my homepage (using GPX Viewer). There are too many differences what happens when using different browsers/operating systems.
Only pictures can be handled, but it is easy to exchange the name of an automaticly created waypoint to the picture-filename offline at home.

One is left:
Please let me inserting waypoints during recordings using TrackRecord/MarkNow and exporting them together with the track to one .gpx file like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<gpx [..] >

<wpt lon="x.12345" lat="yy.98765">
    <name>wp 1</name>

  <name>Track 3</name>

30/06/2008 18:52 Guinness Guinness COOL.
I havent seen that yet.

30/06/2008 16:17 Administrator I will see what i can do, but there is already some interesting feature, the "Camera Shot with Coordinates" in Tools->Various.

30/06/2008 16:00 Guinness Guinness Hi Michael,
this sounds good!

Hmm. i dont want to disgust you. Really..

Modern smartphones and/or PocketPCs offer the possibility to make a photo and/or do a voicerecording.

Is there a way to insert such picture and/or recording?
I have never tried this, but i think outdoor-gps can do this ;-)

In gpx this would be inserted like a link to a filename.

  <wpt lat="47.6774650" lon="10.8984200">
    <cmt>Die Wieskirch bei Steingarden.</cmt>
    <desc>Die Wieskirch bei Steingarden.</desc>
    <sym>Scenic Area</sym>

gpx offers the possibilities for extensions. Maybe this is necessary to do this job.

30/06/2008 15:46 Administrator Hi there.

I will make it soon so, if not recording, a waypoint is added.
This currently only works while recording a track, allowing you to mark a specific point to find it later quickly (either for exporting to waypoint, or to split the track), and therefore it will be exportable as any normal track.

314Guinness Guinness1214662395
28/06/2008 14:13
Bugpresentation of recorded tracksi just used this tool to create a homepage to present the last motorcycle tour to my friends.

It includes Google-Maps with a colored line (thats the job of the script) of the recorded tour on your homepage.
Waypoints can be linked with pictures.

You can use Turbo GPS to record your tour and have to export it to .gpx as track not route.

Maybe someone is interested in this nice JavaScript.
(german language)
(translated into english using Google)

28/03/2009 14:31 Guinness Guinness [quote author=GuinnessTrinker link=topic=278.msg1206#msg1206 date=1215869499]
[quote author=Michael link=topic=278.msg1137#msg1137 date=1214662989]
Interesting; can you provide an example ? (I am too lazy to try it myself:)
Shure. Take a look at

remark: this page is still under construction  ::)

I have updated this homepage using the latest available software.
Please clear the cache of your browser before visiting this page to make shure that you use the newest datas.

This recording was done nearly at sea level. So the elevation graph is not so nice as it could be.
The accuracy of a GPS receiver is about 10 to 20m (even in elevation).
So the fluctuation in my recording is not real.

06/02/2009 13:00 zapfen zapfen Here is another solution for the same thing. Everything is Open Source, even the maps:


28/01/2009 15:18 Guinness Guinness There is a new release of "GPX Viewer" (3.2) available.

Now it supports elevation profiles.
This is really a pretty nice feature!
(click on that profile)

Take a look at example #4

I cant modify my own example, because that release of TurboGPS didnt store elevation. Now it does.

12/07/2008 13:31 Guinness Guinness [quote author=Michael link=topic=278.msg1137#msg1137 date=1214662989]
Interesting; can you provide an example ? (I am too lazy to try it myself:)

Shure. Take a look at

remark: this page is still under construction  ::)

01/07/2008 04:36 Guinness Guinness [quote author=Guinness link=topic=278.msg1145#msg1145 date=1214839482]

[quote author=Guinness link=topic=278.msg1136#msg1136 date=1214662395]
You can use Turbo GPS to record your tour and have to export it to .gpx as track not route.


I have contacted the author of GPS-Viewer. He told me that he found a bug in his JavaScript. This will be fixed with the next release. Then you will also be able to use TGPS-route-recordings.


GPX-Viewer 2.2 is online. Now it supports TGPS-GPX-routes.

30/06/2008 15:24 Guinness Guinness [quote author=Guinness link=topic=278.msg1136#msg1136 date=1214662395]
You can use Turbo GPS to record your tour and have to export it to .gpx as track not route.

I have contacted the author of GPS-Viewer. He told me that he found a bug in his JavaScript. This will be fixed with the next release. Then you will also be able to use TGPS-route-recordings.

28/06/2008 15:26 Guinness Guinness [quote author=Michael link=topic=278.msg1139#msg1139 date=1214666395]
It is good ; Isn't it Google API based ?

Yes. You need to request a FREE key at Google to be able to use this API.
This is done within a minute. You only have to provide the url of your homepage.

28/06/2008 15:19 Administrator It is good ; Isn't it Google API based ?

28/06/2008 14:53 Guinness Guinness [quote author=Michael link=topic=278.msg1137#msg1137 date=1214662989]
Interesting; can you provide an example ? (I am too lazy to try it myself:)
Also, I will make my TPLOT to draw tracks into SWF some time later on.

There is an example on that website

Note: you can switch views to maps, satellite or landscape as you know it from Google-Earth.
You can also zoom into the map or moving the area.
and .. and ..

28/06/2008 14:23 Administrator Interesting; can you provide an example ? (I am too lazy to try it myself:)
Also, I will make my TPLOT to draw tracks into SWF some time later on.

313Guinness Guinness1214656163
28/06/2008 12:29
Bugdate missing in track recordsi used tgps 2.00 alpha 5 (not 6).
I just took a look at the file "tgpstrk.xml" which contains the track recordings and saw

<p x="DELETED" y="DELETED" z="12.000000" c="0" spd="0.00" time="00-00-0000 07:12:58"/>

The time is recorded, but not the date, month, year.
So it isnt in the exported .gpx as well.

remark: DELETED contains a correct value


30/06/2008 15:27 Guinness Guinness [quote author=Michael link=topic=277.msg1135#msg1135 date=1214657876]
I will take a look.

TGPS 2.0 alpha 7 creates correct date/time informations, but they got lost when export the recordings to .gpx.

28/06/2008 12:57 Administrator I will take a look.
312seep seep1213688970
17/06/2008 07:49
BugMap view: Line to a track s first point Short question: How can I get rid of this ugly line to the first point of a recorded track when viewing it in the map view?


17/06/2008 11:55 Administrator In your maps, put also the suffix _512_512 (See for width/height.

Because if you don't, TGPS spends time loading the images at startup.

17/06/2008 11:45 seep seep [quote author=Michael link=topic=266.msg1106#msg1106 date=1213702161]
All issues fixed.[/quote]

Great! Marvelous! Fantastic job!  :D

No line anymore and the track matches now perfectly the calibrated map.

17/06/2008 11:29 Administrator All issues fixed.

17/06/2008 10:51 Administrator Thanks for the report; I am fixing it now.
It will take while because I want to read and test your personal message carefully as well.

17/06/2008 10:24 seep seep The screen shot is from the current version T-GPS 2.00 Alpha 4, running under Windows 2000 SP6.

The PPC shows the same behaviour and draws this ugly line (that's why I ask). It's a Vodafone VPA Compact GPS (see [url=][/url], which is a branded version of the HTC Trinity P3600 (see [url=][/url]).

Anything else I can tell you?

17/06/2008 09:50 Administrator I tested it to my PC version and it doesn't draw that line - could you try it to your PPC ?

17/06/2008 08:31 seep seep No.

[font=courier]seep@w2k /cygdrive/c/Programme/TGPS
$ grep -c "x=\"0" tgpstrk.xml

seep@w2k /cygdrive/c/Programme/TGPS
$ grep -c "y=\"0" tgpstrk.xml

Edit: You may download the complete track file here: [url=][/url]

17/06/2008 08:20 Administrator Is there a point between all them with x,y set to 0 ?

17/06/2008 08:12 seep seep No, the track looks like this:

[font=courier]<c n="Bike">
    <t n="evsa" norm="1">
        <p x="7.988877" y="51.305618" z="366.000000" c="6271" m="" n="" s=""/>
        <!-- 472 points removed -->
        <p x="7.988894" y="51.305725" z="357.000000" c="6271" m="" n="" s=""/>

I've recorded three tracks so far. The first, a short one with 54 point, goes from A to B. There's no line visible.

The other two tracks where recorded while biking a round track. Start and Finish are nearly the same (see the above two points). May be this is the problem that TGPS draws this line from (0,0) to the first or last point.

The categorization is not the problem, the line appears even if the track is not categorized.

17/06/2008 07:57 Administrator Hi there.
You probably started recording while GPS was invalid and the point (0,0,0) has been recorded.
Open TGPSTRK.XML and see if your track has this point at start or stop and remove it.

311Guinness Guinness1213687037
17/06/2008 07:17
Buglost track recording when battery gets emptyHi all,
i am missing a feature that i have seen in another sw called outdoor-gps

This sw stores the gps-informations during recording in configureable timesteps (10 seconds for example) to a file with gpx-format. Doing so there is now problem when battery gets empty or the sw crashes.

With TGPS it happens more than once that i lost all the datas of my recording.

Could you please integrate this feature into TGPS ?


18/06/2008 08:28 Guinness Guinness Thanks alot !
I will give it a try.


17/06/2008 12:08 Administrator I 've added it so it saves the GPX each minute if the battery is at the critical level - Later I will make it configurable.

17/06/2008 11:49 seep seep Michael has fixed "my" two problems. And yours, too: [url=][/url]
310seep seep1213612297
16/06/2008 10:31
BugCustom Map QuestionsI've been trying TGPS now for about a week and I'm playing around with the Custom Map feature. First of all: TGPS is quite amazing, it works most of the time on my Vodafone VPA Compact GPS (some hang-ups so far). But I'm quite unsure what some options mean and what the effect shall be.

If I check "Fix Map Zoom" at Tools/Options/Map/Map Options I cannot use the + and - button at the map zoom anymore. Because it's fixed, sure, ok. If I don't check "Fix Map Zoom" I can zoom the map view. If a track is currently loaded the track will be zoomed, too. But if a custom/offline map is loaded, this offline map won't be zoomed!? Am I doing something wrong or is TGPS not able to zoom the offline maps at this moment?  ???

What's confusing me is that TGPS sometimes automatically loads an offline map, and sometimes it doesn't. Even if I repeat the same steps (Shutdown, Start, GPS auto-connects) sometimes the map appears, sometime it doesn't. I cannot find any connection to anything else I'm doing there. So I just want to ask if there might be a bug.

Last questions: What is the "Map Margin" option for? What happens if I change this value from (default) 20 to something else? I changed it to 40 and I don't see any changes.

17/06/2008 07:10 Administrator You 're right ; It seems that I have forgotten what I have created already :P
17/06/2008 07:05 seep seep [quote author=Michael link=topic=264.msg1094#msg1094 date=1213636153]
If the current map range doesn't contain a map, its not changed automatically when you are not playing a track. You have to zoom in manually and then the map (if any) appears.[/quote]

This morning I did the same as I said above. Difference: this time the map of the current position was automatically loaded. What was the difference? Self reply: the option "Map to position" (and "Fix map zoom") was checked. Yesterday "Map to position" wasn't checked  (but "Fix map zoom" was). Now I think I've understood the principle how an offline map is automatically loaded.  8)

If "Fix map zoom" is checked you can't change the zoom in the map view - clicking on the + and - icons won't do anything. If you use "Load offline bitmaps" and the option "Map to position" isn't checked the map view won't change after getting the initial GPS position from the satellites. But if "Load offline bitmaps" is used and "Map to position" is checked and there's a suitable offline bitmap available then the map will be loaded and displayed and the map view zooms to the map's zoom level.

Michael, correct me if I'm wrong.  ;)

16/06/2008 17:09 Administrator If the current map range doesn't contain a map, its not changed automatically when you are not playing a track. You have to zoom in manually and then the map (if any) appears.

If playing a track, then the map zooms in automatically and loads your maps if any.

16/06/2008 14:53 seep seep Any ideas/tips regarding the upper "bug report"?
16/06/2008 11:16 seep seep Thanks Michael for the quick reply!

[quote author=Michael link=topic=264.msg1091#msg1091 date=1213613195]
2.  The conflict arises when you have multiple maps for different zoom levels. To temporarily solve the issue, I suggest you capture the same area of maps for all the zoom levels you plan to use - meanwhile I will test to see because I had some minor issues with that as well.[/quote]

I organize my offline maps on the memory card using folders, one folder for each zoom level. Each folder stores maps that overlap a little bit. I do not have different zoom levels of a specific area inside a folder. I'm using these folders for different purposes. If I'm walking in a city I use a high zoom level, rinding a bike a medium and driving the car a low zoom level. I will switch the zoom levels by going to Tools/Options/Map/Map Options and changing the maps directory. Just for your information.

Now, I started TGPS a few seconds ago. It plays its startup-sound. TGPS displays the GPS view. After a few seconds it locks to the satellits and plays the sound. The GPS view now shows my position. I now switch to Views/Map. The map view still shows the default map: -180.0000 0.0000 180.0000. There's something going wrong. Or something is misconfigurated. Or I'm misunderstanding something.

If I now go to Views/Tracks and load a track (that's near my current position) into the map, the map views shows the track and the offline map. Now it's fine.

But as far as I remember TGPS sometimes loaded the offline map directly after having locked to the satellites or when I switched to Views/Map after the startup.

16/06/2008 10:46 Administrator Hi there.

1. TGPS currently does not zoom offline maps because zooming them would render them almost unreadable. It always draws the maps in the same quality they are captured. The "Fix Map Zoom" is an ignored flag which may be used in later versions when I add offline map zooming.

2.  The conflict arises when you have multiple maps for different zoom levels. To temporarily solve the issue, I suggest you capture the same area of maps for all the zoom levels you plan to use - meanwhile I will test to see because I had some minor issues with that as well.

3.  The map margin affects only the path screen and specifies the margin of the grid. It doesn't have any effect to the offline maps.

Best Regards.

10/05/2008 15:43
BugTGPS 2.0 and 3D features Beta TestingHi there.

Latest beta ( is now version 2; It contains most features in 3D, including an interesting (still experimental) version of a 3D map.


Please try it and tell me what you think.

19/05/2008 18:18 Administrator There is still a problem when using the 3D map while playing because it isn't rotated automatically yet.
But hopefully it will be fixed soon.
306Christian72D Christian72D1210142597
07/05/2008 06:43
BugRe: Turbo GPS TranslationWhere should i send you my first attempt for a german translation?
I can´t find any email from you and here i can´t attach files.
07/05/2008 14:12 Administrator Thanks for your files for directions on how to test the translation.

Only translators have access to these 2 boards.

305szymon szymon1209451758
29/04/2008 06:49
Bug"Sorry, you can t read your personal messages."This is what I get, when I try to get to my PMs on this forum:
"Sorry, you can't read your personal messages."
Admin help!!
27/05/2008 16:35 Administrator I fixed it; thanks for submitting the bug.

05/05/2008 08:43 szymon szymon No, I can't read my msgs :(
02/05/2008 15:28 Administrator I updated the forum to 3.1 . Still not working ?

30/04/2008 06:42 szymon szymon It doesn't work still :(
29/04/2008 20:59 Administrator Try once again, i issued a maintenance option.

29/04/2008 18:29 szymon szymon Still can't get to my box...
29/04/2008 08:18 Administrator Hi there - it might be temporal.
Tell me if it persists - I will submit a bug to the forum programmers.

304DoctorCAD DoctorCAD1209424942
28/04/2008 23:22
BugAnother Request...Michael, is there any way you could add a pedometer-type of interface to TGPS?

Record the track, record the average speed, record elevation change...

Just a thought.
10/05/2008 13:39 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD After looking around, I seem to find very little info on an exact formula.  However, I did find several formulas and did some math to come up with these values.  This is based on a 80Kg - 90kg person.  No guarantees on correctness.

Slow walking (2 - 4 mph) burns about 4.1 calories per minute
Jogging (5 - 8 mph) burns about 11.0 calories per minute
Running (9 - 11 mph) burns 19.4 calories per hour

09/05/2008 15:51 Administrator I need more information on how the calories are calculated. Any ideas ?

06/05/2008 13:08 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD OK, here are my thoughts...

You probably don't need 2 decimal places for mileage, one would be fine.
The altitude should show "Starting"  "Current" and "Maximum"  average really doesn't tell you anything.
Altitude is expressed in meters when in imperial unit display.

I assume that you are still working on "save" and "calories" because neither one works.

Other than that, it works fine.  A touch screen interface would be nice, as when walking or running, using the buttons or stylus is rather difficult.  That would be much more difficult, I imagine.


03/05/2008 08:58 Administrator
03/05/2008 01:09 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD Where do I get the file?
Can you link it for me?

02/05/2008 16:50 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD I will check it when I get home from work.  (No GPS signals inside this steel office building).


01/05/2008 16:26 Administrator Hi there.
Check latest beta version and see if this is something like you 'd want. (Menu Views->Sport). Menu setup is not yet completed.

29/04/2008 21:15 Administrator I am seeing RunGPS and it seems good. I need a tip on how can I calculate the cals.
I will try to make such a screen to TGPS, meanwhile, you can see the 'statistics' screen which gives various information - but I will try to do my best anyway.

29/04/2008 16:09 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD I have 2 on my PDA.  One is real nice, but overpriced.  The other is a little crude and locks up my PDA quite a bit.  Both have the features I am asking about.

The first is called Run.GPS Trainer.  I have a 14 day free version, it does everything a full licensed version does.  It has way more features than I would ever need.  It seems to be written for serious athletic training, not just casual use.

The other one is called GPSPedRunner.  It is freeware.  It can be downloaded at  It has exactly what I would like to see in TGPS, with your solid foundation behind it.

29/04/2008 12:54 Administrator I will have to see an example of that (application perhaps) do understand what you mean.
303szymon szymon1208720642
20/04/2008 19:44
BugRe: TGPS Feature Pool (19/04 Update)I've got two map screen feature requests:
1. Assign the 0 key to "go to my position".
2. Assign zoom in/out to the volume control key.
25/04/2008 13:51 szymon szymon Here is one more:
Currently when taking photos, you imprint GPS info on the picture, but there's a standard for including the info in photos - it's part of image EXIF information.
Have a look at this page:

25/04/2008 11:20 szymon szymon Another request!
Different sounds for left/right turn warning.
If right is not specified, use left.

24/04/2008 21:20 szymon szymon Thanks for waypoints alarm!
Can you enhance it? It needs a global option "alarms on/off", and, after an alarm has fired - a window with button "turn off alarm". Also, the sound could play in a loop, and the phone could vibrate.
At the moment I must use PC to setup the alarm, on my smarphone the alarms window is unusable - too big! :(

Also, few bugs report:
- Map disapears when I start playing back a track. Loading different map makes the proper map show after a while (when "map to position" is active)
- Update doesn't update the help file.
- Play Options window title is "Record Options" :)

24/04/2008 12:19 Administrator Both are implemented in next beta.

23/04/2008 20:47 szymon szymon Another request - Waypoint import - import all waypoints from a file. Currently it's possible to import only one point at a time.
23/04/2008 20:39 szymon szymon This might seem odd, but I'd like to be able to set an alarm for a waypoint, fired defined distance from the waypoint.
Sometimes I travel by train late at night, and sometimes the train is late.
I'd like to set TGPS to wake me up at proper time :)
The alarm could play a sound, until I turn it off.

21/04/2008 12:30 Administrator No, I will enhance it - don't worry.
It is just that creating something for a device I don't have it somewhat tougher for a device I do have.

21/04/2008 10:14 szymon szymon Michael, I've just realized you didn't write "fix" but you wrote "Restore Smartphone issues"?!?!
Are you going to abandon smartphone support??
302aseidman aseidman1207663426
08/04/2008 14:03
BugAdd a MapI downloaded T-GPS 1.21 onto my Sprint Mogul smartphone with WM6.0. I do not have a data plan and do not plan on getting one. So I will use it as a standalone program. I also have an 8 gig card. What I'd like to do is: 1) load a free map of North America, 2) free map of Central America if available onto the 8 gig card and use T-GPS to locate my position being able to zoom in etc. Although I am computer savy, I need easy directions on locating free maps and how to load them onto the 8 gig card and associating them with the T-GPS program. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
10/06/2008 21:20 Administrator Directions are clear in the two topics I 've posted - you have to take the screen shot manually. If you are interested in the map calibration tool you can apply as described.


10/06/2008 21:07 bozoo bozoo When the map displays in, shoul I make a print screen and save it in any editor?
Is there a way to get rid of this ugly zoom bar (left) and buttons (up row) from the map, still being able to calibrate it?

08/04/2008 14:20 Administrator Hi there.
See this :
and this :


301Guinness Guinness1207305414
04/04/2008 10:36
BugTGPS destroys systemsettings for bluetooth [SIRF involved]Hello,
i just (yesterday, 03.04.2008) downloaded and installed the latest release of TurboGPS. (cab for PPC)
It works, but there are some GUI-problems (footprints are too small). This is not the problem i want to describe.

I am using an Acer n311 PocketPC using WindowsMobile 5 and a Bluetooth-GPS-receiver.
After installing TGPS the other installed GPS-software can not receive any messages from the GPS-receiver any more.
Uninstalling of TGPS doesnt solve the problem. This is a catastrophe !!!

04/04/2008 15:59 Administrator Perhaps, but in terms of GPS , I still think that NMEA is better because it is simpler and can be more easily interpreted.

SIRF is binary and therefore is not readable by eye; I had to do considerable work in order for TGPS to enable SIRF and even then, some features are still not supported (for example, satellite precision). SIRF itself has a manual that is rather hard to understand and even harder to implement ( , and as I can see, the idea is dead quite a few years. SIRF has also some features not found in non SIRF chips but can used in NMEA mode, such as setting message rates (a feature I do use to reduce battery usage), and GPS resetting. However, some other features like Satellite almanac,vertical speed, waypoint uploading and position caching are either useless, or not implemented in the hardware, or impossible to implement in software because no article or sample exists to demonstrate some possible usage.  As for software, Destinator can understand SIRF (in a very limited mode), and TGPS can be used normally (except the satellites), but no other application (as far as I know) can cope with it, and the worst thing is that, once in SIRF mode, the GPS can't get back to NMEA from a non- SIRF compatible application, including Destinator which can not revert it back - that was the reason that every other software you used was dead. The fact that the GPS API in WM5 can't use SIRF as well is another indication that the protocol is dead.

However, one feature of the SIRF chip is that it gives more accurate results even in NMEA mode. So, your Holux SIRF chip is valuable even when not in SIRF mode because its advanced precision is usable even in NMEA mode. Of course, newer GPS devices, even if non SIRF-chip, are probably better and faster in fix acquisition and position precision by now.


04/04/2008 15:52 Guinness Guinness Puuh,
i have to read these informations more than twice before understanding it ;-)

if you think this nice feature "SIRF" has no future, don't you think its the best to disable it (even if its really nice) ?

I haven't found any other application that uses it. And i have tried a lot.

Remember, its not always the best technology that wins. (VHS<->betamax; windoze<->os/2)


04/04/2008 15:38 Administrator Hi.
Let me first explain what all of these options do.


[li] SIRF works from either PC or PPC (because it is a GPS feature), but when using direct communication only. When using GPS API (WM5) , SIRF cannot be entered to [b]or return from[/b].[/li]

[li] GPS API works only with WM5, and only in NMEA mode. Direct mode (Com/Baud) works from WM or from PC with NMEA or SIRF. However, when you first enter SIRF mode from direct mode and then switch to GPS API mode, the GPS API falsely reports some positions, even if the GPS is at SIRF mode. You cannot return back the GPS to NMEA from GPS API but it still shows fake messages.[/li]

[li] Getting back to NMEA involves entering direct mode (COM/Baud), so because you couldn't use GPS API mode from the PC version, you were forced to use the direct mode and return to NMEA successfully.[/li]


So probably you found the solution in the PC version because you had to abandon the GPS API mode. Note however, that even if SIRF is my favorite protocol and one of the distinctive features of HOLUX GPS devices, it is obsolete because no other GPS (and even SIRF) use it, so chances are that new GPS devices will not have it (including HOLUX newer devices since 236 slim).

Best Regards,

04/04/2008 15:29 Guinness Guinness <quote Michael>
Hi there.
Perhaps you have accidentally switched your GPS to SIRF ?

Menu Tools->Sirf->Switch to NMEA

Yes, i tried this function. Now, looking backwards, it seems TGPS always communicate with that feature to my gps.
- trying to switch to NMEA: "unable, because GPS.API is active" (or somethink like that)

<quote Michael>
If not, does TGPS show anything in the raw log ?

i did not try.

<quote Michael>
If yes, try other applications in a *different* baud speed.

doesn't help.

SOLVED in this way:

I installed the x86-version of TGPS on my notebook.
-> Connection to gps works fine

switching to NMEA
-> "impossible, because GPS.API is active

disconnect gps
switching to NMEA
-> a popup comes up with some NMEA-options -> agreed
-> connection works

disconnect gps
switching to SIRF
-> connection works

now trying the same on my PPC:
starting TGPS
-> connection works

switching to NMEA
-> "impossible, because GPS.API is active

disconnect gps
switching to NMEA
-> NO (!!) popup comes up with some NMEA-options

After switching to NMEA from my noteboook, it is possible (!) to receive datas from gps from other applications than TGPS on the PPC.

My point of view:

The routine "switching to NMEA" is different on PPC than on x86.
On x86 it works, on PPC not.
Switching to SIRF works on both systems.

Do you agree ?

-> in this case: my topic is wrong. I should change it to something like
"problem with SIRF-configuration on Windows Mobile 5"

04/04/2008 12:30 Administrator Hi there.
Perhaps you have accidentally switched your GPS to SIRF ?

Menu Tools->Sirf->Switch to NMEA

If not, does TGPS show anything in the raw log ? If yes, try other applications in a *different* baud speed.

298DoctorCAD DoctorCAD1206931116
31/03/2008 02:38
BugLatest update failedI updated TGPS today and it will no longer run.

I renamed the old version and it still runs.

Updated on Sunday March 30 at 8:00pm EST
20/04/2008 17:12 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD [quote author=Michael link=topic=207.msg954#msg954 date=1208705215]
"Round normalization" will kill any points between 2 different points that specify the same waypoint. So for example, if you start from a place, wander around and return to the same place, TGPS will consider the movement "null" because you have returned to the point from you have begun ; Hence it will erase the entire track.

This option is useful to eliminate duplications from a track that occur say, when you take the wrong path at a cross and you are forced to return to that cross before taking the correct path.


Crap, it was a loop.  Oh well...

20/04/2008 15:26 Administrator "Round normalization" will kill any points between 2 different points that specify the same waypoint. So for example, if you start from a place, wander around and return to the same place, TGPS will consider the movement "null" because you have returned to the point from you have begun ; Hence it will erase the entire track.

This option is useful to eliminate duplications from a track that occur say, when you take the wrong path at a cross and you are forced to return to that cross before taking the correct path.

20/04/2008 15:14 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD That version starts and locks up to the GPS.  I tried most features that I use, and it seems fine.  It also seems to quit a bit more gracefully.  The last version would remain resident until I did a soft reset or terminated the process.  The icon stayed on my Today screen, even thoug I quit the program.

One odd thing I found while playing around in there, I "round normalized" a track that was a .81 mile loop and it made the track .01 miles long and now it doesn't show up in the map.  What did I do?

20/04/2008 08:36 Administrator Then it was the SMS api which lacks from some phones ; Let's wait for DoctorCad to confirm as well and I will release it shortly.

20/04/2008 06:47 Administrator Try latest beta from
Tell me if this version works.

19/04/2008 20:15 Administrator Do you have SMS.DLL in your phone ?
It seems to me that this is the source of the problems, but according to the docs, it must exist in any CE version.

If you do have it, then I will test tomorrow the two versions to see the mismatches.

19/04/2008 20:05 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD Try this

[attachment deleted by admin]

19/04/2008 00:57 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD Since this message board doesn't work very well on my PPC, I will have to try and get a copy through ActiveSync and put it on my PC.  Give me a day or so to try this.
18/04/2008 13:32 Administrator [quote author=DoctorCAD link=topic=207.msg945#msg945 date=1208525032]
[quote author=Michael link=topic=207.msg937#msg937 date=1208465078]
I am testing it under the smartphone 2003 and wm5 simulation and can't find any problems.
What exactly is the error ? Exits on startup  without notification ? Error message ?


Mine says

The file "tgpswm" cannot be opened.  Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found.  You might need to restore this file.

The file is dated 4/16 and is 275.5k
The one that still works is dated 3/25 and is 261.5k

Any other information that you need, please ask.  I love this program!

Please post here a zip containing this version that works, so I can backtrace it and see possible problems.


18/04/2008 13:23 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD [quote author=Michael link=topic=207.msg937#msg937 date=1208465078]
I am testing it under the smartphone 2003 and wm5 simulation and can't find any problems.
What exactly is the error ? Exits on startup  without notification ? Error message ?


Mine says

The file "tgpswm" cannot be opened.  Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found.  You might need to restore this file.

The file is dated 4/16 and is 275.5k
The one that still works is dated 3/25 and is 261.5k

Any other information that you need, please ask.  I love this program!

17/04/2008 20:44 Administrator I am testing it under the smartphone 2003 and wm5 simulation and can't find any problems.
What exactly is the error ? Exits on startup  without notification ? Error message ?

17/04/2008 18:41 Administrator I will test it on the smartphone emulator again tomorrow and fix it.
Thanks for the information.

16/04/2008 20:46 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD I updated again today  Same results, no run.
I cannot tell what version I am updating to because it won't run.

09/04/2008 15:58 Administrator Does 1.21 work ?

05/04/2008 13:41 Administrator
02/04/2008 20:56 Administrator Try the beta until I release it as a final.

02/04/2008 12:59 Administrator Fixing it in 1.2.

01/04/2008 01:19 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD No camera either...

I will rename the back-up and not let it update for a while.

31/03/2008 21:23 Administrator You have a camera ? If not , then that must be the reason, I will change it so it works with your phone in 1.2.
31/03/2008 18:20 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD Not a phone, HP Ipaq rx5915.

All other versions so far have worked.

31/03/2008 05:35 Administrator Whats your phone model ?
297szymon szymon1206917833
30/03/2008 22:57
BugGoogle maps online track editorHi!

I've found an interesting online track editor, have a look at
But I'm still missing a raster map track editor...

05/04/2008 13:41 Administrator See
31/03/2008 05:39 Administrator Hi there.
I 've asked permission from Google to release an application that would create maps from google maps. If they allow (I will know in a few days) , I will post it.

300szymon szymon1206916074
30/03/2008 22:27
BugRe: TGPS Feature Pool (29/3 Update)Hi!

I have a feature request - a graphical waypoint/track creator for PC version.
I'd like to make a track by clicking some points on a map, and then follow it on my bicycle using my smartphone.

12/04/2008 16:57 szymon szymon Thank you for that, and for fixing the smartphone version!
But I must say can hardly see the dots, they are so small!! My 15" screen resolution is 1600x1200... In fact, I can see them only when I keep the LMB pressed.
Can you make a line get drawn during the designing of the tracks? A thick one ;)

05/04/2008 15:09 Administrator
296szymon szymon1206562795
26/03/2008 20:19
BugSmartphone issuesHello!

I've come across some problems on my smartphone (WM6 Standard):

PC & smartphone issues:
1. Initial map X width is 0.00 Km so program doesn't show map. Zooming in makes map show. Switching to full screen (with enter) makes X width 0.00 km again, and map disapears.
2. There's no map loading indicator (i.e. "loading..."), I don't know what's going on with the program. At the beginnig I thought it crashed.

Smartphone issues:
1. Backlight is always on.
2. I can't choose from listboxes with enter (it makes window close) - have to type gps com port
3. Map images location - although there is ".\maps" in options , tgps loads images from "\maps"
4. It would be nice to have directory picker to specify map direcotry.
5. After loading map, I'm unable to get to menu. Toggling full screen on/off with enter, makes menu work again, but the map disappears (the 0.00 X width issue).
6. Dialog windows don't fit in screen (177x220)
7. Tab order is broken in the map options dialog.
8. Left/right arrows make checkboxes toggle in dialogs (not realy a problem)
9. there's no key shortcut for zooming, left/right sometimes switches to another view (i.e. compass, track), sometimes moves map...
10. I installed VNC server on my phone, and I'm able to use mouse within the application now, I noticed there's no COM0 port in GPS ports list.

Ad.5/9. I noticed in VNC, F1/F2 is assigned to phone menu keys, perhaps this makes the zoom/menu access problems.

20/04/2008 19:41 szymon szymon Some more bugs to fix, as you are planning to make the smartphone version work corectly ;)

1. Display precision (affects the PC version as well):
a) Current position is displayed precisely only when in screen center. When I move map, the point moves out of its correct position.
b) The same happens to tracks. A waypoint is displayed in its correct place, only when I get to the place. It's so bad, that I can't be sure what road I'll be cycling in 10 minutes :/ (I think the bigger map is, the worse it gets)

2. Menu keys don't work in map and path screens (toggling fullscreen makes them work)

3. Horizontal scrollbar doesn't work - pressing left/right swiches screens. (Actualy it moves the screen a bit, and then switches to another screen.)

4. Backspace doesn't work (typing in options)

5. Single instance - works ok only when the default sceen is selected. I think you look for window name - try CreateMutex ;)

6. Track drawing mode - try moving map while drawing - lines disapear and the next created starts from wrong point. But after saving/loading it looks all right!


30/03/2008 22:33 szymon szymon Hi!

Thank you for fixing some of previous issues!!!
Here is another bug list :)

1. Single instance needed! If I switch to other program, sometimes I can't get back to the TGPS (a smartphone feature..). Starting TGPS again starts new instance, I have to kill the process first, and loose my track being recorded at the moment.. :(

2. There's no initial zoom in dynamic maps still (I get Y 20015.086Km, X 0.000 Km at start), have to zoom in to get map displayed (a half of the world..). I'd be nice to have initial zoom at country level at least. Or perhaps a custom initial zoom level set in preferences?

3. Can't change zoom level from keypad - I don't have touchscreen and "soft keys" (as it's written in help).

And some minor bugs:

4. Can't get out of "statistics" and "all options" and dialogs, have to kill process.

5. I'm unable to change options in "all options" dialog.

5. I'm unable tu use directory picker in "map options" - I'm afraid I can see only top left part of it.

6. Can't use listboxes still.

7. Please try using tgps without touchscreen :)


29/03/2008 11:43 Administrator Most of the issues are being fixed in 1.1 release - thanks for notification.
294ldeffenb ldeffenb1206332928
24/03/2008 04:28
BugBug Report: Temporary HangsTPGS seems to hang temporarily when the data connection is lost.  I used to wonder what it was doing and would just kill it as non-responsive from the Memory/Running Programs control panel. Then I noticed that it happened when I went out of cellular coverage (like inside my house, unfortunately).

It seems that if you wait long enough (multiple minutes, sometimes), it does eventually come back, but it sure does appear to be hung for quite some time.

Typically GPS view, 4 active Pursuits (60 second), updating my position (30 second), and no maps at all (I'm happy with the grid for now).

Lynn (D)

27/03/2008 15:23 Administrator This is probable due to pursuits ; I will make them threaded in 1.1 so even if connection is out, tgps doesn't hang.


24/03/2008 09:42 Administrator If you enable the 'GPS Api' , does it have the same behaviour ?
293ldeffenb ldeffenb1206332778
24/03/2008 04:26
BugBug Report: Pursuit Distance OverpaintIn the GPS screen with Pursuit targets active, the distance overpaints for ahile and then clears itself up only to start overpainting again.  It seems like it paints correctly when an update is fetched from the URL (60 seconds in my case), but not when the current GPS coordinate changes (1/second).

Lynn (D)

27/03/2008 15:12 Administrator Hi.

Fixing it at 1.1
292MikeF MikeF1206317018
24/03/2008 00:03
BugAccidentally changing unit for speedHi!

In the map view, when double clicking on a waypoint, one can accidentally change the unit for the speed if the waypoint is at the same position on the screen as the unit in the GPS view. This is quite annoying as the user normaly doesn´t realize why the program suddenly shows all distances in knots or miles instead of km/h.
(By the way: km/h should be written in lower case letters.)

Similar is double clicking the position in the map view where in the gps view the current speed is shown. This shows the 'Speed Limits' dialogue which is a little bit surprising in the map view.  :)


24/03/2008 09:41 Administrator Yes , these interesting "mouse clicks" were old remnants ; I will remove them as soon as I get back.


24/03/2008 04:24 ldeffenb ldeffenb So THAT's what happened to me yesterday!  I was watching the speedometer and all of a sudden I wasn't going the right speed.  It took me a while to realize my miles had gone to kilometers but I had no clue how I did it.

Lynn (D)
291MikeF MikeF1206316065
23/03/2008 23:47
BugTop area in GPS view remains blue even after disconnectingHi!

I just saw that the top area in the GPS view remains blue even after disconnecting from the GPS receiver.
I think this should this should be reset to red as well as resetting the values (X, Y, Z, Sat, Crs, Speed, Satellite View, etc) to signal the user that there is currently no connection.

Have a nice day!  :)

24/03/2008 09:40 Administrator Hi there.
Are you sure? Mine gets red ;)
Perhaps you have loaded a bg image ?

289MikeF MikeF1205961749
19/03/2008 21:22
BugBug report: Crash on illegal waypoint namesHi!

The program crashes if a newly created waypoint contains an illegal character.
To reproduce this, try creating a waypoint named 'Mike & Mary'.

The crash seems occur when trying to read the xml file containing the illegal character '&'.

All characters that are illegal inside an xml file should be correctly escaped:
< &lt;
> &gt;
& &amp;
" &quot;
' &apos;


27/03/2008 15:22 Administrator Are you sure that the name is "Test&Crash"? I use that and it doesn't crash at all.

24/03/2008 09:39 Administrator I will test as soon as I return back home, probably by next week.

23/03/2008 23:30 MikeF MikeF Hi!

I just downloaded the new final version 1.0.
(Thanks very much for the zoom icons! )

On my PocketPC the program still hangs if I try to add a new waypoint named Test&Crash.

Well, I hope you don't get angry with all my testing :-)

Greetings from Austria!


20/03/2008 17:17 Administrator
288MikeF MikeF1205960805
19/03/2008 21:06
BugChange request: Color of the speedometerHi!

The color of the speedometer is black while the color of the unit ('Km/H') is blue.

I think this easily leads to misunderstandings because me (and most of my work mates) thought that the two blue lines (the unit and the total distance value) would belong together.

I propose making the color of the unit the same as the color of speedometer (=black)

I tested with day view.


20/03/2008 17:17 Administrator
287MikeF MikeF1205960024
19/03/2008 20:53
BugFeature request: Zoom icons for the mapHi!

My PocketPC has no soft keys so I can not comfortably zoom in/out in the map.  :-(
Perhaps you could add two icons on the bottom line? (near the keyboard icon)

Greetings from Austria,

By the way: Thanks for the quick map-memory-leak-fix!
20/03/2008 17:47 ldeffenb ldeffenb I like the new zoom icons!  Great idea and good implementation.  They're a bit overstated on a small PDA/phone screen, but given how tight into the corners they are, they're not intrusive.

However, I just noticed that I usually think of "bigger" on the right and "smaller" on the left (as in a volume control and whatnot), but these are reversed.  Anyone else's thoughts on the matter?

Lynn (D) - a more and more pleased TGPS user!

20/03/2008 17:18 Administrator
286ldeffenb ldeffenb1205944822
19/03/2008 16:40
BugPursuit RequestI really like the Pursuit feature of TGPS.  As I'm playing with it some more, I see an enhancement that might be worthwhile.  Would it be possible to allow us to name the pursuit targets?  Even if it is encoded into the URL somehow, or better yet, comes back in the XML (<p><x>...</z><name>Whatever</name></p>).  If the name isn't in the response, use the Target N as you do now.  Otherwise, use the responded name to describe the target when I click on it in a map.

Just a thought.  And in thinking of it again, I guess I won't be having THAT many targets that this would really be necessary.  But maybe nice!

Lynn (D)

20/03/2008 17:44 ldeffenb ldeffenb Fantastic!  Now I know who/what I'm looking at in Pursuit mode!

I'm running V1.0 on both my laptop and my AT&T Tilt as an acid test to see if it locks up at all.  It had been running for about 2 hours when I just restarted it for the new version.

Looking good for our road trip!

20/03/2008 17:18 Administrator

Use <n>
284ldeffenb ldeffenb1205334919
12/03/2008 15:15
BugGPS Display Blinking TimeWhen receiving live GPS data, the time (bottomline of right column) sometime blinks strangely.  By this, I mean that the hours and minutes disappear and re-appear at random intervals.  The last line of the display (on my 240x320 portrait display AT&T Tilt) reads:

Z: -291.34i  C:13047  11:13:24

I have no idea what the "i" is after the Z (which is negative because I'm very near sea level and indoors with marginal satellite coverage), and the 11:13 are the digits flashing.  The colon after the 13 stays visible on the screen.

Also, what is the Crs: number and the parenthetical number after that Sat:?

Lynn (D) - TGPS user

PS.  When we get this working, there'll be four of us tracking each other on a road trip coming soon!

12/03/2008 19:34 ldeffenb ldeffenb [quote author=Michael link=topic=185.msg762#msg762 date=1205347208]
Will try soon to put Miles/Feet.

The time no longer blinks with RC5.  However, the new target distances on the GPS screen have been weirded out with overpaint several times, but I haven't been able to duplicate it on demand.  I'll let you know if/when I can figure out what they're doing.

Lynn (D) - Amazed at the quick Turnaround!

12/03/2008 18:40 Administrator
Will try soon to put Miles/Feet.

12/03/2008 16:01 ldeffenb ldeffenb I'm quite familiar with the overpaint issues!  I figured it would be something like that, but not knowing how long a cell ID can be, I wasn't sure.

Thanks for the clarification on the other numbers.  They make sense now!  And yes, my distance options are set to Statute Miles/Inches.  Any chance of getting a Statute Miles/Feet?  Inches are SO small!

Lynn (D) - Anxious to help make TGPS better and better!

12/03/2008 15:45 Administrator Hi there.

Probably the flashing problem of the time is a buffer error when drawing the Cell ID (C: ) ; I will try to see it later.
The 'i' after Z indicates that the altitude is measured in inches (you have set it to use inches as I guess). Note that many GPS devices report the altitude incorrectly, so what you get in the Z can be way far from truth.

The Crs number shows the current bearing in degrees.
The Sat :X (Y) indicates the number of satellites used for the fix (the more, the better, should be >= 3), and Y indicates the GPS calculation of precision of the XYZ indications. The less that number is (1.00 is best) , the better precision you have, the more it is, the worse the precision.

283ldeffenb ldeffenb1205334421
12/03/2008 15:07
BugGPS Display Target DistanceThe GPS view's target distance (really tiny font in lower left corner) displays in Km rather than Statute Miles as is set in my Distance Options.  Also, it only seems to display Target 1.  Any chance of getting distances to all targets listed in a slightly larger font, maybe as a table to the right of the speed?  Say something like:

0.0000 MpH          1: 1.25 Mi
                        2: 0.00 Mi
                        3: 2.50 Mi

While we're at it, on the Map display, when I click on a target, it shows the lat/lon on the bottom.  Can you add the distance to that display as well?

Lynn (D) - TGPS User
12/03/2008 20:00 ldeffenb ldeffenb [quote author=Michael link=topic=184.msg768#msg768 date=1205351329]
This doesn't display the target, it displays the closest Wp, which may or may not be one of the targets.

Oh, that's cool!  I like it, I like it!

It's really strange when you pursue yourself.  It is always 0.00 and Target 1!

12/03/2008 19:48 Administrator Yes heh.

This doesn't display the target, it displays the closest Wp, which may or may not be one of the targets.

12/03/2008 19:44 ldeffenb ldeffenb [quote author=Michael link=topic=184.msg760#msg760 date=1205347168]

Oh, I just noticed that Target 1's distance is still on the lower left corner of the compass as well.  Was that intentional?

Lynn (D)

12/03/2008 19:40 ldeffenb ldeffenb [quote author=Michael link=topic=184.msg760#msg760 date=1205347168]

Target distances on the GPS screen is really good!  Also, having the distances on the target information from the map works well.  I was considering asking for them on the Today screen, but I really don't spend much time there anyway and ended up turning that feature off for the time being.

Lynn (D) - a Happier, and Happier TGPS user

12/03/2008 18:39 Administrator
12/03/2008 15:47 Administrator Hi there.

Thanks for your requests, I will implement them asap.
282ldeffenb ldeffenb1205334050
12/03/2008 15:00
BugZoom/Pan map hangs after a bit?I'm running TGPS on an AT&T Tilt with Windows Mobile 6 and its internal GPS.  It seems that after zooming in and out several times on the map using the soft keys, response gets sluggish and then locks up completely.  Sometimes I'm able to kill TGPS via Control Panel/Memory/Running Programs and other times I can't even get that to come up.

Map Options:
Use Dynamic Maps
Map to position
Compass to map
Use Grid

I'm updating my position to the Internet every 30 seconds.
Pursuing 2 targets every 60 seconds.

Anything you'd like me to try?  Also, sometimes if I try to change views after zooming in about 18 times, the title bar changes, but the view itself doesn't repaint properly.  I'm a Windows (and OS/2) GUI API programmer from way back and this behaves like there's a GUI resource (like a device context) that is being leaked and consumed to the point that you can't get another one.

Lynn (D) - TGPS user
19/03/2008 16:37 ldeffenb ldeffenb [quote author=Michael link=topic=183.msg800#msg800 date=1205942419]

Upgraded and attempted to duplicate leak, but that hole definitely seems to have been closed!  Thanks again for the quick response!

19/03/2008 16:00 Administrator
19/03/2008 15:40 Administrator I saw that too, trying to fix it now.

19/03/2008 14:29 ldeffenb ldeffenb Well, not from that task manager, but from Windows Mobile's Memory page (free program memory in MB):

Pre TGPS: 61.0
TGPS startup (GPS screen): 60.0
TGPS MAP screen (options below): 57.3
Zoom in 10 times (12.145x24.291mi): 55.9
Zoom out 10 times (12436.798x0.000mi?): 54.4
Zoom in 10 times (12.145x24.291mi): 50.9
Zoom in 5 times (0.380x0.759mi): 49.8
Left/Right/Up/Down 10 times each: 44.5
Zoom out 5 times (12.145x24.291mi): 43.6
Left/Right/Up/Down 10 times each: 38.4
(At this point TaskManager still reports tgpswm.exe at 108kb)
Close TGPS: 60.7MB Free is restored

It seems that TGPS may not be leaking program memory, but some form of Windows Mobile resource.  And this was all with GPS turned off and no maps being displayed, just the grid and two pursue targets.

Let me know if there's anything I can do short of the remote debugging which I need to see about setting up and scheduling.

Lynn (D)

Map Options: Map to position, Use Grid.  All others unchecked.

19/03/2008 12:48 Administrator Use this nice task manager.

[attachment deleted by admin]

19/03/2008 12:11 ldeffenb ldeffenb Mike,

How did you get those memory readings?  I'd like to do the same on my AT&T Tilt and maybe I can coordinate a remote debugging session sometime.  I'm hoping to use TGPS to track/pursue next week, so I've got a vested interest in getting it fixed!

Lynn (D)

19/03/2008 07:32 Administrator The problem is that your phone has to have an IP so you can forward a TCP connection to it ... as far as I know, with ActiveSync, no IP is assumed.

19/03/2008 07:22 MikeF MikeF Hi!

Thank you for this offer.
The problem is that my phone has no WLAN, I can only connect via USB (Active Sync)  :-(
I will see if I manage it to connect it to my PC via Bluetooth this weekend. But I am not sure because I already failed on that task once and threw away that xxx bluetooth-stick  ;D  The next bad thing is that I won´t be at home a lot that weekend.


18/03/2008 20:46 Administrator Hi there.
Sorry but my TGPS and others' stays at 53 KB memory usage without leak problems no matter the map movement.

Perhaps you are willing to help more with remote debugging ( this weekend ?

18/03/2008 16:29 MikeF MikeF Hi!

I tested the memory today:

Test with GPS connected:

Deleted configuration files
Started TGPS
08:15 12.3 + 3.4 = 15.7
08:30 12.3 + 2.8 = 15.1
08:45 7.4 + 7.4 = 14.8
09:00 7.4 + 6.8 = 14.2
09:15 7.4 + 6.3 = 13.7
09:30 7.4 + 5.7 = 13.1
09:45 7.4 + 5.1 = 12.5
10:00 7.4 + 4.5 = 11.9
10:15 7.4 + 4.0 = 11.4
10:30 7.4 + 3.3 = 10.7
10:45 7.4 + 2.8 = 10.2
11:00 7.4 + 2.1 =  9.5
11:15 7.4 + 1.5 =  8.9
11:30 4.5 + 3.9 =  8.4
11:45 4.5 + 3.3 =  7.8
12:00 4.5 + 2.7 =  7.2
Closed and reopened TGPS
12:15 4.5 + 1.8 =  6.3
12:30 4.5 + 1.2 =  5.7
13:00 2.7 + 2.1 =  4.8
13:15 2.7 + 1.2 =  3.9
13:30 2.7 + 0.6 =  3.3
13:45 1.6 + 1.1 =  2.7
14:00 1.6 + 0.5 =  2.1
14:15 1.0 + 0.6 =  1.6
14:30 1.0 + 0.3 =  1.3
14:45 1.0 + 0.3 =  1.3
Windows error message 'memory low'
Shutdown TGPS
14:47 5.7 + 5.7 = 11.4

Conclusion: TGPS took a bit more than 2 MB RAM per hour


Test with GPS not connected:

Deleted configuration files
Booted PocketPC
14:50 6.0 + 18.5 = 24.5
Started TGPS
14:50 6.0 + 17.2 = 23.2
15:15 6.0 + 16.5 = 22.5
15:30 6.0 + 16.0 = 22.0
15:45 6.0 + 15.4 = 21.4
16:00 6.0 + 14.7 = 20.7
16:15 6.0 + 14.2 = 20.2
16:30 6.0 + 13.6 = 19.6
16:45 6.0 + 13.0 = 19.0
17:00 6.0 + 12.3 = 18.3
17:15 6.0 + 11.8 = 17.8
Shutdown TGPS
17:17 6.0 + 15.2 = 21.2

Conclusion: TGPS took a bit more than 2 MB RAM per hour


Well, there seems to be no difference if the GPS sensor is connected or not.
In both tests I did not work with the Pocket PC or TurboGPS. I just left it lying on the table.


Test zooming and panning (GPS not connected):

17:20 6.0 + 15.2 = 21.2 MB
Start TurboGPS
Switch to the 'Map' page, zoom in 10 times, move up 40 times, move right 40 times
17:24 6.0 + 1.5 = 7.5 MB
Shutdown TurboGPS
17:26 6.0 + 15.0 = 21.0 MB

Conclusion: Zooming/Panning takes a lot of memory


I hope theese tests help you in finding the memory leak.


17/03/2008 13:05 Administrator Test your memory.
Is the memory increasing even WITHOUT zooming when u are connected ?

17/03/2008 10:52 MikeF MikeF Hi!

I deleted both files and tried it again.
The problem is still there.

While testing I found out that it is worse after connecting to the gps sensor.
Without being connected I can zoom in and move around the map quite a long time.
After connecting to the gps I can zoom in and/or move around only 15 to 30 times before there is no more memory left.

I have no maps loaded. Everything is as clean as freshly installed.

I am zooming in via the menu because my Pocket PC (HTC Magician) has no softkeys.

Greetings from Austria


14/03/2008 19:21 Administrator Hi.

I will see it, perhaps you have enabled some map option ? (Try to backup and delete tgps.xml, then see if tgps has problems again, and if it doesn't, then your XML must have a bug, send me it.)

14/03/2008 09:37 MikeF MikeF Hi!

After upgrading to Version 1.0RC5 the zoom stopped working after zooming in 4 or 5 times.
I saw that every zoom in took about 6 MB of the free RAM so the PocketPC stopped working properly due to insufficient memory.

I am not using maps. (Neither online nor offline)

Zooming worked properly in the previously installed version. (I think it was 1.0RC2)

Hope that helps you.


By the way: Nice program!

12/03/2008 20:08 Administrator No, Google Maps doesn't allow anyone to get the actual images from the site automatically, like Yahoo.

But Yahoo is not accurate.

12/03/2008 20:06 ldeffenb ldeffenb [quote author=Michael link=topic=183.msg769#msg769 date=1205351372]
I tried it without maps, I will let you know what happens with them.
Btw use Google Maps, Yahoo maps are not accurate.

Is there a way to use Google Maps without the manual steps of calibrating them myself?  I just toggled on the Dynamic Maps and let it do its thing.  I saw that they didn't scale well other than in the dead center of the map, but since I'm really planning to use it for pursuit and multi-point tracking, I wasn't too concerned about the maps at this point.

Lynn (D)

12/03/2008 19:49 Administrator I tried it without maps, I will let you know what happens with them.
Btw use Google Maps, Yahoo maps are not accurate.

12/03/2008 19:46 ldeffenb ldeffenb [quote author=Michael link=topic=183.msg761#msg761 date=1205347185]

Not so good news on this one.  It still locks up sometimes and sometimes encounters strange repainting issues.  I'm trying it now without the dynamic Yahoo maps...Still busted.  I never had a Yahoo map this time, two targets tracking, zoomed the map down to .002 on the vertical scale and .003 on the horizontal scale.  I let it sit there for a bit, zoomed in and out several times, and then I was hung.

Lynn (D) - Willing to try (almost) anything to help you get this working!

12/03/2008 18:39 Administrator
12/03/2008 15:58 ldeffenb ldeffenb [quote author=Michael link=topic=183.msg752#msg752 date=1205336964]
Hi again.
I will test for leaks (once again :)) in a short time, do these bugs occur in the latest RC4 version, of you had detected such behaviour before I upload the RC4 ?

I'm not certain, but I believe they are only after RC4 with the pursue fix.  I didn't really use zoom very heavily before that, hence the uncertainty.  Sorry I can't be more helpful on that one!

Lynn (D)

12/03/2008 15:49 Administrator Hi again.
I will test for leaks (once again :)) in a short time, do these bugs occur in the latest RC4 version, of you had detected such behaviour before I upload the RC4 ?

281ldeffenb ldeffenb1205276061
11/03/2008 22:54
BugRe: Internet Tracking and Internet PursuitI'm trying to set this up, but the Target doesn't change it's coordinates.  Is there any way to debug what TGPS is doing to query the targets?  I can provide the lookup URL in a private message if necessary.

Lynn (D) - a new (hopefully) TGPS user
12/03/2008 14:54 ldeffenb ldeffenb [quote author=Michael link=topic=182.msg743#msg743 date=1205329269]
Thanks for reporting the bug.
It is now fixed in RC4. Please update (using menu tools->Che for Updates)


That did the trick!  Now within an update interval of bringing up the map, my configured targets move to where they're supposed to be!

Thanks for the quick response!  I'm liking what I see so far, but am going to open a new thread about a seeming resource leak when zooming and panning.

Lynn (D) - a TGPS user!

12/03/2008 13:41 Administrator Thanks for reporting the bug.
It is now fixed in RC4. Please update (using menu tools->Che for Updates)


12/03/2008 12:11 ldeffenb ldeffenb [quote author=Michael link=topic=166.msg739#msg739 date=1205301757]
TGPS reads an URL which must return a XML, in order to track the coordinates. Whats your URL returning? Have you setup an URL that does the recording/tracking?

I sent you the URL via private message.  It is returning the XML <p><x></x><y></y><z></z></p> document.  The help file shows the Z, but the configuration dialog doesn't.  I've tried it both ways to no avail.

TGPS seems to hit the URL on the timer as long as it is getting a 404 Not Found response.  As soon as it gets a 200 Ok response, it quits hitting the server and displays Target 1: at 0 0 on the map.

Has anyone out there used this feature?  Or am I breaking new ground?

I'm in total control of the server, so whatever I need to do to it to get this working, I can do.

Lynn (D) - A TGPS wannabe user

12/03/2008 06:02 Administrator TGPS reads an URL which must return a XML, in order to track the coordinates. Whats your URL returning? Have you setup an URL that does the recording/tracking?

279jam_mairena jam_mairena1201424436
27/01/2008 09:00
BugSuggestionsI don't now if you (Michael) are interested in receive sugestions to improve your nice program. If not please remove this topic.

While running a track I suggest to catch (or continue) the closest point to the current possition, instead of begin on the first point or follow the order established. Some times one point is not able to reach or maybe it's necesary to reboot the pda for something and it's not practical to return to the first point of the track.

29/01/2008 08:37 jam_mairena jam_mairena OK, I will check it with anothers tracks. Thankyou.
27/01/2008 09:10 Administrator Hi there.
Of course I am interested in receiving suggestions, but TGPS already does what you say; It selects the point which is closest to the current position.

If you have a track which doesn't do that, please send it to me (along with your gps.log) to test it.
278asadul asadul1200585347
17/01/2008 15:55
BugFont Size of T-GPS 0.99aHi All;

I am from Bangladesh. Here we do not have any standard GPS usable map. Now I am using ASUS P535. This device is a PDA with a built in GPS sirf III chipset. The application T-GPS 0.99a works fine in my PDA. I am glad with this soft. However, as we do not have any map of our city(Dhaka, Bangladesh), I generally would like to see location data and speed info on the device display while I drive. The application provides me all these. But the font size is so little that I can not even read those info on my 4.5x6.0 cm display while I drive.
So, I would be glad if one let me know how I increase the font size displayed on the PDA screen. Thanks in advance.

Prof. A.H.M. Asadul Huq
University of Dhaka,
Dhaka, Bangladesh
[E-mail address removed to avoid spam]
26/01/2008 12:18 Administrator Hi there.

I didn't manage to create a separated font system yet, but in 99d version (do the update) you will find an option 'Big Waypoint Display' in TGPS options which you can use to get bigger waypoint indications.

Tell me if this suffices until next update.


19/01/2008 16:44 Administrator Thanks for the report = I will put an option to configure the fonts separately.
The update should come soon.


19/01/2008 16:36 asadul asadul Hi Michael and all others,

I am sorry because I said that font factor did not work in the updated version. Now I see that actually it works (though some attempts failed). However, now, I realize that the new font function does not fulfill my desire because it increases the font size of the whole display equally.
Now I see that actually the top XYZ, SAT, CRS and Time data do not require larger fonts. The default font size (smaller) for that top information is fine.
However, I would like to have larger font size for the bottom waypoint names. As a matter of fact, I propose a slightly different GPS view with additional info where addition of one extra line will be enough. I would like to see the â¬Ünext waypoint⬠in a bigger font and previous (already passed waypoint) waypoint in a different font and color for example (Please note that we here do not have professional maps). In the case, the compass may be a background image with a light color (water color)!
You know, we here do not have professional maps. So I use to save important locations by "add current waypoint" while I am not driving. Later, those waypoints are used to feel easy as the present location can be seen on the display (big font sizes are needed here). I also sometime record tracks and use them later.
Thank you. With regards -
Prof. A.H.M. Asadul Huq
Dhaka University.

[attachment deleted by admin]

19/01/2008 08:38 Administrator Use floating point values.
1.2, 1.5, up to 1.9 . It doesn't have any meaning if you double or triple the size of the font.
Also, paste a screen shot of it if you can so I can see it.

19/01/2008 02:33 asadul asadul Dear Michael,

I am surprised with your quick response. Thanks a lot for your response regarding font size. However, seems my Asus P535 with WM 6 does not work with the updated T-GPS 0.99b. Would you please see the matter once again. I increased the font factor to various values such as 2.0, 8.0 or 10 etc. It did not increase the font size on my Asus display.
With regards.

A.H.M. Asadul Huq
Dhaka University

17/01/2008 17:54 Administrator I upgraded, please try to update.

17/01/2008 17:15 Administrator Hi there.
I am currently putting a 'font size factor' item to options so you can increase it in case your font size is too low.
Planning to update later this evening.
275brett brett1196767270
04/12/2007 11:21
BugTracks - reading speedwhat a great program - just one question - how can i view the speed recorded for each point on a track?
04/12/2007 11:38 brett brett thanks Michael - that has ansered my question
04/12/2007 11:24 Administrator When you started recording, did you select 'Record speed?'
If so, then open TGPSTRK.XML with notepad, find your track and the speeds are there. I have no GUI option for that feature yet.

273louiscar louiscar1196267978
28/11/2007 16:39
BugMicheal - a clue for the Tytn II problemPerhaps this is a clue perhaps not but I turned off the GPS api. Normally what happens as you know is that shortly after the gps connects the program crashes (simply disappears).

I have sucessfully run TurboGPS and can reliably do so on the Tytn II by doing the following:

1) Click connect
2) Immediately after this switch to map.

The program remains alive and seemingly works fine. Going back to the GPS screen is fine too. So I hope this might give you a clue as to where the problem might be.

There are two connection beeps (not sure why) the program seems to crash when the second one occurs. When following the above, after connection you hear the first, shortly after you'll hear the second, if you've managed to switch to the map screen you'll hear it and the program doesn't crash.

Btw. I still am not able to see any map overlays on the map screen. I thought this might work now that I'm not in GPS api mode. Oh well.

04/12/2007 13:12 Administrator Perhaps this would work, but anyway, the case is now solved with latest TGPS version :)

07/10/2007 06:36
BugTip: Put your custom maps to T-GPSHere is a (still experimental) way to use your own maps with T-GPS.

[li]Use T-GPS Version 0.9802 or later[/li]
[li]Collect your maps from some site, in JPG,PNG,or GIF format[/li]
[li]Create a directory to store the maps and put its (absolute) path in TGPS Map Options[/li]
[li]Unselect 'Use Dynamic Maps'[/li]
[li]Select 'Load Offline Maps'[/li]
[li]Name your map images as follows: X1_Y1_X2_Y2.jpg (or png/gif) X1,Y1 is the long/lat of the rectangle's top left corner, X2,Y2 is the long/lat of the rectangle's top right corner. So for example, one of my maps is 23.599381_37.978294_23.672797_37.920402.png[/li]
[li]TGPS will load and use the best available map depending on the coverage and the zoom level, when you are in the map screen.[/li]

Please try it and report me any problems, the accuracy, etc.

30/05/2008 12:13 Administrator Great tip, I will note it in the documentation.
Perhaps I 'll make a simple HHMMSS to decimal conversion and vice versa.

30/05/2008 11:54 Christian72D Christian72D [quote author=cubi link=topic=47.msg1059#msg1059 date=1212004687]
to Christian:  the filenames are wrong. You have to change the positions of the numbers.
THX, you are great man, now it works.!!!
Sometimes it really could help to read more accurate! :D

26/05/2008 06:42 Christian72D Christian72D Hi,

i have the same problems with the maps. I´m using your latest beta on a PPC with WM 6.0.

You could have a look at my maps on:

19/05/2008 19:58 zapfen zapfen Hi,
I used the TGPS 1.43 an now I just tried the Beta 2.0. But I have the same Problems with the customs maps. They are allways working on the pc but not on the PPC Win: 2003. Please have a look on my maps and the track.
tnx zapfen


16/03/2008 18:07 Administrator Give me some time to test -- thx :)
25/12/2007 08:56 Administrator I am now working on Google Maps - creating a calibrator.
Hopefully It won't take too long because I am fed up with Yahoo! maps and their inaccuracy.


23/12/2007 13:12 Administrator Yes I am still here.
I am trying to resolve issues.

Hopefully it won't take long - I appreciate your patience.


08/12/2007 14:10 Administrator Hi there again.
I probably found a bug in the PPC version; could you test what you did in the PC version and tell me if you have the same problems ?


08/12/2007 12:50 Administrator Hi there.

I tried the following and found no problems.

1. I set map options to : Use dynamic maps = on , Map to position = on , Load Offline Maps = off, Save Dynamic Maps = on , map path = f:\tools\tgps\maps.

2. I viewed my current location in the map, zooming, and maps were loaded.

3. I set map options to : Use dynamic maps = off, Map to position = on , Load Offline maps = on , Save Dynamic Maps = off , map path = f:\tools\tgps\maps

4. I viewed my current location in the map, zooming, and maps were loaded as well.

Perhaps I or you missed something in the process ?
Also, did you try it as well to PC version ?


07/12/2007 22:37 Administrator I am testing the maps issue this weekend, probably will solve the case.
Give me some time.


06/12/2007 15:16 Administrator Would you put the full map path in the path map setting?
Say, c:\program files\tgps\maps.


06/12/2007 14:00 Administrator Put -
-32.425_15.324_-1.324 ... etc

If still not able to put, send me your map and I will try.


26/10/2007 10:06 Administrator I am working on them.
I appreciate the patience of all forum members :)

25/10/2007 11:23 Administrator Hi.
1. Is the full path specified in the Map Options.
2. Try putting the maps to the PC version and tell me if this works.
3. Send me some of your maps in order to test in my pc.


22/10/2007 12:28 Administrator It will work for any map as soon as you provide a JPG/png/bmp image.
What exactly are you doing ?


08/10/2007 06:12 Administrator Hi.
Would you send these maps to me.

267DoctorCAD DoctorCAD1191413792
03/10/2007 12:16
BugPath problemWhen I do VIEW, PATH  I get a screen that is full to all borders with a grid that is about 10,800 x 9721 N mi and a few colored dots on it.  The grid rotates as I move.  I assume that since the scale is so great that I cannot see my path.
There are no options or any controls for this screen, including an exit button.
I cannot get out of it.  I must do a soft reset to get it off the screen.

Any help on this?
04/10/2007 00:11 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD Thanks
03/10/2007 23:05 Administrator This is weird behavior.
Anyway, I will make an option to enable the menu in the path screen as well.

03/10/2007 22:18 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD If I cycle through screens and then use the "X" to exit the program, then look at running programs, the program is still running.
If I re-open TGPS, it will be right back to the Path screen. 

It's like the screens change, but the program isn't really following along.  The Path screen never quits.

03/10/2007 20:40 Administrator What do you mean 'it stays in device memory'?

03/10/2007 20:29 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD It does have a square key that is supposed to function as a joystick-like button.  It seems to only cycle through available screens, and not actually work "in" the path screen. 

When in the path screen, if I press the left "key" the view changes to compass, solar, luner...
If I press the right "key" the view goes in the opposite order. 
I can exit that way, although the path screen stays in the devices memory until I do a soft reset.

03/10/2007 16:23 Administrator And this model does not have cursor / OK buttons ?

03/10/2007 15:23 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD I don't have a phone, I use a HP Ipaq rx5915.
03/10/2007 12:38 Administrator Hi there.
What phone do you use ? I originally created the path screen for models that have cursor buttons , 2 softkeys (to zoom the map) and the OK button so the map is restored to non-full screen.

You have a phone that does not have any of those buttons in a keyboard ?
If so, I might create some "visual keys" for this screen.

22/09/2007 06:26
BugLatest updates & features here (Latest: 2.73)Updates in version 1.0

[b]1.23 (24/04/2008) [/b][list]
[li] [color=red] Waypoint alarms [/color] [/li]
[li] Separate long/short units in distance options to allow combinations [/li]
[li] Send now in sms/tracking [/li]
[li] Custom sounds dialog  [/li]
[li] Import all waypoints from KML [/li]
[li] Updated the help file [/li]
[/list][b] More to come with Smartphone, Tracks, 3D maps and Astro waypoints![/b]

[b] 1.22 (12/04/2008) [/b][list]
[li] Added option 'map margin' for maps [/li]
[li] Enhanced the menu. [/li]
[li] Added option to skip GPS frames - useful when your PPC is old or overloaded [/li]
[li] Enhanced track drawing with thick line [/li]
[li] Updated the help file [/li]
[/list][b] 1.21 (06/04/2008) [/b][list]
[li] [color=red] Added option to associate contacts with GPS information, along with Waypoint conversion and goto/View in map. [/color]
The contact property 'Office Location' is used.[/li]
[li] [color=red] Added 'Around this' in waypoint, which can create a track, a zone, a route or an area around a waypoint with a specified radius. [/color][/li]
[li] [color=red] Added option to draw track with mouse/stylus. [/color][/li]
[li] Fixed Camera issue in some models. [/li]
[li] Added (experimental) GPS port scanning. [/li]
[/list][b] 1.1 (29/03/2008) [/b][list]
[li] [color=red]Camera capture with GPS coordinates and Image with GPS Coordinates (WM5+ only) + configuration dialog box [/color][/li]
[li] [color=red]SMS Tracking[/color]  [/li]
[li] COM0 added [/li]
[li] Added option 'reset view' to reset the map to 0,0 [/li]
[li] Added option 'Map Remove Grid' so grid is removed when a map is loaded [/li]
[li] Removed (now useless) View in GM/Yahoo map [/li]
[li] Backlight issue fixed [/li]
[li] Ability to use track playback/record and maps at the same time [/li]
[li] Real time drawing in Pursuit [/li]
[li] Overpaint in Pursuit fixed [/li]
[li] Map allows to select directory [/li]
[li] Pursuit and Tracking in threads so TGPS is not blocked [/li]
[li] Remove speed and distance changing mouse click thing [/li]
[/list][b][color=red]1.0 Final[/color][/b][list]
[li] [color=red]Now TGPS is compatible with smartphones as well.[/color] [/li]
[li] Added intelligency to map zoom when loaded maps to zoom them. [/li]
[li] Added 'All options' dialog with grid. [/li]
[li] Added scroll bars to dialog boxes. [/li]
[/list][b]F ~ 1.0 (1/2 step to final)[/b][list]
[li] Enhanced intelligent map selection [/li]
[li] Added options for 3 backgrounds, night,day and custom [/li]
[li] Added the sunrise/sunset based on the current position in statistics [/li]
[li] More screen shots posted [/li]
[/list][b]F - 1.0 (One step to final)[/b][list]
[li] [color=red]Map Zooming Fixed - no stretching - clear maps now![/color] [/li]
[li] Calibrator is faster [/li]
[li] Map loader caches the loaded map [/li]
[li] Pursuit names with <n> option [/li]
[li] Forbidden zone beep fix [/li]
[li] Speedometer colors and alignment fixed [/li]
[li] Background image ability [/li]
[li] Map Zoom icons [/li]
[li] Fixed Bad XML Characters in Waypoints issue [/li]
[/list][b]1.0 RC6[/b][list]
[li] [color=red] Serious memory leak (created in RC5 - shame on me!) found and fixed, thanks to (now honored members) ldeffenb and MikeF :) [/color] [/li]
[/list][b]1.0 RC5[/b][list]
[li] [color=red] Fixed issue that could freeze TGPS at big zoom levels ; Now drawing is quite faster. [/color] [/li]
[li] [color=red]No more flickering in recording/playing.[/color] [/li]
[li] Clicking on map waypoint also shows distance [/li]
[li] Main screen distance is displayed in correct units [/li]
[li] Today plugin distance is displayed in correct units [/li]
[li] Pursuit targets are displayed in main screen next to the compass [/li]
[li] Cell ID overlap painting fixed [/li]
[/list][b]1.0 RC4[/b][list]
[li] [color=red] Enhanced drawing method for less flickering. [/color] [/li]
[li] Fixed Internet pursue XML file [/li]
[/list][b]1.0 RC3[/b][list]
[li] [color=red] Stabilization / Calibration of Maps and selection of best map is now better. [/color] [/li]
[li] Speedometer shows more than max speed if reached. [/li]
[/list][b]1.0 RC1[/b][list]
[li] [color=red] Maps now work. See Pic below and read more [url=][/url] ;) Added option to automatically fix the map zoom. [/color] [/li]
[li] [color=red]Fixed quick and dirty drawing bug that caused the map view to crash[/color]. [/li]
[li] [color=red] Added Internet Pursuing option [/color] [/li]
[li] [color=red] Added speedometer screen [/color] [/li]
[li] Fixed the 'Total Distance' in Statistic screen. [/li]
[li] Added checking for corrupt XML files [/li]
[li] [color=red] Added the 'transport routes' feature. [/color][/li]
[li] [color=red] Added dynamic waypoints (and nearest waypoints) from the loaded transport routes. [/color][/li]
[li] Fixed executable to contain the today plugin embedded. [/li]
[li] [color=red]Added screen to show all waypoints sorted by distance [/color][/li]
[li] [color=red]Added today-screen plugin to show GPS notification in today screen with TGPS minimized [/color][/li]
[li] [color=red]Added today-screen plugin configuration dialog [/color][/li]
[li] Fixed drawing of current position when playback/recording with ellipse.[/li]
[li] Fixed waypoint drawing issue[/li]
[li] Added ability to remove waypoints from map[/li]
[li] [color=red]Added ability to draw more than one track at a time[/color][/li]
[li] Drawing in same or different color [/li]
[li] Drawing as a surface zone [/li]
[li] [color=red]Added Zones, forbidden or allowed areas that TGPS warns upon entering/leaving.[/color] [/li]
[li] Tracks can become zones [/li]
[li] Added 'zone' menu to Tracks, set a Track as forbidden or allowed zone and when entering forbidden zones TGPS warns. [/li]
[li] Added option to save track as simulation data log file [/li]
[/list]An example map of a zone is the Athens Restricted Zone at [url=][/url]

[li]Added ability to import multi-geometry KML files .[/li]
[li]Added option to show waypoints in big font .[/li]
[li]Optimization build, 10% faster, 10% smaller executable.[/li]
[li]Enhancement of polar maps.[/li]
[li]Added option 'round normalize' to remove recurring points from a track.[/li]
[li]Compass screen shows only one compass if true == magnetic.[/li]
[li]Font Size Factor, to scale the fonts.[/li]
[li]Map Cut View disabled, so tracks are visible in whole screen.[/li]
[li]Fixed Load Offline Map when not selected.[/li]
[li]Removed timestamp and CRLF from logging.[/li]
[li]Fixed Polar Map's colors.[/li]
[li]Fixed CAB to compile correctly under VS 2008.[/li]
[/list][color=blue]Pending: Track drawing in polar map[/color]

[li]Added map calibrator.[/li]
[li]Added map screen sized to your custom map.[/li]
[li]Fixed some bugs in x64 version.[/li]
[li]Fixed custom map loading.[/li]
[li]Upgraded XML Library.[/li]
[li]Fixed limits in track playback.[/li]
[li]Compiled with Visual Studio 2008.[/li]
[li]Fixed a problem in GPS time.[/li]
[li]Compatibility option with TyTN II is fixed (thanks to louiscar  ;) ) . [/li]
[li]Added option to turn off the screen to preserve power (and keep the device awake).[/li]
[li]Updated font in satellite view[/li]
[li]Fixed time track export issue[/li]
[li]Partial TyTN II Progress[/li]
[li]Added option to export all tracks and all waypoints to a single KML file.[/li]
[li]Fixed KML export to show correctly on Google Earth[/li]
[li]Fixed track drawing to draw the last waypoint[/li]
[li]When track recording begins, map zooms to < 5Km.[/li]
[li][color=red]Fixed non-working Track Recording when GPS Api is enabled.[/color][/li]
[li]Improved record icon.[/li]
[li]Restored Tray Icon (WM).[/li]
[li]Added option to record speed and time.[/li]
[li]Upgraded to latest XML library.[/li]
[li]Improved track playback.[/li]
[li]Added play,record,pause icons to indicate session.[/li]
[li]Added option for decimal XY view in screen/waypoints.[/li]
[li]Added option to edit waypoints.[/li]
[li]Improved LOC and KML support.[/li]
[li]Enhanced and (hopefully for good) fixed playback algorithm.[/li]
[li]Added option for path line width.[/li]
[li]Added waypoint view in path map.[/li]
[li]Upgraded playback algorithm[/li]
[li]Changed Manifests[/li]
[li]Enhanced x64 build[/li]
[li][color=red]Added x64 Version[/color][/li]
[li]Enhanced playback algorithm for turns[/li]
[li]Upgraded TUL update library[/li]
[li]Upgraded XML library[/li]
[li]X,Y can be shown as degrees with 7 floating point digits (click on X,Y)[/li]
[li]GPS Logging enabled for debugging.[/li]
[li]Enhanced algorithm for playback turnings.[/li]
[li]Save CPU in playback by not calculating when speed is 0.[/li]
[li]Playback mode direction arrow displays only in turns and displays units left to turn.[/li]
[li]Added option in track playback to issue a warning (turning) when X seconds are reached (default: 10m), so now T-GPS shows the turn at least X seconds before the waypoint (Useful for track playback)[/li]
[li]Added option in track playback to issue a warning (turning) when X units are reached (default: 300m), so now T-GPS shows the turn at least X units before the waypoint (Useful for track playback)[/li]
[li]Fixed track normalization.[/li]
[li]Fixed option with polar map and path view.[/li]
[li]Better SIRF III implementation.[/li]
[li]Tray icon for restoration.[/li]
[li]Recording switches to path view.[/li]
[li]Recording zooms path view map.[/li]
[li]Fixed drawing bug while playing.[/li]
[li]Fixed zoom keys in path view.[/li]
[li]Unload tracks when not int use (Now TGPS uses < 50KB of memory).[/li]
[li]Fixed bug in map width.[/li]
[li]Fixed bug in path screen.[/li]
[li]Grid on/off in map[/li]
[li]Better Map Calibration[/li]
[li]Added option 'go from distance'[/li]
[li]New options for precise distance measurement[/li]
[li][color=red]PPC 2003 now works with maps.[/color][/li]
[li]Fixed issue with menus[/li]
[li]Fixed issue with KML files[/li]
[li]Map calibrating feature is still being prepared.[/li]
[li][color=red]Fixed distance calculation precision[/color][/li]
[li]Fixed Yahoo maps calculated radius precision [/li]
[li]Map calibrating feature is being prepared.[/li]
[li]Added Track Categories[/li]
[li]Added option to move Waypoints/Categories/Tracks to Categories[/li]
[li]Added ability to view Track Time/Length in Statistics[/li]
[li]Added ability to view Track Time/Length in Path Screen while Recording[/li]
[li][color=red]Added ability to import KML generated from Google Maps. Now you can create a kml with routing directions and put it to TGPS.[/color][/li]
[li]Fixed KML Issue[/li]
[li]Preserved Full Screen mode[/li]
[li]Left/Right keys switch screens[/li]
[li]Added ActiveSync Installer[/li]
[li]Added Waypoint rotation in path map[/li]
[li]One bug brings another...[/li]
[li][color=red]A serious bug in NMEA parsing was fixed.[/color][/li]
[/list]Please note that, due to the above bug, some points/waypoints *might* have slight differences (very slight). I suggest you re-record your tracks to avoid all mismatches

[li]Fixed dynamic map loading (PPC)[/li]
[li]Fixed lunar position 100%[/li]
[li]Shows distances in path[/li]
[li]Show Waypoint in path[/li]
[li]Draw path while recording in Path view[/li]
[li]Sun/Moon/Compass autoupdate[/li]
[li]Track drawing[/li]
[li]Fixed turnings in track playback[/li]
[li]Fixed dialogs in options[/li]
[li]Fixed BG drawing[/li]
[li]Full Screen Mode in all Screens[/li]
[li]Compass Screen (True & Magnetic)[/li]
[li][color=red]Ability to use GPS API (WM5+ Version)[/color][/li]
[li]Colored tracks depending on CellID (WM5+ Version Only)[/li]
[li]Record/Play options using CellID (WM5+ Version Only)[/li]






04/07/2010 11:13 Administrator Update 2.73

* Finally map movement when rotated is fixed.
* Android version announced.

30/05/2010 10:29 Administrator Update 2.721

* Fixed Sensor API issue under Windows 7 and added Sensor Messages in Raw Log.

08/04/2010 14:15 Administrator Update 2.72

* Added EXIF - style JPG photo capturing. Now coordinates are saved inside the JPG file in EXIF format.

29/03/2010 10:33 Administrator Update 2.71
[li]"Wander" Around in record menu.[/li]
[li]Cleaned Tools menu.[/li]
[li]Today Icon Removal Option.[/li]
[li]XML Library Update.[/li]

08/03/2010 16:52 Administrator Update 2.705
[li]Turbo GPS , the installer and the CABs are now digitally signed.[/li]

27/12/2009 14:41 Administrator [b]Update 27/12/2009:[/b][list]
[li]Updated XML Library to latest.[/li]
[li]Faster and safer Update mechanism - WM 6.5 compatible.[/li]
[li]Ability to store tracks in directories fixed.[/li]
[li]Mismatch in NMEA parsing (causing screen not to update) fixed.[/li]

15/09/2008 08:16 Administrator [b]Latest Updates since Version 2.0 ([color=red]red[/color] = important):[/b]
[b][color=blue] Running an older version? Menu Tools-> Update check! [/color][/b]

[b]2.7 (12/12/2009)[/b][br]
Added ability to use tracks from directory.
Various other minimal fixes.

[b]2.62 (16/10/2009)[/b][br]
Added recognition of 3D Connexion devices (Windows).
Fixed map movement by hand when map is rotated.

[b]2.6 (2/10/2009)[/b][br]Added Sensor API as a connection method (Windows 7+).[br]
[b]2.5 (26/7/2009)[/b][br]Added experimental user screens (not yet completed).[br]

[b]2.1 (12/7/2009)[/b][br]Added point debug feature[br]Added 'all' selection in multiple lists.[br]Added sightseeing feature. For more see the guides ([url=][/url])

[b]2.07 (8/7/2009)[/b]Added Recording PresetsAdded End-and-return Track Recording End mode.

[b]2.06 (26/6/2009)
Added experimental DirectX Support (Options->Toggle DirectDraw). Caution - dialog boxes don't work well after that.
[b]2.05 (25/6/2009)[/b]
Enhanced accelerometer.Fixed track joining reference bug.Added export track as XML and to XML directory.
[b]2.04 (23/5/2009)[/b]
Added the option to modify by a special dialog some hidden options.
Updated latest XML Library
Fixed some minimal bugs

[b]2.02 (23/5/2009)[/b]
Added [font=arial][size=13px]accelerometer[/size][/font] screen and bar drawing in main GPS view.
Updated latest XML Library
Added pause/photo icons in main screen
Added option to take backup each X minutes of the recorded track

[b]2.00 ++ (31/3/2009) [/b][list]
[li]Added Portuguese Translation[/li]
[li]Enhanced 2D area calculator[/li]
[li]Enhanced KMZ Support[/li]
[li]Fixed multilingual issues[/li]
[/list]2.00 ~ (26/2/2009) [list]
[li][color=#ff0000]Added "Picture on going" and KMZ export support which also exports shots taken while recording.[/color][/li]
[li]Added option to specify where to save the track file[/li]
[li]Added option "Record if click" in track recording - records a waypoint only when the red icon is clicked.[/li]
[li]Resized GPS config dialog[/li]
[li]Added %6,%7,%8 in internet tracking as hour,min,second.[/li]
[li]Added "Google Live" options in PC version.[/li]
[/list][b]2.00 Release Candidate 8 (3/1/2009)
[li]Fixed dirty scrolling bug.[/li]
[/list][b]2.00 Release Candidate 7 (23/12/2008)
[li]Added extended raw log.
[li]Added "Record per X messages" item in track recording.
[/list][b]2.00 Release Candidate 5 (8/12/2008)
[li]Enhanced "Drive" screen.[/li]
[li]Enhanced intelligent battery saver while track play or recording.[/li]
[li]Fixed small bug in Satellite View.
[/list][b]2.00 Release Candidate 4 (30/11/2008)
[li]Fixed bug with 0,0 in track recording.
[li][color=red]Added battery saver to skip multiple messages - this also results in better screen drawing - higher accuracy, smoother display and works with NMEA.
[/list][b]2.00 Release Candidate 3 (17/11/2008)
[li]Fixed options for flight view zooming.[/li]
[li]Enhanced drawing.
[li]Upgraded XML library.
[li][color=red]Added experimental "Driver" screen.
[/list][b]2.00 Release Candidate 2 (09/11/2008)
[li]Added antialiasing in track drawing.
[li][color=red]Added UTM grid options (double click the XY in the GPS area to show UTM coordinates).
[/list][b]2.00 Release Candidate 1 (26/10/2008)
[li]Added the crystal font.
[li]Enhanced the flight view.
[li]Fixed the resizing map problem.
[li]Updated help file and XML library.
[/list][b]2.00 Beta 8 (16/09/2008)
[li][color=red]Added "Battery Saving" options in GPS Setup to bypass RMC or GGA messages to save the battery.[/color]
[li]Added the antialiasing option in PPC - do not try it or your CPU usage goes up and battery goes down!
[li]Fixed the map choosing algorithm when zoom is similar.[/li]
[li]Antialiased mode is now default in PC versions.[/li]
[li]Updated help file.
[/list][b]2.00 Beta 7 (15/09/2008)
[li][color=red]Added "Permament Drawers" which save a lot of battery and cpu while drawing.[/color]
[li]Enhanced antialiasing, default in PC version, optional in PPC version (ellipses are not yet drawn!)
[li]Updated XML Library.
[/list][b]2.00 Beta 6 (14/09/2008)
[li]Fixed Flight Screen to work properly (yea, once more;)
[li]Fixed Path screen zoom icons.
[li]Reduced power consuming by limiting the GPS messages to be processed.
[li]Added control method of LEDs (have not found any use of those so far, but I will try !)
[/list][b]2.00 Beta 5 (13/09/2008)
[li]Fixed Flight Screen to work properly.[/li]
[li]Fixed track playback to work properly.
[li]Added direction compass to flight screen.
[li]Added "Antialiasing lines" option (do not use it unless you have a fast PPC !)
[/list][b]2.00 Beta 4 (01/09/2008)
[li]Fixed Stuff in Today Plugin.
[li]Added 3D track in Flight Screen.[/li]
[li]Ehnanced Navigation Turning Directions.
[/list][b]2.00 Beta 3 (31/08/2008)
[li]Added Cell ID to today plugin.[/li]
[li]Fixed flickering in many screens.[/li]
[li][color=red]Added experimental "Flight" screen.[/color]
[/list][b]2.00 Beta 1 (29/08/2008)
[li]Added "Duplicate Track"[/li]
[li][color=red]Fixed the playback to be displayed  correctly in in 3D path mode (Please Test)[/color]
[/list][b]2.00 Alpha 13 (28/08/2008)
[li]Fixed issue which would hold the path screen locked if a map is available. Maps are only loaded in the "Map" screen.
[li]Fixed recalculation issue when turning lasts over 30 seconds.
[/list][b]2.00 Alpha 12 (26/08/2008)
[li]Fixed issues with font drawing.
[li]Changed map choosing algorithm to choose a map based on the coverage of the active view in % - this allows for better map loading and viewing.
[/list][b]2.00 Alpha 11 (07/08/2008)
[li]GPX tracks now export all information.
[li]Added waypoint and track associations. Now you can associate a file , take an image or record sound for a track/waypoint and recall it via right click/context menu.
[/list][b]2.00 Alpha 10 (14/07/2008)
[li]Fixed map precision[/li]
[li]Added time/date/speed/course/elevation to GPX export
[/list][b]2.00 Alpha 9 (07/07/2008) (Maintenance  Build)
[li]Even better optimization for large track drawing, now TGPS will not anymore freeze your PPC when the track is very large.[/li]
[li]Fixed Track Categories bug.
[/list][b]2.00 Alpha 8 (07/07/2008) (Maintenance  Build)
[li][color=red]Optimize TGPS for large track recording: Removed Satellite information from current point and now recording/playing uses a LOT less memory[/color].
[li]Optimized Track Loader to load faster.
[li]Optimized Map Point Drawer to draw faster.
[/list][b]2.00 Alpha 7 (27/06/2008) [/b][list]
[li][color=red]Added experimental 3D polar map.[/color]
[li]Added track splitting feature.[/li]
[li]Added option to mark current position while recording.[/li]
[li]Date / Time is now written correctly.[/li]
[li]XYZ can accept waypoints in decimal and HH MM SS format[/li]
[li]Listbox in PPC version is now multi-selectable
[/list][b] 2.00 Alpha 6 (27/06/2008) [/b][list]
[li]Added option to ask whether to save GPX tracks as "Tracks" or "Routes"[/li]
[li]Added track joining feature.
[/list][b] 2.00 Alpha 5 (17/06/2008) [/b][list]
[li]Fixed issue that caused incorrect drawing of tracks and the map when a map is loaded (thx to now honored member [b]seep[/b])
[li]Added option so TGPS will save currently recording track to a temporary GPX file in My documents in case that the battery reaches the critical level[/li]
[li]Fixed issue that would draw the lines incorrectly in the track view[/li]
[/list][b] 2.00 Alpha 4 (10/06/2008) [/b][list]
[li] [color=red]Added GPX import of tracks/routes/waypoints[/color][/li]
[/list][b] 2.00 Alpha 3 (10/06/2008) [/b][list]
[li] [color=red]Added GPX export of tracks/waypoints
[/list][b]2.00 Alpha 2 (03/06/2008) [/b][list]
[li] [color=red] 3D Map automatic rotation [/color](with option)
[li] Dialog Boxes cleanup [/li]
[li] Track recording can also record bearing[/li]
[li]Z change sign in 3D waypoint projection[/li]
[li]Night colors are enhanced[/li]
[/list][b] 2.00 Alpha 1 (19/05/2008) [/b][list]
[li] [color=red] 3D Map available  [/color] [/li]
[li] [color=red] Sports Screen available  [/color] [/li]
[li] [color=red] Space Waypoints available [/color] [/li]
[li] [color=red] Map movement with mouse/stylus [/color] [/li]
[li] [color=red] Translation DLLs enabled (No languages yet) [/color] [/li]
[li] [color=red] Waypoint alarms also work in 3D [/color] [/li]
[li] [color=red] Nearest waypoints, track recording and playing also work in 3D [/color] [/li]
[li] [color=red] Distance Calculator also works with 3D points [/color] [/li]
[li] [color=red] Distance Calculator also works with 3D points [/color] [/li]
[li] [color=red] Map Icons available [/color] [/li]
[li] [color=red] Track measures distance in 3D [/color] [/li]
[li] [color=red] Normalization and Round normalization in 3D tracks [/color] [/li]
[li] Sun screen shows sunset/sunrise [/li]
[li] Distance Calculator can also browse waypoint categories [/li]
[li] Right ascension and declination in Space Waypoints [/li]
[li] Sorted and ehnanced menu [/li]
[li] Waypoint alarms also work with 3D waypoints. [/li]
[li] A lot of minimal fixes [/li]
262DoctorCAD DoctorCAD1188562106
31/08/2007 12:08
BugLandscape ModeHello, I just downloaded your program and run it in a HP IPAQ rx5915 with WM 5.0.  This device came with TomTom One, but I like the standard GPS features that TomTom don't allow access to.  Your program is just like holding my old Eagle Explorer.

One question, can you port to landscape mode?  The windshield bracket that came with the IPAQ doesnt hold the device very well when rotated.

Also, is there a "users manual" available?

Thanks for a great program.

Oops, I thought of another...How about a english/metric feature?
05/09/2007 18:52 Administrator Your vehicle's speedmeter , and almost any speedometer of any vehicle is [i]intentionally[/i] left with a bit out of accuracy so people overestimate their speeding.

05/09/2007 16:42 DoctorCAD DoctorCAD [quote author=Michael link=topic=27.msg63#msg63 date=1188995452]
[quote author=DoctorCAD link=topic=27.msg62#msg62 date=1188994477]
Since you ask...
If all units could be changed from metric to english with one toggle button, that would be nice.
Right now, the display (when I switch to MPH) shows both units mixed on the screens.  Speed reads in MPH (to 3 decimal places, way too many), but altitude is in meters and distances are in km's.

Here is a general question...How does a GPS and your software in particular determine it's accuracy?  Does the sattelite signal have a factor built in or is it up to the GPS receiver to make corrections?

I just updated to the most recent version last night at 2200 EST.

I will do my best to put options for distances and other stuff.

The GPS uses differential methods  , and, based on the available satellites (and their SNR signal power) is able to determine the position with some accuracy. On the top left, the accuracy is shown in ()'s in Sat: (Best accuracy: 1.00 , the higher that number, the lower the accuracy). The satellites have some correctional factors, but the work is basically done in the GPS. My software (and everybody's software) is only taking these values from the GPS receiver and it doesn't try to make assumptions on the position - all the work is done in the hardware. Sirf III - based GPS receivers are known for greater accuracy.

Read this and find more:


OK, I knew how the basics of GPS worked, and now you have filled me in on the accuracy thing.  I now have 4 softwares loaded in my HP rx5915 that access the GPS signal (generated by a Sirf III receiver) an